Astral Pet Store Chapter 736

Chapter 736: Controlled Fractional Battle Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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A world full of mountains and rocks.

There were no weeds everywhere, nothing else, just bare rocks.

Several figures suddenly appeared in a clearing. As soon as they arrived in this world, those figures were extremely swollen, and in a blink of an eye, three of them turned into huge beasts of hundreds of meters.

The appearance of Su Ping and Little Skeleton has not changed.

Looking at the "rock-floating solid world" in front of him, Su Ping immediately felt the rich rock elements in the air. If the pet beasts of the rock-type attributes cultivate here, they will definitely get twice the result with half the effort. The concentration of the rock-type elements is stronger than that of him. The economic zone where he moved to is still richer, although he still doesn't know whether the place he is relocating now is the first-class or third-class federal economic zone.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou both showed their original physique at this moment, looking around.

The white-winged little cute tiger also showed its original appearance, with a majestic posture and savage domineering attitude. It looked around and snarled at Su Ping, as if asking where it was.

Although there is a temporary contract symbol, which makes it more pleasing to Su Ping, it is still a long way from complete obedience.

Su Ping ignored him, but looked at Ergou, "This is specially selected for you. Since you like defense skills so much, you should hone it here and try to learn the bloodline skills of Tyrannosaurus Gulayan. But very good defense skills."

Although this time I came to cultivate Mia's pet beast, it was just a normal breeding. Su Ping didn't need to choose the most suitable breeding place for it. On the contrary, this white-winged tiger was just incidental. What he really wants to train and cultivate is Erdogs and Little Skulls, especially Erdogs.


When Ergou heard Su Ping's words, he was stunned, and his eyes suddenly showed excitement. With Su Ping's permission, he can finally study more defense skills freely!

"Let's go."

Su Ping said.

This place is a medium-cultivation world. There are many king beasts, and there are also many starry sky realm. There are even many star main realm monster beasts in it. Su Ping dare not care.

This time it was cultivation, and Su Ping directly merged with the little skeleton, unscrupulously bursting out a violent breath, and soon, the breath that was exposed immediately attracted many monsters.

Su Ping sensed a lot of tyrannical auras moving towards him, and immediately became serious.

Soon, a Gulayan Tyrannosaurus came into Su Ping's field of vision. It was a giant dragon with a body length of more than 300 meters, covered in rock-colored scales, and dark crystal scales on its back, which could grow crystal scales. The Gulayan Tyrannosaurus is relatively well-developed, and the breath in front of you is the breath of the starry sky!


Su Ping gave a violent shout, and directly let Ergou, Purgatory Candle Dragon and the White-winged Tiger fight together!

Ergou and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast had been prepared for a long time, but they didn't resist that much.

White-winged Tiger: "???"

What are you making me fat tiger? !

Looking at the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus that was getting closer, the white-winged tiger felt a little trembling. It turned its head and looked at Su Ping with disbelief and annoyance. Let me go? Can't you see the strength gap! ?


Su Ping looked at it coldly, and when he was here, he would no longer be polite.


The white-winged tiger roars, and will rebel on the spot, rebelling against its owner!

Rather than fighting against the terrifying dragon beast in the starry sky, it would rather fight with Su Ping in front of him. If it was said that Su Ping was more pleasing to the eye because of the contract, then after Su Ping now issued the order to let it die, it would be right. Su Ping's loyalty and goodwill have plummeted to the end.

You'll talk if you eat it first!

Lord Tiger doesn't send cats, I think I'm sick!


Su Ping suddenly flashed over, and suddenly stomped on its head.

With a bang, the white-winged tiger's pupils shrank sharply, and slammed on the ground fiercely on the spot, unable to react!

Its whole brain was buzzing and a little confused.

When it reacted, it looked at Su Ping again, and it was suddenly violent, displaying all its skills to attack Su Ping.

Su Ping used his fingers together as a sword, slashed out, a trace of imaginary swordsmanship's sword intent burst out, and suddenly shredded the sky full of skills. The sharply killing intent sword aura pointed directly at the white-winged tiger's forehead, but hung in the air. hair!

The white-winged tiger opened its eyes wide, and horrified its face.

How can it be!

It feels that Su Ping's breath is just the vast sea realm, which is lower than its cultivation base!

But the power that burst out at this moment...it was a little heart trembling, and suddenly felt that Su Ping and the opposite Gulayan Tyrannosaurus seemed to be no different, they were all monsters!

"go with!"

Su Ping's thoughts moved, and the star power burst out all over his body. A vast force leaned out, and the surrounding space turned. In an instant, the white-winged tiger, who was so shocked that he did not dare to move in front of Su plane, disappeared instantly. Appeared in front of Nagulayan Tyrannosaurus.

Space shift!

This was a method that was only mastered by the Destiny Realm, and it was actually used by Su Ping at this moment.

hiss! !

Seeing the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus suddenly appeared in front of him, the white-winged tiger suddenly stood up, like a hedgehog, screaming in terror, and wanted to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Facing the starry sky realm dragon beast, it didn't even have the intent to fight, the gap was too big!

"Pet skills, killing intent!!"

Su Ping stood in the distance, suddenly pointing out with his finger.

The first petting skill he had received from the system immediately ejected and submerged into the white-winged tiger. In an instant, the white-winged tiger shivered, feeling a very violent, full of murderous intent to burst from the body. When it came out, its originally horrified and trembling eyes were instantly red and full of cruelty.

This killing intent skill originally only stimulated the pet beast's own fighting intent, greatly stimulating its fighting spirit.

But now that Su Ping has stepped into the legend and has also dabbled in the rules, he modified this skill to not only inspire his pet beast to fight accidents, but also to pass part of his inner killing desire to the pet beast.

He can control how much to pass.

At this moment, he conveyed half of his killing intent, and with a thud, the white-winged tiger suddenly burst into a violent and wanton aura, raising his two realms in his cultivation base, and it still crossed the realm of Destiny and Starry Sky. In front of the dragon beast, it suddenly raised its head and let out a ferocious roar!

The roar came suddenly and loudly, and the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus was shocked. When he saw that the roaring at him was actually a tiger beast in the virtual cave, he suddenly became angry.

It's not good at it, and its temperament is violent and ferocious. How can it allow this kind of food to roar at itself? !

With a bang, the power of rules enveloped, the earth scrolled, and the space oscillated. In an instant, the white-winged tiger was full of blood violently, and the spatial force squeezed out of its surroundings made its body unable to withstand it.

The white-winged tiger exploded with all its strength, resisting and contending, but it still squeaked its body, and was finally squeezed on the spot, turning into a **** mist!


Su Ping commanded from a distance.

The white-winged tiger that had just died was resurrected on the spot in a blink of an eye, and the killing intent skills had expired. It was a bit at a loss, not knowing what it had just experienced.

Seeing the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus in front of him, the white-winged tiger shivered again and crawled on the ground in horror.


Su Ping snapped his fingers again and released his skills.

But this time he made adjustments, and only poured one-tenth of his own killing intent to make it war-intent.

Soon, the trembling white-winged tiger roared again, with fighting spirit in both eyes, full of warlike and bloodthirsty desires, and rushed towards Nagulayan Tyrannosaurus.

Gulayan Tyrannosaurus was a little surprised, and came back to life? It was a little shocked. A monster beast in the Void Cave Realm actually understands such advanced skills. This involves the two supreme rules of time and life!

Seeing the white-winged tiger pounced again, it was a little angry and roared again to kill.

On the other hand, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou did not watch the show, and they all shot. In terms of combat power, Ergou is currently only comparable to the middle stage of the Void Cave Realm. It is only because of the defense that he is barely in front of the attack of the Lord of the Abyss. Resist Su Ping for less than a second.

Su Ping watched Ergou make a move. It gave the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast a crazy release of skills, but those defensive skills, in the face of the attack of the starry sky, shattered like paper.

The two dogs became more frantic and released more skills, and some of them had a faint tendency to merge and become stronger defenses.

Su Ping watched silently. At this moment, the two dogs were not as lazy as they were raised before, as if they were still fighting against the Lord of the Abyss.

Is the shadow of that battle too deep...

Seeing it so crazy and desperate, Su Ping couldn't help taking a deep breath, becoming more determined to become stronger and to protect them.

In the battle here, with the breath of the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus, some other monster beasts shrank, not daring to come closer, and some just turned and ran away.

This Gulayan Tyrannosaurus is the overlord of this place, and this race is also the overlord of this world!

Su Ping stood aside in the void and commanded.

On the other hand, as the white-winged tiger became more and more courageous as it died in battle, Su Pingyuan needed to pour his own killing intent into its mind to stimulate its courage, and now only needs killing intent skills. Inspiring its original fighting spirit, it dared to fight desperately.

With the fearful battles of dying, the white-winged tiger's changes had extremely obvious effects. He realized three skills in one breath, one of which was an advancement of its original skill, and its power was comparable to the Destiny Realm.

And in front of this Gulayan Tyrannosaurus, from the original spike, it can gradually last to three seconds, five seconds!

On the other hand, Su Ping discovered that Ergou had also made new progress. In addition to its defensive skills, it displayed restraint skills for the first time, trying to restrain the attacking Gulayan Tyrannosaurus, but the strength of that skill was still If it is a little worse, it will be broken away directly and it will be useless.

However, if it is changed to a Destiny Realm King Beast, it may really be able to restrain it for a second or two...

Don't underestimate these two seconds, if you cooperate with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, it will be enough to kill it!

After fighting for a long time, this Gulayan Tyrannosaurus became more and more angry, and the three small insects around him couldn't kill it, making it jump like thunder. Facing this shameless battle, it finally fled with hatred and wanted to leave.

Since you are not dead, can't you run!

Seeing that the other party was about to run, Su Ping shot instantly, with a sword cut in the air, forcing it out of the teleported second space.

Seeing the sword energy released by Su Ping, the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus was a little furious and roared.

Su Ping didn't speak, just holding a sword in its way.

The meaning is obvious, want to go? no way.

Gulayan Tyrannosaurus roared immediately and killed Su Ping.

Su Ping burst into thunder, and his movement speed was faster than the flash in the second space. This Gulayan Tyrannosaurus itself was a rock monster, defensive, and couldnt catch Su at all. Ping, but Su Ping chopped one or two swords from time to time, grinning in pain.

Su Ping had to say that this guy's defensive power was more than three times stronger than that of the Lord of the Abyss.

He could slay the Lord of the Abyss with a single sword, but the same swordsmanship slashed on this Gulayan Tyrannosaurus, but it only made it howl in pain.

After Su Ping took the shot, Gulayan Tyrannosaurus was quickly injured. It was a little furious. In front of Su Ping, it felt the breath of death, and this battle was very likely to kill it.

It ignored Su Ping and ran away desperately.

Since it can't flash instantly, then sprint directly.

Su Ping continued to use his sword, trying to stop it, but the Gulayan Tyrannosaurus was determined to flee for his life. He would either directly kill it or just let it leave.

"Fine, another goal."

Su Ping sighed when he saw its scarred appearance, and finally let it go.

Anyway, after fighting for so long, this guy is also a little physically weak.

Called the two dogs, Su Ping continued to walk around with them, looking for other training partners.

The state of the white-winged tiger at this moment has already fulfilled the requirements of ordinary cultivation, but the time has just come in for less than three hours at this moment, and it is only a quarter of an hour outside. He can practice again, at least after two hours outside.


time flies.


The door of the petting room was suddenly opened. Su Ping stood at the door, rubbed his hair, smoothed his hair with his fingers, feeling nothing unusual, and then walked out of it.

Behind him, the white-winged tiger shrank into a cute little tiger.

Little Skeleton, Ergou, and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping settled them in foster care.

I looked at the clocks in the store and, as he estimated, he had been in for three hours.

The white-winged tiger was obviously the first time to undergo such cultivation, and the effect was extremely obvious, much faster than Su Ping's half-day budget.

Perceiving the breath of Joanna, Mia and others, Su Ping discovered a little bit that nothing happened when he left.

Coming to the virtual petting hall, Su Ping saw that Mia, Tang Ruyan, Joanna, and Narayen were all wearing virtual helmets and seemed to be fighting virtual.

But at this moment, even though Tang Ruyan closed her eyes, she stretched her brows and smiled.

On the other side, Mia frowned slightly, and even fine beads of sweat penetrated her forehead.

Su Ping was a little surprised. How long has it been? Could it be that in just two three hours, Tang Ruyan has made rapid progress and can hang Mia? !

Suspicious in his heart, he stepped forward and pressed the reminder button beside Tang Ruyan.

Soon, Tang Ruyan withdrew from the virtual world, took off his helmet, and saw that it was Su Ping. He immediately smiled and said, "How long have you been back?"

She took out the communicator and took a look, and said in surprise: "Only three hours? It's done so soon?"

Su Ping nodded, but found that Mia on the other side hadn't quit. He couldn't help being surprised and asked, "Why is it not over yet?"

Tang Ruyan also noticed, and immediately smiled, and said, "Hey, she's not talking with me again, she's talking with her!" He said, using her mouth to make Nujoanna's direction.

Su Ping was stunned.


Discuss with Joanna?

Su Ping was a little dumb, no wonder Mia's expression was so uncomfortable, like constipation.

This is Joanna, this deity is a demigod goddess of war!

Not to mention that Joanna's avatar's cultivation base is higher than Mia, even if the cultivation base is lowered, and fighting at the same level... Su Ping asked himself, he was not entirely sure that he could defeat Joanna.

Speaking of them, they have never discussed it. Now that there is this virtual petting hall, maybe someday I can find Joanna to have a hand addiction... Su Ping thought this way, seeing the face under the helmet of Mia on the opposite side getting paler , Couldn't help coughing, and immediately pressed the prompt button next to Joanna.

Soon, the opposite Mia suddenly opened her eyes, and then she sat on her chair as if prostration.

And Joanna also opened her eyes, raised her head calmly, glanced at Su Ping, raised her eyebrows and said, "It's only three hours, so fast?"

Su Ping didn't even look at the clock, and was surprised: "How do you know three hours?"

"I calculated it mentally." Joanna nodded with her finger.

Su Ping dumbly, this guy, while fighting Namia, can he still care about the flow of time outside?

Oppositely, Mia also heard Joanna's words, the sluggishness in her eyes came to her senses, her pupils contracted, and immediately like a cat stepped on its tail, she stood up abruptly, her eyes fixed on Joanna, and said: "You mean , When you just fought with me, you were still calculating time and didn't use your best!?"

Joanna looked at her unexpectedly, her expression was calm, her eyes seemed to say...Do I need to use my best?

Su Ping naturally understood the meaning of Joanna's eyes, and suddenly sweated on his forehead. He coughed lightly and passed it to Joanna, saying: "After all, they are customers who come to the store. Don't bully them too much. You are the **** of war!"

Joanna turned her head to look at Su Ping, her eyes indifferent, Chuanian replied: "I didn't bully others either. At first, I didn't expect her to be so weak and accidentally killed her twice. Later, I controlled my strength and kept following her. She has come back and forth, no, just now, this round has been played for almost three hours. If it werent for you to come back, I could control it again and let her hold on for five hours, or eight hours, but her mental power , I guess it won't last that long..."

Su Ping: "..."

A battle was actually delayed for three hours? !

Seeing Joanna's calm expression, the corners of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly. This guy is cheating on points. Although it is not very harmful, it is insulting...too strong!

Fortunately, Mia on the opposite side should not be very clear, otherwise, it is estimated that there is autistic heart.

"Since you didn't try your best, then we will have another match!" Mia gritted her teeth when she saw Joanna not speaking.

She was incredible, she would actually lose to an employee in a small shop!

At the beginning, she was defeated by Joanna twice in a row, and the other party said that it was a problem with the equipment. She was also dubious. After all, she failed twice and lost too fast, and she did not react!

But the fierce battle behind... plus what Joanna said just now, made her almost shattered.

I was in a stalemate with a small shop assistant for three hours, but the other party released water!

As soon as Su Ping arrived, she was immediately defeated by the opponent's flaws. This clearly shows that the opponent really didn't try their best!

Thinking of this, she became more unwilling.

Her aptitude is not bad. In her class, she can look down upon many people. Except for those genius monsters in the family and the academy, not many of them can be seen in her eyes, but at this moment, she is defeated by Joanna. endure.

Next to him, Tang Ruyan saw Mia's expression of being suffocated and even crying, and he was exuberant, so happy that she finally let the other party taste the feeling of being suffocated before.

However, after these three hours of watching the game, she also saw something.

This Joanna was simply letting the water out. The two kills in the first place were not a problem with the equipment at all, but her real shots!

In other words, Joanna is not in the same class as this guy!

Thinking of this, she felt a little uncomfortable. Joanna is an employee in Su Ping's hands, and she is a temporary employee. She was not convinced that the other party was a legend, but now she finds that in addition to having a higher cultivation base than her, she is fighting. The skill is far from her, the gap is too big.

"Uh." Su Ping saw that Mia had to fight again, and said quickly: "Well, let's talk about the battle later, your pet beast has been cultivated, do you want to see it?"

When Su Ping talked about the pet beast, Mia realized that she was here waiting for Su Ping to cultivate the pet beast.

However, isn't it the fastest for half a day? How come it can be cultivated in three hours now?

She couldn't help but look at Su Ping, and then quickly passed her eyes, falling on the white-winged little Menghu behind him.

She suddenly realized that she felt a bit strange.

The vague contract in her mind became clear at this moment, but the strangeness did not disappear. She found that Xiao Bai seemed to be dropped, and the temperament was extremely different from the previous one.

Especially those eyes, who were soft and cute before, like to rub her to act like a baby, but now, these eyes are sharp and deep, and they look like a ruthless character.


I have something to do today and tomorrow, try my best to update twice a day~

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