Astral Pet Store Chapter 735

Chapter 735: Joanna's Skills Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Beside Mia, a summoning vortex emerged, and the vicious beast breath of the Void Cave realm diffused from it. Then, a white-winged evil tiger stepped out from it, but when it stepped out, its huge claws shrank rapidly, and the whole The body also shrank, and in a blink of an eye he changed from a brutal appearance to a short white-winged little cute tiger.


Seeing Su Ping, the stranger, the little white-winged Menghu growled in demonstration.

Su Ping smiled charity when he saw it.

"By the way, how much is the cultivation fee?" Mia was about to pay.

Su Ping said: "Since it is a virtual cave realm, the charge is 100 million."

"One hundred million?"

Rao Mia was a little surprised by this quote. Reyen, who was next to him, was holding back his anger. Hearing this, he suddenly sneered: "According to you, if you cultivate less than one day, you will make 100 million? This money is too good to make, although 100 million is nothing to us, but..."

"Since it's nothing, you should stop talking nonsense." Su Ping glanced at him, trying to pretend to be forced, but also want to stab me, so lavish you would use the money to kill me, hit me hard!

Reyen was startled, and the corners of his mouth twitched. It seems that Su Ping really didn't put him in his eyes at all, and had no scruples about the name of Reyn behind him!

"Young man, pay attention to your attitude when speaking!" Reyen said with cold eyes. He is also a direct line of the Reyn family. Although Su Ping is of the same rank as him, he has defeated too many of the same rank. Do not be afraid of the challenge!

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, just didn't throw you out, and still kept picking things?

"Well, one hundred million is one hundred million. If the effect is really as amazing as you said, the money is also worth it!" Next to me, Mia was a little hesitant, but when she saw that Rayen was going to help her again, she quickly spoke.

She didn't want to get involved with the Wren family, the situation inside was too complicated.

Su Ping turned his gaze to her, nodded and said, "Okay."

Soon, Mia completed the transfer payment.

"You are waiting here, what do you need..." Su Ping originally wanted to say, if you have any need, you can talk to his clerk, but suddenly it occurred to him that Tang Ruyan didn't understand the Federal language at all and could only be Abaaba.

His gaze suddenly turned to Joanna in the petting room, and his heart moved. When Joanna had just arrived at Blue Star, she had mastered the language of Blue Star. I wonder if she could master this Federal language quickly.

"Wait a minute." Su Ping said to Mia.

He entered the animal petting room and saw Joanna sitting in the foster seat inside, and said: "Now there are customers coming, Xiao Tang has no language skills and hasn't mastered it. Can you accompany him?"

"Is it the language you just spoke outside?" Joanna looked calm.

Su Ping nodded.

"No problem." This time, Joanna's words were spoken in Federal language, with a pure accent, which made Su Ping slightly startled.

This... the learning ability of the Protoss is really tough!

"How did you master it?" Su Ping couldn't help but wonder.

Joanna said indifferently: "I have fought many seeds and have seen countless languages. Although the language you use now is a bit more complicated, it is too simple compared to the language of our Protoss. , You can master it all at once. Of course, don't even think about this linguistic technique. You can't learn Xiao Tang's talent."

Su Ping was dumb, and suddenly felt sorry for Tang Ruyan in his heart. He had just experienced a defeat outside and was crushed by others. He did not know that he was also despised here.

Sure enough, weak and pitiful...

Shaking his head slightly, Su Ping said, "Since you understand it, I'm going to go to other places. You can spend time with the guests in the store."

Joanna looked at him and said, "Don't you need me to accompany you this time?"

"No, it's just normal cultivation, I can handle it myself." Su Ping smiled lightly.

"Well..." Joanna felt a little sorry, she missed the demigod a little.

Su Ping didn't say more, and took her to the hall.

Seeing Joanna brought out by Su Ping from the petting room, Mia and Reyen in the living room were all stunned, and immediately opened their eyes wide with shock.

There is no other reason. Joanna's face is too top-notch. Her delicate and artistic cheeks are flawless. Her eyes are as star-like, transparent and agile. With golden hair and unique protoss temperament, she can throw it anywhere. , Are the focus of absolute attention, and for a while, Mia, Tang Ruyan and others in the store are all pale.

Reyen, standing next to Mia, looked a little disappointed. He had never seen such a beautiful woman. If Mia was a fairy elf, then Joanna at this moment was a goddess, absolutely holy and noble!

"This is Joanna, an employee of our store. You can call her Anna. If you need anything, just ask her." Su Ping's voice pulled the two back to reality and said to Mia.

Mia was stunned, staring slightly.

This beautiful woman in front of me is actually an employee of Suping's store? !

The employee who had only lost eight defeats in her hands in five minutes was enough to surprise her, but she didn't expect this to be even more exaggerated.

This face alone, if you go to Interstellar Entertainment, will be enough to spread the starry sky!

In any world, face value is the absolute kingly way, even if it is an unawakened Muggle, relying on the face is enough to make many strong men fall under the pomegranate skirt.

"I'm leaving first." Su Ping said.

Then he looked at the little white-winged cute tiger at Mia's feet, with a kind smile in his eyes.

Mia came back to her senses and was stunned. She moved her eyes away from Joanna's face, and found that she felt a little bit reluctant. Anyone would be willing to watch and miss something beautiful.

She told her pet at her feet to go with Su Ping to be obedient.

It's not the first time that the white-winged little Menghu has been bred by others. He quickly understood what the owner meant, and had to show a reluctant look, reluctantly left her and followed Su Ping.

Su Ping smiled and led it to the petting room, then took out the temporary contract charm, patted it with his palm, and stuck it on its forehead.

After the cultivation is over and the temporary contract is unlocked, what it sees in the cultivation world can never be said outside, nor can it be expressed in other ways. This is the restriction and ability of the system.

As soon as the contract was applied, the little white-winged Menghu was stunned, and the look in Su Ping's eyes became confused. Before, it had no favor with this stranger, and even a little disdain, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that this guy was a little pleasing to the eye , And in its mind, the original beautiful figure seemed to become blurred.

It wanted to try hard to remember, but found that the more it thought about it, the vaguer it became, and it actually forgot its face.

"Okay, let's set off." Su Ping smiled, and chose a medium-sized cultivation site. By the way, he called Little Skeleton, Two Dogs, Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Violet Green Python, and he caught it in Demigod Land Abyss green beetle.

Su Ping has never had time to cultivate this abyssal blue beetle, but this little guy relied on his own foraging and ate a lot of the king-level monsters he had hunted, and now he has grown to the ninth rank.

When the white-winged little Menghu saw the little skeleton, the purgatory candle dragon beast, and the two dogs next to Su Ping, his eyes became vigilant and his body receded. From these three guys, it felt a strong Threatened, let it stand up all over, a little nervous and stressed.


The whirlpool opened, and Su Ping took them in and began a joyous journey of caring.


Outside the pet beast.

When Su Ping brought in the white-winged little Menghu, Mia was surprised to find that her contract with the pet beast became blurred, as if she could sense it, and it seemed she could not sense it, as if she was disturbed by something. same.

She was a little surprised, this can only be done if there is a strong isolation divine formation.

"Mia, this guy must be a liar!" Seeing Su Ping leave, Reyen was still irritated, but his expression was more restrained, especially after seeing Joanna, his chest became more straight, and his heart ached. , I dont know how such a beautiful girl could be abducted by Su Ping, it is simply unforgivable!

"In case, when you are nurturing, he will give your battle pet tricks, not only will it not have a good effect, but it will be worse, it will be too bad for your next game!"

Rayen directly stimulated Mia's lifeline.

He knew how much the strong lady of the Laifa family cared about the next game, because it was so important to her.

It is precisely because of this that after bribing the servants around her, he knew her whereabouts and wanted to help him in petting the beast.

He sincerely wanted to help her and increase the strength of the pet, so that if she wins in the game, then this kindness can definitely be turned into feelings, and everything will be captured by the time!

Mia frowned slightly, her eyes a little irritable, which was naturally her worry.

"I thought about it, but it doesn't matter. Xiaobai was injured recently, and its intelligence has been exposed. It will definitely be targeted in the next game. I didn't plan to send it to the next game." Mia frowned. Brows, calm and authentic.

Rayen couldn't help saying: "But..."

"Miss Anna, are you really such an employee?" Mia interrupted him, looking at Joanna in front of him, with a bit of surprise in her eyes.

This look made her feel too beautiful as a woman, but she was not jealous at all.

"Yeah." Joanna nodded indifferently, acting neither humble nor overbearing, and said: "If you have any needs, just tell me." Since Su Ping is not there, she is also used to watching the shop for Su Ping.

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong next to him were a little surprised when they heard Joanna's words. Zhong Lingtong's reaction was small, but Tang Ruyan couldn't help but yelled out, "You, when did you learn this bird language?"

Joanna glanced at her and said, "Is there anything difficult with this language? You are too stupid."


Tang Ruyan was a little crazy, but she was sad in her heart. She found that if she didn't work hard, she seemed to be really unable to become an employee of Su Ping.

Today's eight failures have caused her to suffer unprecedented setbacks, no less than being captured by Su Ping.

Thinking of those eight failures, she suddenly reacted, with a playful look in her eyes, looked at Mia, and wanted to speak, but just opened her mouth, the playful look in her eyes disappeared, a little dumb and decadent.

She wanted to be provocative and asked Mia and Joanna to learn from each other. She couldn't see through Joanna, but she had to admit that this guy was very strong.

No matter which one of them loses, she feels comfortable!

It's a pity... the language doesn't work! !

How can we provoke their disputes?

Tang Ruyan wanted to scratch his head.

Mia looked at Tang Ruyan next to her, thinking of the discussion she had just done, and said, "Eh, are you free? Let me practice again."


Tang Ruyan looked at her dumbfounded.

Joanna translated next to her: "She asked you to practice with her."

Tang Ruyan immediately stared, and said angrily: "Let her get out of here!"

Sparring again? She really wants to find her place, but she is not stupid. With the strength gap, she knows it will be difficult for her to catch up in the short term. If she continues to fight, she will only be beaten and used as a sandbag!

How can Tang Ruyan do such things cheaply for others?

Would rather die than surrender!

"If I translate the original words, you might be driven out of the shop by Su Ping." Joanna said calmly.

Tang Ruyan suddenly stiffened and his face was distorted. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, practice, practice, who is afraid of whom!"

Joanna smiled lightly and replied for her.

Mia also saw that Tang Ruyan did not seem to understand Federal Language, and she was a little confused. She was also a salesperson. The gap seemed to be quite large. She suddenly looked at Joanna next to her and said, "I think your cultivation level is not bad, you Can you practice with me?"


At this moment, Joanna's divine power was reduced, making people unable to perceive her cultivation level, but because of this, Mia was able to judge that her cultivation level was not bad.

After all, there is the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast next to it. This is a virtual cave world battle pet. Although the size is reduced at this moment, the aura has not changed. If it is an ordinary person, even if you are used to seeing it, you will not stand next to it at this moment. Self-control guilty conscience trembles.

And Joannas performance was calm and relaxed, and she didnt even look at the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast. This performance was definitely not an ordinary person, but she couldnt perceive her cultivation base. There were only two results. Either the cultivation base was better than hers. Higher, or there is a secret skill that hides the breath.

But she didn't perceive it carefully. After all, it was too obvious and a bit rude.

"Well, can it?" Mia asked curiously.

Joanna frowned slightly, wanting to refuse, but thinking of her responsibilities as an employee, she couldn't help sighing in her heart and said, "Let's go."

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