Astral Pet Store Chapter 759

Chapter 759: Rapid Growth Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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After that, Su Ping did not continue preaching.

Although the abyssal blue beetle was also his favorite, Su Ping had the least nurturing of it. He signed a contract with it at the beginning, mainly because he was a little curious about this special zerg who invaded the demigod land.

This Zerg feeds on the Protoss, which is quite peculiar, but Su Ping has never been able to study its other potentials, and has not sent it to the field during the battle. It is not necessary to preach to it temporarily.

As for the Bailin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, he had just come into contact with it, and Su Ping had not yet determined whether he should keep it by his side as his battle pet.

At the beginning, it was hunted purely to complete system tasks.

Although its aptitude is quite good, it is quite rare in the wild monster beast, but Su Ping already has a purgatory candle dragon beast.

Su Ping had promised at the beginning that he would cultivate the dragon beast of Purgatory into the strongest dragon clan in the world!

This promise is what Su Ping is pursuing. Su Ping is not very interested in other dragon beasts. Even if he gets it, he can't put too much energy into nurturing.

After all, if you have this energy, you might as well concentrate on cultivating the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and cultivate it to the extreme!

Petting the beast lies in excellence, not in many. If there is no way to keep improving, then we will consider more and better, and quantify to enhance the overall combat power.

But Su Ping is far from reaching the limit of excellence.

"This pet beast qualification book can improve the first-class qualification, right? If it is used for the purple python, can it directly surpass the special class and enter the chaotic heavens qualification ranking?" Su Ping asked in his heart.

"The pet beast qualification book can only be promoted to a special superior." The system replied.

Su Ping stared, and said in his heart: "Isn't it just a level up directly?"

"This is to raise a level."


Su Ping was a bit speechless, but thinking about it, it would be terrifying to be able to go from a special intermediate to a superior superior. It is estimated that the purple green python can give birth to several extremely powerful skills and reborn.

However, since it can't be promoted to the Chaos Heavens Qualification List all at once, it doesn't make much sense to it.

Even if he was promoted to a special superior, his combat power was estimated to be comparable to that of the Starry Sky Realm.

Su Ping thinks about it, but still plans to keep it first, and then think about it when Little Skull comes back.

At present, the battle pet in his hand, Little Skeleton is the strongest main force. He is not partial, but for his own safety, he must give priority to the strongest battle pet.

Just like a knife, the blade must be the sharpest, and the little skull is Su Ping's blade.

After thinking about it.

Su Ping did not stay any longer, and returned to the temple with Joanna.

Then set off from the temple, accompanied by a **** of the starry sky, to a dangerous place in the demigod.


Su Ping instructed the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the short-necked blue-scaled crocodile to rush directly towards a Beast Sea-level monster in this dangerous area. This monster had absorbed the divine energy of this place, and it had some divine power in its body, which was regarded as a semi-divine beast.

Under the condition of mobilizing divine power, this monster beast can explode with a combat power comparable to the external virtual cave realm.


The short-necked blue-scaled crocodile was quite ferocious, and rushed up first, but under the roar of the monster, the original ferocity suddenly disappeared, and it was strong outside.

Just when it was thinking about retreating, the monster beast had already rushed in, bursting out with a divine aura, and its speed surged. It directly slapped the short-necked crocodile on the head, tearing its scalp apart on the spot.

The severe pain and deterrence caused the short-necked blue crocodile to immediately lose the will to fight, and turned around in panic and fled.

As for Su Pings order... it just signed a temporary contract. Its favorability for Su Ping is only on the pass line, but at this moment Su Ping wants to send him to death. Its injured grievances and anger are all transferred to Su Ping. Plunging, no longer loyal to Yu Suping.

"Killing Intent" skill released!

Su Ping stood in the distance and pointed out.

The short-necked blue-scaly crocodile, who was turning around and running wildly, suddenly reddened its panic eyes, and its entire body's scales opened slightly. It roared and rushed towards the monster.

The monster beast was slightly surprised, but he didn't expect that the prey suddenly burst into such a ferocious aura.

But dare to turn around and fight back?

Kill you!

Beside, the ninth-tier white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast did not shrink back, releasing a series of lightning skills, all kinds of lightning knives, lightning blades, lightning locks, etc., all parried.

There was a thud.

The monster beast showed great power and shredded the short-necked blue-scaled crocodile that furiously counterattacked, and suddenly roared when he saw the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon beast that kept releasing skills interference.

This roar was extremely deterrent, but after the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast trembled, it didn't stop attacking, and the pair of dragon eyes became more determined and fierce.

Su Ping nodded slightly.

This white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast's temperament is stronger than this short-necked blue-scaled crocodile. Perhaps it was because he had seen him fight the dragon king before and was frightened by the dragon king at close range.

At this moment, facing the deterrence of the vast sky monster beast whose cultivation base was far lower than that of the Dragon King, the natural immunity was greatly increased, and the impact was low.

Seeing that the roar could not be deterred, the monster felt that its dignity was severely provoked. It became more angry and quickly shot. A rock spear shot out from the ground, like a mountain peak pierced by a road, piercing the body of the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast .



Su Ping immediately resurrected both of them and ordered them to continue fighting.

The Bailin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was obviously stunned, but when he was stunned, Su Ping's order was conveyed. It turned his head and glanced at Su Ping. The dragon's eyes flashed slightly, thinking of the scene in the Thunderwood Forest.

The father used to cover them and block the chasers alone.

Mother desperately begged to protect it.

At that moment, it deeply felt its weakness and despair.

Roar! !

The white scale Hankong Thunder Dragon roar suddenly, full of madness, it wants to become stronger!

It wants to be stronger! !

Without Su Pings killing intent skills, the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast rushed up more bravely than the short-necked blue-scaled crocodile beside it. It was full of thunder and violent. The color of this thunder was extremely fierce, like a white aurora. In the thunder shock, its body The surrounding space was also torn apart, which originated from the bloodline ability of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan.

Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is born in space and has a very high comprehension ability. Therefore, as long as it has a normal brain in adulthood, it will naturally understand space and step into the virtual cave realm.

And at the moment.

This white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was only a ninth-level cultivation base, but it shook the space. Its skills penetrated the space and directly landed on the monster beast at a flashing speed.


The skill hit, causing wounds, but not serious injuries.

With a roar, the monster beast was so furious that he threw away the short-necked blue crocodile next to it and slew towards the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

Dodge, dodge, attack!

The white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast displayed extremely strong fighting talent, quickly dodged, and quickly avoided the attack of this monster beast, and instead continued to attack.

The short-necked blue-scaled crocodile next to it was obviously a little stunned. It didn't expect the little dwarf next to it to be so strong, but the opponent's cultivation base was lower than it!

Killing intent!

At this moment, Su Ping in the distance released his skills, and his killing intent was poured into his mind.


The short-necked blue crocodile also roared out.

five minutes later.

The place gradually became quiet, and the battle ended. The monster beast was killed by the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and the short-necked blue-scale crocodile. This battle also made the White-scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast understand the mystery of space. If it is, it can step into the Void Cave Realm at this moment. If it is thrown outside, it is the best war favorite!

Su Ping saw its aptitude changed from medium to medium.

Improved a little bit.

Su Ping nodded slightly, and he planned to cultivate him to a high-level qualification.

This white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast has quite good savvy. If it weren't for Su Ping already had a Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and his feelings were too deep, he would definitely treat it as his main dragon pet.

But at present, it is only cultivated as a backup pet.

Anyway, Su Ping currently has a lot of pet positions, and he can still sign a few more. If he can't find a more suitable pet beast, he can temporarily stay.

After resolving this vast sea realm monster, the surrounding space suddenly oscillated, and a virtual cave realm monster rushed out.

It came just right.

Su Ping immediately let them continue to fight, and by the way instructed the two dogs, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and the Violet Blue Python to find other monsters here.

If the three of them want to train, they can only use the top of the destiny realm or the monster beast of the starry sky realm as a companion.

In dangerous places, there are also many exotic fruits.

Many Protoss in the Demigod Land will take the risk to gather here, but this place is too dangerous. Although the collected divine fruit is good, a careless one will cost their lives.

And at the moment.

While Su Ping was cultivating his battle pet, he saw some exotic flowers and fruits along the way, all of which were collected smoothly.

Most of the collected, he directly threw them to Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to eat them, even if some of them could not be eaten, they would eat dead people.

But here you are not afraid of death at all, you can be resurrected even if you die, and you will die if you eat it once...then eat a few more times.

It won't die until you eat it, and it will produce resistance, and the effect can be absorbed until it is absorbed!

Like some of the sacred fruits loved by the Frost-type monsters, they have extremely strong ice energy. Su Ping threw them to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to eat, which made it quite uncomfortable, but after eating, he could comprehend some water-type skills.

After they ate the leftover fruit, Su Ping took it back and left it in the store to sell.

However, Su Ping has already seen clearly that if he earns too little money from selling pet food, he should nurture services quickly. The pet food is only incidental. That's why he will eat these precious pet food to his pets immediately. .

If they can become stronger after eating them, Su Ping would rather make less money.

The end of the day.

That short-necked blue crocodile has been bred to a medium qualification.

Although it is only in the vast sea realm, accompanied by the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, they have realized the mystery of space together, which can flash and tear the second space!

Many skills can also use space mysteries to strike accurately.

Following the top students, you can make progress faster...

The White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast's aptitude is still medium, but the master of the space mystery is becoming more and more adept. Su Ping regards it as his assistant pet dragon beast cultivating. Although he has not preached for the time being, he will cultivate other battle pets every time. Whenever, they will bring it, and sooner or later they will be able to achieve high-level qualifications.

Return trip.

Su Ping returned to the Demigod Falling Land again, this time with several other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts he had captured.

These ten... can only be brought in in two batches.

In the first batch, Su Ping selected the vast sky thunder dragon beasts in the virtual cave realm.

When they saw the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, they were all surprised. Among their Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan, they had long heard of a scandal.

That was the child of the Dragon King. The Thunder Mountain, the most valiant and proficient in their Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clan, even combined with the lower Python clan and gave birth to a lower hybrid.

And the white-scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in front of him was the rumored low-grade hybrid.

Seeing the other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast again, this white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was also a little stunned, but under Su Ping's order, they were not given time to "remember the old" together, and entered the dangerous ground to quickly fight and fight.

In the fight, the White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast became more fierce and brave, showing extremely strong combat power, and progressing faster than before.

Its performance shocked this batch of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. I didn't expect this rumored inferior hybrid to be so fierce and terrifying!

With a Tier 9 dragon body, he can hold on for half a minute in front of the monsters in the virtual cave realm!

This is incredible!

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