Astral Pet Store Chapter 747

Chapter 747: Wang Loses Shakes One Party Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Roar! !

Facing Su Ping's strongest swordsmanship, the Dragon King couldn't easily deal with it anymore. He suddenly roared, and dark thunder bursting out of his body, tearing the surrounding space directly into the second space.

This torn apart second space covered dozens of miles, covering Su Ping and the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast next to it.

"Lei Mie!!"

The Dragon King suddenly shot, and a black thunder was condensed from the three thunder horns above his head, and it shot out suddenly like a trial, turning into a twisted and cracked thunder.

This thunder seemed to be even more pure and dark than the pitch-black second space, and the speed was extremely fast. It only took a flash to meet Su Ping's swordsmanship.

The two regular-powered energies collided, and there was no sound, but the energy exploded and vented, but not far away, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the white scale giant python felt terrified. They felt a little confused by the energy. During the rubbing, they will be seriously injured or even killed!

so horrible!

The combat power of this mankind is definitely in the Star Realm!

"What a powerful destructive power, is it another lightning rule..." Su Ping squinted and saw the dark thunder that collided with the sword, and caught a ray of destruction from the rule fragments that escaped from it. The breath of, this made an inspiration suddenly appear in his mind, thunder is domineering and strong, can destroy everything, can he integrate his own rules of annihilation with thunder?

If it is integrated, is it a new type of mine rule?

He wanted to return, but Su Ping didnt try it right away. The mastery of the power of this rule cant be accomplished by just a single idea. Like many things in this world, when an idea comes up, he wants to practice it, but finds There are various details that cannot be predicted and thought about initially, which will all become problems that need to be overcome.

At this moment of battle, Su Ping obviously had no time to overcome those problems. His whole body burst out again, raising his hand, and the second Void Tribulation Sword was brewing!


Seeing Su Ping's second sword cut, the Dragon King became more furious, and the dark thunder on top of his head again breeds. At the same time, dark chains of thunder condensed on its claws, trying to interfere with Su Ping.


Su Ping swiftly swung his sword, and at the moment he swung the sword, he threw another virtual sword technique, which was both to destroy the interference skill of the Dragon King and to counter-interference.

The two energies containing rules collided again, and the color of the second dimension became deeper. Su Pings virtual sword came first after the surgery, and cut off all the dark chains released by the dragon king, and then slashed it. There was a tear on the dragon wing, leaving a deep bone scar on its dragon wing!

Seeing this scene, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the White Scale Giant Python who were watching the battle in the distance were shocked and speechless.

The Dragon King was injured and roared immediately, and a sea of thunder was thrown out from the void. Thousands of thunder rays were exploded from inside. Each thunder ray was like a ray, which could easily penetrate the body of the destiny realm dragon beast, with amazing destructive power.

Super acceleration!

Su Ping once again entered a super-accelerated state, swiftly swinging his sword, a chuckle sounded, and a beam of lightning was cut off by him.

In the eyes of the Dragon King, Su Pings body speed suddenly increased several times, almost like an afterimage. Although it was angry, its heart was more shocked. This human being in the vast sea is beyond its imagination. It never dared to imagine that a human being with such a cultivation level could be so strong!

kill! It must be killed! !

The Dragon Kings eyes showed an extremely crazy killing intent. At this moment, it couldnt even take care of the forces behind Su Ping. Killing Su Ping would certainly be pursued by the forces behind him, but if he didnt kill Su Ping, let this When human beings grow up, their family will be over sooner or later!

Thunder Realm!

Thunder! !

The Dragon King quickly released his skills. With its huge body as the center, the thunder rushed and turned into a world of thunder and hell. At the same time, it once again shot out thunder and dark thunder.

Su Ping resisted with the Void Tribulation Sword, and then quickly slashed out a series of Void Swordsmanship, tearing its domain apart.

"Void Strangulation!" The Dragon King roared, and once again activated his bloodline skills. This is an enviable skill of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan. It can mobilize huge space power and can be mastered as soon as an adult. This is why Hankong The Thunder Dragon Beast clan will enter the Void Cave Realm when it reaches adulthood.

The surrounding second space trembles immediately, and then a series of space blades spawned, the blades are covered with thunder light, and each thunder light contains the rule of thunder. This move is the strongest creation of the Dragon King combined with the bloodline skills. Killer move!


Su Ping felt the intense murderous intent that suddenly gathered around him, and his entire body was irritated with cold hair. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and suddenly the golden light condensed between his fingers. At the same time, his thunderous mystery was condensed in the palm of his hand, the magical fist was suppressed. Thunder! !

The dazzling golden light erupted, and the divine fist roared out, surrounded by thunder, blasting the space in front of him into a passage.

In the next moment, Su Ping followed closely behind him with super acceleration, and quickly approached the Dragon King.


Seeing the supernatural power of Su Ping's fist, the Dragon King was a little furious. This human being actually knows how to embed the power of rules in other secret skills. This is already quite a skillful way of using rules!

"Die to me!!"

It burst out and roared, and thunder was condensed above its head again!

It doesn't believe it, even if the skills are right, it will blow Su Ping to death!

It is a starry sky, or a dragon!

Comparing energy reserves with dragons? It is enough to kill this weak human being!

"Dark Realm!!"

Su Ping suddenly opened the realm. This is the witch **** body realm he awakened in the Golden Crow clan. At this moment, the space around him has no light in an instant. In this realm, his physical strength increases sharply, coupled with the super acceleration state, the Dragon King His body has slowed down hundreds of times, everything is like slow motion!

dead! !

Su Ping screamed out with a fist, his figure almost instantly arrived in front of the dragon king's head, his dazzling fist hit his jaw, the energy condensed on the dragon king's head was immediately dissipated, and his body flew out. .

With a bang, the huge dragon body was beaten out of the second space.

The kilometer-long dragon's body flew thousands of meters away in the air, Su Ping roared, majestic, stepped out, shuttled directly to his side, and punched out again!

With a bang, the Dragon King was too late to adjust, and Su Ping hit his head again with a punch, and suddenly slammed into the ground below from the mid-air tumbling backwards.

Bang! !

The Leimu Forest was smashed, and many huge trees that were hundreds of meters thick were crushed, and the nearby giant trees were shaking, their leaves trembling!


Su Ping slashed out with a sword, and the Void Tribulation Sword flew out instantly like a dark blade.

The Dragon King who hit the ground let out a frantic roar, opened his mouth fiercely, and sprayed out a thunder from his own source of thunder, which contained the rules of thunder.

With a bang, the two regular energies collided again, setting off violent energy like a nuclear bomb detonating, tearing the nearby void, the aftermath of the vibration, shaking the nearby forest for dozens of miles, like a magnitude ten earthquake So!

The movement of this fight was huge, and it shocked all the monsters nearby!

Many of the monster beasts hiding near this forest are fleeing in panic, feeling the breath of the dragon king, this is their master here!

"Get me up!!"

Before the end of the energy impact, Su Ping's figure came to the back of the dragon king, his hands were covered with golden light, the fist of the demon **** fist appeared, but this time he released his fingers and changed into two golden energy. The giant hand grabbed the dragon king's giant tail and dragged it up suddenly.

Roar! !

Struggle to be so angry! !

Su Pings star power exploded, and the star power in his whole body was so strong that he was burning, like a dazzling god-man, holding the dragons tail at this moment, he threw the thousand-meter giant dragon king alive, and then slammed toward him. Another piece of land smashed down fiercely.

Boom, click!

There was a huge earthquake on the ground, a large area of Thunderwood trees was crushed by the dragon king's body, and the entire vast Thunderwood forest was shaking at this moment. Some wild star hunters who had just stepped into the forest in the distance were shocked by the sudden shock. I dont know what happened.

The dragon king was smashed by Su Ping and the scales of the dragon were broken, bleeding all over, and he was seriously injured!


In the distance, several Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts galloped in. One of them was the previous burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. It broke free from the restraints of the other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. This incredible scene that shocked the eye.

In front of him, always high in its mind, the powerful and invincible father, turned out to be like a dead dog, being smashed by a human being holding the dragon's tail!

This picture is enough to shock it for a thousand years, it will never be unforgettable!

Behind it, the other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts who followed were also so shocked that their jaws were about to fall, and their eyes protruded.

"Burn me!!"

Su Pings demon hair was flying, and the golden demon-suppressing palm suddenly bred out the sacred fire of purgatory. At this moment, Su Ping was able to use the skills of the infernal candle dragon beast, and the sacred fire he released at this moment was not simply purgatory. The Purgatory Dragon Flame of the Candle Dragon Beast is his own Golden Crow Divine Flame! !

This is the ancient gods and demons, the sacred fire of the Golden Crow clan, which has long been extinct in the world. At this moment, in the time and space after countless epochs, it once again appeared in this world, burning with dazzling light!

The sacred fire spreads quickly along the dragon's tail, not only burning its body, but also burning its soul and energy!


The Dragon King suddenly felt a sharp pain, its defensive power was considered to be an extremely abnormal level, but at this moment, it was burned with terrible pain, and the pain made it unbearable.

It struggled more and more crazily, thunder grew on the dragon's tail, and with a bang, Su Ping's demon-suppressing energy gold hand was shaken away, and then he got away and flew out.

cut! !

At the moment it got away, Su Ping cut two Void Tribulation Swords in succession, and flew out almost consecutively.

The Dragon King turned around, his pupils suddenly tightened, revealing an expression of horror. With such a powerful trick, Su Ping was able to release continuously, how vast is the energy in this human body? !

It cant believe it. Even if it hurriedly used the power of rules to parry, it would be hit by a second swordsmanship. At this moment of life and death, it suddenly tore out of the space around it, and this tear directly entered In the third space!

With a bang, the second space at its location was hit by swordsmanship and torn apart, and then the second virtual robbery sword pierced the third space at the torn position and submerged it.

There was no sound, but the void turned into a terrible turbid color, cracked everywhere, and it was not healed for a long time!

In midair, only Su Ping stood upright in an instant.

He gasped and sweated on his forehead. Although his energy in his body increased dozens of times after he stepped into the Vast Sea Realm, and combined with the Inferno Candle Dragon Beast, his combat power increased again, but he used two Void Tribulation Swords in a row to attack him. The load is still huge, close to the limit!

This is the trick he tried to cultivate the world, so he dared to show it in reality.

Su Ping glanced at the place where the Dragon King had escaped, and the cold light in his eyes disappeared. He turned around and looked at the white scale python in the distance, his figure suddenly swayed.


His figure descended in front of the white scale giant python like a demon.

The white-scaled giant python and the Thunder Dragon beast carrying it were shocked by the battle just now. At this moment, they saw the Dragon King suddenly fleeing, but Su Ping killed him in a blink of an eye. Both bodies froze. He dared not move, his eyes were full of panic.

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