Astral Pet Store Chapter 748

Chapter 748: Leave Subscribe For Monthly Pass

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"Give it to me, I can bypass you." Su Ping said indifferently.

The white scale python trembled, knowing that Su Ping was talking about its child.

Its eyes trembled, and it turned to look at the little beast that was entangled by itself, with extremely complicated colors in the snake eyes.


In the distance, the burly Thunder Dragon Beast came galloping over. Hearing Su Ping's words, it was frightened and angry at this moment, but did not dare to roar at Su Ping, just preaching with pleading:

"Humans, if you want to catch me, please let me go. Please let my child go. I am willing to replace it. I am the top cultivation level of the Destiny Realm, and I also have a vague feeling about the power of the rules. Maybe soon. Become a starry sky realm, I have greater absolute value to you, just use me instead!"

Su Ping glanced at it. At this moment, when the distance was closer, he lost an appraisal technique.

Combat power, 49.9.

Cultivation, top destiny realm.

Qualification, inferior and superior.

Gee, it's almost.

Su Ping shook his head. If the opponent's current combat power can break the bottleneck and reach 50 points, he would have medium aptitude, but unfortunately it was still a bit short.

"You are not as precious as your children." Su Ping retracted his gaze indifferently and said indifferently.

These dragons have no identification techniques and no advanced equipment from the Federation, so they dont know how qualified this mutant white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is. If it stays here and cultivates well, it may become Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in the future. The new king of a family!


The burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was startled, somewhat at a loss.

After hearing Su Ping's words, he didn't know whether it should be happy or bitter.

Its children are mixed breeds with impure blood. This impure Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast has an extremely low status in their clan and has extremely limited potential.

Su Ping did not want a dragon genius like it, but wanted its children.

Is this a high-level look?

While it is gratifying, it is also a little sad. It doesn't need such a high look!

"Leave it to me." Su Ping didn't want to waste any more time. Although the Dragon King was repelled, no one knew when he would come back. His tone was indifferent and said: "I said before. Its going to nurture it, not to kill it. In the future, it will be strong enough, or if I dont need it, let it come back here."


The burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast just wanted to say, you lie, you are nonsense! But when the words came to his lips, he turned off his flames. Thinking of Su Ping's horrible power, even if he kills them all and forcibly takes his children away, saying this will only anger this human being.

At the same time, this also made it question Su Ping's words.

Is this human being serious?

While it was thinking, the white-scaled giant python looked at the child it was entangled with with its snake eyes, and I don't know if it had obeyed Su Ping's words, it turned its head and said to Su Ping:

"Human, please take good care of my child. It is very scary and timid. You may have read it wrong, but if you really dont need it in the future, I hope you dont kill it or sell it. If you are willing to let it come back here, I can exchange it with me..."

Its voice is filled with pain, nostalgia and tenderness, like a grieving mother.

Su Ping's eyes moved slightly when he heard the emotion in its sound transmission.

He has seen countless monsters in the nurturing world, some are vicious, some are kind, and others can eat people and be cruel to foreign races, but they treat their own races with extra gentleness.

These monsters cannot be defined by simple good and evil.

Good and evil right and wrong, in front of race, in front of survival, too frivolous!

It's so frivolous that it's worthless, not even worth talking about!

"I didn't read it wrong, but you read it wrong." Su Ping looked at the white scale python and said: "Your child is far more powerful than you think. Its talent is what I have so far, in your place. See the tallest one, if you can see it again in the future, it will prove my word."

The white scale python looked at Su Ping's calm and calm eyes, and was a little startled when he heard the determination and confidence in his voice. It didn't know why this human valued its children so much.

Are its children really unique?

But it is only a hybrid, and even the blood of the dragon clan is impure...

"give it to me."

Su Ping said, unwilling to delay any longer.

The white-scale giant python looked at the burly Thunder Dragon Beast next to it, making eye contact, the body of the burly Thunder Dragon Beast trembled slightly, and it was extremely painful to witness its child being taken away by a human.

But the strength that Su Ping had previously demonstrated made it unable to resist.

Even its father is not Su Ping's opponent. If they anger this human being, not only the child will die, but even the white scale python it loves will be killed!

"My son, I'm sorry father..."

The burly Thunder Dragon Beast had pain in his eyes and said to the child in the white snake curled up.

The white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast's eyes were panic, a little dazed.

"Child, you have to live strong, live well..." The white scale python also turned his head, looking at his child tenderly.


After they said goodbye, Su Ping signed a contract with this white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, so that it can be easily included in the summoning space.

At the same time, the system also prompted that his hunting mission was completed!

The pet beast aptitude book appeared in the system space, and Su Ping could take it out at any time, but he was not in a hurry to use it. He had to consider who would use it and when it would be used.

"If you want to see them, just get stronger."

Looking at the white-scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast who kept turning back, Su Ping sat on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and said with a light smile.

Because of the contract, his pet beast can understand what he said.

The Bailin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast glanced at Su Ping when he heard the words, his eyes were a little dazed, and he didn't know whether it was the contractual relationship or other reasons. It was not hostile to Su Ping.

It understands what its parents said earlier.

They ran away not only to avoid Su Ping, but also to avoid the grandfather who wanted to kill him and his mother.

If Su Ping hadnt appeared, maybe they had fallen into the opponents hands at the moment. For these reasons, it didnt dislike Su Ping. On the contrary, Su Ping showed super power and defeated the grandfather he had been afraid of. Let it truly feel the charm of power for the first time!

Become stronger

Su Ping's words echoed in its mind, and the blankness in its eyes gradually swept away, becoming sharp and firm.


"This human has directly signed a contract with Lin'er, so it shouldn't be sold."

"Lin'er has followed such a strong human being, at least in a better situation than he is now..."

The white-scaled giant python and the burly Thunder Dragon beast looked at Su Ping and his child, who were drifting away. They looked at each other with reluctance and tenderness in each other's eyes.

"Father is injured, the sacrificial matter should be delayed, I will send you out to hide first." The burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast said gently.

The white scale python looked up at it, as if hesitating, but finally mustered up the courage and said: "Or, let's go together?"

"No, I have to stay." Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast shook his head: "If I go too, my father will be furious, searching for us everywhere, let me calm down its anger!"

"But this...you, you will die!" The white scale python suddenly became anxious.

Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast looked at it worried and anxious for itself, with a soft smile in its eyes, and said: "No, I am the bravest warrior of our clan. Father originally planned to pass on the clan status to me. Yes, and I also vaguely touched the threshold of the rules. My clan needs an inheritor. At most, I am only punished."

The white-scaled giant python was startled, guilt and pain appeared in the snake's eyes, "I am dragging you down..."

"Nonsense, it's me who dragged you and our children down, it's my incompetence and failed to give you a good environment..."



After flying hundreds of miles, Su Ping brought the Whitescale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast into the summoning space, and then let the Purgatory Candle Dragon fly at full speed.

"Since this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is so valuable, should I stop by and take it back and sell it?"

After the task was completed, Su Ping felt very relaxed. Seeing the dark clouds above his head at the moment, he was a little moved.

This is the famous favorite of Rhea Planet, and it will definitely attract many customers to buy it, and it is extremely popular.

"This shop has reached level 4, and it is forbidden to sell pets with medium qualifications and below." The system's voice sounded indifferently.

Su Ping was stunned, and said, "There are still requirements for this?"

"Of course, our store must choose the best!" the system proudly said.

Su Ping dumbly, according to this, the entire Leia planet could not find a few Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts that could only be sold.

Unless he catches it back, he cultivates it again and raises his aptitude to medium.

"System, you are doing something for me!" Su Ping was a little dissatisfied, this is to add work tasks for himself.

"The higher the qualification, the higher the price, and the host should have the consciousness of operating the Chaos No. 1 Beast Pet Shop!" the system said lightly.

Just pull your enlightenment down... Su Ping rolled his eyes, but the higher the qualification, the higher the price, it sounds pretty good. If that's the case, it's not a loss.


Soon, Su Ping sensed the breath of a vast sky thunder dragon beast, which was a destiny state.


Su Ping's figure flickered and rushed to the past.


At the same time, everywhere on the edge of Leimu Forest.

Many hunting teams lurking here are a bit hesitant.

"The vibration just now, maybe someone is hunting inside!"

"Hunting? With such a big movement, is it hunting a group of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts? I feel that the entire forest has been shaken!"

"Could it be that the top powerhouse of the Destiny Realm came here to shoot, and this level of powerhouse came here to catch the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, wouldn't it be afraid that the Dragon King on Thunder Dragon Mountain would personally end up!"

The great battle in the Leimu Forest just now, and the rumors that came out, made the hunters who lurked here a little bit frightened and flustered. They finally lurked here, trying to sneak in and hunt one or two Hankong thunders. As a result, the dragon beast suddenly appeared loud and loud. Some people flew into the air and saw the huge energy erupting in the distance. At first sight, there was a big battle.

This Leimu Forest is very close to Leilong Mountain. The Dragon King on Leilong Mountain is in the Starry Sky Realm. This is public information. These people don't know who dares to make such a big noise in this Leilong Mountain.

"Miss Mia, shall we go on?"

In one part of the forest, someone from an expedition team asked.

This expedition team has six people, four men and two women. At this moment, one of the leaders of the old man turned his head and asked a silver-haired woman who was heavily armed.

This silver-haired woman is Layfa, Mia who has visited Suping's shop.

"Have you heard that Dragon Yin? My corrupt chain evil spirit is trembling. Even if it sees the top demon beast in the Destiny Realm, it won't be afraid..." Another young man next to him said with a pale face.

Standing next to it was a monster beast that was seven or eight meters long, completely black and rotten, with chains nailed to its flesh. At this moment, the body of the monster was trembling slightly. Although the earthquake and loud noise have passed for several minutes, it seems that it has not been able to let it go. clam down.


I forgot the little skeleton in the front, it has been revised, and I am very sorry for the trouble in reading~~

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