Astral Pet Store Chapter 761

Chapter 761: A Level Qualification For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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At this time, everyone noticed Joanna.

At the first sight of her, everyone present looked amazing and a little unbelievable. I didn't expect that such a stunning beauty was hidden in this small shop.

Joanna's face is among the top beauties in the Protoss, and the aesthetics conforms to the taste of the nineteen adults. In anyone's opinion, it is rare.

"This looks is more beautiful than Aliya, right?"

"Tsk, my god, I've become a fan, and the real beauty is among the folks!"

"For this beauty, I will be a fan of this store from now on!"

The men present were all excited, their eyes glowing.

Some girls feel complicated when they hear the discussion around them, but with Joanna's otherworldly temperament, it is difficult to bring up jealousy.

"You really want to drive me away?!"

When the strong man saw Joanna, his face changed. As a male, Su Ping was going to drive him away in front of such a beautiful woman. How humiliating is this?

At this moment, there is a faint regret in his heart. He knew that such a beautiful woman was there, so he would not jump in the line. He showed his gentlemanly demeanor. When that time, he wrapped the three Heavenly Fate Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, showing his financial resources. Isn't it easy to make this beauty look different?

"I gave you a chance." Su Ping said indifferently.

The brawny man said angrily: "Do you know who I am? You are a small store manager and dare to offend me. Do you believe me or not and let the boss behind you take you away?"

He did not threaten to close the store, but only directed at Su Ping. It would not be difficult for him to spend money to replace the store manager with a store.

For hundreds of millions, any store is willing to change the manager. After all, where can the manager not hire?

"Do it."

Su Ping was too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

"Beauty, your store has such a manager, and it will close sooner or later, I..."

The brawny man changed his face when he saw Joanna walking in front of him, and wanted to talk to her.

But Joanna shot directly, imprisoned by divine power, two slender fingers like jade on the back of her neck, lifted out of the team, and walked outside the store.


When everyone around saw this scene, they were all stunned.

This brawny man is the pet master of the Void Cave Realm. He didn't hide his cultivation level at all, but he was taken away easily by this beauty?

The brawny man was also a little confused.

He wanted to break free, but found that his whole body was blocked by star power, like a layer of cement on the surface of his body, and there was an extremely terrifying force that bound his body, unable to move.

The brawny man looked at Joanna in shock, unable to believe that this girl had such terrifying power.


The next moment, the burly man was thrown out of the store, fell on the ground, turned his head, and was extremely embarrassed.

This scene drew passers-by around to watch and were surprised.

"Under what circumstances, someone is making trouble in this store?"

"I was actually thrown out, this person is a virtual cave realm, right?"

"Look, my goodness!"

"Is my eyes dazzled, this beauty is the owner of this shop? I really believe in love!"

When many passersby saw Joanna, they were immediately intoxicated.

Joanna had a cold face and indifferent eyes. After carrying the brawny man and throwing it out, she turned back to the shop indifferently, like a goddess without a trace of clouds, without saying a word.

Because these people are not worthy to let her waste her lips and tongue.

That's right, the heart of the little goddess is so proud.

In the store, everyone was sluggish.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping did what he said, and that brawny man was really thrown out of the shop!

The door was just opened and it was not open yet. There were other shops on the street competing for business. The first thing Su Ping did was not to rush to sell Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast to attract customers, but to put a big man who threatened to buy three-headed Dragon Beast. The customer was lost!

This shop is crazy!

Is there any business doing this, so you are not afraid to offend other customers?

Although Su Ping drove a person who jumped in the line, the other party was considered a customer. Sometimes that was the case, and some people liked the indiscriminate standing camp.

For example, at this moment, some people look at Su Ping from the perspective of customers and look at Su Ping rather badly.

Even if people jump in the queue, they are still customers. It is God. Even big customers like this dare to blast out of the store. Wouldn't they be even more despised here?

"Boss, hurry up and sell the dragon beast. I just want to see what quality it is. If there is no B+ grade, I can quickly go to the star pet beast shop to grab it, maybe I can catch up."

"Yeah, boss, hurry up."

Several people who felt that they were being despised as customers all urged with displeased faces.

The others didn't say anything, they all looked expectant, obviously they wanted to see Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

Seeing that everyone was eagerly looking forward to it, Su Ping didn't waste time anymore, and when Joanna came back, he asked her to bring out the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts first.

Soon, the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts shrank in size and only four or five meters in size came out of the petting room and stood in the hall.

The hall, which was full of people, became a little crowded in an instant.

"There is a destiny in it, my God!"

"To hunt down the Thunder Dragon Beast of the Destiny Realm, this requires at least a top hunting team, right?"

"Boss, how do you sell this? What is the reserve price?"

Everyone was looking excitedly, and someone had already asked Su Ping for the price.

Su Ping looked at the enthusiastic crowd, and said: "The No. 1 Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the late stage cultivation base of the Void Cave Realm, the price is 420 million yuan, who wants it?"

As soon as this remark came out, the store fell into a brief silence.

The young man who was cut in the queue hurriedly shouted: "I want it!"

At this time, the others also recovered, all looking at Su Ping in amazement.

"420 million?! A Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast actually sold for only 420 million?!"

"Am I wrong, or is this boss talking nonsense?"

"I remember that the lowest price of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is more than 1 billion yuan, right? Unless it is a baby pet, it will also cost 600 to 700 million yuan!"

Su Ping's offer shocked everyone, incredible.

This is too cheap!

Far below the market price!

Su Ping was expressionless. Hearing the exclamation of these people, he felt like a knife was stab at his heart. Although he hunted more easily, one could earn millions of energy, which is very cost-effective, but if If it can be sold at the normal market price, then he can make a profit!


In the eyes of the system, this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is just an ordinary dragon beast species, not surprising.

"If you do, pay the money." Su Ping said to the young man who was the first to make an offer.

The young man was stunned, but he didn't expect Su Ping to sell it directly, and he didn't wait for others to continue bidding. Isn't it an auction?

He was ecstatic in his heart, and hurriedly squeezed to Su Ping's face and said, "Thank you, boss!"

Su Ping was not in a hurry, but said: "First, I will tell you the rules of this store. Once purchased, it cannot be transferred. The contract cannot be cancelled for at least ten years, unless it is a special situation."

The young man was stunned, and suddenly knew that Su Ping was afraid of reselling him.

He suddenly hesitated in his heart. He could directly bid the price, but he thought that he would resell it.

Su Ping's bid is so low, it can be seen that the quality of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is not very good. Although the cultivation base is in the late stage of the virtual cave, it may not even reach the middle of the virtual cave.

Although this dragon beast looks fierce, the price has been exposed, and it should be an inferior product.

Some Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, because of the dangerous growth environment and malformed development, let alone the overlord of the same level, even together with some other monster beasts in the level, they are hard to match.

This is like a sick tiger with no fighting spirit, maybe even a dog can bully it.

"This..." The young man hesitated.

At this moment, another young man with brown hair immediately shouted: "Boss, I am willing to buy it!"

"I am willing."

"I want to buy too."

In the crowd, several people continued to speak, but they did not have the previous enthusiasm.

Others have also considered the issue of qualifications. Dealing with it at such a low price is definitely a problematic pet. Otherwise, who would sell it so cheap?

"Boss, I use it for my own use and will not resell it." The brown-haired young man looked eagerly. He didn't have much money. Although this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast had problems, he would spend some more money to cultivate it. It can also make do with it, anyway, it is also a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, a thin camel is always bigger than a horse.

"Deal." Su Ping nodded.

First come first served, since the young man hesitated just now and did not agree, he probably understood the other side's mind.

Soon, the brown-haired youth completed the transfer.

"Go and sign the contract." Su Ping said.

The brown-haired young man stepped forward to complete the contract signing under everyone's attention.


As soon as the contract was completed, a fierce and brutal roar resounded in his consciousness, the roar of the Thunder Dragon Beast.

The brown-haired young man looked up and found that the latter's eyes were cold and full of killing.

This look made his heart tremble uncontrollably, and he felt like looking directly at the beast.

"What's going on, a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with a problematic aptitude has such a fierce character, I feel that if I force it to order it, it will even be bitten back!" The brown-haired young man was secretly frightened.

The strength of the pet beast, the character is very important.

The more powerful the battle pet, the more violent and vicious.

Even those war pets who act spoiled in front of their masters seem soft and cute, but they are only tamed and subdued by their masters, but they are extremely cruel when facing the enemy.

"Someone actually bought it."

"Although this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is well packaged, it has good eyes and aura, but it is obviously only strong outside."

"The 420 million Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is still in the Void Cave Realm. This should refresh the lower limit of the price?"

Others saw that the brown-haired young man got the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but they were a bit disapproving. A Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with extremely flawed aptitude, it was even better to buy other fine pets.

After completing the contract, the brown-haired youth didn't wait much. After taking the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast into the summoning space, he left Su Ping's shop and went to a pet beast qualification evaluation shop across the street.

He wants to evaluate and see what kind of flaws the purchased battle pet is, so that if it is cultivated in the future, he can also pass the evaluation report to the educator for targeted cultivation.

After the brown-haired young man left the shop, Su Ping began to sell the second Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

"In the late stage of the virtual cave, the price is 415 million." Su Ping quoted.

Hearing the offer of this second one, everyone was shocked again. They didn't expect that it was only defective just now, but this second one is still.

Moreover, this price is lower than the first one. Isn't it worse? !

"Boss, I want it."

When everyone looked at each other, a young girl in the crowd spoke.

She has purple hair and is just a cultivation base in the vast sea realm. At this moment, she is a little nervous in speaking in front of the many surrounding sea realm and virtual cave warfare pet masters.

"Okay." Su Ping nodded and said: "You know the rules, no reselling is allowed. Once found, it will be permanently included in the blacklist of our store."

"I use it myself..." the purple-haired girl whispered.

Su Ping nodded.

A rickety old man next to him shook his head, and said, "Little girl, it's better not to buy this kind of war pet with great defects. It's better to use this money to buy other virtual cave pets with only B qualifications. Maybe The fighting power is stronger than this one."

"Yes, if you spend money to nurture, it may cost a lot of money, and the effect may not be satisfactory to you."

"Unexpectedly, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast sold in this store is actually problematic."

"Boss, what kind of aptitude is this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast? It's not D-, right?"

Some people are already curious about the qualifications of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

The D-class Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast should also be considered "rare".

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He didn't know how the evaluation of aptitude in this federation was distinguished, but in the system, this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast had medium aptitude.

"The pets sold in this shop are all medium-qualified." Su Ping said.


"What's the evaluation of the medium? This is too ambiguous!"

"Could it not even be D-? My God!"

Everyone felt that Su Ping's remarks were difficult to express.


You are medium-sized and medium-sized... Is "medium" an authoritative evaluation? Moreover, a aptitude is very likely to be a D-level battle pet, but Su Ping said it is medium, isn't a B-level one the best?

"Boss, you just said that the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts you sell are all medium-qualified, shouldn't they...are all like this?!" Someone couldn't help asking.

The others also became nervous. They heard that there were ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in the Suping store, and they wanted to see others.

If they are all of this kind, wouldn't their expectations of buying today come to nothing?

Many people are a little unwilling to think of running for nothing.

"Medium qualification is the minimum requirement for our store to sell pet beasts, and there will be higher qualifications." Su Ping said.

Hearing Su Ping's words, many people were full of worries. Although Su Ping said that the middle class in front of him had the lowest qualification for sale, but the latter had higher qualifications, and I didn't know how much higher it could be.

Some people have even suspected that if you can get ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at a time in the Suping store, aren't they all inferior goods from a certain channel?

If it's inferior goods, it will be effortless to get ten!

Just as everyone was guessing, suddenly there was a boiling uproar outside the store.

"My God, I heard that the pet beast evaluation store just now has an A-level qualification!"

"No, A grade? What kind of pet is it?"

"It seems to be Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, hurry, hurry, hurry up and take a look."

Some people who had lost interest in the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast sold in the Suping store quietly left the store. At this moment, they heard the noise outside and hurried away.

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