Astral Pet Store Chapter 754

Chapter 754: Beast Tournament For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Su Ping's words made the person stunned.

Su Ping continued: "The pets sold in this shop must be of good variety. This requires professional testing by this shop to identify them. Please be patient. If you want to buy pets, come back tomorrow. If you want to cultivate pets in this shop. Animals, foster pets, do it now."

Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone's enthusiasm suddenly faded.

Everyone came from the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, as for the cultivation and fostering that Su Ping said...Who would be interested?

They are not very familiar with the stores, they cultivate their pets, and they all look for familiar stores, so as to save the unfamiliar store from being cultivated and entangled in compensation.

And pet beasts are the lifeblood of war pet masters, they are extremely important, and they will never be easily handed over to strange shops to cultivate.

Soon, the customers dispersed in twos and threes, leaving a lot of space in the store.

Most of these scattered customers came to watch the excitement. Since there is no excitement to watch at this moment, they naturally left.

After all, there are not many people who can buy Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and can control the signing of contracts.

Su Ping didnt care too much about those who left the store. Today, he brought back ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, which is already a wave of publicity. At least on this street, his store is no longer unknown. Wait until tomorrows official listing. When it is on sale, it will accumulate another wave of popularity, and it will naturally attract some people from it to come to his store to experience other things.

"Boss, if you cultivate pet beasts, can you cultivate the virtual cave realm?"

At this time, among the few remaining people who did not leave, a young man stepped forward and asked curiously, quite interested.

Although he was not familiar with the shop in Suping for the first time, it was not easy to get ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at once!

At least, just today's big hand, let him see Su Ping's majestic strength after the shop, it is very likely that there is some big group backing it.

Su Ping glanced at the young man and found that he was from the Boundless Sea Realm, and said, "At present, those under the Starry Sky Realm can be nurtured."

"Anything under the stars?" The young man was a little surprised, and his thoughts became more determined, and asked: "What about that type, are there restrictions? I want to cultivate a prison-locked winged dragon in the virtual cave realm!"

This is also a popular pet beast under the stars in the Sylvie galaxy. It is a hybrid of the demon system and the dragon beast. It is extremely powerful in the same tier and is almost equal to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!

Su Ping smiled slightly and said, "No restrictions, any kind will do."

The young man stared slightly, and he didn't limit the types, which was a bit sturdy!

You know, cultivators have specialized pet beasts, and not all pet beasts can be cultivated. After all, these pet beasts...are thousands of races.

Each race has its own characteristics. It takes a lot of energy to discover and understand the characteristics of a monster race.

And Su Ping said that all kinds of pet beasts are good. Doesn't that mean that behind Su Ping's shop, there is an extremely large camp of trainers? !

Is it directly associated with a certain educator association?

The young mans eyes flashed and his mind quickly turned, and he valued Su Pings little shop more and more.

Although he doesn't come to this street often, he is also a local resident of Warfight City after all, and he has never heard of Su Ping's shop. This only shows that... this shop has just opened soon!

After all, a shop that can transport ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts by air, as long as it is not very scumbag, how could it not be famous in Warfit City?

For newly opened stores, the service is the best at the beginning. After all, it is necessary to accumulate popularity and open the market. It is the most cost-effective to patronize at this time!

Thinking of this, the young man immediately said: "Boss, if nurtured, how long will it take to nurture?"

"If you are in a hurry, you can do it in half a day. If you are not in a hurry, the unity will receive it the next day." Su Ping said with a smile.


Felius was a little confused.

In a hurry, for a long time?

Not in a hurry for a day?

This is nurturing, or to help take a bath!

He had never heard of how to nurture them so quickly, unless it was for those apprentices who had just become war pet masters to train low-level war pets...

But what he wants to cultivate is the virtual cave realm!

Even if Gao Xing's special cultivation master makes a shot, it may not be so fast, right? !

For a while, Felius suddenly became suspicious of Su Ping's shop.

Seeing the look in this young mans eyes, Su Ping immediately knew what he was thinking, and felt a little helpless in his heart. Do I have to detain your pet beasts in the store and let them stay for ten and a half days before giving them to you, you Are you satisfied?

If it doesn't affect him, Su Ping can do this, saving much trouble.

It's just that if you keep these guys' pets in the store, it will take up space!

"You can rest assured that although the training time is fast, the effect of our store's cultivation is definitely worth the money. At least it can make your pet a new skill or a small increase in combat power." Su Ping had no choice but to Persuade.

After all, its the opening of a new store, and there is not much popularity in the neighborhood. It counts as one that can attract a customer.

In the future, to become a repeat customer like Mia, it shouldn't be necessary for him to spend any more words.


Felius was a little dumb.

If he was just skeptical about Su Ping's shop, he can now be basically convinced that there really seems to be a problem with this shop!

Do you tell me that by cultivating for half a day or a day, will the pet beast understand a new skill or increase its combat power? !

You are not deceiving me as a fool!

How can there be such a strong educator, can it be the kind of two-star, special-class, or one-star super educator?

But an educator of that level does not exist on the entire planet Rhea!

A two-star special cultivator, in the entire Zeruprun galaxy, is a rare and noble person, enough to make the head of the Zeruprun galaxy, the Patriarch of the Leyfa family, personally visit.

As for the one-star super educator, that in the entire Sylvie galaxy, they are all phoenix horns!

"Boss, I belong to the Moreno family." Felius looked at Su Ping and said.

Su Ping: "?"

I nurture pets, why are you telling me to report to your family?

"What do you mean?" Su calmly looked at him.

Felius looked at Su Pings suddenly calm gaze at the moment, and the anger in his heart was suddenly inexplicably blocked. In his mind, he once again thought of the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. There, from the perspective of the size, he saw At least three of them came out of the fate.

This shop...Felius suddenly swallowed a question when he asked.

He was really unsure.

He said he was a liar, but if he could get a shop with three Destiny Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at once, would he be a liar? Is it necessary to lie?

Is it possible that this store really has that kind of special educator sitting here? !

Felius was lost in thought, and suddenly felt like he was sitting at a gambling table, a little tangled.

"Oh, isn't this Felius?"

Suddenly, a joking voice came from the entrance of the store. A young man dressed in a fashionable dress and a federal brand came into the store. The famous watch that appeared on his wrist was a limited edition, and it was not just a limited edition. The decorative effect, the energy star array contained above, is enough to resist an attack from the Destiny Realm!

This is something that requires identity and relationship to buy.

It is also a symbol of upper class status.

Beside the young man, he hugged a tall, snow-white and beautiful woman with long purple hair and a cold and light complexion, but when her eyes rested on the young man, she was tender and considerate.


Felius turned his head to see the young man, his face suddenly gloomy, and cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Why, come here to nurture pet beasts? I just heard from street passers-by that there are ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in this store, is it true? Hey, are you the owner of this?"

The last half sentence is from Su Ping.

"The news is correct. If you want to buy it, it will be sold tomorrow." Su Ping smiled calmly.

"Really..." Parks stepped forward and smiled: "Boss, can I be accommodating? I can pay more. I want to see it today. It doesn't matter to me that more money is less."

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Felius next to him and chuckled lightly: "Why, come here to cultivate pet beasts, do you want to compete with me in the pet match?"

Felius looked cold and said: "My goal is to take Warfite's city first. You are just my stepping stone. You are not worthy of being my goal!"

"Haha..." Paxton laughed and said, "Then you have to beat me first before you can say this big thing, and become number one? What do you take first depends on your defeat, the prisoner. Winged Devil Dragon?"

Felius clenched his fist and said coldly: "I was careless last time!"

"To lose is to lose, but also to make excuses, ridiculous, pitiful..." Parks shook his head and smiled, and said to the beautiful woman with his arms around him: "See you, this is the Moreno family member, I will meet the family member in the future , Stay away, a family that is about to decline, dare to be rampant, don't know how to write dead words!"

The beautiful woman next to her looked at Felius with curiosity, and she smiled slightly. Although she didn't agree, her smile made Felius extremely ugly.

"Boss, how about it, can you sell it?" Parks ignored Filius and turned to Su Ping, "If I sell me today, I can give you 100 million more, how about?"

Su Ping looked at these two enemies who seemed to be the enemy, without any response, smiled and said: "I just said, if you want to buy, please come back tomorrow. In addition, the price of pet beasts sold in this shop is set by us, neither Price increases are allowed, and bargaining is not allowed."


Parkes raised his eyebrows, looked at Su Ping for a while, and smiled: "Boss, your rules are very arrogant!"

Su Ping smiled, "The rules are the rules. If you want to come to our store, you have to abide by the store's rules."

Parks squinted slightly, looked at Su Ping for a while, and finally said nothing, and said with a chuckle: "Since the boss makes money, the boss doesn't want it, then forget it, tomorrow... it depends on my mood, after all, Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, I'm not like some people. I don't have one. It's pitiful..."

With that, he hugged the woman beside him and turned and left.

Although Parks is arrogant, he is not stupid. Since he can get ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in Suping's shop, it is by no means simple. There may be a big group or a big family behind him.

If you don't know the details, it's not a feat, it's stupid.

As a person born in a big family, his childhood education, plus his ability to go to this day, is not pure domineering.

When Parkes left the store, Su Ping looked at Felius, who looked like constipation, thought of their conversation just now, and asked with a smile: "What did you just say about the pet match? Is there any reward? ?"

Felius seemed to wake up from the full of resentment. He glanced at Su Ping and didn't answer. Instead, he said, "Boss, if you cultivate a war pet, can you really be so fast and the effect is so good?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, ignored what he said to him, didn't care, smiled and said: "I have said it again, you will know it after experiencing it."

Felius gritted his teeth slightly and said, "Yes!"

After speaking, he then remembered Su Pings question just now, his face was a little embarrassed, and said: "Sorry, just forgot, doesnt the boss know how to fight for pets? This is a grand event every three years on our planet Leya. !"

"Is that right, I don't quite understand." Su Ping shook his head.

Filius noticed Su Pings hair color and appearance, and his eyes were clear, and said: "The boss just came here, the pet match, as the name suggests, is the star pet competition, and this competition is a competition. Its just the star pet, the master doesnt play, and the star pet fights on his own!"

"The game is set to three levels, the vast sea state, the virtual cave state, and the destiny state!"

"Each cultivation level will select the ten strongest spots!"

"If you can get the first place in the global cultivation level, there will be very generous rewards, not to mention, you can even get the favor of the stars in the sky."

"Every year in the finals, the lord on our planet will invite his friends in the starry sky to watch, and he will be able to give great benefits at hand, and most importantly, be famous! Make your pets famous! !"

Hearing what Felius said, Su Ping understood that it was actually a star pet contest.

The master is not good, just better than a star pet?

Is this to select the star pet with the strongest and highest aptitude of the same level?

"Unfortunately, the lowest is in the vast sea realm. Little Skeletons can't participate, otherwise they can throw them away and let them have fun." Su Ping secretly said a pity.

However, Little Skeleton seems to be promoted soon. If he is promoted, he will be able to rush in the Vast Sea Realm. With Little Skull's aptitude, he can get the first place... It shouldnt be too difficult, right?

"If the boss wants to know more, he can check it on the Internet. Every cultivation level, ranking in each district, and the final global ranking will have different stages of rich rewards. If you can get the same rank in the world I heard that the ranking of one-star pets can reward super-spirit divine fruit. This is a divine fruit that can inspire the understanding of the beast. It is very rare and precious. It can raise the qualifications of the beast to a higher level!"

"Moreover, the owner of the pet beast can also get extremely rich rewards, and the light star stone rewards tens of millions!"

Felius said, his eyes were slightly red, obviously he was extremely eager and envious, but he knew that with his battle pet, it would be extremely difficult to win the first place in Warfit City.

For example, Naparks is one of his opponents, besides that, there are many other strong players in the local area.

"Star Stone?" Su Ping was surprised, what is this?

However, he didn't ask it out, and when he turned around, he used the Lord's Star Order to find out. In case it was something very basic, if he asked it himself, wouldn't it scare this person away?

"Boss, what I want to cultivate is a short-necked blue crocodile in the vast sea."

Felius spoke.

He didn't directly cultivate his prisoner winged devil dragon, after all, the situation Su Ping said was too scary, he wanted to experience it first.

Su Ping raised his brow slightly when he heard what the other party said, and immediately understood what he meant.

However, he didn't say anything, trusting this thing needs to be established.

"Okay." He agreed.

When summoning the pet beast, Felius was surprised to learn that there were shrinking rules in Suping's shop.

He immediately thought of the ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts that disappeared in the Su Ping store before, and he was relieved, and he also looked forward to Su Pings store. If the nurturing effect is as strong as Su Ping said, it is in the pet match. Before, he could come to Suping store every day to cultivate.

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