Astral Pet Store Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Thunder Dragon Frenzy Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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After thinking about it, Su Ping immediately went out and found a place where Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong were learning Federal Language, and asked them to stay there for a day first, and they had to travel a distance.

No explanation.

After returning to the shop, Su Ping called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Ergou, and Violet Python in the senior fostering position. Since he was going out to hunt, he naturally had to be fully armed.

After making all the necessary preparations, Su Ping temporarily closed the store for one day. Anyway, when he first arrived, he didn't have much popularity and would not affect the turnover.

set off!

Su Ping used the lord's star order to locate the address, logged into the calling car platform of the local planet, and called a speed car over.

This lord star order is extremely convenient, equivalent to a portable smart housekeeper, all needs can be solved on it, and because it is a lord star order, it has high authority and can hide your true information.

Soon, a floating speed car came to Su Ping.

Su Ping got in the car and touched the door with his finger. There was a fingerprint scan at the door, which directly verified the identity registration he had just completed. There was no need to confirm anything with the driver, and... there was no driver here.

This is an unmanned intelligent driving speed car, which will send it to the place according to the navigation input by him.

Although it is the first time to go out on the planet Reya, the previous system map scan has imported some simple information of the planet Reya into his mind. The place where he is currently is Warfit City and Camp One of the seven first-tier economic cities in China.

There are a total of 13 continents on Rhea, the area of which is about 48 times that of the Blue Star. Nine continents are habitable places for human beings. Campo is among them. The overall economy is pretty good, ranking fifth and sixth. There is no bottom line.

On the other four continents, the environment is relatively harsh. There are many star pets living on them. Although they are also inhabited, the number is very small. Except for these very few locals, the rest are living and camping on the continent. Interstellar explorer hunted.

In this one.

The planet Leia is famous for the Thunder Dragon Beast of the Zeruprun galaxy. It is on Thunder Continent, which is the second largest continent among the 13 continents. It is also the rarest place with people. There are very few interstellar explorers from other planets who dare to camp on that continent. They tend to live in other places and only fly over by a unified military airliner when needed.

On Leiming Island, it is said that there is a huge seal enchantment, which isolates the continent.

There are swarms of Thunder Dragon Beasts on the entire Thunder Island. When these Thunder Dragon Beasts reach adulthood, they have the power of the virtual cave realm. They are extremely terrible. Ran out a few randomly and invaded the residential cities. It is enough to cause extremely terrifying destruction.

At this moment, Su Ping first took a ride to take the flight to Leiming Chau.

The flight will stop at the transit point of Leiming Island, on Kroin Island, where there are basically interstellar explorers and desperadoes who hunt animals in Leiming Island.

Once a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is captured, it can sell at least one billion yuan, which allows the vast majority of people to enjoy a lifetime of wealth!

After half an hour, Su Ping arrived at the nearest airport.

Magnificent, brand new, and empty, the airport is like a space base, and Su Ping feels novel everywhere.

The most fascinating thing is the sky above the waiting hall of the airport. It is a super telescope, and you can see the stars in the universe as soon as you look up!

Su Ping didn't know if it was a projection, or it was real. In short, it felt very vast and tall.

He followed the signs everywhere on the side of the road and went to queue to buy tickets first.

The number of tickets from here to Kroland Island is 180,000. Although Rhea is a third-class planet and the per capita economic income is generally higher, 180,000 stars are also a years salary for grassroots workers. !

Sure enough, the tickets alone shut out the poor.

Without distress, he paid for the ticket and bought the ticket. Su Ping found the waiting lounge that responded. There was a private lounge for VIPs, and he needed to pay extra. Su Ping didnt ask for it. The ticket he bought was also a regular ticket, first class. To 580,000, many times.

Anyway, they are all going to the same place. Although the money is not distressed, Su Ping can still save it.

If it hadn't been for Reya's ban on private air flight, he would want to fly over by himself.

In the terminal, Su Ping saw many people of various appearances. Although they were all human beings, the territory of the Federation was too large, colonizing various planets, and the environment of different planets was different, resulting in birth on those planets. People with, have slowly evolved to have deviations in skin color, pupil color, hair color, etc.

In addition to a Rhea with purple hair, Su Ping also saw people with brown hair, blond hair, black hair, pink hair, and even...and green hair.

The color is really eye-catching.

Through the information imported by the system during map scanning, Su Ping recognized the origins of some of them, who came from other planets.

Su Ping found that he was sitting here, and many people were also looking at him.

He looked around, and immediately understood the reason, his appearance...Here is also quite different, this handsome face in Yalu District, here is the only one.

Before long, the passenger plane arrived.

Su Ping lined up with the crowd, checked the ticket, got on the transport vehicle, and came to the airport to start boarding.

He was sitting in the middle row, a five-row seat, and the passenger plane here was a little different from what Su Ping had in mind, it was bigger and more comfortable.

Soon after Suping boarded the plane and took his seat, there were people on the left and right sides. Two men and two women took their seats. Two women, one eighteen or nineteen years old, one twenty-four-five, two men were more mature, one twenty-seven. Eight, the other is more than thirty, almost forty, with a short face.

Not long after sitting down, the two men and two women around Su Ping chatted together.

They were speaking words that Su Ping did not understand, not the common language of the Federation, but seemed to be the native dialect of their own planet.

Su Ping looked at them. They were not from the Rhea star, with light gray hair and brown eyes. Among them, the girl's eyes were clearer, and in the middle of the brown pupil, there was a circle of light dark gold, which was more eye-catching.

Seeing them whispering, Su Ping was a little speechless. The people on both sides obviously knew each other, but he was sitting in the middle, which was a bit... too embarrassing!

However, he is also someone who has met the world, as long as you don't feel embarrassed, it is someone else who is embarrassed.

Su Ping sat calmly. The two men and two women who were communicating on both sides of him had to leave the chair back and lean forward to see each other every time they talked to each other.

The middle-aged man seemed to be telling a joke, and amused the two women on Su Ping's left hand covering his mouth and laughing.

Soon, the passenger plane took off. When the young man on Su Ping's right hand was talking, he noticed Su Ping sitting in the middle and said with a chuckle: "Brother, seeing your extraordinary bearing, are you also going to Leiming Island?"

It speaks federal language.

"You too?"

Su Ping recovered from the divergent thoughts, glanced at a few of them, and suddenly relieved.

I didn't pay attention before, but at this moment, I realized that even though these people had reduced their aura, their cultivation bases were all in the vast sea realm. Among them, the middle-aged man was a deep hidden virtual cave realm powerhouse.

With such a powerful four-person group, it is not surprising that this passenger plane is on the way to Lei Ming Zhou.

"Hehe, I'm trying my luck, this brother also went to this thunder dragon frenzy, how should I call it?" This young man was quite talkative and said with a smile.

On the journey, you will always meet some people who talk a lot.

Su Ping didn't have any ill feelings, but he was a little confused because of his words, and said: "My name is Su Ping, you just call my name. What do you mean by Thunder Dragon Frenzy?"

"Su Ping? The name is very special." The young man said, seeing Su Ping's puzzled look, he was a little surprised, and said, "Don't you know?"

Su Ping shook his head.

The young man was a little stunned, and glanced at his companion next to him. The young man said to Su Ping, "Brother Su Ping, you are quite young. Are you going to Leiming Chau alone, without a companion?"

Su Ping shook his head again.

The youth was a little dumb, and smiled bitterly: "Brother Su Ping, this thunder dragon frenzy is the breeding period of Hankong Thunder dragon beast, once every eight years, this time of this year, it happens to be the breeding period this time, and it is easiest to catch Han The empty thunder dragon beasts, they have just reproduced, and some have not reproduced yet, and their combat effectiveness has been greatly reduced. We are all here to try our luck.

Su Ping suddenly turned out to be in time for the breeding season.

"You don't know this thunder dragon frenzy, and another person has passed by. What do you want to do?" At this moment, the girl with a white porcelain face next to her looked strange.

When another woman heard the words, she gave her a scorn and said, "Karina, don't be rude!"

Su Ping understood the girl's meaning and felt that he was pretending to be dumbfounded. He didn't explain, and said with a chuckle: "Just like you, I went hunting. I heard this is rare and valuable."

The young man was stunned. When he first communicated with Su Ping, he had quietly sensed Su Pings breath, but he could not perceive it. Mostly it was Su Pings secret technique for a more advanced aura of convergence, or a secret treasure with a hidden breath. Do not perceive too deeply or carefully, otherwise it will be easily noticed and will appear impolite.

"That, take the liberty to ask, Brother Su Ping, are you in the vast sea realm?" the young man asked slightly.

Dare to go to Leilongzhou alone to reach the cultivation base of the Boundless Sea Realm. If you dont even have the Boundary Sea Realm, then you will be sent to death. Unless it is some undead, using some potions purchased on the black market, or something else The way to hunt, but the risk factor is extremely high, unsuccessful, it will become shit!

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded, there was nothing to hide, unless he was hunting in the wild, he never minded hiding his cultivation.

As for his breath, it happened because he was cultivating the fog hidden breath technique taught by his father Su Yuanshan, and he was running the technique at all times, which was easy to master quickly.

Seeing Su Ping nodding, the few people were slightly taken aback. Qingyou smiled and said, "Brother Su Ping is young, he is in the vast sea realm. He is so talented! Introduce myself, my name is Harry, this is Big Brother Benson , This is my cousin, Anna Lisa, there is no need to introduce this, naughty Karina."

Hearing what he said, the girl named Karina suddenly stuck her tongue out and said angrily: "Cousin, you can't say that to me, I'm not naughty!"

Harry smiled and said to Su Ping: "If you don't have a companion, you can join us..." When he said this, he suddenly thought of something and turned his head to look at the middle of Benson who was sitting next to the window. Young man, said:

"Brother Benson, do you think it will work?"

Benson frowned slightly, turned his head and looked up and down Su Ping, his brown eyes thinking.

Su Ping didn't wait for him to speak, then shook his head and said: "No, the place I am going may be different from yours, and I am used to being alone. I appreciate your kindness."

Hearing this, Benson recovered from his thoughts and glanced at Su Ping as if he was looking at him, but he quickly retracted his gaze and turned his head back without saying anything.

Harry was stunned. Seeing that Su Ping was not polite, he suddenly thought of something, smiled, and did not persuade him.

After all, I just met on a passenger plane, and I'm not familiar yet. If you invite to hunt together, others have some concerns, and Harry thinks he can understand.

After all... on Thunder Island, many beast hunters who die every year are not necessarily in the hands of monsters.

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