Astral Pet Store Chapter 760

Chapter 760: Business Sale Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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At the end of the cultivation of the first batch of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, the White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were already able to fight against the Void Cave Realm in the early stage.

This is a demon beast of the demigod land, and inhabits this dangerous place. They are extremely cruel. If they are left outside, they can basically fight across small tiers, comparable to the middle stage of the virtual cave.

When cultivating the second batch of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, there were three Destiny Realm in it, and Su Ping went straight into the dangerous place deeper and looked for excitement.

Along the way, I encountered a lot of destiny monsters, even the starry sky.

As soon as the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast adapts to the battle with the Void Cave Realm, it suddenly faces the Destiny Realm, and even the powerful monster like the Dragon King it has seen before, is once again forced into desperation and limit.

In addition to the rapid growth of the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the two dogs, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and the Purple Dragon Beast also gained a lot in the battle. They previously received the regular power of the preacher of Su Ping and used them again and again in the battle. They have become more and more skilled, and have even gradually integrated into their skills.

In addition to eating a lot of rare and exotic fruits along the way, the combat power of the three of them has once again improved a few points, and the purple snake has reached 99 points!

Su Ping encountered this limit again and felt a little headache.

But he wasn't very anxious this time. If he could comprehend one more rule, and pass it to the purple snake, he might be able to break it directly!

The cultivation of this demigod land has caused a few Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts to panic, and three of them are not low in spirit and intelligence, and they are shocked along the way.

They didn't expect this human being to hide such a terrifying secret!

They had never seen this place before, and the monsters they encountered were completely different from the monsters they encountered on Thunder Continent. Most monsters had extremely sacred auras on them, and they could burst out with several times stronger power.

Among them, the old dragon in the late destiny realm was given a vicious education to be a dragon by a monster in the middle destiny realm.

However, under Su Ping's resurrection therapy, they are all growing rapidly.

Su Ping does not worry that these pets will leak their secrets after they leave. They are systematically restrained by their might. They cannot reveal any secrets that nurture the world, even if they learn human language, they cannot say it.

This ability to mute is no longer a level that Su Ping can understand.

time flies.

On the planet Rhea, the sunset stared and passed by in a blink of an eye.

On the street, as soon as the dawn came on, many figures gathered here.

Today this street is extremely lively.

On the street, outside a pet animal shop named Zhongxing, stood a Hankong Thunder Dragon cub, only more than ten meters in size, which was considered a juvenile period.

This street is extremely wide, and this dragon beast stands on the side of the street without blocking the way.

"Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beast promotion is on sale!!!"

"Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beast with B+ quality just arrived, welcome!"

Outside the store, beside the young Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast pet, a few graceful staff members of Yingyingyanyan were standing, sending out invitations to the roadside.

Originally, some customers werent interested, but now its the thunder dragon frenzy. Many hunters come to the planet Leya to hunt the Hankong Thunder Dragon beasts, and many pet masters come to buy them on the planet Leya by spacecraft.

Therefore, many pet shops have launched the sale of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

These pet animal shops have their own breeding bases, or spend money to hire professional hunting teams to catch them and sell them in Leiming Island.

However, although Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is a popular favorite, if it is sold in many stores, it can only be seen who sells it with higher quality.

And the B+-level pet beast quality is definitely a very high level!

Up to the top is the A level, which is a quality that can be cultivated at a great cost, and is often the leader of the same family, which can be called the best!

Soon, some customers were attracted to this star pet shop under the slogan of B+ quality.

"I heard that Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is sold on this street, is this the store?"

"No, I remember it was a shop called Little Naughty. That name is pretty easy to remember."

"But this one also sells it. It's still B+ quality. Why don't you check it out first?"

Many customers who came to hear the news were attracted by this store, and soon more and more people gathered outside the store, and some other customers who visited the Suping store yesterday, after being unable to squeeze in, simply went straight Rushed to Su Ping's shop.

As a result, when I first arrived here, I discovered that Su Ping's shop was actually closed.

It's nine o'clock, the sun is basking, and still not open for business?

Many people are speechless, and some people speculate whether it is the B+ quality pet beast reported by the store on the street that makes this store take a hit and does not want to be a foil?

"Don't open the door yet? Forget it."

"Let's go, or squeeze in that store to see how much the B+ quality Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast can sell."

Many people waited outside the Suping store for a while, seeing that the door had not been opened, they finally ran out of patience and prepared to leave.

at this time.

Su Ping's shop suddenly opened.

"So lively?"

As soon as he opened the door, Su Ping saw the people gathered outside the store, and found that there were dozens of numbers. He was a little surprised, but there was no response. After all, the transportation of ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts back yesterday was a good publicity effect.

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong were still learning Federal Language outside, but Su Ping had to greet them in person and watched the store alone.

"Please come in." Su Ping said, turning to enter the store.

"Quick, quick!"

When Su Ping opened a store, many people's eyes were bright. After all, it is a shop that can transport ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at a time. It is definitely backed by big capital. The quality of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts sold should not be bad. Where to go.

Even if you don't have a B-grade, you can get a C-grade. The high-quality ones are good, but they are also expensive.

Not everyone is pursuing the best pets with A-grade quality, which are only affordable by local tyrants. For most people, it is enough to buy one.

At least summon it, from the outside, who can tell what quality it is?

"Boss, where is Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast?"

"Sell it today, I want to buy it!"

"I came yesterday, boss, I came first!"

Many people flocked to the store.

Seeing so many people, Su Ping hurriedly said: "All line up, line up, don't fight."

"Go away, I'm here first, get out of my way!"

A burly man in the crowd suddenly cursed and squeezed his body forward.

This brawny man exuded the aura of the Void Hole Realm, which made many people around him intimidated. The one who was robbed of the position was a favorite warrior of the Boundary Sea Realm. He looked extremely ugly at the sight of the opponent's aura, but he did not dare to argue .

"I said, don't fight, please return to your position." Su Ping said with a cold face when he saw this scene.

The brawny man just stood up in the position he grabbed. He was taken aback when he heard Su Pings words. He said with anger: "Boss, you have too much trouble. How can I grab the position? He gave it to me. No one said anything, boss, hurry up, don't waste everyone's time!"

He saw that Su Ping was only the cultivation base of the vast sea realm, and he didn't take it seriously.

This shop can indeed consign ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. The capital is huge, but this kind of capital is definitely not something that the young man in the vast sea realm can afford. In his eyes, Su Ping is also a servant who has been introduced. That's it.

Hearing this, Su Ping's face became completely cold, and he said, "Please leave the store, this store does not welcome customers like you."


The strong man suspected that his ears were misheard, and the others around him were also surprised. He didn't expect that Su Ping was so stubborn and everyone had grabbed his position. The original owner didn't say anything. Su Ping would actually drive away such customers directly?

"You let me go? I'm here today, but I plan to buy those three Destiny Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. Do you know who I am? Do you know how much money I have?!"

When the strong man heard Su Ping's words, he was a little angry and asked a series of rhetorical questions.

Su Ping said indifferently: "I don't care who yours is, you have to abide by my rules in my shop, Anna, throw him out!"


Joanna, who was standing at the door of the petting room, said with a calm expression on her face, and then walked towards the strong man leisurely.

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