Astral Pet Store Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Hybrid Wang Zhiming Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beast?"

Su Ping saw it from a distance and recognized it at a glance.

This is exactly the characteristic star pet of Leia Planet, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of Starry Sky Realm bloodline.

However, the vast sky Thunder Dragon Beast that can excite all its potential and grow into the starry sky realm is unique.

Despite this, the pedigree of his starry sky realm is still eye-catching, and his adulthood has the cultivation base of the virtual cave realm, and he is the leader of the thunder system battle pet of the same level, which is enough to attract countless battle pet masters.

"Fate Realm..."

Su Ping looked at the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the latter roared out of the dark clouds, and flew up in a blink of an eye. At this moment, Su Ping also sensed the opponent's cultivation base, and his eyes showed a little interest.

He didn't stay anymore and quickly shot.

With a bang, a punch suppressed the void and shattered the space that was squeezed from the surrounding area. The punch was as strong as a thunder. Under his vast star power at the moment, he thundered and pushed, directly smashing into the eyes of the vast sky thunder dragon beast.


The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was a little surprised. He didn't expect his attack to be easily dismantled. It felt the reckless fist force. It was shocked, but also aroused the anger and cruelty in the body. It roared fiercely, and aroused thousands of thunder. , Turning the body around into a thunder hell, shooting thunderballs from it.

Boom boom boom boom...the mid-air was full of thunderous roars, the golden fist burst under the bombardment of thunderballs, setting off a chaotic energy storm.


Su Ping's figure suddenly rushed out of the energy storm, carrying the Shura Divine Sword, crushing the void, and directly killing the Thunder Dragon Beast!

The purple dragon eyes of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast shrank sharply, revealing a look of horror. Unexpectedly, Su Ping dared to rush directly from the violent energy storm. The tearing energy inside, even if it broke in, All will be injured, but Su Ping is unscathed at the moment!

With a whistling sound, Su Ping stepped into the second space, his figure flickered, and the super acceleration suddenly broke out, and the next moment he appeared in front of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast's head.

The sound of thunderous thunder appeared, and around the body of the vast sky thunder dragon beast, there was an invisible magnetic field of virtual thunder. This was its defensive skill. At this moment, Su Ping stepped in, his whole body was entangled by virtual thunder.

However, his resistance to thunder was under the tribulation of the world, and when he realized the "boom" of Thunder Dao, he had already been promoted to top class. At this moment, even though he was surrounded by thunder and lightning, he was not injured at all. Pointing straight on the head of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast like a thorn.

The strong killing intent seemed to pierce its skull.


Feeling the terrifying murderous aura in front of its head, the energy and skills that Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was about to evoke, stopped in an instant, its eyes locked tightly, looking at this human in horror.

It was defeated in less than half a minute!


Su Ping released the pet identification technique obtained from the system at this moment, and in an instant, the simple information of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast appeared in his mind.

Combat power, 58!

Cultivation, destiny!

Qualifications... inferior to medium!

very poor!

Su Ping made an evaluation in his heart, with some regrets, but he didn't expect that this Heavenly Fate Realm's Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast would not even have the highest qualifications.

Lost interest, Su Ping put away the killing intent and the Asura sword, returned to the purgatory candle dragon beast, and rode it forward.

And that Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, after Su Ping received the sword, the purple dragon eyes that trembled in his eyes finally came to his senses. Seeing the figure of Su Ping leaving, it was a little startled. This human... actually didn't kill it. ?

How can it be!

It just knew clearly that this human being has the ability to kill it!

You just let it go?

And... didn't catch it either?

It was a little shocked and at a loss, just stunned.

On the other side, Su Ping had already flown away. He followed the straight line on the map and flew towards the central area of Thunder Island.

"It would be great if it could be directly identified remotely." Su Ping regretted that, in this way, he would be able to save money and quickly screen and screen.

Although the appraisal technique given by the system is good, it has distance and cultivation base restrictions. Unless it is a monster with a cultivation base lower than him, it can be remotely authenticated, and those whose cultivation base is equal to or higher than him are subject to distance restrictions. Can only be identified up close.

In addition, the best battle pet he can currently identify is only in the Destiny Realm. If he encounters a monster in the Starry Sky Realm, the information he can identify is extremely limited.

A few minutes later, Su Ping encountered several monster beasts one after another, all at the king level.

In addition to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, there are many other monsters on this thundering continent, but the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is the master of this place, but with the annual hunting, the number seems to be less than Su Ping imagined. many.


After half an hour.

Under a low-pressure dark cloud, the figure of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast rushed past.

Sitting on its shoulders, Su Ping could already see Leilong Mountain in the distance.

This Thunder Dragon Mountain is like a sky-reaching volcano, extremely huge, its peak seems to penetrate into the dark clouds, in fact, it is true. Some of the Hankong Thunder Dragon beasts with purer bloodlines live on the top of the mountain, surrounded by thunder clouds all year round. For the Thunder Dragon Beast that feeds on thunder, it is an excellent environment for cultivating while lying down.

In this half-hour rushing at full speed, Su Ping killed many monsters along the way. Among them, he also encountered seven or eight Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. One of them was a bit unsure. After being defeated and released by Su Ping, he still rushed for revenge. Be directly beheaded by him.

What Su Ping regrets is that the qualification evaluations of these Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts encountered along the way are hovering between the inferior and the inferior, and there is not even a lower qualification.

Outside Leilong Mountain, there is a vast Leimu forest.

This forest is purple. It is a plant called thunderwood. It can withstand ordinary thunder bombs and conduct electricity. It is also a favorite food for some ordinary thunder-type pet beasts. Among them, the thousand-year thunderwood can be sold quite well. Good price.

Of course, if you pay the ten million ascendance fee to come here to collect thunderwoods, it is still not worth the loss. After all, the danger coefficient of gathering thunderwoods and hunting Hankong thunder dragon beasts is about the same, it is better to hunt beasts.

There are many thunder monsters inhabiting this thunderwood forest, and there are also some vast sky thunder dragon beasts who like to live here.

The forest is lush and the trees are towering. Some thunderwood trees are hundreds of meters high, among which there are giant trees that are thousands of meters tall. The core thunderwood of this giant tree has been around for thousands of years, and it is important to make some thunder-type secret treasures. material.

However, this kind of thunderwood giant trees are often occupied by some powerful monsters as their nests.

As soon as Su Ping approached, he sensed a lot of the auras of monsters and beasts, lurking everywhere in this forest. He allowed the candle dragon beasts to converge their aura. This place is already close to the nest of the Hankong Thunder Dragon. The empty thunder dragon beast came out, and it is very likely that there is also the dragon king in the starry sky!


Su Ping let the Purgatory Candle Dragon fly into the forest, and then took it back into the summoning space. Its body was too huge to be concealed.

Su Ping called out the little skull and let it follow him, and if it was a critical juncture, he could quickly fit and get out.

After the little skeleton came out, Su Ping used the misty breath technique to converge his breath to almost closed. Even if a monster in the Destiny realm stood close to him, it would be difficult to perceive him!

In the forest, Su Ping entered the second space and shuttled quickly.

Occasionally, when some monsters lurking in the forest were alarmed, they used super acceleration, and in a short period of time, they quickly flung away again.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Ping is like a tiny ghost, fast advancing in this thunderwood forest with towering ancient trees.

After continuously advancing for hundreds of miles, Su Ping suddenly felt that there was a familiar energy fluctuation coming from the left side. He carefully sensed it and suddenly realized that it was a bit like a divine energy!

Su Ping was a little surprised. The divine energy is the energy only available in the divine world, so does it happen here?

He immediately suppressed his breath and quietly lurked over.

Soon after, Su Ping came to a big tree and looked through a four-to-five-meter purple leaf in front of him. In a clearing ahead, there was an extremely strong ancient Leimu tree with all the leaves. In it, a few golden leaves are actually mixed, golden, exuding brilliance.

At the rhizome under the ancient tree, there is a hole in the ground. At this moment, seven Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts are lying outside the hole, surrounding the ancient tree.

Su Ping perceives carefully and finds that every Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is a destiny cultivation base!

Seven Hankong Thunder Dragons, guard this ancient tree!

"This Leimu tree seems to have mutated, and it is actually mixed with divine aura..." Su Ping was a little surprised. Looking at the volume of this ancient Leimu tree, it is estimated to be tens of thousands of years, extremely huge, one or two kilometers long. Height, like a giant peak!

When Su Ping was thinking about whether to take the old tree away, suddenly a small beast jumped out of the hole under the old tree. It was said to be a small beast, and it was more than ten meters high.

This little beast is also a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but to Su Ping's surprise, its scales are actually pure white, it is a white scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!

After the little beast rushed out of the hole, it seemed a little cheerful, and quickly climbed along the tree pole.

The seven Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts lying around were all startled, and they all looked up, but did not stop.

At this time, there was a vibrating sound from the cave, and a huge snake head came out from it, which was a white scale python.

The giant python turned to see the little beast climbing the tree pole, and quickly swam up, rolled the little beast down with its body, and let it fall on its huge python body.

The physique of this white-scaled giant python is four to five hundred meters long. This little beast is in front of it, and it can't even stuff its teeth.

The white-scaled giant python curled up the little beast, but a pair of snake eyes showed love, and brought its body back to the cave.


Su Ping's pupils suddenly shrank slightly, and a look of shock appeared in his eyes.

He just saw this peculiar white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and on a whim, he released an appraisal technique for it, and the news he got was actually...moderate!

The aptitude of this white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is medium! !

Su Ping was a little shocked.

Its cultivation base is only the limit of Tier 9, but its combat power has 12 points!

You must know that the ninth-tier limit's combat power is usually 9.9, and there are countless invisible decimals behind 9.9. When Su Ping cultivated the first battle pet with a combat power of more than ten, he tried his best.

The wild white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in front of you can compete with ordinary Beasts of the Sea Realm!

"Tread through the iron shoes, there is nowhere to find..." Su Ping recovered, and couldn't help but ecstasy. He thought he would have to rush to the Thunder Dragon Mountain before he could find a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with medium aptitude, even It is very likely that you will have to catch the dragon king of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan to complete the task.

After all, the Dragon King who can grow into the starry sky realm, how can this qualification be considered medium.

As a result, I encountered one in this Leimu Forest, which was still a juvenile cub!


Seeing that the little beast was about to return to the cave, Su Ping's figure quickly rushed out.

As soon as his figure appeared, the seven Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts around the giant tree quickly stood up from their prone state and stared at the place where Su Ping appeared.

And the white-scaled giant python was also taken aback, the love in his eyes quickly converged, becoming cold and cruel, engulfing the little beast into his snake body, and watching Su Ping vigilantly.

"It's human!"

"It's the **** hunters!"

"It's just a person from the vast sea, solve him, don't make too much noise!"

The seven Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were a little angry when they saw Su Ping's appearance.

Over the years, countless humans have come here to hunt them, making them extremely hateful of humans.

Su Ping did not intend to tell these monsters any reason. This world is like this. The weak and the strong eat the strong. These vast sky thunder dragon beasts are kept in captivity on this huge continent for countless people to explore and hunt. Compared to humans, they are Weak people! On the Blue Star, human beings are weak, so they are almost wiped out!

This is the law of the universe!

Jagged, cold!

"Hand over it and spare you not to die!" Su Ping pointed at the Hankong Thunder Dragon small beast entwined by the white scale python, and said coldly.

His words were passed to their minds through divine thoughts.

"Don't think about it!" The white python and giant python also heard the same, with a weak but angry voice, and suddenly opened the snake's mouth, roaring, revealing its sharp fangs.


Next to it, the eyes of the other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast were cold, and in an instant, the space around Su Ping squeezed, and the space control of this fate realm alone was enough to crush Su Ping in the vast sea realm.

But the next moment, Su Ping shook the fist at random, shattering the squeezed space.

He exploded with a powerful aura, his body's divine energy exploded, his black hair was flying, his palm fell into the Asura divine sword, his eyes squinting.

"Since you're looking for death, don't blame me." Su Ping snorted coldly, and suddenly shot. At this moment, he was in a state of merging with the little skeleton, plus super acceleration, and with a bang, he instantly came to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that shot. Step on it hard.

With a bang, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast had no time to react. Its head was hit like a heavy hammer and hit the ground fiercely, its neck bone broke, and the scalp was bloody!

This sudden impact and loud noise caused the other six Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts to react and were a little shocked. They sensed that Su Ping's cultivation base was clearly in the vast sea realm. How could it be so strong?

Not to mention that the punch broke the space squeeze, just this shot, they did not react!

The white-scaled giant python also suddenly changed its pupils, showing a look of anger. As a female beast, it had a premonition that the human being in front of him was extremely unprovoked and extremely terrifying!

Su Ping turned around, looked at the white scale python, and wanted to make another move. Suddenly, his brows moved and he looked upward.


Thousands of thunders suddenly burst out of the huge canopy above his head, slamming at him.

These thunders are full of destructive power, like a chain of thunder locks, penetrating the space.

Su Ping narrowed his eyes, but did not avoid it. Instead, he opened his hands suddenly, and a huge whirlpool appeared in the palm of his palm. Thunder rushed one after another, and Su Ping went out of the whirlpool, and then the thunder filled his body. The breath has been faintly strengthened again!

Seeing this scene, the other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts are staring wide-eyed. This human being, like them, can absorb thunder and feed on thunder? !

This is the ability that the Thunder Monster Beast has. Is this guy a human or a monster? !

Su Ping let go, feeling a little relieved.

Absorbing Thunder... he had mastered it a long time ago, after all, he had experienced so much training in the nurturing world, his physique had long been inferior to any monster of the same level.

At this moment, a huge shadow whizzed from the sky above the head, it turned out to be an even bigger Thunder Dragon Beast, and the aura exuding from its body was actually the top of the Destiny Realm!

This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was full of thunder and madness, roaring deafeningly, and glaring at Su Ping:

"Damn human beings, die to me!!"

Opening his mouth again roared out a pillar of thunder and slammed his head at Su Ping.

Su Ping raised his head with a calm expression. He felt that thunder was breeding in the void around him, and the surrounding area was covered by this force field of thunder.

But he didn't intend to evade. He suddenly took out his sword, and the rules of annihilation penetrated. With a loud bang, the sword aura suddenly burst open and was divided into two!

The sword aura whistled and directly hit the chest of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, causing its dragon eyes to shrink.

The next moment, a thunder armor appeared on his body, resisting the sword energy, but the armor was also broken.

This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was a little frightened, its towering body fell like a huge mountain in front of the white-scaled giant python, protecting it behind it.

"You are here..." The white-scaled giant python saw this burly giant Thunder Dragon Beast, with a soft color in its eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Behind this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts galloped forward and quickly landed beside him.

"My father wants to use you and Lin'er to sacrifice to the Dragon Ancestor, you go!" The burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast said lowly to the white scale python behind him without turning his head.

Its voice is heavy and contains great emotion.

The white scale python was startled, and tears suddenly flowed from its pupils, "I, where are we going..."

This entire Thunder Continent is the territory and territory of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, where can they escape?

Moreover, there are hunters like this human being everywhere now!

There is no escape!

The burly Thunder Dragon beast gritted its teeth, with sadness in its eyes. It slowly turned its head, its eyes were extremely affectionate, full of humanity, "Go to the Swamp of Sorrows, there is a place that our people hate, they won't Go there easily..."

"how about you"

"I want to stay, or my father will never give up!" This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast gritted his teeth, looked at the small beasts curled up in its snake body, and watched it open extremely wide, panicked and confused. There was a rare tenderness in his eyes, saying: "Lin'er, you have to be strong, live well, and take care of your mother!"

The little beast was stunned and looked at its father blankly.


Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast turned his head and roared.

Roar! !

Su Ping heard that the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was roaring, but the roar was full of sadness and anger.

Su Ping had fought with countless monsters in the nurturing world. Although he didn't understand the beast language of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan, he could hear the emotion in that voice.

He frowned slightly, and said: "I hunt your child, not kill it. After nurturing it, I can send it back to see you at any time."

His words were transmitted by divine mind.

"Fuck, **** human, liar!" The burly Thunder Dragon Beast also roared through voice transmission.

Seeing that it didn't believe it, Su Ping sighed in her heart and didn't say any more. Just as he was about to make a move, at this moment, a great pressure swept over in midair. Then, seven or eight Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts appeared. Speeding towards this place.


The burly Thunder Dragon Beast roared.

The two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts beside him suddenly set off, curling up the white scale python and the little beast, and fled to another part of the forest.

"Reinforcements? Want to run?"

Su Ping saw the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast above and found that they were all in the Destiny Realm, and the white scale giant python on the other side wanted to take the opportunity to escape, so he immediately ignored the others and hurried after it.

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