Astral Pet Store Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Rescue Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Soon, Su Ping flew away from the sight of Mia and others, and gradually disappeared.

After leaving this thunderwood forest, Su Ping flew straight to the direction of the base when he came. Now the first task is completed. If some Hankong thunder dragon beasts can be hunted along the way, naturally it would be great, but he did not intend to do it. Go hunting around.

After all, its even more important to return to the store as soon as possible.

If you can earn 26 million energy before refreshing the day after tomorrow, you can buy that Lei Ze fruit!

Along the way.

The mountains and the earth galloped by underfoot.

Soon, Su Ping passed a basin mountain range, which stretches extremely wide, the basin is recessed, and inside is a large thunderwood tree.

On this thundering continent, thunderwood forests can be seen everywhere, but the piece of thunderwood forest at the foot of Thunder Dragon Mountain was the most extensive and vast, and its area is comparable to a continent on the Blue Star!

boom! !

Suddenly, in this thunderwood forest basin, there was a sudden roar that someone was fighting.

Only heard a sound of dragon chants, and immediately at the edge of the forest, three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts soared from inside, releasing waves of thunder in the midair, gathering thunder, and bombing the forest below.

Su Ping's gaze moved as he directly controlled the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to fly away.

Now that I have seen it, I am sorry for the tens of millions of expenses he had spent on boarding the continent if he did not accept it.


"I'll hold them, you take Karina to retreat first!"

In the forest, four figures shone with stars all over, all fighting hard. At this moment, one of the middle-aged men gritted their teeth and ordered.

The expressions of the other three changed slightly. Among them, Karina, the youngest, had red eyes and said, "Brother Benson, let's go together!"

"Yes!" the young Harry beside him quickly said.


Benson slammed his hands and slammed a huge thunder pillar in front of him. He tore out the second space abruptly, and roared at the three of them: "You want to stay and die! Karina finally got admitted. Xiumia Academy has a bright future. Unlike our mud, she must not die here!"

Karina paled, "But, but..."

"Harry, take her away immediately, and protect her from death!" Benson roared, his face a bit stubborn.

The three of them had ugly faces. They had never seen Big Brother Benson, who had always been calm and steady, so gloomy.

"Brother Benson, take care!!" The young Harry clenched his hands into fists and gritted his teeth. He turned to Karina next to him and said, "Listen to Brother Benson, hurry up!"

Karina's eyes were red, and tears were hot.

She knows that it is really a burden to stay here. Although she also has a strong fighting ability, she can even fight the Void Cave Realm, but... the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in front of me are all Void Cave Realm. In the later stage, the gap was too big!


She stepped out, preparing to enter the second space and escape.

But at this moment, an extremely loud dragon chant suddenly came, and the audience was overwhelmed.

The dragon yin shook the eardrums of several people slightly, and the blood all over their bodies was flowing rapidly.

The face of Benson who was struggling to support suddenly changed, revealing a look of horror, and lost his voice: "The Sky Thunder Dragon Beast in the Destiny Realm..."

There was a deep despair in his eyes.

This roaring dragon's chant was not only issued by the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but the deterrent power was also the destiny realm, which he could perceive at once.


Are they all going to die here?

If only he died, he could endure it, but Karina was so young that she finally got admitted to the Xiumia Academy, one of the five great palaces. In the future, she will be destined to become a destiny realm or even a starry realm. The strong...

The other three people were also numb all over by the dragon's stun, and they did not dare to move. This was the deterrence of the Destiny Realm, making them feel as small as an ant.

In mid-air, the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts also stopped their attacks, shivering, looking at one place in horror.

I saw two giant dragons galloping in. One of them was relatively small, only about 20 to 30 meters, while the other was more than 200 meters, like a floating hill.

Its dragon wings spread out, concealing huge shadows and covering the forest.


Su Ping, sitting on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, suddenly found that the few people in the forest were actually familiar faces, the group of four that they had encountered on the passenger plane not long ago.

Looking at their pale, shocked faces, Su Ping's face was strange. He didn't expect to meet them here. It seems that they are in distress...

"Harry, how are you."

Su Ping smiled and said hello.

The four people who were in panic heard Su Ping's voice suddenly, and they were all taken aback. When they saw Su Ping sitting on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the eyes of all four of them shrank and their faces were shocked.

"It's him?!"

"It's the guy I met on the airliner!"

"He, he... is the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast his pet?!"

Several people are a little confused.

Unexpectedly, the young man in the vast sea realm encountered on the previous passenger plane would actually appear here, and he was also following the terrifying Destiny Realm Thunder Dragon Beast.

Didn't this guy say that he was from the vast sea realm?

Harry was dumbfounded, and suddenly a wry smile appeared on his face. He was so stupid. He had previously invited Su Ping to take an adventure, but Su Ping refused.

Those who dare to fight alone to come to Lei Mingzhou these days, how can there be a general generation?

As for the cultivation base of the vast sea realm mentioned earlier, most of them were casually talked about by Su Ping, they just didn't reveal their true cultivation base.

Even Su Ping's appearance might have changed after taking some panacea.

After all, there are not a lot of drugs in the Federation, which are very popular among female war pet masters.

Benson, who fits with the pet beast and is covered in bluish spots at the moment, is also stunned. Before Harry invited Su Ping to join the group, he was a little resistant.

As a result, I didnt expect that the opponents battle pet was actually the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of the Destiny Realm, and this dragon beast could easily kill him in seconds!

"This person..."

Karina stared at Su Ping blankly. On the passenger plane, she still didnt look down on Su Ping. Although Su Ping looked the same age as her, she was also in the vast sea level, but at the same realm, there was a huge gap in combat power. But for those who can be admitted to Xiu Mia Academy, this alone has killed tens of millions of people of the same age and level!

Seeing that the four of them were stunned, Su Ping smiled, and turned around to read the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in the fate that day, and said: "I want these three of your clan, and they will be taken care of by you. Now, let them be more obedient."


The heart of this Heavenly Fate Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was twitching, and its dignified Heavenly Fate Realm dragon beast was completely used as a tool by Su Ping, but it really didn't dare to resist.

Roar! Roar!

This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast roared, and spoke to the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts that were trembling and frightened. The rough idea was that they had already been arrested, and now they should be the same as it. Listen carefully to what this human said. Otherwise... will be killed!

These three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were a little dazed. They looked at Su Ping blankly. No matter how they looked, they felt that this human being was just a guy in the vast sea realm.

I am afraid but ambiguous.

With the Destiny Realm Hanlong Thunder Dragon Beast next to it as the speaker, they dare not question Su Ping's combat power, otherwise, why should their own clan boss act for this human?

"You came here to catch Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, have you caught it?"

Seeing the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts trembled in horror, Su Ping was more satisfied, and did not respond, but asked Benson and others on the ground.

Hearing Su Pings words, and looking at the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts shivering like chicks next to him, Benson and others were a little dumb, but Su Ping did not dare to dare anything, and in a blink of an eye they had already deterred these three. The terrifying Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

The strength gap between each other... They are a bit bitter.

"Not yet, we traced the traces of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, prepared to come here to catch it, and ended up in an ambush here." Harry, who spoke to Su Ping the most, said with a wry smile.

Benson next to him also nodded. At this moment, Su Ping's formidable strength made him dare not to despise and be cold, and he acted in awe.

On the other side, Anna Lisa's eyes were radiant, and she kept looking at Su Ping, while Karina had a complicated face and she didn't know what she was thinking about.

"That's it... It is estimated that this is the production period of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. These three are all males. They are making traps to hunt us hunters in order to protect their children." Su Ping chuckles.

Harry and the others were stunned, somewhat confused and at a loss.

How do you tell that these three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts are male?

In other words, is this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast so smart, and knows how to ambush and anti-hunting? !

"Don't underestimate these monsters, they are very clever. They are the real hunters in terms of hunting and killing. They have more experience than us." Su Ping smiled slightly and said: "If you have more money, please advise you. Be safe, you can go to my store to buy directly."

"Like these few by my side, they will be new in my store and sold. The price should not be too expensive. You can prepare a few billions."

Hearing Su Ping's words, the four of them were a little astonished and looked at each other.

Harry couldn't help but said, "Su, Senior Su, what do you do?"

"It's a pet shop, here is the purchase." Su Ping smiled.

A few people were dumb, Su Ping was able to suppress the dragon beasts in the Destiny Realm, and he actually opened a pet beast shop. Isn't this a stubborn talent?

However, thinking that some of the top pet beast stores also have some destiny strong, and even the starry sky strong to help hunt the pet beasts, they all come suddenly, Su Pings store is mostly the kind of top interstellar store. Even super famous stores across galaxies.

"Can you buy it for a few billion?" Next to him, Karina, whose face was constantly changing, couldn't help hearing Su Ping's words.

Su Ping smiled and nodded, "They are all ordinary pets, they won't sell too expensive."


All four of them were dumbfounded, their mouths twitched, and they actually said Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was a common pet?

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