Astral Pet Store Chapter 749

Chapter 749: Deterrence The Third One Is For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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"Go, of course!"

Mia stood in the crowd with a complicated expression. At this moment, seeing everyone waiting for her to give orders, she still gritted her teeth and resolutely said: "I am here and must catch Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast! The battle there will definitely alarm some monsters, maybe there are The lonely Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is near here, let's not go too deep, just search nearby."

In her battle pet lineup, there is an urgent lack of a Thunder Dragon Beast. This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast fits her lineup perfectly, which is why she did not hesitate to risk her life to come here.

Hearing Mia's words, the other five people looked at each other and sighed in their hearts.

This lady of the big family is really too stubborn and naive!

But to no avail, they were all hired by Mia, and they were hired from the top employment website of the Sylvie galaxy. Their various information and information are recorded, and Mia is also a child of a large family like Leyfa. They It's impossible to get rid of her or kill her here.

And once Mia had an accident, they would all be severely punished.

After all, the money that this lady paid was the life guarantee contract in the highest treaty. They gave a lot of money. They could only listen to orders and couldn't let her get into trouble.

"Then let's explore it nearby. It is naturally the best to catch a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with good qualifications." The leader of the team sighed.

When the others saw this, they couldn't say anything.

At this moment, there was a sudden tremor in the forest, and then the sound of Leimu's collapse sounded, and a green, carapaceous earth dragon beast suddenly burst out of the forest in front.

The dragon beast in this place is running wildly at this moment, seeming to be fleeing.

Everyone looked behind it, their eyes suddenly brightened, it was a vast sky thunder dragon beast.

"Look at it quickly."

The old man said quickly.

The woman next to her immediately took out a notebook-sized instrument and quickly activated it. Soon, the Earth Dragon Beast approaching quickly and the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast approaching, all data were entered into this instrument.

"In adulthood, the energy P value is very high, and all the attributes are very good. This wild Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is very good!" The woman scanned the information and said excitedly.

Mia next to her heard the words and took a quick glance, her eyes suddenly brightened, somewhat surprised.

It is indeed very strong. This kind of data is comparable to many pets who have been bred three or five times!

Moreover, the cultivation base happened to be in the middle stage of the virtual cave realm, which is the battle pet she can sign at present. Although the latter will be better in the latter stage of the virtual cave realm, how can he ask for so much in the wild?

The key is this aptitude, which is enough to show that this war pet's savvy is extremely high. Among the many data of the war pet, the savvy is the most difficult to improve. Any rare treasure that can improve the pet's savvy is sky-high and expensive. To make people cry.

"It's it, help me catch it!"

Mia quickly said.

Needless to say, other people also saw that this beast is very suitable for Miss Mia, and even they all looked a little greedy. If this pet was caught and cultivated, it would definitely be quite superior, even The best Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!

Unfortunately, they have to abide by the contract and can only arrest this Miss Mia.


"You surrounded from the side."

The old man quickly said, he is in the middle of the destiny, the deputy captain in the team is the early of the destiny, and the other three are in the late stage of the virtual cave. Their expedition is quite powerful, and this is also enough for Mia. There are many reasons to invite them.

Although the hunting was a Void Cave Realm monster, the old man was careless.


The youth of the team quickly shot, and his figure flickered, and he came to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. The battle that just broke out in the distance made him dare not use too powerful skills. At this moment, he directly compressed the space and wanted to take this Hankong. Thunder Dragon Beast bound.

At this time, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast also saw the human beings suddenly appeared, and it was immediately panicked.

It feels that these human breaths are stronger than it.


It burst out roaring, rolling around with thunder, and suddenly released a large-scale thunder forbidden skill. In the void near its body, a chaotic thunder burst out, like a thunder snake swimming across the blocked space. The collision was loose.

This is the skill of Destiny.

Seeing the resistance of this vast sky thunder dragon beast, the youth of the team was a little surprised. It was indeed a wild pet with superior qualifications. Only in the middle of the virtual cave realm, he understood the skills of the destiny realm. This combat power is enough to surpass most A monster in the late stage of the virtual cave realm.

At this time, the old man also shuttled over in space, raised his hand and pressed it, the thunder in the void suddenly extinguished, and in an instant, the space quickly solidified, setting the vast sky thunder dragon beast in the void.

Just as the old man was about to take it in front of Mia and let her complete the contract, suddenly, an angry dragon roar came from behind, and then, he confined the space of the vast sky thunder dragon beast, and was suddenly torn apart.

The old man's face changed suddenly, and he looked quickly, his pupils tightened, and he saw the four-headed giant, hill-like thunder dragon beasts galloping in, all of them are in the destiny state, and they are all late stages!

"No, run!!"

The old man reacted quickly in shock.

The youth of the team next to him was also shocked. He didn't expect that there were so many Destiny Realm Dragon Beasts nearby.

As soon as the other players were about to attack, they hurriedly surrounded Mia and said, "Miss Mia, get out!"

Mia also saw the scene, her face was pale, she had the secret treasure of their family in her hand, which could be sent out, she quickly took it in her palm, and was ready to pass everyone away.

She dared to come here alone to explore, and dared to hire these adventurers, she also has a hole card.

But at this moment, a dragon chant suddenly sounded. The dragon chant was clearer. When the four Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts heard the dragon chant, they all turned their heads and looked at them. They were so scared that their bodies were numb. Now, it was the monster who had fought with their patriarch ran over.

They were so scared that they hurriedly tore through the space and fled quickly.

This sudden scene stunned the old man and Mia who were about to evacuate.

what's the situation?

Soon, two dragon beasts flew close, and Su Ping sat on one of them.

Following the other end was a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.


Su Ping saw a familiar aura in the crowd below, and after a closer look, it was the Mia who had come to his shop.

Is she here?

Thinking of what she said when she left the store, Su Ping's eyes were a little surprised. He didn't expect to meet her in such a big Leiming Island by coincidence.

"Su, Boss Su?" Mia also saw Su Ping on the shoulders of one of the dragon beasts. She was stunned and her eyes widened in astonishment.

Why is Su Ping here?

"Oh, what a coincidence."

Su Ping flew close, soared from the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, fell in front of Mia, and said hello with a smile.

Mia was stunned, and subconsciously said: "Why are you here?"

"Come here to get some goods, you know." Su Ping smiled.

He immediately looked at a few people next to him and found that his cultivation base was quite high, and he immediately smiled and said, "Hello, come here to hunt Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, I will also sell it in the future, so you can come and see it when you have time."

The few people looked at each other, seeing Su Ping's cultivation base, and found that it was only in the vast sea level, their pupils shrank.

Is the cultivation base hidden, or what is the situation?

A guy in the vast sea realm, dare to come here?

And they noticed that Su Ping flew out of the thunderwood forest, this guy actually went deep into the forest?

Soon, someone noticed the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast following the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and discovered that the Dragon Beast had battle scars on its body, and its cultivation was in the early stage of the Destiny Realm!

This guy... really disguised his cultivation base.

Several people are calm and can disguise their breaths until they can't detect them. This is also a very strong ability.

"Why did those dragon beasts suddenly leave?" At this moment, the young vice team, who was still in a panic, looked away from Su Ping and looked in the direction of the few Hankong Thunder dragon beasts that had torn away the space, for fear. They suddenly came out from somewhere.

The old man looked at Su Ping with a solemn gaze, "Could it be because your Excellency is here..."

As soon as these words came out, the others shrank their pupils and looked at Su Ping in shock.

Su Ping came over and scared away those dragon beasts?

How can this be!

Those are a few dragon beasts in the late Destiny Realm, here are absolutely rampant existences, unless Su Ping is a starry sky realm powerhouse to have such a great deterrent!

But obviously, if Su Ping is in the Starry Sky Realm, there is no need to come here to capture the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

After all, this beast is very popular under the starry sky, but it has retreated to the second and third line among the starry sky realm's battle pets. There are more and stronger starry sky beasts, suitable for those who are strong in the starry sky realm to receive as battle pets.

"I guess there is something urgent." Su Ping smiled.

Hearing Su Ping's words, the few people looked at each other and were a little speechless.

Urgent matter? Could it be that I ran to pee and failed.

Looking at Su Ping, all of them were surprised and wondering.

Mia also couldn't understand Su Ping. She felt that Su Ping's arrival and the departure of those Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts should have something to do with it, but if it was really related, the reason would be too terrifying!

"You came here to hunt Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, did you catch it?" Su Ping smiled at Mia.

After all, they are customers in their own stores, and they are always kind to meet when they go out.

Mia came back to her senses, and quickly looked at the Thunder Dragon Beast in the Void Cave Realm, and found that it was sneaking away, preparing to slip away.

"Quickly, help me catch it!" Mia said quickly.

The old man was taken aback, reacted, and quickly shot.

There was no interference from other monsters this time. The earth dragon beast that was being chased had no idea where it had escaped for a long time. This vast sky thunder dragon beast in the middle of the virtual cave realm was quickly brought back by the old man. , Bound with space, making it prostrate in front of Mia.

"Miss Mia, this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast has excellent qualifications, you can sign a contract soon." The old man smiled.

If they can complete the task, they can go back sooner.

Mia couldn't wait to complete the contract quickly.

Su Ping heard the words of the old man and lost an appraisal to this Void Hole Realm Thunder Dragon Beast. He found that his aptitude was inferior and superior. Judging from the increase in its combat power, it should be as good as the inferior and superior. top notch.

just OK.

Su Ping shook his head slightly, not interested, and said to Mia: "I will hunt for a while, goodbye."

Mia's eyes were looking at the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that she had just acquired, and when she heard Su Ping's words, she immediately smiled and said, "Okay, Boss Su will have a period of time. I have just received the battle pet, and I may go there later You cultivate it there."

"No problem." Su Ping made an OK gesture with his hand, got up and flew to the shoulder of the purgatory candle dragon beast.

After waving goodbye, Su Ping continued to fly forward.

The Heavenly Fate Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast behind him also followed weakly and wailed.

It was quickly cleaned up and resolved by Su Ping. Su Ping used the power of rules to hit its head with a single sword, forcing it to surrender, and it had to obey.

Fighting the guy who has mastered the power of the rules, it has no chance of winning.

As soon as he saw the elders of his own clan, he thought he could be saved, but when his clan saw Su Ping and ran away, he was also a little confused.

Su Ping did not sign a contract with this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in the Destiny Realm, so he could only rely on force to deter and restrain him. After all, he is currently only in the Beast Sea Realm.

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