Astral Pet Store Chapter 752

Chapter 752: Spike The Destiny Third More Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Soon, Su Ping flew into the base city sitting on the Purgatory Candle Dragon.

Although there were controls in this base city, it did not restrict the flight. Su Ping put away the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts and let the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts stay high in the sky.

After all, their size is too huge, if they all land, they can fill a small half of the base city.

"Wait for me here, I'll go through the formalities." Su Ping ordered.

The ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts obediently stopped in mid-air without moving.

Su Ping landed, came to a return station in the base city, and said, "I want to leave the island."

"You yourself, do you still have monsters that you hunted?" The young woman clerk behind the counter glanced at Su Ping, who was all alone, and said indifferently.

Su Ping said: "Ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts have been hunted, do you want to consign it?"


This employee was visibly taken aback. Seeing Su Ping's non-joking appearance, he stared slightly and said: "Ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts? You, are you serious?"

"Otherwise, I am teasing you?" Su Ping said with a faceless expression.

The staff girl's face changed slightly, she quickly changed her face, and said with a polite smile: "Sir, what kind of cultivation are the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts you hunted? If it is under the vast sea, please consign the freight Its 50 million each. If its in the vast sea or above, only ten million is required for outlying island fees."

"Above the sea level." Su Ping said briefly, but secretly called black in his heart.

Ten million more outlying islands? And every one?

If it weren't for just a small clerk in front of him and he didn't have the guts, he would suspect it was a fraud!

This clerk girl was obviously shocked, a little shocked, ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts above the vast sea realm? It is difficult for a local top dragon hunting team to have such a record!

"Then, you only need to pay a 100 million outlying island fee." The staff girl became respectful, her eyes seemingly flashing.

Being able to hunt ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, such a team is a big figure, and she is definitely not a small clerk who can provoke her, although her shoulder badge is the Ren family of Rhea planet.


Su Ping quickly completed the transfer without much nonsense.

Under the guidance of the staff woman, Su Ping quickly completed the island procedures.

"Take this document, take the monster you hunted, go to the outlying island square over there and wait a while, someone will come over to help you with the outlying island procedures." The staff woman smiled, slightly charming and authentic.

Su Ping nodded.

Holding the document engraved with the family emblem of the Ren family, Su Ping turned and returned to Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

As soon as I arrived here, I discovered that many dragon hunting teams were surrounded in midair.

"Sure enough, they were all hunted, and there is no aura of contract!"

"It's all wild!"

These dragon hunting squads gathered here, their eyes glowing, looking at the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, their eyes showed greed.

Each Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast can sell at least one billion, and it is slightly better, like the Void Cave Realm level inside, it is normal to sell three to four billion.

Those in the Destiny Realm can even sell for one or two billion!

Battle pet master is an extremely money-burning profession, whether it is a battle pet, cultivation, or purchase of top secret skills, you need to spend money!

Because of the huge cost, so many wild star expeditions were born, exploring wild stars everywhere, or hunting some rare battle pets to sell and make money.

"We want these two Destiny Realm."

One of the dragon hunting squad suddenly stood up. There were seven people in this team. The middle-aged man headed at this moment exudes a strong aura, and he is a strong destiny.

Three vortexes appeared above his head, and three powerful destiny realm battle pet breaths diffused from it.

After reaching the Boundless Sea Stage, it is almost impossible for the monster beast to defeat the pet master at the same level!

Because the battle pet master can not only fit with the battle pet, double the combat power, but also has other battle pet assistants, a destiny battle pet master, and even four or five destiny battle pets!

Like those big families, they are all the pets of the same rank!

And every battle pet purchases a star pet battle outfit, fully armed, and its combat power surges.

Coupled with its own secret skills and comprehensive combat power, it is far from the monsters that fight alone!

When other people saw the middle-aged man in this fateful state, they all recognized his identity, and their faces changed slightly.

"Carlson, this has a master." Next to him, another old man opened his mouth. He was the captain of the Golden Flag Dragon Hunting team that had just returned.

The middle-aged man called Carlson sneered, and said: "Are you dim? Didn't you see that these Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts have neither a contract aura nor a chain dragon chain. They are all unowned, now here. , Whoever has the ability to surrender is whoever!"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone else was shining.

Although they feel that Su Ping, who can subdue these ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, is a bit unfathomable, Su Ping is alone after all. In addition, Carlson is in the early stage at this moment, and everyone is torn and snatched in the chaos. Although dangerous, But it's better to go to the thunderwood forest outside to find the swarms of Thunder Dragon Beasts to be safe.

"Really, who said I want the pet beast I hunted?" At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded.

Everyone's expressions were stern, and they turned their heads to look around, and saw a black-haired boy stepping on the void step by step, his eyes cold as electricity, holding a copy of the island document in his hand.

The Lord is coming!

Everyone stared slightly, looking at Su Ping.

The middle-aged man named Carlson knew that robbing these Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts would cause conflicts with Su Ping. At this moment, seeing Su Ping coming, he had no fear on his face and said with a light smile: "This brother, you I caught so many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in a very clever way. I think its easy for you to catch these Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. So many, its not convenient for you to take them away. How about giving me two? "

Su Ping wanted to laugh when he heard this.

"It doesn't take much effort to catch them, but..." Su Ping looked at him with a sneer, "What are you worthy of me as a gift?"

Carlson's face suddenly became gloomy, and said, "Brother, you have a bad face. It's better to consider peace when you go out. Don't shame your face!"

"Give me face? You rubbish, give me a face too?" Su Ping strode out and said: "Hurry up and get out of here before I do it!"

"you wanna die!!"

Carlson's eyes were sullen and angry. He was a strong man in the Destiny Realm anyway, and Su Ping actually showed no affection to him.


He suddenly shot and wanted to merge directly.

He also saw that Su Ping in front of him was a bit uncomfortable, at least, he did not perceive Su Ping's true cultivation.

As for the perceived vastness of the sea... it must be in disguise!

Roar! !

Behind him, a giant beast filled with black mist suddenly crawled out of a whirlpool, and a strong pungent **** smell and a rotting smell of fish flesh escaped in the rolling of the huge fog.

It whizzed and dived into Carlson's body, trying to fit together.

"You are worthy to do it in front of me, die!"

Su Ping's eyes were cold, and suddenly he raised his hand and pointed out.

At his fingertips, the divine light was shining, surrounded by thunder, and in an instant, a concentrated purple-gold sword aura shot out, instantly penetrated the second space, and shot out with an unmatched and invincible momentum!


"Zi Yao Mi..."

When Carlson saw the sword energy that Su Ping raised his hand, his pupils suddenly shrank. The rich combat experience made his body stand up automatically, and he was terrified.

He hurriedly wanted to confine the space and weaken this sword aura, while at the same time, on the other side, he displayed his secret skills, wanting to resist.

But halfway through the release of the secret technique, the space he released to confine and delay Su Ping's sword aura was torn in layers, like paper!

With a puff, the sword gas passed by, and then Carlson's head burst open suddenly, blood splashing everywhere.

And the behemoth that turned into mist to penetrate into his body was beaten back to its original shape, and the integration was stopped!

Its owner is dead, and the union naturally cannot continue, and... the contract with it is also broken instantly! !

All this happened in the blink of an eye, from Su Ping's shot to the death of Carlson's brain, but in a moment.

People around them all woke up when they heard the popping sound. When they looked at it, they found that Carlson's head was gone. The scene made everyone's eyes shrink and they were so shocked that they couldn't speak.


Carlson in the mid-fate stage was killed by Su Ping in the air! !

"That, that's the power of rules..." The old man in the Golden Banner Dragon Hunting team, his eyes shrank, showing a color of horror. Although the sword energy released by Gang Suping dissipated, there are still rules in the space. The aftermath of the power can be barely sensed by the pet master who has reached the destiny realm!

"The power of rules...Is he..."

The other people in the dragon hunting team were all shocked and looked at Su Ping in horror.

Being able to master the power of the rules, raise your hand to kill the destiny battle pet master, so that he can be killed in seconds without completing the battle pet. It is estimated that only the strong of the starry sky can do this terrible power? !

"Meet the senior, the junior **** it!"

Suddenly, the old man in the Golden Banner Dragon Hunting team suddenly knelt down in the air.

They gathered here. Although they didn't make a move, their purpose was obviously impure.

It's just ridiculous and terrifying that they actually hit the head of a starry sky realm powerhouse, but the other party can wipe out the entire base city by raising their hands!

Even the lords of the Wren family on the planet Leia, who encounter the starry sky realm powerhouses from other planets, must be polite to welcome them!

After all, multiple friends are better than multiple enemies.

Hearing this old man's words, the other Destiny Stages also woke up like a dream, and they knelt down in a panic to plead guilty with cold sweat all over.

Kneeling under their destiny, the players behind them all reacted in a daze, their faces turned pale, and they knelt down one after another with trembling.

It's terrifying. Killing Carlson with one pointer is beyond their imagination!

Everyone was full of regrets, feeling extremely stupid. How could a person who could capture this powerful ten Hankong Thunder Dragon beasts be a general generation?

But I didn't expect that this was actually a starry realm boss who mastered the power of rules!

This is a star-lord-level character!

Everyone is kneeling, but Su Ping is independent. At this moment, his figure is becoming more and more stalwart and lonely. He coldly glanced at the other pet masters around him, without saying a word, to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of the fate that day. Read: "Come with me."

These ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were also frightened by Su Ping's shots, and they dared not get angry and resist the idea, all of them obediently followed Su Ping and flew away.

As Su Ping galloped out, the groups of explorers who knelt down in front of him quickly moved away in a kneeling position, not daring to get in the way.

Watching Su Ping led the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts to leave and headed to the Outlying Island Plaza, everyone present felt their stiff bodies and regained some consciousness. Only then did they realize that their backs were all cold sweat.

"No wonder, no wonder he didn't sign the contract, and he didn't use the dragon chain..."

"With this kind of power, what kind of chain dragon chain is needed, I am the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and I absolutely dare not resist..."

"It's horrible, is this the Starry Sky Realm powerhouse? The Destiny Realm is in front of him, it's no different from killing an ant..."

Everyone was sweating coldly, glanced in the direction of Su Ping's departure, and then quickly dispersed, not dare to stay here.

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