Astral Pet Store Chapter 758

Chapter 758: Special Class Is Born Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Attribute: Dragon (one-seventh demon blood)

Level: The top

Power: 117

Qualification: upper middle

Talent ability: low speed talent, low power talent, medium acceleration talent

Bloodline abilities: Dayan Thunder Roar, Advanced Unreal, Void God Yan

Master the Avenue: Thunder (Thunder Boom), Dark (Annihilation)

Skills: Guardian of the Wind God, Guardian of the Frost Goddess, Guardian of the Flame Goddess, Thunder God Armor, Dark Shield, Thunder King's Body... (Dozens are omitted here)

117 points...This is the current strength of Ergou!

What surprised Su Ping was that its previous "medium illusion" bloodline ability had turned into a high illusion at this moment.

High illusion, can ignore physical and energy attacks, and can greatly weaken the power of the rules of attack!

Obviously, this is a very strong life-saving ability.

Su Ping was a little speechless. He didn't expect that the two dogs would come into contact with the power of rules as soon as he preached, and he would comprehend his bloodline talent to a higher level through the perception of the power of the two rules.

This guy is really blessed with this talent!

Who would have thought that a battle pet who seemed so cruel in appearance would be armed with defensive skills?

However, the True Dragon Clan of the Dayan still passed on to Ergou several quite powerful attacking skills, such as the Thundery Roar of the Dayan, which is a mass killing skill, which is quite powerful.

That Void God Yan is not bad, it is the real fire of the Dayan True Dragon clan, and it can burn even space!

"Previously, it was the upper-middle qualification, now it is the upper-medium qualification."

"Although the combat power is stronger than the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, it is actually inferior in terms of aptitude. Is it because the cultivation base is higher and the bloodline is higher..."

The bloodline of the Dayan True Dragon inherited by the two dogs is slightly higher than the bloodline of the Purple-blooded Celestial Dragon fused after the resurrection of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. After all, the purple-blooded Celestial Dragon clan is the top of the Star Realm.

And the True Dragon of Dayan, is the peak of the Star Realm, and there is such a glimmer of hope that it will transcend the race and reach the Conferred God!

"If you first preach to Ergou just before crossing the Tribulation, it is estimated that the range of the Heavenly Tribulation Thundercloud it will attract will be wider..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

Ergou's current combat strength is also approaching him.

It is a pity that Su Ping could not see his own combat power.

However, through the comparison of previous battles, Su Ping is confident that he will kill the ordinary starry sky without the help of the state of integration, like the Lord of the Abyss!

The two rules of power he mastered, medium acceleration, low speed talent and power talent, are his cards for cross-tier combat.

But the most important thing is that his body has reached the second level of the Golden Crow God and Demon Body, and the strength of his physical body is comparable to that of the Destiny Realm.

What is the strength of the gods, demons and monsters in the Destiny Realm? They are all beings that can easily defeat other demon beasts in the Destiny Realm, even in the Starry Sky Realm, they may not be able to kill them!

In addition, he has a divine body and a swordsmanship created by the power of rules.

Coupled with the exercises he cultivated, the Primal Chaos Star Force was also an ancient gods and demons exercises, extremely terrifying.

With this kind of combination, even if Su Ping passed on the power of his rules to them, he could still beat them with his own combat power.

After all, Su Ping has also experienced the hardships the two dogs have experienced.

Every time he was nurtured, Su Ping didn't always stand behind and watch, he also went to the battlefield and fought **** battles.

He has also endured battles of despair and extremes. The purity of energy in his body is not worse than that of the two dogs, and in the exercise of the Golden Crow World, it has reached a more extreme and pure degree!

"The power of the rules is passed on to them. The two dogs have integrated the power of the rules into their skills. The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast has not yet. You need to let it slowly learn to blend in actual combat, just like you blend the power of rules. It's like creating swordsmanship!"

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

He looked at the purple python behind.

This is the battle pet that he hatched personally. By now, the purple-green python can't keep up with him, just like Joanna said.

In the world of the pet master, most of the pets who can't keep up with their own pace choose to abandon, terminate the contract, and then buy new and more powerful pets to cultivate.

After all, cultivating a pet that can't keep up with oneself to the point of catching up with oneself will consume too much resources.

Although most of the resources of the pet masters are tilted to the pets, they are all tilted to the pets that are worth investing, have strong pedigrees, and have high future growth potential.

Not every battle pet will be fully cultivated by a battle pet teacher. How can there be so many resources?

Therefore, the battle pet master will have the main battle pet, the deputy battle pet, and other battle pets that can be replaced at any time.

Su Ping didn't plan to give up the purple green python.

He has been suppressing the cultivation base of the Violet Python, preventing it from evolving and not allowing it to break through its own lineage, just to facilitate cultivation, so that it can cultivate its aptitude to a very high level.

Just like now.

Su Ping raised his hand and began preaching to the purple snake.

After half an hour, the preaching ended.

Su Ping looked at the purple snake.

Attribute: Combat

Level: late stage six

Combat power: 98.2

Qualification: Principal Intermediate

Talent ability: low speed talent, low power talent, medium acceleration talent

Bloodline ability: python wrap, snake swallow

Skills: thunder flash, rock escape, violent twist, million tons of snake whip, three-stage continuous sprint, exhalation, landslide python collision, iron scale shield...

"Special Intermediate!"

Seeing the appraisal of Ziqing's aptitude and the four shining purple words, Su Ping's breathing became a little quick.

The superior talents of the previous Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast had broken the highest peak he had cultivated before, and now the Violet Green Python set another record!

Super Intermediate!

What made Su Ping even more shocking was that with the sixth-order cultivation base of the Violet Pygmy Python, which could match the top combat power of the Destiny Realm, it was actually only a special intermediate level, and was not included in the Chaos Heavens Qualification Ranking.

Is it necessary to reach the starry sky to be on the list? !

But... this is incredible!

You know, Ziqing Gu Python is now only Tier 6, and it is not even King Beast. It is of the same tier and the same race as it. It shivered and weakened on the spot in front of King Beast, but it can match the top King Beast of Destiny! !

Lost in their clan, this is definitely a super strange species that has shocked the whole clan and is rare in thousands of years!

This can't be included in the list, how many evildoers are included in the system's database!


"It has been detected that the host has cultivated a special-class pet of Jiji Jing for the first time, and the host will be rewarded with random advanced cultivation skills X1. I hope to continue to work hard!" The system prompt sounded.

"Ding! It has been detected that the host has cultivated a superior-qualified battle pet in the vast sea realm, and the shop king beast professional cultivation service has been opened, and the cultivation of the king beast can be cultivated into the vast sea realm, virtual cave realm, and destiny realm."

The second reminder was unexpected to Su Ping.

Previously, the purpose of removing the seal of Ergou and improving his cultivation level was to cultivate him to a high-level qualification and to get through the professional king-level cultivation service of the store.

As for the first one, Su Ping was surprised and curious.

Advanced training skills?

Su Ping immediately opened the storage space of the system, and immediately saw a purple book appearing inside.

"Higher Spiritual Art!"

Seeing the name of this skill, Su Ping was a little curious and immediately chose to learn it.

Soon, the skill book turned into a purple gas and submerged in his mind. Then Su Ping felt the exploding vast information of the planet, instilling it into his brain.

This information is so much that if it is carved into a book, it can fill a library.

But Su Ping's current willpower is extraordinary. He only feels his head is slightly swollen, and he digests quickly.

"This is Advanced Spiritualism?"

Su Ping understood this skill, and his eyes widened, a little shocked.

This skill is too terrifying!

Spiritual transmission, this is a cultivation secret technique in ancient times. It can transfer one's own energy and the energy of alien beasts to each other. This is a bit like the mastery of Title Realm, and the energy is shared!

But unlike the energy sharing, the energy sharing of the titled realm is to transfer the energy of oneself or the pet beast to each other with the help of a contract, but when they are transferred to each other, there will be energy consumption problems, such as transferring 100 energy points to the pet beast. The pet beast can only receive 50 or even 20 points!

But spirituality is very scary.

There is no need to rely on contracts to deliver, and there will be no energy loss!

Su Ping can transfer his own energy to monsters that are not connected to the contract, or other battle pets, causing the energy in his body to explode and directly step into a new realm!

At the same time, he can also recover the transferred energy, and when it recovers, he can nourish and reconcile each other's energy, and each other can get greater benefits!

In other words, if Su Ping transmits 100 points of energy to a monster with only 100 points of energy, the monster will have 200 points of energy, but when Su Ping recovers the energy, Su Ping can gain 120 points of energy, and This monster will also leave 120 energy in its body!

It is a win-win situation!

"This advanced spiritual technique is equivalent to the divine fruit that Joanna helped me find earlier, and it is used unlimited times!"

After understanding the power of this advanced spiritual transmission, Su Ping's heart was shocked. Through this spiritual transmission, he could help other monsters easily break the current realm!

Even stepping into the legend from Tier 9 is easy!

Didn't sense the catastrophe?

Ten will drop in one effort!

Su Ping directly poured out the vast star power in his body to help him sort out the energy, and naturally he could break the bottleneck and forcefully inspire the catastrophe!

The key is that his spiritual transmission is not only for beasts, but also for people!

After all, the system has transmitted a very core idea to Su Ping, and everything is a beast.

Humans... naturally nothing special.

It's just that why human beings can't make a contract with human beings, this is what Su Ping doesn't know, maybe this contract was established by the human race in ancient times.

In that Golden Crow World, Su Ping learned of the existence of the Human Race from the Golden Crow Clan.

Blue Star does not seem to be the origin of mankind.

In the early Chaos Period, the Primordial Age, humans were already born, and they were as powerful as the ancient gods and demons like the Golden Crow!

Perhaps this contract is the top power of the ancient human race, something specially thought of for your own race, so that humans can dominate other races and greatly enhance their combat power.

After all, human beings themselves do not rely on battle pets, and fight against a person of the same rank who depends on battle pets. That is absolutely crushed!

As long as the resources are sufficient, a Vast Sea Realm can sign more than a dozen top-notch virtual cave realm pets. These battle pets listen to their orders. With such power, encountering other virtual cave realm monsters is a complete sweep!

Even the Destiny Realm can match!

The significance of this contract to mankind is extraordinary.

"If I use spirit transmission with Ergou or Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast all the time, the energy of both parties will increase dramatically all the time, far faster than the average cultivation speed, and always in a super cultivation state!" Su Ping felt excited! .

After finishing the memory of this advanced spiritual technique, Su Ping looked at Ziqing Kuan. Although he also inherited his two rule powers and medium acceleration talents, the increase in combat power of Ziqing Kuan still remained unchanged. Fa is comparable to the Starry Sky Realm, perhaps barely, there is a chance to escape in front of the weakest Starry Sky Realm.

"I have mastered the power of the rules, but it can't match the Starry Sky Realm. Is it because my body and energy are constrained? After all, it is only a sixth-order, just like the palm of a baby. No matter how advanced the skill is, it can't be used."

"You still need to continue to beat the body, and then further compress energy to the extreme."

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