Astral Pet Store Chapter 739

Chapter 739: Amir Royal College In

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The whole city gives Su Ping a sense of future science fiction.

On the road, many people are accompanied by cute pets, who are quite elves and lovely star pets.

On the opposite street, Su Ping saw several shops, one of which is a plain ramen restaurant with federal text on it, and the names of the other shops are interesting. One is called Star Pet Zhuangzhuang Store, and the other is Star Pet Evaluation shop.

Su Ping was a little surprised. It was the first time he saw such a pet shop.

Can pet animals also have battle outfits?

Su Ping was not in a hurry to cultivate Mias pet beasts, anyway, she came to receive it tomorrow, and there was more than enough time. He turned around and said to Tang Ruyan: "May 8th, you two will be honest in the store, I will ask you where to learn. Federal language."

"You are only fifty-eight! You are thirty-eight!"

Tang Ruyan burst into anger, resisting the shameful title.

"If you don't work hard, you may be a real three-eighth, eight times in three minutes, tut..." Su Ping smiled, leaving Tang Ruyan with an angry face, and walked towards the star pet war clothing store.

"There seems to be a pet shop on this street, but it's not as big as our shop. It seems that the system moved me to a commercial street..."

Su Ping walked on the road and looked around. One spot on the street, he saw another petting shop, but judging from the outline of the shop, the area should be about 500 square meters.

However, the store is a three-story building, and the overall area is pretty impressive.

At this moment, in the star pet clothing store that Su Ping came to, there were more than ten people in the lobby. The greeter at the door was a woman with white skin and purple hair, with pointed ears, she was quite beautiful, although Not as good as Tang Ruyan, but she is also a great beauty.

Based on the information obtained from previous map scans, Su Ping also has some general knowledge of the Rhea planet, such as the planets population, star power concentration, and various traditions of the Rhea people.

The purple-haired welcoming guest in front of him is a Rhea, whose hair color is natural.

When Su Ping entered the store, he saw that it looked like a large gallery inside. The walls were framed and plastic-sealed models. Each model was the same exquisite and small ornaments, some like weapons, and some like small stones.

Su Ping was a little surprised and looked around inside.

Soon the service staff noticed Su Ping, and a woman stepped forward and smiled: "Tell me, sir, which type of pet outfit do you want to choose? I can introduce it to you."

Su Ping just saw a small weapon in a frame on the front wall, a silver scale, and curiously asked, "Is that also a pet outfit?"

The woman was slightly stunned and said with a smile: "Yes."

"What kind of petting animal is this for, and how to use it?" Su Ping asked curiously.

The woman was stunned again, she was too amateur to ask.

A suspicion flashed in her eyes, and she looked up and down Su Ping, and saw that Su Ping's dress was obviously different from the clothing popular on Rhea Star. She was a little surprised. It seems that this should be a hillbilly from an indigenous planet. .

Even though she thought so, she didn't show it on her face, and smiled indifferently: "This is a four-star A-class battle outfit. It is a defensive battle outfit. It can withstand the Dark Element and Flame Element Destiny Realm attacks. If your opponent is Enemies of the Flame Element or the Dark Element will have a high probability of being invincible if they put on this suit."

Jenna's tone was slightly superior, and she felt that these words could open the eyes of this native.

Su Ping was a little surprised, how could he withstand the attack of the Destiny Realm?

Although it can only resist the Dark Element and the Flame Element, it is quite impressive!

"You said that this is a four-star A grade, is that high-end? Wouldn't the more advanced ones be able to withstand the attack of the Starry Sky Realm?" Su Ping asked curiously.

Jena smiled calmly: "Of course, there are more rare battle outfits, suitable for battle pets of the Star Realm, but that level of battle outfits can only be purchased in the interstellar store of the Sylvie Galaxy. To."

Su Ping was a little shocked. You can buy all the battle outfits of the Star Realm. Isn't that invincible with money? !

Sure enough, money is king, no wonder the system loves money so much!

"By the way, can this battle outfit be used by the pet master?" Su Ping asked curiously again.

Sure enough, it's a problem of mentally retarded... Hearing this question without common sense, Jenna showed a faint smile of helplessness in her eyes, and said: "This is a battle pet outfit, which is a bit different in structure from humans, and it also has some equipment for battle pets. Limited, like the one in front of me, it is only suitable for popular dragon pets, because it needs dragon energy and dragon blood to activate..."

"Furthermore, the structure of this battle suit is built to fit the energy operation of the dragon pet beast, and some of the thin-blooded subdragon beasts may not be used."

Speaking of this, Jaina didn't say any more, feeling that there was no need to explain too much to the natives, and she couldn't understand it anyway.

Thinking of this, she was a little lacking in interest. After all, it was a waste of words, it was better to rest.

"So that's it..."

Su Ping probably understood it. From this point of view, there is still a difference between this thing and the secret treasures in the secret ruins. Some secret treasures can be used not only by humans, but also by pets. After all, star pets were monsters of heaven and earth in ancient times. They are also spiritual beings in the heaven and earth, especially in the ancient world, human beings are not absolute dominance, other races and human beings are all in the same position.

"Can you try to use this?" Su Ping asked the woman again.

Jena frowned slightly, seeing Su Ping's curious look, the smile on her face calmed down, and said: "This Silver Dragon King Armor sells for 3.2 billion. If you try it, you need to pay a 300 million deposit."

"3.2 billion?" Su Ping was stunned. He couldn't sell the best destiny battle pet in his shop at such a high price!

It's a money grab!

Su Ping thought of his personal account. Now his identity is tied to Blue Star and he is the lord of Blue Star. Blue Stars economic taxes will be remitted into his private account in accordance with federal laws.

Su Ping immediately pulled out the turquoise lord star order, sneaked in, and soon found his personal account under the guidance of the intelligence inside.

This Lord Starling is like a full-featured portable super communicator, very practical.

Su Ping discovered that his personal account was opened under the Federal Universe Bank. This bank is a federal bank, spread across all planets in the universe. It is very convenient to transfer money and remittances. Moreover, he was opened by the lord Starling and automatically registered his The identity level, the bank account is a five-star lord level, and all aspects of authority are higher than ordinary card users.

"Tsk tusk, don't worry about withdrawing the money in the future, the bank will go bankrupt."

Su Ping sighed in his heart.

He immediately checked how much money was in the account.

As soon as he saw it, Su Ping saw a string of zeros. He quickly counted it, and it was 128.9 billion!

Su Ping was a little surprised. This was the first time he saw such a huge sum of money. However, he thought that he could divide the Blue Star tax revenue by 50 to 50. At any rate, it was the wealth of a whole planet. It was only more than 1,000 in his own hands. Billion?

Su Ping immediately inquired the reason inside.

Soon, he knew where the money came from. It was the taxes generated by Bluestars various transactions during this period. Bluestar has just been robbed and the remaining population is within the defense line of the Asian continent. In the busy reconstruction, the economy is in serious decline, and hundreds of billions of dollars can be accounted for, or it is because the reconstruction has caused frequent material transactions in all aspects.

Next to him, Jena saw the green crystal lord Star Ling in Su Ping's hand. She was taken aback, and her eyes widened slightly. She couldn't help but looked up and down Su Ping again, with a look of horror in her eyes.

This young man in front of him is actually a lord? !

Although he is the lowest five-star lord, he is the lord after all, the one-star lord!

To become a lord, the minimum requirement is the starry sky!

Unless it is some special situation, but in that special situation, at least it must be in the Destiny Realm to become a lord, that is a temporary appointment!

"A deposit of 300 million yuan, right?" At this time, Su Ping had already withdrawn from the Lord's Star Order, and was about to pay the deposit to the salesman next to him. He wanted to try what this battle outfit was like.

Jaina woke up, a little frightened, and a little bit of trepidation appeared in her eyes. She did not expect that she would offend a lord, her face was slightly pale, and said: "Well, I just didn't know that you are a planet lord. As you are, We dont need to pay a deposit..."

In fact, even if it is not the lord, there is no need to pay a deposit, but she previously thought that Su Ping could not afford it after a trial, and deliberately set a threshold for him, so that he didn't bother to trouble herself.

Su Ping was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly understood, and he didn't see anything wrong, and said, "Then try it."

Seeing that Su Ping was not angry, Jaina was a little guilty and nervous, and immediately said respectfully: "Please, I will let people fetch things right away. We have a professional fitting room here."

With that, she bent over to lead the way.

Waiting for Su Ping to follow, she waved to another place and asked people to fetch the silver dragon king armor.

The fitting hall is an extremely spacious hall. At the back of the store, it is open-air, a bit like a small stadium, but Su Ping can feel that there is a barrier around it, and the strength of the barrier is quite high. Even in the Starry Sky Realm, it may not be easily penetrated!

At the moment in the fitting room, there are two others trying on fittings, summoning their pets.

One is the Manta Dragon Bobo from the vast sea realm. This is a subdragon species. It is only seven or eight meters long. The dragon wings stretch out but it is more than ten meters long. At this moment, it is wrapped in an extremely fitting brown armor. It protects deadly parts such as organs and other organs without affecting its actions.

On his head, there is a silver pointed helmet covering his head.

Su Ping was an eye-opener. Didn't expect that pet beasts could still be like this?

In this case, coupled with a few good sets of battle pet outfits, his purgatory candle dragon beast and two dogs, wouldn't it be possible to increase their combat power by a big increase again?

"Hi, Lord Lord, this is the silver dragon king armor you chose."

At this time, Jena took the silver scale that she had taken from her colleague. The scale was not in the plastic package at this moment. The breath was exposed, transmitting a faint energy wave, and there was a very shallow silver halo attached to the surface. The energy contained in it overflowed.

"My surname is Su, just call me Mr. Su." Su Ping said, not wanting to expose his identity as a lord outside, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

"Okay, Mr. Su." Jaina nodded respectfully, her attitude changed 180 degrees from the previous one. Even a five-star lord, his wealth is far beyond her imagination.

"how to use?"

Su Ping took Yinlin and asked after playing twice.

Jaina didnt look down on her eyes, she fully demonstrated the professionalism she had trained at this moment, smiling and her voice softly: "Mr. Su, this battle suit is currently in the open state, and you only need to summon your dragon pet. Let it release its dragon energy to activate the battle outfit."

Su Ping immediately called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

In an instant, a fierce dragon clan breath of King's Landing radiated out, making Jie Na and several other staff members a little pale.

And the manta dragon Bobo beast that was trying to install in the distance, almost fell from mid-air, with horror in its eyes, looking towards the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Su Ping didn't expect the impact to be so great, and quickly let the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast converge.

From a distance, the owner of the Manta Dragon Bobo Beast also looked here, but when he saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast next to Su Ping, his face changed slightly and he dared not say anything.

"Lie, Mr. Lord, you can attach this silver dragon king armor to your pet and let it inspire the dragon aura." Jenna's face was slightly pale, and she was given the fierce dragon beast breath naturally emitted from the purgatory candle dragon beast. She was so shocked that she couldn't speak, she had seen many powerful pets in this sales, but it was the first time she saw such a brutal breath.

Su Ping heard this and threw the silver scales onto the flanks of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast with star power, and immediately ordered.

A trace of dragon energy was immediately surging from the body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. The next moment, the silver scales on its flanks resurged, bursting with dazzling silver light. In that light, the scales softened like liquid, changed rapidly, and covered The body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

When the light dissipated, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast had a silver armor on its body. It was not so much a armor, it was a layer of silver scales!

The silver scales covered the dark red, turbid, black and gold dragon scales of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast itself, spreading under its neck, covering the entire dragon body, only the dragon wings and limbs were not covered.

Su Ping was a little surprised, this battle pet outfit is simply a second layer of skin!

With this battle armor, plus the defensive power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast's own dragon scales, even if it is a Destiny Realm monster, it should be able to parry now.

"Is there anything uncomfortable?" Su Ping immediately asked the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast Urn said: "Su, take..."

Su Ping immediately understood its meaning, smiled, and it seemed that there was no discomfort to put it on.


Knowing what the battle pet outfit was about, Su Ping didn't stay in this shop much, so that the salesperson took off the battle outfit, summoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and left.

As for the purchase...

Su Ping had this idea, but didn't plan to buy this silver dragon king armor.

After all, this shop is just a shop he just wandered around. Obviously it is not a top-notch store on Rhea Planet. If you want to buy this thing, you can buy it as much as possible. If you can get a starry sky, its very good. Bring a sense.

However, Su Ping guessed that it would not be easy to sell at that level. It should be encountered in some well-known auction venues or in more advanced economic zones.

Thinking of this, Su Ping was a little excited. Before he felt that the Star Coins that could not be converted were of no use to him, because on the Blue Star, money could not buy good things. The items used in Legendary Realm were not for sale. Circulation between legends, ordinary forces are also difficult to obtain.

Even if it is obtained, it is dedicated to the legend and closer relationship.

And in the Federation...we can become stronger with money!

Su Ping suddenly felt that it was really a good thing to be the Lord of the Blue Star, otherwise it would be too tiring to let him make another money.

"I don't know how Blue Star is now, when I am free, I can find someone to inquire about it." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

At this time, he came to the pet animal evaluation store next to him.

There were also sporadic customers in the hall inside. Su Ping walked in and asked the people inside to find out. It turned out that this pet beast evaluation store does a comprehensive test for the pet beast, and then finally calculates the pet beast through a comprehensive test. Comprehensive combat power.

Comprehensive combat power can often judge the strength of a pet. Although not absolute, it is an extremely important reference value.

Su Ping was quite curious. After experimenting with Ergou, he found that the combat value obtained through comprehensive detection was quite similar to the information he had detected with the systematic identification technique, with an error of only 1.8!

"It's actually used to detect combat value..." Su Ping was a little surprised. He didn't expect the Federation to be so developed, it's no wonder that he could explore the universe and colonize various star regions.

"Previously, Na Mia's instrument, it seems that it cannot detect the combat value, but can only detect some other data. The detection equipment is a bit large, and the system identification technique is much more convenient..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart, and he was concerned about the system. Weili, has a new knowledge, secretly surprised.

"Humph!" In Su Ping's mind, the system hummed softly.


Ignoring the voyeurism, Su Ping went around on the street again, and stopped by the pet pet shop on the street. After all, this is a pet pet shop in the Federation. It is quite different from his shop. It is worthy of reference.

The business of this pet shop is quite good. Su Ping walked around and found that the general service is similar to his shop, but the shop is obviously not as good as his pet shop in terms of equipment.

First of all, there are not a few existing pets in the store. If you want to buy them, you have to order, pay a deposit, and make an appointment. The store needs to transport the pets from their base.

As for cultivation, their trainers will come forward, store them in a space secret device, and then transfer them to the cultivation base, and contact customers to receive them when they are cultivated.

"The pet food is quite plentiful. It seems that these are the main favorite pet food of this planet, even the Sylvie Galaxy and the Federation. The year is too low and the quality is not high. I will also have to replenish it in the future... "

Su Ping took a look at the wide array of pet food in this store. He is now a person who has read many planes. At a glance, he can see that the quality of these pet food is relatively ordinary, and it is good to fill the hunger of ordinary pet beasts.

It is very difficult to rely on this pet food to improve how much combat power.

After spying on the military situation, Su Ping also left the shop and returned to his own shop.

As soon as he walked around, he still had a lot of information, not only revealed from a few stores, but also information about his relocation here.

These stores all have the same knowledge of his store, that is, the store was here a few years ago, but the business is not good, and there is no deep impression.

Obviously... This should be done by the Weili of the system.

Leaping from Blue Star in an instant, he appeared on a commercial street on this Rhea planet without knowing it, and made the people around him completely adapt to... this kind of terrifying ability, Su Ping was a little bit shy to think about it. , If the system wants to obliterate anyone, it is estimated to be able to kill silently, completely erase or even change the memories of the people around it!

This kind of power has exceeded Su Ping's cognition!

"It's fine if you know it." The system sneered, his voice a little rustling.

Su Ping: "..."

Back in the store, Su Ping told Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong about what he had learned about learning Federal Language. There is a Federal Common Language teaching class nearby, which can be completed quickly, but the tuition is expensive.

Su Ping immediately took them out. First, he found a small branch of Federal Universe Bank nearby and applied for a bank card account for the two of them.

When it comes to applying for a card, Su Ping once again discovered the magical effect of the Lords Star Order, that is, he can register the two directly on the Blue Star household registration, and then scan their identities through the Lords Star Order, so that the bank can save them from presenting their identities. All kinds of tedious procedures, directly opened a card account for the two.

They were originally Blue Star people, but because Blue Star was behind, their household registration was not entered in the federal database, and they belonged to people without household registration.

After completing the bank card account for the two of them, Su Ping transferred 500 million yuan to each of their card accounts to use them as pocket money.

After making good money, Su Ping took the two to the Federal Common Language teaching class and paid them the tuition. Although the tuition is expensive, it is only one hundred thousand stars. It takes a year or even longer in the eyes of ordinary people. In Su Pings eyes, its no different from free.

After paying the money, Su Ping entrusted them here, and when he got it, he could return to the store to help.

After dealing with the two of them, Su Ping went back to the store by himself and began to prepare to cultivate a pet beast for Namia.


the other side.

In a towering spiral building, this building is like a spiral glass, facing straight up, it is thousands of meters high, and the scenery on the top floor can overlook most of the nearby city.

This is also one of the seven economic cities in Campo, the iconic building of Warfit City.

Below this building is a luxury shopping mall, and the top floor is a well-known hotel. If you want to live in it, you must have an identity to make an appointment.

At this moment, in one of the luxurious suites, Mia, who was tall and slender, put on a casual outfit and threw herself on the soft silken sofa cushion inside. Her delicate figure almost sank in, as if lying in a cloud.

Holding the communicator in her hand, she used Xingli to take the fruit salad on the coffee table next to her to her mouth while chatting with the person in the communicator.

At this moment, she has a coquettish smile on her face. How can she be half outside and cold in front of Rayen?

"How about it, is it going well on the planet Nalea? The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast you are going to buy, have you bought it?" There was a lazy and casual female voice over the communicator, which sounded very young.

Mia smiled and said: "Sister, I just came here, I haven't had time to find it."

"You have to hurry up. In half a month, it will be your second grade monthly exam. Many people in the family are watching this monthly exam, so you can win." The lazy voice said with a light smile, and then thought What, said:

"You go to the planet Narea, their Ren family, did they entertain you? If you cant find it yourself, just tell the owner of the Ren family in my name and let him arrange one for you ."

Mia stuck out her tongue and said, "I came here secretly, and I didn't tell the Wren family. I didn't even bring the guards arranged for me by Mommy. If I can rely on myself, I still want to rely on myself, you know. , My status is not suitable for getting too deep a relationship with other families, otherwise when I arrange marriage in the future..."

Having said this, her eyes darkened, but she quickly regained her face, and smiled: "Speaking of which, I went out to buy pet food today, but I met a very magical pet shop. I will tell you, oh, that The store looks ordinary, although the decoration is a bit special, but it is just like that. As a result, the owner of that store actually took out two 7,000-year-old Tianshuang crystal fruits, which is 7,000. The year..."

Speaking of Su Ping's shop, she seemed quite excited and excited.

The lazy voice on the communication side was slightly silent. After she finished speaking, she said: "You should not think too much about the future. If you can enter the Amir Royal Academy now, you will have the opportunity to change your destiny. Wait for you to arrive. In the third year, I will recommend you to join the Commission for Discipline Inspection. The contacts and circles you make will give you the right to choose in the future!"

Mia was startled slightly, her expression serious, her eyes gleaming, and she said, "I will work hard. No matter what, I will graduate successfully!"

Speaking of this, she couldn't help smiling, pouting and sighing: "As for entering the Commission for Discipline and Discipline Inspection, it should be a bit difficult for me. There are monsters like you, sister..."

"It's nothing, I will recommend you and help you, don't be frivolous."

The lazy voice also became a little calmer and said. After speaking, she turned to the subject and said: "Don't talk about this, what kind of pet shop did you just say that can sell seven thousand years of Tianshuang Jingguo?"

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