Astral Pet Store Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Breaking The 100th Combat Power

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It didn't take long.

The Tribulation of Ergou is over.

Without relying on Su Ping's help, Ergou relied on his own strength to resist, and after resisting the next catastrophe, its combat power surged several points again, reaching 39 points!

At this moment, Ergou's body looks like a dragon or a dog, like a golden dragon and lion, with strong hair and a burly physique, and its claws are powerful in cracking mountains and rocks.

Seeing Ergou alone resisting the hundred-mile calamity, Su Ping was very pleased. If the ordinary monsters cross the calamity, it is extremely dangerous. After all, cross the robbery, as the name suggests, is a calamity, not so easy to get over. .

The higher the aptitude, the greater the thunder tribulation caused, and the more terrible the power of the heavenly tribulation will be!

"In the tribulation, it seems that there are rules of trial..." Su Ping looked at the black thundercloud that dissipated above his head, with some thoughts in his eyes. Watching the two dogs cross the tribulation gave him some gains.

This insight will temporarily settle in his heart, and maybe at some opportunity in the future, he will use it suddenly.

at this time.

The short-necked blue-scaled crocodile next to him, and the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that Su Ping brought back from Lei Mingzhou, were the two dogs who watched the triumph successfully.

The coercion of the thunder robbery just made them stunned and shocked.

Compared with Ergou's, the thunderclouds they had when they crossed the catastrophe were nothing short of nothing.

"It's time to preach to you."

Su Ping called the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the Second Dog who had just successfully crossed the Tribulation, and let them come to him.

As for the short-necked blue crocodile, this is the customer's favorite. Of course, Su Ping is a selfish person. He only needs to complete the ordinary cultivation standard, and preach to it... luxury.

Do not pass lightly, Su Ping wants to pass the rules and rhymes he comprehends to his pet.

"You want to preach directly?"

Beside, Joanna was a little surprised when she heard Su Ping's words, and said: "They are just your favorites. Once they can't keep up with you in the future, or if they terminate the contract with you for other reasons, they are strangers!"

"As long as I live, they won't terminate the contract with me, even if they can't keep up with me, I will nurture them to keep up, and I hope they can surpass me and be stronger than me!"

Su Ping said.

His eyes showed the kindness of an old father.

The Ergou and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, they all experienced life and death with themselves, how can they fail when they stand up and stand in front of them in the battle again and again? Dislike it?

Joanna froze slightly, staring at him without saying anything.

With Su Ping's pedigree and aptitude, he will be able to accompany Su Ping on a long journey in the future, and it is not a loss to preach to them.

However, this is from Joannas perspective. In Su Pings eyes, the question of not losing at all was never thought of. Just like what he said, he sincerely hopes that his battle pet can become stronger, even if he surpasses him. !

He doesn't worry about being eaten away by the Lord, the Inferno Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou, he treats them as his partner, child, comrade-in-arms!

The most trusted object!

First, Su Ping let the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast come up first.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast obediently walked to Su Pian, his huge body rumbling on the ground, looking majestic and domineering, but at the moment he behaved very obediently.

Su Ping smiled slightly and reached out to touch his calf.

The next moment, he closed his eyes, and all the sentiments in his mind were passed on.

Annihilation of the rules of Dao Yun...thunder and thunder of the rules of Dao Yun...medium acceleration pictorial enlightenment...

These are the top abilities that Su Ping has mastered, and there are also two rules of the way. At this moment, he has passed them to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast without reservation.

It lasted for half an hour, Su Ping released his hand, his eyes opened and closed, and a clear and sharp light flashed away. He raised his head and glanced at the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast before him, identifying its information:

Attribute: Dragon (a quarter of the demon blood)

Level: Mid-level 9

Power: 106

Qualification: first class

Talent ability: low speed talent, low power talent, medium acceleration talent

Bloodline Abilities: Purgatory Lightning Flame, Thunder Dragon Body, Void Impact

Master the Avenue: Thunder (Thunder Boom), Dark (Annihilation)

Skills: Thunder Prison, Hell Fire, Lava Sea, Thunder Dragon Impact, Lightning Strike, Dragon Shadow Clone, Wind Thunder Tornado...

"Strength 106?!!!"

Seeing the combat power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping suddenly widened his eyes, and rubbed it vigorously, and found that there was no mistake or dazzle!

The combat power actually broke one hundred, and it exceeded 6 points!

How can it be!

In the system's combat power planning, the base of the combat power of Starland is 100!

At 100 points of combat power, you will have the strength to rival the Starry Sky Realm.

Before the preaching, the combat power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast was only more than 30. As a result, after the preaching ended, after mastering the two rules of power that Su Ping had understood, the combat power directly increased by a hundred!

The power of the two rules has increased its combat power by nearly 70 points!

This effect is too powerful!

Su Ping was a little shocked, and it took a few minutes before he slowly reacted. He thought about it carefully, and slowly felt relieved.

The power of rules is the means of the Starry Sky Realm, even some of the Starry Sky Realm powerhouses have only mastered one rule! The power of rules is the key to the Starry Sky Realm's ability to easily kill the Destiny Realm.

All the bells and whistles, under the dimensionality reduction of the power of the rules, are useless, except for some extremely rare top bloodline abilities.

But now, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast has also mastered the power of rules. This is the method of the Starry Sky Realm, or two ways. According to theory, the combat power is even more terrifying than the average Starry Sky Realm!

In addition, Su Ping just got the medium acceleration talent.

It is possible to kill the starry sky in a second!


The realm of the purgatory candle dragon beast itself is too low!

Although under Su Pings cultivation, he tried his best to fight again and again, coupled with hundreds of tribulations, he purified and compressed his own energy again and again, making the energy in his body extremely pure and clearer than the average star power in the vast sea. The purity is even higher!

The higher the purity, the more energy it can hold, and the fierce candle dragon beast fights fiercely again and again, making its body's capacity for energy continue to expand.

As a result, whether it is the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, or the two dogs and small skeletons undergoing the same exercise, including Su Ping, the energy in the body is far greater than that of the same level.

But... after all, it crossed a whole realm!

The dragon body and cultivation base of the middle stage of the ninth stage are still too constrained after all. Compared with the real starry sky, the energy in the purgatory candle dragon beast is still a little shallow. Even if it can use the regular power, it has not stepped into the sea before. The same as before, can only barely perform!

Even if you use a dual-rule power battle, you will be exhausted immediately and overdrawn!

However, no matter what, the current combat power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is truly broken!

This is the combat power of the Star Realm!

If you meet the original Lord of the Abyss again, you may be able to deal with it with the ability of the little skeleton!

After all, although the Lord of the Abyss is in the Starry Sky Realm, he is trapped by the Blue Star. The fighting method he masters is also the method of the King Beast. Only the rule power is the method of the Starry Sky Realm. Other than that, he has not realized the difference The starry sky skills.

In the middle of the ninth stage, rival the starry sky!

This is the exaggerated combat power and terrifying qualification of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast!

Looking at the "superior" qualifications, Su Ping was extremely excited. This is the highest evaluation he has cultivated so far!

One step further, the system says it is special!

And at the top of the top ranks is the list of qualifications of the Chaos Heavens Ranking. Those who can enter that list are all famous and top-notch wizards in countless worlds!

When his mood was agitated, Su Ping couldnt help asking the system in his heart: "With the cultivation base of the middle stage of the ninth stage, to match the starry sky, this is only superior. What is the level of that special? territory?!"

When inquiring, he was also a little shocked.

Is there really such a scary existence?

This is beyond the scope of genius, it is no exaggeration to describe it as a monster!

Su Ping never thought that in the eyes of outsiders, the current aptitude of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast would be enough to shock countless people if displayed.

"Qualification evaluation is based on blood, race, cultivation base, etc., cultivation base is not unique."

The system said indifferently: "If its bloodline is not a dragon, but a low-level mouse clan, then with its mid-tier ninth stage at this moment, it can rival the starry sky, and it is enough to be included in the special class."

"And it is a dragon race, although it is not a noble dragon race, but in countless epochs and worlds, among dragon races with bloodlines and cultivation bases like it, it has also been born with a higher talent than it, if it can match the star realm. If you do, the qualification will surpass the special class and be included in the chaos heavens qualification list!"

"However, it can only be ranked at the bottom, after a million."

The last supplementary sentence made Su Ping almost vomit blood.

With the cultivation base of the middle stage of the ninth stage, rivaling the star realm, and finally stepping into the aptitude list of the chaotic heavens, can he only barely rank behind a million? !

How many terrifying monsters are there in this world! !

Su Ping felt that this was too exaggerated, and it was beyond his cognition. If this news spreads out, it is estimated that it will scare everyone in the entire Federation, and no one will believe it.

"According to what you said, can it be considered top-notch if it is comparable to the Conferred God Realm?" Su Ping asked unconvincedly.

He felt that this kind of thing was too difficult, not even difficult, but impossible!

Can't even think about it!

No matter how enchanting, physique and cultivation level are there, how far can it go against the sky?

"It's not impossible."

The system indifferently said: "In countless worlds in countless epochs, relying on some peerless opportunities, it is not that such an existence has not been born. It is not surprising. The reason I tell you is that I hope you know that with your current training ability, Very superficial, and your future path is very long. I hope you can cultivate a pet that can be included in the Chaos Qualification List as soon as possible. I will give you a big reward at that time!"

Poof, Su Ping wants to vomit blood.

His cultivating ability is also called superficial?

Sure enough, in front of the system, everything is scum!

The little pride he had just risen was immediately beaten to perfection.

According to the system's vision and standards...then the war pets all over the street in the Federation are all rubbish!

But... the system's evaluation of them, it seems, it seems... really special!

All inferior, inferior!


Su Ping was a little speechless, and his systematic vision was too scary.

Sighing, Su Ping shook his head. In short, there is still a long way to go...

"If you combine with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast now, although the energy gain you can get is the same as before, it can also cooperate with me to release the power of the rules. The actual combat power should have a qualitative change, and even encounter the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. Dragon King, may not let it escape!" Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast also mastered the two rules of power. If he cooperated with him to use it, the old dragon would be hard to beat with four hands, and was properly beaten by a group!

Thinking of this, Su Ping was a little excited.

He called the two dogs and began to preach to it.

It didn't take long for Ergou's preaching to be completed, and its combat power soared!

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