Astral Pet Store Chapter 740

Chapter 740: Offit Twenty Thousand Words For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Speaking of Su Ping's shop, Mia didn't think about the college anymore, she nodded and said, "Yes, and there are still two, and the nurturing effect of that shop is simply amazing..."

She immediately recounted the situation in Suping's shop, Barabara.

"In a few hours, did your little white understand three skills?" I was a little surprised over there, such a powerful effect is obviously unheard of.

"Sister Offit, I left all my battle pets there for nurturing, and I can see the effect tomorrow. If the effects are all so good, you can also try your battle pet."

Mia looked happy, and said: "And the cost of cultivation in that store is not high. Although sister, you are not short of money, if your sister can get a higher level of battle pet, it will be even more powerful!"

"What? You left all your battle pets there to nurture?" The girl named Offit over there was obviously startled, and then she became serious, and said in a deep voice, "You are too crazy, such a strange thing, for sure. If there is a problem, are you not afraid of what special method this store uses?"

Mia shrank her head on the sofa.

"I thought about it, but I told the boss my last name. The other party shouldn't dare to break ground on our family? And it was very unlucky today. I met a classmate in our class who is the lord of this Rhea planet. , The people in the Rennes family, who was by my side at the time, almost had a fight with the boss..."

Mia explained the whole story again and said: "The boss should have no guts, and at the same time deceived me and the classmates of the Ren family, and I think the boss is a bit mysterious, ah, right, there is something else that I havent told you. Say, that shop is very weird, and the clerk in that shop, I can't even beat it!"

"Huh? Did you do it?" Offit's voice on the communication side suddenly fell cold, and some murderous aura was filled.

Mia shook her head repeatedly, and said: "No, we are in the virtual battle pet gym. There are two clerk in that store. The first one is enough to surprise me. I only lost eight times in five minutes! You know, that's just a waiter! And the other one is even more exaggerated. With the same cultivation base and the same battle pet, I played with her for three hours. As a result, the boss just came out to cultivate the pet beast, and I directly I was defeated, obviously that person was releasing water..."

"If you don't release the water, I'm definitely not your opponent, do you think this is incredible? I have never seen that person's fighting skills, nor have I seen her use any secret skills, but every time I attack, it's just right, just as expected. It's like how I would shoot, it's almost like I'm fighting with your sister!"

Speaking of this, Mia herself was a little surprised.

That's right, it felt like she was discussing with Offit on the communicator.

It made her cope with extremely difficult, and the feeling that she couldn't display her forcefully, even if she broke out indiscriminately, she still couldn't touch the other side's hair, and the fighting skills of the two sides differed too much!

But... what kind of character is Sister Offit?

And the one who discussed with her was just a clerk in Su Ping's hands. He was ordered by Su Ping to come and order. Such a character would be willing to be a clerk, it's hard to imagine!

On the other side of the communicator, there was a brief silence.

"Are you kidding?" Offit's voice came, somewhat questioning.

After all, what Mia is talking about is like a fantasy. A shop that can cultivate a pet in the virtual cave for three hours and comprehend three powerful skills. A waiter in the shop can easily defeat Mia, even Make Mia feel that her fighting skills can match her? This kind of shop... cannot exist!

Even if there is, it is definitely not a small place like Rhea that can appear.

Unless it is the capital star of the Federation, the super giant planet where the Conferred God is seated... But what a place it is, the Leia planet is like the stone in front of the crystal, ten million times worse!

Mia shook her head, "Sister, I really didn't lie to you, it's true. I will go to see the effect of the cultivation of my pet beasts tomorrow. If the effect of cultivation is really the same as that of Xiaobai, you can also watch my sister. Look, or come to discuss with that clerk, she is really strong!"


There was a slight silence on the communication side, and after a while, he said, "Lets talk about it, but this store must be weird, and it is very likely to be some kind of blindness. You must be careful not to be fooled, since you have already handed over all the pets. , Forget it, if you go to lead the pet beast tomorrow, you must check it clearly!

If something goes wrong, huh, dare to act on the head of our Layfa family, you must let the other party know that he will be very painful when he is born as a human being! "

"No, sister, you worry too much. I think this store may be a big family, which is doing exercises for the younger generation of the family. Because the owner of the store, I feel a little bit extraordinary, I guess it is. The students in the five great palaces just dont know which college they belong to..."

Mia still believes in Su Pings shop. Its unlikely that its what Sister Offit said. After all, she had seen it with her own eyes, and when Su Ping had a conflict with Reyen, Su Pings eyes were the same as the moment. She was deeply impressed by the exposed momentum, and she felt that she was definitely not a mediocre ordinary war favorite businessman.

"You, have been cultivating in the family, go out a little, and don't know the sinisterness outside." Offiete on the communication side was obviously helpless, sighed, and said: "Don't talk about this, you can go see the result tomorrow. "

Seeing that she didn't believe it, Mia felt a little helpless, so she had to say: "I know, I will pay attention."


the other side.

In a luxurious battle pet gym.

In a viewing box, there were a few figures sitting, and the one in the center was Rayen who was previously in the Suping store.

Soon after he accompanied Mia out of the Suping store, Mia made an excuse, went back to the hotel where she lived, and parted ways with him.

He finally found the opportunity to make a "coincidence" and met her. As a result, a series of plans that had been prepared a long time ago had not been used, so he suffered a dark loss on Su Ping's side and failed to deter Su Ping. Revealing the name of his Ren family, also failed to deter the opponent, making him ashamed in front of Mia.

"Damn thing!!"

Reyen drank sullen wine and looked at the battle pet fighting under the enchantment in front of him, feeling a little violent and irritable.

At this time, the door of the box was pushed open, and a young man looked at Reyen with a hostile face, walked in cautiously, and said in a low voice: "Master, I just inquired about that store is coming to Warfighter. It has been three years since the city, and there is a store marketing certificate. At that time, it was migrated from another remote galaxy, not a native of Rhea. Where is my hometown, I could not trace it..."

Reyen's face was cold, and said: "Why didn't you track it down?"

"It seems that the authority is quite high and the information is protected. If you want to check it, it is estimated that the authority of the owner of the family will be used..." the young man said nervously.

Rayen's eyes shrank slightly, his face a little ugly.

Before he was about to have an attack in the store, he was shocked by Su Ping's glance. At that time, he felt that the kid was not an ordinary person, and he did not expect that he had a background.

Indeed, if there is no background, how can it be possible to directly take out two 7,000-year-old Tianshuang crystal fruits and sell them at such a low price?

Although he hates Su Ping, his experience is more abundant than that of Mia, whether it is Tianshuang Jingguo or cultivation, or Mia in the Su Ping store, in the virtual gymnasium, Su Pings subordinates are amazing. The defeat of the beautiful woman made him feel that Su Ping's background is not simple.

It's not something ordinary people can do just to hire such beautiful shop assistants as goddess.

Not to mention, the clerk also defeated Mia...

Mia is a second-year student at Almi Royal College!

Although it is not an honor student in his age, who can enter the Royal Academy of Almi, who is not a genius among men and geniuses? !

Its not bad for a planet to pick out four or five geniuses who can enter the five great palaces every year!

"Damn, damn!!"

Reyen became more angry, so he didn't say anything about his talent. Just the peerless appearance of the clerk Su Ping made him greedy and jealous!

Such a beautiful woman, whose appearance is incomparable to the Mia he pursued in all sorts of ways, was instigated by Su Ping at will, which made him mad!

"Master, I heard that the kid is in the vast sea realm, no matter how talented he is, he still hasn't grown up yet, do you think we should spend some money to hire war pet assassins..."

Next to him, a young man with short purple hair had a stern look in his eyes.

Hearing this, Reyen narrowed his eyes, turned his head and slapped it directly.

This slap made the young man a little confused, and the brutality on his face became a little dazed.

"You really want to kill me!"

Reyen's anger suddenly erupted, and he roared: "Didn't you see the background of the store? Lao Tzu and him are just arguing, and forget it. If you continue to do it, it really provokes the family behind the other party. , That would be a deadly enmity. In case the family behind the opponent is a strong man in the star realm, then our entire family will have to pay in, do you want to engage our family?!"

The young man was a little dumbfounded by him. Hearing the last words, he suddenly broke out in cold sweat and turned pale. He slid off the sofa and knelt on the ground, "Young master, I didnt mean that, I didnt think so much. , How dare I treat your family..."

He was so frightened that he could say nothing. On the planet Leia, the Lane family is the sky, and the Rayen in front of him is the heir of the sky!


Rayen slapped again and yelled.

The young man hurriedly knelt to the side and knelt on the ground tremblingly, not daring to lift his head.

The faces of the other people nearby also changed in shock. They didn't dare to say more, they were all in a panic, for fear of being angry.

Reyen's face was gloomy. He was afraid of Su Ping for a reason. The biggest reason was that Su Ping's various performances made him intuitively feel that he could not provoke Su Ping's forces!

After all, when Su Ping heard Mias Leyfa family, he was expressionless, as if he hadnt heard... In this Zeruprun galaxy, among dozens of planets, who heard Leyfa Three words, not discoloration? It would be fine if Su Ping had just arrived in the Zeruprun galaxy, I don't know, but the young man just investigated is Su Ping who has come to Leia for three years!

For three years, anyone here will know the deterrence of Leyfa!

This can only show that the background behind Su Ping is very likely to be comparable to or even greater than Layfa!

Although Su Ping made him embarrassed and broke his good deeds, at the moment he didn't repay his mind, but he still wanted to come to the door to make amends.


Thinking of this, Reyen's heart became more angry and shameful!


Inside the shop.

After Su Ping returned to the store, he called Joanna, and then took Mia's many battle pets, Ergou, and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and went to the Demigod Land.

There are so many battle pets that Mia wants to cultivate, and Su Ping can't bring so many at once, so she can only choose to cultivate in two batches.

Anyway, his own battle pets, Little Skeleton and Ergou, Su Ping would not be left behind, they were all sent in and nurtured.

Demigod Falling Land is a high-level nurturing world, and it is more than enough to nurture little skeletons. Even as starry sky battle pets, nurturing them here has good results.

After all, the Starry Sky Realm is nothing here, it's just a **** general.

There is also the main **** level above, this is the big figure of the demigod.

And above the main **** is the order god, which is the level of Joanna's deity.

After Su Ping inquired with Joanna, he found that the demigod's main **** was equivalent to the federation's star main realm, and the order **** was the sealed **** realm!

In other words, Joanna is a great figure in the Federation of Gods!

In the entire Sylvie galaxy, the Conferred God Realm belongs to the pinnacle, and is the powerhouse in the big galaxy!

Going up is the Supreme God.

Su Ping suspected that the supreme **** in the Demigod Land, in the Primordial God Realm, may have a much lower generation, just like on the Blue Star, the vast sea realm is called a legend, but in the Federation, the vast sea realm is the vast sea. Circumstances cannot be regarded as the word "legend".

Like Title Realm or something, in the Federation, they are only apprentices...

"Whenever I have time, I will take you to the Primordial God Realm."

On Joanna's sacred mountain, Su Ping said to Joanna.

Previously, Joanna helped him catch a large number of Void Cave Realm monsters, completed the system tasks, has been rated as an excellent employee, and obtained any free opportunity to swim in the heavens.

She wanted to go to the Primordial God Realm, looking for opportunities to step into a higher realm, and Su Ping was also willing to help her.

"Yeah." Joanna nodded.

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