Astral Pet Store Chapter 755

Chapter 755: The Charm Of Joanna Subscribe For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping called Joanna and asked her to lead away the short-necked crocodile lying in the hall.

As soon as the blond Joanna came out, Felius's attention was caught, his eyes suddenly rounded, and he looked at Joanna in a daze.

Joanna's face was indifferent, and the protoss coercion exuded from her body made the short-necked blue crocodile beast afraid to resist. She led it away, and only nodded to Su Ping during the whole process, without speaking.

Seeing Joanna entering the petting room, Felius hadn't recovered for a long time, and the rest of the others in the shop were also dumbfounded and speechless.

This is the best!

Not a pet, but a human!

Such a stunning beauty, they have never seen, even the most famous actress Alice, who is popular on the planet of Reya, is far less than Joanna's natural and impeccable look.

How could there be such an extraordinary woman in the world?


"This, this is too beautiful!"

"Is this beautiful lady the boss here, or the real boss behind her?!"

Several people reacted with shock. They never thought that Joanna was an employee here. After all, there is a woman with such a face, even at that station, just relying on that face is enough to make countless money!

This is a world to behold, and it is like this in the entire universe!

A few people looked at Su Ping with envy, jealousy and hatred in their eyes. If they weren't the boss, it would be the wife of the boss. This made them even more distressed!

Flowers in the cow dung!

"Old, boss, is this your wife?" Next to him, Felius, who had just recovered and realized that the pet beast had been taken away, couldn't help but ask Su Ping.

He suddenly envied his short-necked crocodile beast.

It would be great if it was himself who had just been taken away!


Su Ping's face was indifferent. This has nothing to do with business. He was much lazy and said, "The cost of breeding your short-necked crocodile beast is 100 million yuan at a time. You can pay for it."

"One hundred million?"

Felius was agitated, recovered and looked at Su Ping in astonishment.

One hundred million for him, although not much, can afford it.

But Su Ping only cultivated for one day here, just made one hundred million in one day? !

Moreover, this is only from him alone.

If there are ten customers, that would be one billion a day!

30 billion in a month! !

This revenue is a bit scary for a pet shop. Even some well-known multi-star stores rely on the total performance of the chain store to reach extremely horrible figures. However, it is difficult to achieve monthly sales with a single store. Revenue in the tens of billions.

Unless it is an excellent location, there is a top-brand store or head office where a special educator sits!

"Why, no money?" Su Ping frowned when he saw Felius's reaction. At any rate, he was also in the vast sea realm. It was also a legend to throw it on the blue star.

The legend on the blue star, who doesn't have a tens of billions?

"This... there is money, but will the price..."

Felius was a little bit reluctant, spending 100 million a day, which was too much for the Moreno family in their sunset, and he had learned to save it now.

"Too expensive?"

Su Ping raised her eyebrows, her face turned cold, and said, "With the effect of our store's cultivation, this price is definitely lower for you! You go out and spend 100 million to find someone else to see if your pet can develop new skills or improve. Combat power."

He was quite rude.

Su Ping speaks with such confidence. The system's high vision has led to extremely low prices. He knows very well that with the cultivation effect in his store, it is definitely the lowest price of the same effect.

If you change to another animal pet shop, don't talk about it for three to five billion yuan, people will just blast you away!

Felius was stunned. He didn't expect Su Ping to speak so hard, so how can he do business to please customers?

I am a consumer!

The customer is God, do you understand God? !

"Boss, if the cultivation effect is as good as you said, I don't mind the money, but... can you wait for the cultivation to let me see the effect first, I will pay the money, or else, I will pay the deposit first How?" Filius said.

Although Su Ping had a bad attitude, he didn't want to talk to Su Ping directly.

After all, the next step is the pet match.

And I just met the blonde beauty in the Su Ping store, and Su Ping said it wasn't his wife, so it was most likely the boss behind the store, or Su Ping's sister.

If it is the latter, then Su Ping in front of him is his brother-in-law or brother-in-law!

For that beauty, Filius felt that he should also spend and consume in this store, and strive to become a senior member of this store, so as to build a relationship!


Su Ping looked at the dog-like young man in front of him. He looked like a talented person, and his cultivation level was not bad. Why did he spend money to do so?

"This shop always arrives once, so don't come if you don't have any money. If you think it's expensive, I will call out your pet beast now, and you can take it away!" Su Ping said coldly.

Before this guy reported his family, Su Ping thought it was a rich man, but he did not expect to be a poor man.

Even if they are not poor, they are extremely stingy people.

Cultivate your own battle pet, as a vast sea realm, who is not willing to spend a hundred million dollars, is this also a worthy battle pet master?

"Don't, don't."

When Su Ping was about to call out his battle pet, Felius quickly called.

He can't afford to lose that person!

My own battle pet just now, but that peerless beauty led in.

Now Su Ping asks the other party to send it out, how would this beauty treat him?

Thinking about that scene, he felt ashamed.

"It's only 100 million, I can tell, it's just that I used to spend elsewhere." Felius laughed dryly, and he was a little dissatisfied with Su Ping in front of him. It's normal!

But Su Ping is too overbearing here, so he needs the full amount!

However, at this moment, his head is full of the blonde beauty just now, and he has made up his mind to approach and pursue. At this moment, it is obviously irrational to offend Su Ping.

"Then pay the money." Su Pingyuan said expressionlessly.

Seeing Su Ping's face, Felius's mouth twitched slightly. He was spending money here, but it was as if he owed Su Ping, who is the customer, and who is God!

Complaining complained, but for the beauty, he endured it.

Men must never fail in this life, except for their parents, they are war pets and beauties.

Felius thought he was an innocent person, but just now, he fell in love at first sight!

Ding Dong!

Su Ping's expression was still cold after receiving the account information. It was all men. With the look in Felius' eyes and the reaction just now, he couldn't see his thoughts.

However, it is inevitable that a beautiful clerk like Joanna has an attractive bonus to customers.

This is also one of the benefits of Joanna being a clerk for him, which can attract customers.

He couldn't stop Joanna's natural charm.

It can only be said that this kid is thinking too much.

Joanna is so arrogant and visionary. There are countless strong men in the God Realm, and the peerless wizards of the Protoss are countless. How can you look at these people.

Moreover, the opponent is a Protoss, and she is naturally arrogant. In her eyes, the Human Race is just an ant. Who would look at the ant more?

Even if you, the ant, spend her in the store specifically to show off your financial resources, but in the eyes of others, this thing is not worth mentioning!

Thinking about it, Su Ping naturally wouldn't say it straight. Joanna is an employee in her store. It is also her contribution to attracting customers such as her in front of her store.

"If you don't need anything else, just go back and wait for the news. Come and get it tomorrow." Su Ping said calmly.

"it is good."

Felius just nodded, suddenly thinking of something, and said: "Boss, did you forget to give me the receipt?"

"Our store has no receipts, when you come over, I will naturally recognize you." Su Ping said calmly.

Felius was shocked and stared.

Don't even have a receipt? What should you do if you want to fall back on the bill?

"Boss, it's a hundred million at any rate, so I have to write a note." Felius couldn't help saying.

"It's a mere 100 million, do you think I will fall back on my account? My store is here, can't it be moved away?" Su Ping rolled his eyes anger.

The system never issued a receipt. He could give a receipt on Bluestar because he was familiar with Bluestar and was able to make a note of it.

But here, let him apply for a receipt with the tax bureau? He is too lazy to run, too troublesome!


Felius wanted to speak, but finally held back.

It is too unreasonable not to give a receipt!

But thinking that the money has been given, and Su Ping's big shop is here, I can't run away!

He thought for a while, but forget it, if the blonde beauty is alarmed and sees him picking and searching here, I'm afraid it will leave a bad impression.

"Well, I'm used to spending in other places too, don't mind the boss." Felius coughed lightly, and laughed again.

Since I don't plan to ask for a receipt, I have to be pretty.

Su Ping didn't raise his eyelids, and said, "The door is in front."


Felius really had the feeling of vomiting blood, the boss's service attitude is simply too outrageous!

Secretly gritted his teeth, his heart was cruel, so awesome, it depends on what you cultivate my pet beast into tomorrow!

If he is not satisfied with the cultivation, he must be the face of the blond beauty and theoretically follow Su Ping.

Then, he doesn't want to lose money, he will forget it very much, and don't care!

Show off his handsome and handsome side.

When is a man the most handsome? The most handsome when you don't care about money!

Thinking of this, he sneered in his heart, turned and left.

Su Ping didn't care what this person thought. He glanced at the remaining people and said, "Do you have any needs?"

The three looked at each other. They are also the favorites of war, but unlike Felius, they are not a big family behind them. Although the Moreno family behind Felius has declined in Warfitt City, it is after all Lean camel.

The younger generation in the family, who randomly took out hundreds of millions to risk chasing beautiful women, had that capital.

But they still want to save money and come to Su Ping tomorrow to buy the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

With today's sensational scene, there will inevitably be a lot of people competing for bidding tomorrow. If it is robbed by a few hundred million people, it will be beyond regret!

Soon, several people said goodbye to Su Ping and agreed to come back tomorrow, very polite.

Su Ping sent them away, and when the door was about to close, people came one after another, rushing over after hearing the news of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

But when he learned from Su Ping that the sale would not be until tomorrow, these people had to leave.

Seeing that there was no business and no ink marks, Su Ping closed the store directly to do business.

The business to do this is naturally not to cultivate the pet beast of Nafelius, but to consider upgrading his store business, and by the way, increase the combat power of the little skeletons.

Su Ping also plans to use the beast pet aptitude book he just obtained earlier.

"The current king-level battle pet, from the Boundary Sea Stage to the Destiny Stage, can only be cultivated in general. If you want to provide professional training, you must first cultivate a high-quality battle pet of the Boundary Sea Stage!"

"But cultivating a high-quality battle pet is too difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive!"

"If you use the customer's pets to nurture, unless you pay enough money, it will be too wasteful. It is best to raise them to the vast sea level, and then nurture them. After all, they are your own pets. No investment is needed to nurture them. Suffer."

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