Astral Pet Store Chapter 734

Chapter 734: Cultivate Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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At this time, Mia handed the second Sky Frost Crystal Fruit she had just received to her Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast.

The Frostblood Star Dragon Beast had just digested the first one. At this moment, he was trying to find Su Ping for the second one that had been hidden before. Seeing Mia brought it from her hand, she suddenly smiled and shook her body in joy. After Shuang Jingguo swallowed that day, she rubbed Mia's palm with her head and acted like a baby at her.

Mia couldn't help smiling when she saw it so happy.

This guy is very proud on weekdays, and it is rare to be so well-behaved in front of outsiders. It can be seen that the two 7,000-year-old Tianshuang Crystal Fruits that Su Ping sold to her are indeed attractive.

Soon, Frostblood Star Dragon Beast chewed and ate the second Tianshuang crystal fruit.

After a while, the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast uttered a joyous moan again, and this time, it was surprising that some changes occurred in its body, and a short dark red dragon horn grew on its head. This dragon The horn grows next to the snow-white dragon horn, which is quite short, but very eye-catching!

"This, this is Starfire Dragon Horn!"

When Mia and Reyen saw this scene, their pupils shrank, and Mia's eyes were extremely excited, surprised and authentic.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, also a little surprised.

In addition to the blood of the dragon beast, there is half of the blood in the frost blood star dragon beast. The dragon blood is more domineering and suppressed all the year round, so that the general frost blood star dragon beast usually only grows frost dragon horns when it reaches adulthood.

Among them, only a handful of Frostblood Star Dragon Beasts can stimulate the blood in the body and grow Starfire Dragon Horns!

Only the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast that grows Starfire Dragon Horns can be regarded as the true [full body] Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast, and it is expected to be promoted to the Starry Sky Realm!

Although Frostblood Star Dragon Beasts are of the Starry Sky Realm bloodline, most of the Frostblood Star Dragon Beasts, due to poor cultivation, have been unable to inspire Starfire Dragon Horns throughout the year, and will never reach the peak of their bloodlines for a lifetime.

"It actually inspired the Starfire Dragon Horn!"

Mia looked at the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast that was full of energy and much more powerful, a little excited, the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast that grew Starfire Dragon Horn, and the one without Starfire Dragon Horn, were completely in two realms and two prices!

Next to him, Reyen's eyes were shocked, but he quickly returned to his senses. He glanced at Su Ping and found that his expression was indifferent, and he didn't seem to agree, his face changed slightly, and his eyes became gloomy.

The woman he pursued was so excited by other men at the moment, he was very uncomfortable.

"The P value has increased by 1.5 again. This effect is too strong. I feel that if you eat one more, you will probably break through!" Mia looked at the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast data on the instrument, and she was very surprised, and she kept her cheeks indifferent. I didn't care to stay calm.

When she was about to fight next, the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast had such a big improvement, it was simply a charcoal in the snow!

She looked at Su Ping, her light silver eyes showed brilliance, and said: "Boss, my pet...thank you so much. Let me meet you officially. My name is Mia, Leyfamia!"

She reported her last name.

This surname... is louder than the Renn reported by Renn next to him, shocking!

The three words "Leyfa", whether on this Reya planet or other nearby planets, are enough to be awe-inspiring, because the master behind this surname is a strong man in the starry sky realm, and a star that controls one side. the Lord!

When Su Ping first arrived, he obviously didn't hear anything. He just felt that the woman in front of him wanted to make friends seriously. This was easy to do. Then flicker...cough, MLM...well, it's more convenient to sell other services.

"Under Su Ping, whose surname is Su, I like peaceful Ping."

Su Ping also introduced himself.

Seeing Su Ping's calm and indifferent appearance, Mia was a little surprised. The light in her beautiful eyes flickered slightly. She didn't know if Su Ping was pretending to be calm, or was really so confident.

No matter what, she felt a little bit unable to see through the little boss.

Such a young, at such an age, such a cultivation level is already considered a genius level, and his shots are generous, obviously unlike a person without background.

However, she didn't ask too much, she just came up to inquire about the details of others, which is obviously not something she can do with the education she has received since childhood.

"In fact, compared with Pet Food, the other services in this store are better." Su Ping said. Now that he has proved his store's stuff, it's time to complete the task.

Compared with selling pet food, Su Ping is more willing to recommend the other party to cultivate pet animals.

Cultivation is to make a lot of money!

For pet food... like the one I got this time, although it is also very profitable, it is a small amount of money after all.

And cultivating... With the opponent's virtual cave level battle pet, the cost of cultivating once is hundreds of millions of stars. If it is professional cultivation, it will be even more expensive!

"Really?" Mia was a little moved when she heard Su Ping's words. Her Frostblood Star Dragon Beast can inspire Starfire Dragon Horns, which is enough to show that the pet food Su Ping just sold is genuine. This also shows that Su Ping's shop, Not the black shop they thought before.

"What services are there?" Mia asked curiously.

Su Ping smiled slightly and said: "For example, pet animal cultivation services, and pet animal sales, but our store has just sold a batch of pretty virtual cave pet animals, which are currently sold out and temporarily out of stock. Currently recommended The service is pet animal cultivation and pet animal foster care."

"Does pet animal foster care count?"

A lovely smile appeared on Mias face. She was not surprised by Su Pings sale of pets from the Void Cave Realm. After all, she was born here, and her knowledge is too wide, and in the case of Leia, its a big shop here. It's not surprising that even the destiny state pet beasts are sold in China.

As for pet animal cultivation services, this is the foundation of pet animal stores.

Foster care is the foundation of the foundation, but Su Ping took out all the foster care, which surprised her.

She thought it would be beast beautification, fine care and the like.

Although these do not have much effect on the battle, they can increase the intimacy and loyalty of the pet beast to the owner. Moreover, many people have a deep relationship with the pet beast, and they are willing to help the pet beast to take care of it, so that the pet beast can stay in the battle. , Can enjoy it comfortably.

"Forget it." Su Ping nodded. There are so many foster places in his shop, and the fee for advanced foster places is not low, 100,000 stars per hour, 2.4 million stars per day.

If you raise a few more, you will earn tens of millions of stars every day!

"If you want to foster foster care, it will cost one hundred thousand stars per hour. The minimum fostering time is one hour. If your pet is injured, it will usually be slightly injured. After fostering, it will heal and be cured."

Su Ping said: "Furthermore, the fostering environment will speed up the cultivation of pet animals and grow faster."

"One hundred thousand stars for an hour?" Mia was taken aback, a little surprised. The Tianshuang Jingguo sold by Gang Su Ping made her feel that it was too cheap, but at the moment Su Ping said that the foster care fee made her feel a little too expensive. Up.

Even some big stores, there are not so many!

One hundred thousand a day is considered top!

It's just a foster care, to help with care and basic feeding, so much money?

"My pet beast needs to train with me recently, so I won't be fostered." Mia shook her head slightly and declined, although she intends to use this method to repay the favor of Gang Suping for selling Tianshuang Jingguo cheaply, but What she said is true. She will participate in the competition next, and the pet must accompany her to train day and night, so she has no time to leave it in foster care.

Su Ping did not insist upon seeing this. Although short-term foster care was effective, it was difficult to see clearly. After all, the probability of obtaining talent in advanced foster care was 1%!

Only one hour in foster care, unless it is a good luck, it is impossible to realize the talent.

"How about cultivating pet beasts?" Su Ping said: "The effect of cultivating pet beasts in our shop is pretty good. Every time the cultivation is over, at least your pet beast can understand a new skill or become weaker. Increase."

Mia was stunned, looking at Su Ping with a weird face, and said: "What you said is true?"

Can you learn a new skill once you train it? This can be done at least with a Samsung educator.

You know, her pet beast is the Void Cave Realm. Although it can be cultivated by a four-star cultivator, the effect cannot be so good, unless it is cultivated for a long time...

"of course."

Su Ping replied.

"How long will it take to cultivate?" Mia asked immediately.

"One day." Su Ping glanced at her and said, "If you are in a hurry, it will be almost half a day."

Mia opened her mouth and looked at him in amazement.

one day? Hurry up, half a day? !

You should take a bath for nurturing. In such a short period of time, let alone a three-star educator, even a two-star educator is choking!

If it weren't for the Tianshuang Jingguo that Su Ping had sold her earlier, she would think that Su Ping was joking with her, or a black business, trying to lie to her.

"Because it is just ordinary cultivation, so the time is faster." Su Ping explained.

The shop has just been upgraded, and he can now cultivate king-level pet beasts, but because he has not cultivated king-level pet beasts with superior qualifications, he has not yet unlocked the king-level professional pet beast cultivation.

If unlocked, a professional king beast cultivation is 10 billion stars!

If converted, it would be 100 million energy, enough for him to immediately upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool!

The corners of Mia's mouth twitched slightly. She felt that she was talking to Su Ping, and she couldn't calm down. Su Ping actually said that this kind of cultivation speed and effect is just ordinary cultivation...

What is that unusual?

Is it possible to double the combat power at once? !

"I suggest you try it, you can see the effect, or that sentence, the effect is not good, if you are not satisfied, I can refund the money." Su Ping looked at her seriously and said.

In order to reward the task, he can only sell more often.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Mia was slightly startled, the feeling was exactly the same as before.

Is it possible that Su Ping is serious?

She stared at Su Ping for a while, thought about it, and said, "Okay, I can try it, but try it with my other battle pet. If this guy has just grown, I want to see how it is now What is the actual combat status, you may have to borrow your virtual gymnasium combat equipment here."

"No problem." Su Ping nodded cheerfully.

It doesn't matter which one is cultivated, he only looks at money anyway.

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