Astral Pet Store Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Hunting Feast Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Cousin, you are always so enthusiastic, and you like to be nosy. Look, people ignore you!" Next to him, the girl named Karina pouted to Harry.

Of course, she didn't say this directly, but used divine thought to transmit the sound.

In Su Ping's view, the girl just pouted slightly.

Harry smiled and said in the same voice: "It's a good thing to be a little vigilant when you're away from home, but you should study hard with others. Don't go to Naxumia College in the future and be easily kidnapped and run away!"

"Hmph, how could this lady be so stupid to be admitted to Xiu Mia Academy!" Karina said with her hands on her hips, lightly humming.

Harry smiled and said nothing more.

On the way, a few people chatted again. Because Su Ping was in the middle, it was inconvenient to talk more, and they always talked through Su Ping, which made them feel a little awkward, so they closed their eyes halfway.

The passenger plane traveled from Warfitt City to the transit point of Kroland Island, passing through three continents, and across the ocean, the passenger plane stopped shortly at two places, not direct.

After all, the planet Rhea is too big. If you fly directly from the South Pole of the planet to the North Pole, the passenger plane will run out of fuel halfway through.

Su Ping asked the stewardess that it takes four hours to get to Kroin Island, which is a long-distance trip.

This made Su Ping feel a little anxious in his heart. After all, he still wants to go back and make money in the remaining day after completing the task, so that he can earn enough money to buy the Lei Ze God Fruit.

Now it seems that it can only depend on God's will.

Compared with that Lei Ze Divine Fruit, the pet beast qualification book rewarded by this mission is obviously more than ten times more important!

time flies.

In the middle, Harry and the others took out food and drink from the small space storage secret treasure, and gave Su Ping a special bread from their home planet, but Su Ping had no appetite and declined.

Seeing that Su Ping was so vigilant, they didn't say much.

In fact, Su Ping is really not alert. His toxin resistance is already superb. Even if he gets a French wet kiss with a poisonous pet beast of the Destiny Realm, its okay. Its just because he sees the look of the bread, he really cant mention it. What's your appetite, it is actually decorated with crystal-like fruits, shining, and you just look at it.

Expensive and delicious are sometimes two different things.

The four-hour long journey finally came to an end. When the passenger plane was about to arrive, some discussions gradually sounded in the quiet cabin. At this moment, passengers who have not got off the plane here are basically going to Kroland Island.

And to go to Kroland Island, just to transfer to Thunder Island, hunt Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!

The number of people on the passenger plane has also dropped a lot, but it is still nearly half. After all, it was the time of the Thunder Dragon frenzy. This season there are a lot of wild star explorers who come to hunt on Rhea planet.

"Look at it, that is Kroland Island!"

"Did you see that, in the distance, there is Lei Mingzhou!"

"It's that light purple..."

Many people are talking about it, most of them are in groups, and there are very few explorers like Su Ping who work alone.

Through the window, you can see the vast expanse of the sea beneath the clouds. It is a very shallow purple. Because of the long distance, only a shallow line can be seen, outlined on the edge of the planet's ellipse.

Soon, the airliner stopped.

Everyone filed off the plane, and Su Ping also said goodbye to Harry and the others who had met on the road, and then left the terminal separately.

As soon as I walked out, I saw that there are hotel buildings everywhere on this island. In addition, there are some war pet masters everywhere. There are many war pet masters in the vast sea realm. There are also a few Tier 3 and 4 war pet masters, but their costumes Obviously not like an explorer, but wearing all kinds of work clothes, working here, such as driver navigation, pub service, etc.

"So lively!"

Su Ping looked at the lively atmosphere on the island before him. There were groups of explorers everywhere. When he was looking at him, a young man suddenly appeared next to him. He smiled and said, "Brother, do you want to stay in a hotel? Our hotel will provide some secret guides for hunting Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

"What secret guide, come and listen?"

When Su Ping heard it, even though he knew it was fooling people, he still asked.

Seeing Su Ping talk to the young man, he immediately became vigorous and became more enthusiastic, and smiled:

"This is a secret, how can I say it easily? When you stay in our hotel, our owner will tell you that his ancestors have been here for three generations. He is a native of Krollin Island, and there is a lot of news that you dont know outside. He knows that I am not bragging to you!"

That's really bragging!

Su Ping smiled in his heart, but on the surface he was very calm, and said: "Then talk about one or two first, and let my heart move."

Seeing that Su Ping was so calm, the young man was stunned. He thought he was a stunned boy, but he didn't expect it to be a bit difficult. He looked around, approached Su Ping, and said through the voice:

"Brother, let me give you one first, which is a reminder. When the thunder dragon frenzy has not reached its peak, the most suitable day for hunting is three days later, the group of thunder dragons above the thundering continent. Beast, at the moment of prenatal violent, go now, it's dangerous!"

He said it solemnly, as if it were true.

Su Ping was slightly stunned and glanced at him, with some regrets in his heart. No matter whether the news was true or false, he would not be able to postpone it until three days later.

"Well, do you have a map of Lei Mingzhou?" Su Ping asked.

The youth was taken aback, and immediately nodded and said, "If you stay in our hotel, these will be given away for free."

"No, sell me a copy, how much?" Su Ping said directly.

"..." Seeing Su Ping's attitude, the young man suddenly knew that this kid would not be easy to kill. He sighed in his heart and had to say: "That would be a shame. I really didn't lie to you. If you have a map of Lei Ming Zhou, just Let's collect you 100,000 stars. Seeing that you are from other planets, I won't bully you. We Rheans have always been hospitable."

Seeing that I am on another planet, the fraud is even worse... Su Ping finally knows what a black business is, and a broken map can sell for 100,000, which is simply a grab for money!

"Give it to me." Su Ping said directly because he was too lazy.

Seeing that Su Ping did not bargain, the young man was a little stunned. He immediately happily took out a pile of copied maps from his arms, took a copy from it and handed it to Su Ping, saying:

"Let me tell you, my map is personally portrayed by the owner of the museum. His old man enters Leiming Chau during some off-seasons and special periods every year. He knows the terrain very well. You bought this map. You wont be deceived, and surely you can hunt Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

Su Ping smiled, and took the map, and found that it was really detailed, and it was so well portrayed. He didn't say much immediately. He remembered the map in his mind and asked, "Where to go to Leiming Island?"

"Are you going now?"

The young man was startled, his face changed slightly, and said, "Brother, I didn't lie to you. It doesn't matter if you don't stay in our hotel, but the news I just told you is definitely true. If I go three days later, it would be more appropriate. , Dont look at many people going there now, more will die by then..."

Su Ping glanced at him, nodded, and said, "But I'm in a hurry."


The youth was dumb.

In a hurry?

Is it in such a hurry, can't it be delayed for three days?

He couldn't understand it, so he sighed and showed Su Ping the way.

After bidding farewell to the young man, Su Ping walked along the route he pointed out. Along the way, he heard various yelling sounds. Not far away, there were groups of barren star explorers gathered in a square.

"Is there anyone who wants to go to Leiming Island in a team? Someone with a destiny realm will only need to pay 100 million entry fees!"

"Mugman! Fighter! In the middle stage of the virtual cave realm, senior explorers, only 500 million!"

Various shouts sounded, and Su Ping swept away to those people, and found that most of the explorers gathered here were cultivated in the vast sea realm, a few were in the virtual cave realm, and there were only four or five in the destiny realm.

"Little brother, go to Leiming Zhou, we can take you one!" A yelling middle-aged man saw Su Ping who was alone and called out.

Su Ping shook his head and refused.

"Lei Mingzhou is dangerous..." the middle-aged man continued behind.

Su Ping has already walked straight forward.

When he saw Su Ping without turning his head back, the middle-aged man's enthusiasm receded on his face, coldly snorted, and spit out.


Ten minutes later, Su Ping arrived at a boarding pad in the center of Kroland Island.

The planes parked here are all military airliners of Rhea planet, which are branded with special energy arrays. Even the king beasts in the vast sea can withstand attacks. There are also sprint-type short-distance jumping arrays, which are equivalent to virtual The instant flashes of the cave realm can quickly escape from the surrounding of birds and beasts.

There are so many people here, Su Ping obediently lined up at the back and paid a ten million boarding fee to enter Leiming Island.

Su Ping thought about it silently in his heart, and couldn't help but confuse his tongue. It is estimated that this thunderous continent's boarding fee is astronomical every day!

Such a large sum of money, even if it only collects the tax and divides it with the federal government, the extra amount is unimaginable!

A planet with a third-class economy makes money in this way, and Su Ping can't imagine what those first-class planets should be like.

"When will it be possible to create such a place on the Blue Star." Su Ping's heart was secretly surging. For the lord of the Leia planet, hundreds of millions to him are probably just like ordinary people's eyes. A few dollars makes no difference.

Soon, it was Su Ping's turn to enter a military airliner one after another.

Take off, outlying islands.

Sitting by the passenger plane window, Su Ping looked at the turbulent waters off the island with some expectation.

It didn't take long for the military airliner to fly close to Leiming Island in the distance at an extremely fast speed.

The distance between Leiming Island and Kroland Island was no less than the distance between a continent on Blue Star, but this military airliner was extremely fast and arrived in less than five minutes.

Above Leiming Island, there seemed to be a translucent cover, which was like the atmosphere of a planet, underneath the cover was surging dark clouds.

Not to mention, if you calculate according to the area of Rhea planet, the territory of this Thunder Island is almost wider than the entire Blue Star!

A strange formation spirit pattern appeared on the outside of the military airliner, which merged with the translucent energy shield, and soon penetrated the energy shield and flew into Thunder Island.

After passing through the dark clouds of lightning and thunder, the military airliner came to the sky over a base in a desert and parked in the base.

Many barren star explorers gathered in this base, all of them came to hunt on Thunder Island.

After getting off the passenger plane, Su Ping looked at the base for a while, and felt that it was a place for temporary stationing, so he didn't stay in the base much.

There are also many explorers here asking for a group, but Su Ping obviously won't take care of it. Some people may not be here to hunt the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast...

Su Ping galloped out, and as soon as he left the base city, he noticed four figures quietly following him. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes showed a cold color.

It's not good to bully, and actually stared at him.

No matter what, now that time is running out, Su Ping directly summoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, sat on its shoulders, took out the map purchased for 100,000, and mirrored it with the memory in his mind, and found that the memory was basically correct.

A cluster of flames emerged from the fingertips, burning the map.

The next moment, Su Ping instructed the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to fly to the east.

Su Ping wants to go directly to the center of Thunder Island, where Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast's nest is located.

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with medium aptitude must be different from the ordinary Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. Most of it will be the king of the same rank. It is also possible...Here is the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast King!

Soon after, Su Ping flew out of this desert. In front of him was a mountain range. Behind the mountain range was a mixed forest of purple and green. At the upper edge of the mountain range, there was a thin cloud and mist, and the geographical position was high.

Across the mountains, Su Ping looked at the vast forest, carefully perceiving it, and found that there were a few faint beast auras inside. Although it was a little weak due to the distance, it did not seem to be too strong from his perception. beast.

This place is too close to the base. It is estimated that even if there is a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast nearby, it has been hunted long ago.

Su Ping did not enter the forest, but continued to fly forward, made up his mind, and went straight to the nest of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just after flying over half of the forest, suddenly, a whirlpool appeared in the void in front of Su Ping, from which a huge duck-billed pterosaur flew out, covered in blazing dark red scales, sitting on its back He is holding a middle-aged man with flying hair, holding a sword.

"Boy, stand..."

The middle-aged man stared at Su Ping condescendingly. Before he could finish his words, his pupils suddenly shrank, and a thunderbolt appeared in his eyeballs. Then, his body suddenly burst open.

With a bang, the thunder scattered from his body shredded his split body and annihilated it into ashes!

The duck-billed pterodactyl at its feet was also struck by lightning, screamed, scorched, and fell into the leeward forest.

Behind Su Ping, a few closely following figures just sneered and were about to fly closer. Seeing this scene, they were all stuck in place with an incredible face.

Their captain of the Void Cave Realm was actually killed...

What kind of monster is this boy!


The Purgatory Candle Dragon kept its body, and flew straight forward, as if nothing happened just now.

Su Ping was sitting on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast with his hands around his chest, black hair flying upwards.

With the power of the rules of Thunder Road he mastered, there is no suspense to kill the Void Cave Realm in seconds.

Even if this person is a virtual cave on the planet Rhea, the combat power is stronger, far more changeable and weird than the virtual cave on the blue star, but...under the absolute suppression of the power of rules, all bells and whistles are futile !

Moreover, the thunder system rule that Su Ping mastered, he named "Boom"!

There are many kinds of Thunder rules. The reason why he named it "Boom" is purely because of Su Ping's artistic conception on the rules.

Burst, blast, what he comprehended was the overbearing and staunch thunder rule in the thunder system!

After Su Ping flew away, the few people in the rear were trembling. Seeing that Su Ping hadn't killed him, they felt like they passed through the ghost gate and their scalp numb.

"Sure enough, people who dare to go alone are monsters!"

"I said, you shouldn't stare at this guy!"

"What's the use of talking about nonsense now? Don't run away quickly, and it will be over when they turn around!"

Several people were so scared that they quickly fled back to the base.



In the vast sky, the Purgatory Candle Dragon and Beast, like a wild horse running out of rein, roared horizontally and horizontally, rushing at full speed.

Above their heads, thunderclouds churned. This is a common sight on Thunder Island. Some Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts feed on thunder and like to play in the dark clouds.


Not long after, Su Ping encountered a group of birds and beasts in front of him. The birds and beasts had no feathers, and seemed to have faded. They were all crimson. There were dozens of them, all monsters in the vast sea.

Seeing Su Ping, the group of birds and beasts, like hungry sharks seeing blood, suddenly screamed in excitement and rushed over.

A cold light flashed in Su Ping's eyes, and under his feet, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast's eyes rose with anger, and suddenly let out a roar that pierced the sky.

Roar! !

This dragon chant, like a scream, shook the oncoming birds and beasts immediately, their momentum stopped, and they fled around in horror.

The dragon beast of Purgatory Candle shows the majesty of the overbearing dragon beast, rampant.


At this moment, a dragon roar suddenly rang out from a dark cloud dozens of miles away, with anger.

Immediately afterwards, amidst the thunder and lightning, a huge dragon beast with a huge body and wings spread over two hundred meters, pounced and landed from the dark clouds.

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