Astral Pet Store Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Three Realms Of Starry Sky

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Mia was a little surprised.

Hearing this familiar voice, the white-winged little Menghu looked at Mia, the sharpness in his eyes gradually melted, and with an awkward sound, he jumped in front of her excitedly, and slammed under her feet.

This is the familiar feeling of legs!

I want to cry too much!

The little white-winged Menghu almost cried with joy, and finally remembered who his true owner was.

As for the guy next to it... it took a glance and then retracted its head.

That is the devil!

"It's really Xiaobai..." Mia felt the familiar feeling of rubbing, and she was a little dazed. Looking at its appearance at the moment, it became soft and cute again. How could she have the sharp and fierce appearance before?

Is it an illusion?

She took out her own instrument and scanned the pet under her feet.

Soon, her eyes widened slightly and her face was full of incredible.

Xiaobai's various data are surprisingly good, and all of them have been greatly improved. The P value alone has increased by 2.7, which is almost catching up with the frost blood of eating two 7,000-year-old Tianshuang crystal fruits. Star Dragon Beast!

"Why, how could this be?" Mia was a little confused, this is simply amazing, only three hours short, judging from this data, the combat effectiveness has increased by at least half than before!

What is the concept of half?

Originally, Xiaobai could only be regarded as the point where her combat power had just reached the late stage of the virtual cave, but now, in the latter battle pet of the virtual cave, it can be regarded as the upper class, enough to kill most of the virtual caves in seconds. Late stage battle pet!

This kind of combat power is already close to her strongest pet!

"It understands three skills, you can go to the next petting test room to test it, Anna, you take her over." Su Ping said.

Anna next to him heard the words and stood up.

Mia was stunned, staring: "Understood three skills?"

She had just a hint of doubt, worried that Su Ping might have given her war pet some illegal drugs, which could increase the data for a short period of time, but in fact it will gradually decline and have sequelae, but now Su Ping actually said, Her little white realized three skills? This is a real skill!

At present, no medicine known to the Federation can make the pets comprehend skills.

Only cultivate!

"Let it be fully displayed, the test room can bear it." Su Ping smiled lightly.

Mia was stunned, when Joanna was already leading the way: "Go here."

Mia glanced at her, her face changed, a little complicated, she didn't expect that this woman who defeated herself easily would actually listen to Su Ping obediently and work as a clerk under his hands.

She took Xiao Bai and followed Mia.

Reyen next to him also wanted to follow, but Su Ping reached out and stopped him.

"That's the place for them to test the pet beast. If you go, don't all the information about that pet beast be shown to you?" Su Ping looked at Lei En indifferently, protecting the privacy of customers. This is what he should do. .

When Reyen heard the words, his face changed and he was a little angry. Seeing that Mia was already walking away from Joanna, he retracted his gaze and stared at Su Ping coldly, saying: "I don't care what you use, but you remember Live, its the Lane family that you offend today. On this Leia planet, our Lane family is the king!"

"Really?" Su Ping raised an eyebrow, and offended the landlord of the planet when he first came?

Speaking of it, he still doesn't know anything about the area he is currently moving to.

"The host has just moved to a new economic zone. Is the regional scanning mode enabled to grasp the map information in the nearby business area?" the system said lightly.

"Don't ask, just say how much it is."

"Ten thousand energy."

"You still have a wolf heart." Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief.

Ten thousand is one million stars. The Frost Crystal Fruit only sold six million that day.

With Su Ping's consent, a large amount of information soon poured into his mind.

After a few seconds, Su Ping had a simple understanding of his surroundings.

The planet he is currently on, named Rhea, is a third-class planet and also a third-class economic zone in the system.

Previously, he was random in the first to third-class, but he went directly to the third-class economic zone in a bad manner.

Rhea belongs to the Zeruprun galaxy and is one of the nine major economic planets in this galaxy, and this galaxy is a small galaxy in the Sylvie galaxy.

The Nasylvie galaxy that Su Ping had previously known was a large galaxy controlled by a powerful conferred god. There are many small galaxies in it. The Zeruprun galaxy is one of them, and the ruler of this galaxy is Leyfa family!

Su Ping did not expect that on the first day he came here, he would have enmities against the descendants of the Rennes family on his planet, and at the same time completed his first business with the overlord of the galaxy, the Laifa family.

Some sighs and emotions, but Su Ping has no fear. There is a system store shelter. As long as he doesnt step out of the store, its useless even if the powerhouse of the Sylvie Galaxy comes, let alone the ruler of the Leia planet. , Not even the Star Lord, if you really want to fight, he may not be an opponent.

"Speaking of above the starry sky realm, what realm is it?" Su Ping looked at Reyen in front of him and asked curiously.

Rayen: "???"

Seeing Su Ping's sincere and curious and inquiring eyes, he was a little confused.

I'm doing something with you, threatening you, what do you mean by interrupting me suddenly?

This makes my anger that I have accumulated so hard that there is nowhere to put it, which is very unhappy!

"You ask what this means, who doesn't know that above the starry sky realm, it is the star master realm and the power of the Conferred God, even the apprentice realm below the vast sea realm knows it!" Reyen said with a sullen expression.

Su Ping was surprised: "On these three realms? Starry sky and star master, and Conferred God Realm?"

"Hmph, above the Conferred God powerhouse, naturally there is a higher realm, but it is useless to tell you, let alone you can't achieve it in your life, even looking up, you are not qualified to look up!" Sneered disdainfully.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, a little understanding.

The legendary realm is the three realms of vast sea, virtual cave and destiny.

The starry sky is the three realms of the starry sky, the star master, and the conferred god.

And above the Conferred God, there is a stronger realm, it should be a big figure in the federation, which belongs to the first class, perhaps above Joanna, the realm of the supreme **** in the demigod!

"The Star Master Realm can control a small galaxy, the powerful Star Master Realm can control a larger galaxy, and the Conferred God can control a large galaxy..." Su Ping muttered to himself, a little bit about the power of the federation. understood.

In this way, his current Rhea planet is at most a Starry Sky Realm sitting in town.

Since it is a third-class planet, it shows that the starry sky realm of the Wren family is quite good. If it is a first-class planet, it should be a more powerful starry realm, and it may even become a star master!

Thinking of Blue Star, Su Ping smiled wryly. I don't know when Blue Star will be able to rise from a fifth-class planet to a first-class planet. This is not only the strength of the planet lord, but the economy on the planet is also sufficiently developed.

The power of the lord and the economy are usually linked.

A powerful lord can bring a lot of resources and economy to his planet, and a lot of trade depends on people. No one will develop trade on a fifth-class planet. Only fifth-class planets can seek people and build relationships. , In order to establish trade on your planet.

"From this point of view, my lord is very unqualified. I can't throw it all at Nie Huofeng and the others. I won't be able to get in touch with them in the future, and help Blue Star sponsor." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

At any rate, he sat in the seat of the lord, completely acting as a shopkeeper, and he was also a little uneasy.

"What are you grumbling about?" Reyen frowned when Su Ping muttered to himself, and said coldly: "If you want to apologize, now apologize with me, maybe I can forgive you."

Su Ping came back to his senses. Hearing this, he couldn't help but glance at him and asked curiously: "You said that the Lane family is the ruler of the planet Leia. How many juniors like you are in such a big family? Is it the only direct line?"

Reyen was taken aback, his face quickly gloomy, and his eyes stared at Su Ping coldly: "What do you mean?"

Su Ping's words hit the pain point in his heart.

The Wren family is extremely large, commanding a planet. There are as many as thousands of juniors in the family. There are also seven or eight fifth-generation children like him with good qualifications. There are many uncles of the previous generation, and the previous generation, within the family. The faction is extremely complicated and messier than a spider web, although he seems to be a member of the Rennes family, he is very beautiful.

But only they know that they are just luckier and more beautiful than the vast majority of people on this planet, but it is very difficult to do really big things, beyond some limits.

After all, although the Wren family is daunting and deterring the entire planet, it is the common power of the entire family. If a single individual wants to use the power of the family due to his own personal conflicts, he can only use his own faction. The inner power, this power is not that great, on the contrary, there is a disadvantage if it is used too much.

Children of large families have the same difficulties as children of large families!

Thats why, Reyen would want to please Mia. If he can talk to Mia as friends, even if its just a romantic relationship or uncertain marriage, it will be enough to make his status in the family rise rapidly and become The best in the Five Dynasties!

"It's not interesting, I just want to see. You always tell me about the Rennes family. I want to see if the Rennes family will do their best to embarrass my little shop for you." Su Ping smiled lightly.

This nonchalant attitude made Rayen blush, his fists clenched.

He was so angry that he couldn't do it, but at the same time, the calm he honed in his small family allowed his sanity to restrain his impulse. Although Su Ping's attitude was arrogant, it made him angry, but behind this arrogance... it is worth pondering. .

He is not a dude, otherwise he would not have cultivated to the legendary realm at this age, and was admitted to the same academy as Mia. This academy is a well-known institution in the entire Sylvie galaxy, ranking one of the five great palaces!

Those who can graduate from these five great palaces all have the talent of stars!

"Who are you?" Reyen stared at Su Ping.

He didn't even have a fever in his head and yelled at him. It was because he had no fear and made him jealous... Su Ping smiled in his heart. It seems that this guy is not a general generation.

He smiled and didn't answer the other side.

Since you are scared, let you guess.

If I really dare to make trouble for him, he doesn't care to solve it.

Reyen frowned when he saw Su Ping's appearance, but didn't say anything. He also expected that Su Ping would not say it easily. If so, he went to investigate himself.

With the intelligence network of the Rein family, since Su Ping is on the planet Leia, he can find out what suit his underwear is!

At this time, Mia and Joanna also returned.

Mia was obviously extremely excited. As soon as she saw Su Ping, she hurried up and said: "Boss, your cultivation in this shop is really amazing!"

When Su Ping saw her expression, she knew that she should have tested the skills of the white-winged tiger, smiled lightly, and said, "It's fine if you don't let you down."

"No, no, of course I won't be disappointed." Mia waved her hands again and again. At this moment, even the previously cold lady Fan was a little lost. After all, it involves her own pet beast, and she has a deep feeling for her pet beast. In other words Therefore, she belongs to the kind of person who is kind to her and she doesn't feel anything, but is kind to her pet beast, but she will be especially happy.

"One hundred million can cultivate such an effect, it's simply too strong!" Mia spoke too little in her life, and at the moment she was a bit poor, and she didn't know how to describe it.

One hundred million is indeed a lot, maybe it is a small goal for some people.

But it is a number that most people cannot earn in their lifetime!

For cultivating a pet of the Void Cave Realm, the money is neither too much nor too little, but the effect of Su Pings cultivation is far more than 100 million stars. She feels that even if she spends one billion, she may not have it. Such a strong effect.

Especially Su Ping's cultivation time is only three hours.

This is simply magical!

Su Ping smiled lightly and said: "It's okay. After all, it's the first training. The effect will be more significant. The second time it will be a little milder, but at least one skill can be increased. This is the minimum, otherwise it will Cultivate until it realizes new skills."

Mia completely believed Su Ping's words at the moment, her head nodded like a chicken pecking rice, her beautiful eyes sparkled with brilliance, and she said to Su Ping: "The boss, you can help me nurture my other things. War pet?"

Su Ping is also preparing to speak. After all, his task is to make it consume 10 million energy, and the 100 million that previously cultivated this white-winged tiger is only 1 million energy, and it needs to be cultivated nine more times.

"No problem." Su Ping nodded.

"Really, thank you so much to the boss!" Mia couldn't help being surprised, even twisting her skirt, and bowing to Su Ping in the manners of the Layfa family.

Afterwards, she said a little nervously: "As for the price..."

"In the case of the virtual cave, it is still 100 million." Su Ping said, dispelling her worries.

Mia's eyes lighted up and she said in surprise, "Boss, you are such a good person!"

Su Ping has some support, so why send me a good person card?

Reyen next to him saw Mia with such a demeanor, exquisite fairy-like face. At this moment, he was flushed with excitement, with a fascinating charm. His face changed slightly, a little embarrassed, and his heart throbbed. , More and more want to conquer this woman.

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