Astral Pet Store Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Fight Against The Starry Sky Wan More For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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"Stop me!"

Roar! !

The burly Thunder Dragon Beast saw Su Ping chasing, and roared in anger. Suddenly, a violent thunder grew in the space in front of Su Ping, completely filling the second space.

If Su Ping wanted to flash, once he stepped into the second space, he would be surrounded and submerged by the thunder sea.

This is to limit Su Ping.

But Su Ping obviously failed to make this vast sky thunder dragon beast his wish. He still dashed out without stopping, tore directly into the second space, and dived into the thunder sea.

"court death!!"

The burly Thunder Dragon Beast was furious, but he didn't expect this human hunter to be so desperate.

"Leishan, escape!"

At this time, the seven-headed Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast chasing over the head of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast suddenly joined forces to release the space blockade, peeling off the third space of this place, and filling it into the second space. The second space is completely blocked and suppressed.

Just about to stop Su Ping's burly Thunder Dragon Beast, its body suddenly stagnated, and then it sensed that the human being had penetrated from its Thunder Sea skills and continued to chase it in the direction of its wife and children.

"Damn humans!!"

Its eyes were splitting, thunderous and violent.

Roar! !

It roared furiously and roared at the seven-headed Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in mid-air: "Who dares to stop me, I kill who!"

"Leishan, you are crazy, stop it!"

A thunder horn bent high in the sky, and the seemingly old Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast uttered a low cry. The next moment, a dark chain suddenly appeared from its body. The surface of the chain was entangled with lightning. It was their Hankong Thunder Dragon. The beast clan specializes in punishing the same clan's skills and methods, and it also has a strong restraint effect on other lightning monster beasts.


The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast named Leishan roared madly, and also shot out dark chains in his body, colliding with it.

Other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts also shot one after another, and soon, the place was fighting chaotically.



On the other side, Su Ping passed through the thunder sea in the second space, with some slight burns all over his body, the heat in the thunder, but the injuries healed quickly.

He sensed the breath of the white phosphorus giant python and immediately chased it.

There were flashes in succession, and in a blink of an eye, Su Ping saw the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, one of which was carrying the huge white scale python on its back, shuttled through the Thunderwood Forest.

"I'll stop him!"

One of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast sensed Su Ping's breath, and was a little shocked. I didn't expect that this human could actually rush out of Thunder Mountain's defense. It entrusted the white scale giant python to his companions, exuding a fierce aura, slowing down, and brewing. Race skills, vowing to kill Su Ping in this forest.

"Don't get in the way!"

Su Ping saw the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that had been here to intercept him, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and he suddenly pulled out the Shura Divine Sword, mercilessly, the star power burst out from his body.

Virtual Kendo!

cut! !

A jet of black sword energy came out at a speed faster than Su Ping's figure, galloping for more than ten miles in an instant, splitting the space along the way, like a black lightning!

"The breath of rules..."

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, which was brewing its skills, saw the sword energy suddenly released by Su Ping, and the purple dragon eyes shrank fiercely, somewhat shocked.

This human has actually mastered the rules!

It uses skills to perceive Su Ping's cultivation base, which is only in the vast sea realm. How is this possible! ?

Before he could think about it, the sword energy had already reached its eyes. Fortunately, its skills were brewing and completing at the very moment. With a thud, the space in front of it shook violently, spawning a large number of void thunders, and these thunders gathered quickly. It converges into a point before their eyes.

A ray of lightning concentrated to the extreme, with extremely terrifying penetrating power.

This skill is called "Lei Ji"!

With a swish, at ten times the speed of the second space, this condensed lightning pole suddenly ejected, exerting the fast, strong, and ruthless lightning skills to the extreme.

Boom, the sword qi slashed on the thunder pole, and a dazzling purple light burst out. The next moment a terrifying thunder light ejected from the thunder pole. The thunder light suddenly shrank before it dissipated, and it was completely annihilated.

Immediately afterwards, a sword aura was drawn from the thunder light and slashed fiercely on the chest of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

The dragon scales on his huge chest were all cracked, and the dragon scales at the part that was cut by the sword qi curled quickly, the color turned pale, and the vitality inside was annihilated.

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast screamed, and its body flew upside down, breaking a big thunderwood tree, and was blocked by the second thicker thunderwood tree.

Su Ping's figure has already dashed over. He glanced at the severely injured Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. He was a little surprised. His virtual swordsmanship could not kill it with a single sword. The combat power of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is estimated. A little bit stronger than the good and evil on the Blue Star.


He didn't have time to make up the knife, looking at the white scale python that hadn't gone far, he immediately activated the super acceleration, and quickly chased away.

"How could it be possible to lose so soon!"

Seeing that the companion who went to stop Su Ping was defeated so quickly, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast carrying the white scale giant python was a little shocked, and the eyes of the white scale giant python on its back also showed a bit of anxiety.


This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast looked at Su Ping, who was rushing to rush you, ignoring other things, quickly pulled up, flew out of the Thunderwood Forest, and flew high into the sky.

There was a thud.

Suddenly, a great pressure swept over the sky above the two of them.

Immediately afterwards, the rushing Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast suddenly stiffened and was actually frozen in midair.

"Do you want to... defy me?"

A voice full of supreme majesty and extremely indifferent, came from the cloud, and then, from the surging dark cloud, slowly flew down an extremely huge dragon with a volume of thousands of meters.

The scales of this giant dragon are deep purple, full of the hard texture poured by molten iron, and three thunder horns grow on the top of its head, appearing domineering and majestic, like a crown!

"Clan, patriarch..."

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast's pupils shrank, and there was horror and fear in its eyes. I didn't expect the patriarch to come here personally. At this moment, under the terrifying dragon power, it was shaking and trembling all over.

The white-scaled giant python on its back was even more limp. A pair of snake eyes looked at the huge body, with horror and despair in their eyes.

The little beast in its snake body wrapped around and protected, but stared at this scene blankly, without fear in its eyes, but after waking up, it showed stubborn anger.

"Leishan has lost all of my face and mates with this low-level creature, without shame!"

The dragon king of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan, now looks over the world, looking down at the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in mid-air. The white scale giant python is reflected in a pair of huge purple dragon eyes, but his eyes are extremely cold.

"This evil species was born. It was the most brave warrior of our clan. It is expected to break the shackles for my clan and destroy this planet, but in the end it is willing to fall..."

"Clan, patriarch, spare..."

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was crawling in the air, trembling all over, shivering.

From outsiders, the dragon is making a wailing wailing sound, its voice is desolate and hopeless.

"You do things for Leishan, disobey my orders, punish it together, and imprison Longshan for thousands of years!" The Dragon King's voice was indifferent, like a trial. It stretched out its dragon claws and grabbed the white-scaled giant python on the back of the Hankong Thunder Dragon. Go: "They need to sacrifice to the Dragon Ancestor and wash the shame of our race with blood!"

The white-scaled giant python looked at the approaching dragon's claws, and it felt like the whole sky had fallen. There was hopelessness in its eyes, and begged: "Please, you can kill me, please spare Leishan's child, it It's innocent, it's innocent..."

The dragon's claw did not stop, still grabbing it straight.


Suddenly, a flash of fire blew into the void, pushing the dragon claw back.

"Huh?" The indifferent and majestic Dragon King's eyes chilled, and he looked at another place nearby.

With a whistle, I saw a figure suddenly flying out of the forest, it was Su Ping.

He stood in the void with black hair flying wildly and his eyes were cold. He looked up at the giant dragon in mid-air and said, "This is the prey I'm seeing first, don't grab it!"

"Damn humans!!"

Seeing Su Ping, the dragon king's eyes became more and more icy, and suddenly the dragon's tail rolled, and a huge and vast thunder pillar suddenly tilted down from the dark cloud, and hit Su Ping's position.

This pillar of thunder seems to drown and destroy everything in the world.

Su Ping raised his head, his face was white by the thunder pillar, but his eyes became more and more golden, and his whole body exuded vast star power and divine power. He clenched his fists suddenly, and the figure of the ancient **** and demon in the boxing method appeared in his mind. .

In the face of all evils and injustices in the world, how to break them?

Only one punch shattered and flattened! !

Roar! !

Su Ping's throat suddenly burst out with a long roar and a long roar, with great momentum, and then a violent golden giant fist gushed out, banging against the huge thunder pillar, and in an instant, the two golden and purple lights shone on the whole world. The sky above this thunderwood forest burst open, turning into countless energy turbulence.

The huge thunderwood trees nearby were all bent down and their fallen leaves fluttered.

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the white scale giant python on its back were all horrified, watching this scene in disbelief.

That human dare to fight the Dragon King!

How dare he!

And it's hard to hold!

In the cathartic thunder, Su Ping's figure stood like a straight javelin, standing in mid-air, his eyes were cold, he raised his head, and looked at the dragon under the sky without any notice.


The Dragon King saw that his skills were blocked, and his face was a little unsightly. Although it was said that it hadn't really moved, it was an unforgivable thing that humans could actually block it.

"Damn you!"

Its gaze was sharp, and it swung its dragon wings suddenly, and the wind swept across the sky in an instant. It suddenly opened its mouth, and a thunder shot from its mouth, almost inconceivable!

This thunder light is faster than the thunder extremely skill that Su Ping encountered earlier!

But after all, Su Ping has experienced a lot of battles. At the moment when the Dragon King opened his mouth, he was prepared. The moment the lightning was shot, he suddenly turned on the super acceleration. The lightning in his eyes, the speed plummeted, but despite this, The previous Lei Ji had the same skills, extremely fast.

Su Ping's eyes were shocked, too fast, is this the power of the starry sky dragon beast?

Without reservation, he suddenly cut out with a sword.

With a bang, the annihilation sword energy is vertical and horizontal, the void splits, and the virtual swordsmanship collided with the thunder light in the torn black second space. With a bang, it burst out chaotic tearing energy, which tears the first space everywhere. , In the center of the burst, unfolded with irregular cracks.

The void is like a black hole collapsed, and there are cracks around the black hole.

There was no crashing sound, because the sound was swallowed by the second space and could not be transmitted, but the surging energy made the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the White Scale Giant Python shocked to speak.

Too strong, this human being has the power of rules!

This is already half a step in the starry sky!

The dragon king's face in the sky changed slightly, and his eyes showed a solemn color for the first time. It took a close look at Su Ping and found that although Su Ping's cultivation level was hidden, what it perceives was the Vast Sea Realm!

How can it be!

Its pupils shrank slightly, showing a bit of shock.

Can the humans in the vast sea level block it twice in a row? !

It is not an ordinary monster. From the humans who come here to hunt every year, a group of creatures who know how terrifying these humans are, footprints are all over the planet, and this planet is just one of the places where humans live.

Among those human beings, there seem to be some extremely top geniuses who are able to fight higher levels!

Unexpectedly, this human being is one of them!

Its face was gloomy, and behind this kind of genius human beings had extremely strong forces, and there were no shortage of masters like it, and even those who were stronger than it, so it had to look up to it.

"Human, you are not from this planet, you'd better leave here, I don't want to kill you!" The Dragon King stared at Su Ping with a sharp look.

It is not a wild monster that has no communication with the outside world. At this moment, considering the forces behind Su Ping, it chose to compromise.

After all, creatures like humans are simply hornet's nests. If you stabbed one, they might be out of luck!

Although their clan is now imprisoned on this continent, there is nowhere to hide, but at least it can continue, and once they provoke the top humans, it is the danger of extinction!

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the white scale giant python were stunned when they heard the words of the Dragon King. They did not expect that the patriarch, who has always been arrogant and noble, would actually bow their heads in front of Su Ping and dare not kill this human!

Su Ping was also surprised. He didn't expect the Dragon King to choose to stop. After thinking about it for a while, he suddenly understood that these Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were raised by humans on this thundering Continent, and they became humans' natural pet beast cultivation base. To kill humans, you can resist, but you dare not go too far.

Obviously being imprisoned, but you have to be careful even to resist. This is the sorrow of the weak!

However, in the world of the heavens, Su Ping has seen countless races seeking humble survival, including on the Blue Star. He had just experienced despair, almost killed, and annihilated. At this moment, although he has experience of this feeling, it is also Know that this is irreversible.

"Let me leave, you can give that little guy to me." Su Ping looked at the little dragon under the protection of the white-scaled python, and said to the white-scaled python: "I just took it away and cultivated it, no malice, wait. After training, I will bring it back to see you."

The white-scaled giant python was startled, and the snake's eyes shrank slightly, thinking, a little hesitant.

At this time, the dragon king let out a cold snort. It looked down at Su Ping and said, "Human, I let you go to give you a chance. They are all sacrifices to be sacrificed, and it is impossible for you to take them away!"

Su Ping was startled slightly, raised his eyes to look at him, and said coldly: "So, I can't talk about it?"

There was a cold light in the eyes of the Dragon King, and there was a hint of hidden madness, and said: "I gave you a chance, do you think I really dare not kill you?!"

"Then try it!"

Su Ping's eyes were like electricity, beside him, the summoning whirlpool appeared, and the figure of the purgatory candle dragon beast stepped out of it.

The Dragon King saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, his eyes condensed slightly, then he sneered: "This is your confidence?"

Su Ping did not answer, but began to fit together.


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast erupted with a dragon chant, and then the body turned into a purple red light that penetrated Su Ping's body.

The next moment, Su Ping's aura surged, and his bones crackled. On his body, sharp dragon scales grew, covering the edges of his cheeks, and his eyes turned into dark golden dragon eyes.

The dragon king's pupils shrank, and he said in horror: "Twofold? How is it possible!"

This is the first time I have seen you in this situation.

Previously, Su Ping was entangled with bones, and there were two breaths of life. He was obviously already in a state of being combined, so he could still be combined at this moment? !

Su Ping sneered without explaining.

The combination with the little skull is the characteristic of the little skull's bloodline skills, not a true combination, and the combination with the purgatory candle dragon beast is the true combination activated by his body!

"Thunder Prison, Void Tribulation Sword!!"

Su Ping is holding a divine sword, golden light bursts out of his body, and thunder lotus blossoms appear on the soles of his feet. He surrounds his body with two regular auras, annihilation and thunder. The two rules are intertwined on his sword holding arm.

At the same time, a sphere of influence emerged behind Su Ping, and the ancient figures that passed by from time to time in there, with the slightest tingling breath permeating the scalp.

The dragon king's pupils contracted, "Two rules!!"

This human being can not only merge into two bodies, but also master the two rules with the Boundary Sea Realm. It is incredible!

It has never seen such a horrible human being!

The most important thing is that the destructive power condensed on the Su Ping sword at this moment, it feels a little frightened, and suddenly there is no full confidence that it can defeat Su Ping!

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