Astral Pet Store Chapter 753

Chapter 753: I Mind Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Many people in the distance are paying attention to the disputes here.

Among them, there is no strong man in the destiny state, and they dare not come to share a cup, and can only wait and see.

I thought it would be a fierce battle, but I didn't expect it to end in a blink of an eye. The famous Carlson was shot and the body dropped.

And his team... didn't even dare to pick up his body!

I was afraid of picking it up, so I offended the strong man in the starry sky!

After Su Ping left, there was a commotion here.

On the other side, Lizhou Square.

Su Ping came galloping with the ten dragons. The ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts behind him were extremely eye-catching, and they immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the square. They cast their eyes in amazement.

Hunting ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts is definitely a big gain!

Moreover, there are still several Destiny Realm in it. What cultivation base is this hunter?

Everyone looked at Su Ping with awe in their eyes. Some of them relied on their own perception abilities to be more concealed. They carefully probed Su Ping's cultivation base, only to find that it was only in the vast sea realm, and suddenly a cold sweat came out.

This vast sea realm is obviously a cultivation base in disguise, and they can't detect it, but it is very likely that Su Ping will perceive their exploration behavior!

Soon, a series of obscure perceptions quickly retracted.

Su Ping glanced indifferently and landed on the square. Above his head, ten dragons entangled, and huge shadows enveloped the entire square, making the sky thunder dragon beast hunted by others in the sky, or other monsters, They were all too scared to evade, afraid to provoke.

And at this moment, the few other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts captured by others were shocked when they saw these ten of the same clan. They recognized the old Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in the late Destiny Realm. It is the elder of their clan!

The dignified elder was actually hunted by humans!

"My elder, have you been arrested too?"


"It must be the human being who used a trick trap to ambush you, this human being is too hateful!"


"My elder, why don't you have that dragon chain on your body? Now that you have a chance, you should run away!"


"Lord elder, let's cover for you, run away!"


"My elder, what's wrong with you, why don't you speak?"


"My elder..."

"You guys shut up Lao Tzu!"

The old Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast finally couldn't stand it, and roared fiercely.


His words sounded like an angry roar to humans.

Long Yin mighty, deterring the audience.

Many pet masters on the square were shocked by the sudden dragon roar, and then they noticed that the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts on Su Pings head were neither contracted nor restrained by the dragon chain. With no blood on his face, one by one became nervous, releasing various defensive skills, for fear of these ten dragon beasts rioting.


Su Ping raised his head, heard the roar of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, frowned slightly, he naturally did not understand the dragon language of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast family, and preached: "Why, want to resist?"

"No, no, please don't get me wrong, my lord, I didn't talk to you, because there is a junior next to him who is too naive, and I am teaching him."

When the old Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast heard Su Ping Chuan Nian, he suddenly became nervous and said quickly.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and glanced at it, feeling that he shouldn't lie, and immediately ordered: "Be quiet, don't mess with me."

"Yes Yes"

This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast nodded quickly, and made no effort to make it clear.

After apologizing, it looked at the kinsmen who said they wanted to cover their escape. It couldn't help but roll its eyes, a few brainless things, dont we know that we are not bound by the dragon chain, dont we know there is a chance Can you run? The key is to dare to run!

Something that you can't see, deserves to be caught!

It was angry in its heart, and almost caused it to be taught by Su Ping.


The few Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts nearby were dumbfounded and a little confused.

Elder, is this... swollen?

They are confused and a little at a loss.

At this time, two carriers the size of an aircraft carrier landed from the clouds, and they were moored at an altitude of several thousand meters in the square, on top of many dragons and beasts.

A few figures quickly swept out of it and entered the square.

Several of them all noticed the extremely eye-catching ten Hanlong Thunder Dragon Beasts in this square. When they saw that they had neither contract nor chain dragon chain, they were all shocked.

"what's the situation?!"


Several people were frightened and quickly avoided, somewhat shocked.

These ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts can be said to be unconstrained at the moment. If they want to start a riot, they will start a riot, and they can rush out of their encirclement at any time.

Especially when I saw a few Destiny Realm Thunder Dragon Beasts that were as big as a huge mountain inside, they all turned pale. Once a dragon beast of this level broke out, the aftermath of energy would be enough to flatten the base!

"Control, where is the control officer!"

"What's the situation?"

Several people flew into the distance and couldn't help being angry.

Soon someone lifted into the air, flew in front of a few people, and quickly explained the situation.

The controllers here had already noticed the special situation of these ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, and had also witnessed Su Pings instructions to kill Na Carlson earlier, so when Su Ping came here, he did not dare to come forward to remind. For fear of angering Su Ping.

Moreover, with Su Ping, a starry sky realm powerhouse sitting in town, these ten vast sky thunder dragon beasts are so obedient, it makes sense, as long as these dragon beasts don't want to die, most of them dare not riot.

"Starry Sky Realm?!"

Several people were shocked when they received the news, and soon under the instructions of the controller, they saw Su Ping on the square with awe and fear in their eyes.


Several people quickly flew across the square and came to Su Ping.

"Meet seniors..."

All of them bowed and saluted, and ignored the others around them.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, and soon knew that the matter he had just shot must have been spread, and he said indifferently: "No need to say, this is my departure procedure, I want to leave as soon as possible."

"Yes, senior."

"Senior, wait a minute, we will now install the offshore device for your pet."

Several people are very respectful.

With the permission of Su Ping's nod, one of them quickly flew out and came to the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts.

When seeing these ten unchained Thunder Dragon Beasts, this person was still a little nervous. After all, if these monsters were really not afraid of death, he would definitely not be able to stop them if they shot him.

There are several destiny guys in it!


This person took out a series of silver-white collars from a small space storage device. The collars looked like a machine, but the connection was a connection of energy, a product of a mixture of machine and star power.

As the device was activated, the collar quickly became larger and flew to ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, hung on their dragon horns or sharp claws.

The physique of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is too big. Although this circle has become much larger, it can only be used as a "ring" for them.

When the device was hung up, a azure blue ripple soon appeared above, covering the whole body of ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts.

"Senior, you can now directly take the star pets you hunted away. The devices on their bodies can directly pass through the barrier of Thunder Island."

The middle-aged man in front of Su Ping Ping said respectfully: "This is your device from the predecessors." After speaking, a token-like device appeared out of thin air with the palm of his hand.

He presented it with both hands and handed it to Su Ping.

Su Ping took it, and saw a azure blue ripple surging from above, covering his body. The breath that this ripple exudes is almost the same as the energy structure pattern inside, and that of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

"Is this all right?"

Su Ping was slightly surprised.

"Yeah." The middle-aged man respectfully said: "The pets above the sea level can fly away by themselves with this device, while those under the sea level need our consignment before they can be sent out. They are at a high altitude from the barrier. , There is strong pressure, even some Tier 9 monsters that can fly can hardly resist the strong magnetic pressure there."

Su Ping nodded suddenly, and said, "After going out, this device?"

"Someone will ask you to recycle the device."

The middle-aged man smiled and said: "There is a positioning system on the device. After you go out to Kroland Island, someone will welcome you."

Su Ping understood, and didn't ask any more. He flew directly to the head of the old Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and said, "Let's go, fly directly up, and take you to see the world beyond this thundering continent."

When the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts heard Su Ping's words, their eyes flashed slightly, but soon, they looked towards Leiming Island with reluctance, after all, this was their hometown.

It was nostalgia, but also helpless. Under Su Ping's command, all ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts lifted into the air and flew high.

After watching Su Ping leave, the few people who came to carry heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing Su Ping sitting on the late Destiny Realm old dragon without the contract and chain dragon chain, the last trace of doubt in their hearts also disappeared, except Outside the starry sky realm powerhouse, who else has such courage?



Su Ping drove the ten dragons to fly out of Leiming Zhou.

With that energy device, they easily pierced through the enchantment above Leiming Island, and in front of them were the endless blue sky and the vast sea.

"Is this the outside world?"

The ten-headed Hanlong Thunder Dragon Beast left the house for the first time, and was fresh and curious about everything outside.

Even the boring sea and sky without any embellishment surprised them and looked around.

Soon, Su Ping took them to Kroland Island.

As the middle-aged man said, soon after arriving on the island, a staff member found them and asked to return the collar and other devices.

The appearance of the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts is still quite eye-catching, causing a sensation on Kroland Island, attracting people from everywhere to come and watch.

But when I saw the ten hanlong thunder dragon beasts, they were completely wild without any restraints. The people who gathered there were scared to shrink back, for fear that the ten dragon riots would sink the entire island of Krollin. .

Su Ping was also a little helpless about the onlookers caused by the ten dragons. He couldn't sign a contract with the Destiny Realm, so he could only let them sway outside.

Leaving the crowd onlookers, Su Ping went to go through the procedures for outlying the island, and wanted to return to Warfit City.

In the outlying island hall, Su Ping discovered that there are several ways of consignment, one of which is to directly send a special plane to consign the hunted pet animals to the designated place of the employer.

It is only based on the size of the object and the degree of danger, there will be an evaluation, and the price is relatively expensive.

In Su Ping's current situation, he can only choose this. The cities on this Rhea planet are forbidden from air, and they cannot fly back directly. They can only rely on this special plane to check in.


After the assessment, it took a full 200 million yuan before Su Ping moved ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts to Warfite City.

It has to be said that this Leia planet relies on this thundering continent and can make a huge profit in all aspects!

So profitable!

After finally carrying the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts to the store, Su Ping finally breathed a sigh of relief. This time, he went out to toss. Although the battle was not very tired, the tedious return journey made him quite tired.

This also made him suddenly feel that he is in urgent need of a large space to store secret treasures.

Previously, his picture scroll was destroyed by the sacred tree, and it is no longer useful. He can only look for other space secret treasures. When he goes out to hunt monsters, he throws it directly into the space secret treasure, and he can get back on his own flight. Need so much trouble?

As the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were hoisted by a special plane to the store, the streets where Su Ping was located soon boiled.

The appearance of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast can be said to be known to everyone on the planet Leia!

Ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts landed outside the Suping store, causing a great sensation.

Su Ping brought the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts back to the store, and relied on the shrinking rules in the store to shrink their bodies to a miniature appearance, and asked Joanna to lead them to the petting room to stay first.

As ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts entered the store, a large number of customers soon came to patronize.

"Boss, do you sell Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast? How to sell it?"

"How much is one, can I make a reservation?"

"Boss, what about Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, can you show us it?"

Customers all over the street gathered to squeeze the entrance of Suping, like a big opening promotion.

Su Ping wasn't too surprised. On the way back to carry these ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, he anticipated that this would happen. This would be considered as spending 200 million yuan. Let's advertise his store.

After all, the first time came, with these ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, it was enough to win a wave of popularity.

It's just...the system rules are there, even if he wants to sell it now.

"Quiet everyone, these ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts have just arrived in the store. They need to be nurtured and nurtured before they can be sold. If you need them, please come back tomorrow." Su Ping raised his hand to suppress the noise in the store, his tone calmly Said.

Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone gathered in the store was stunned. Soon many people realized that the pet beasts that have just been purchased must be packaged and evaluated. How can they be sold so crudely?

"Then boss, can I make a reservation first?"

"I can pay the deposit first!"

A few purple-haired Reyas squeezed out of the crowd, with rich wealth.

Su Ping shook his head and said: "This shop does not accept appointments. If you want to buy, you can come over tomorrow."

The few people who wanted to pay looked at each other, and one of them suddenly said, "Boss, can you sell me one first? I don't mind if there is any cultivation. I can cultivate again by myself. Just ask for the price!"

Su Ping looked at the person who spoke, and found that the opponent was a pet master of the Void Cave Realm. This is already quite powerful, and in a place like Leya Planet, it is also an elite powerhouse!

"Sorry, I mind." Su Ping replied.

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