Astral Pet Store Chapter 762

Chapter 762: Sensation Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"A-level qualification?"

"Or Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast?"

Many customers gathered in the Suping store were stunned when they heard the comments coming from outside.

They can come here to buy the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, their cultivation base is not low, even if the whispered communication from hundreds of meters outside can be heard, unless the other party uses star power to cover it.

Hearing the words "Level A Qualification" at this moment, everyone was boiling.

A-level qualifications are the best warfare pets, extremely rare, in the average fourth and fifth class planets, there are only a few on the entire planet, all of which are one in a billion!

A battle pet that can be included in A-level qualifications is as rare as a battle pet master who has been admitted to Sylvie's five major seminaries!

"Go, go, go and see!"

"A-level battle pet, or Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast? I don't know if the opponent is willing to sell..."

"Tsk tusk, I have never seen a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with A level qualifications. I don't know what it looks like."

In an instant, many customers gathered in the Suping store all swarmed out and rushed to the pet animal evaluation store.

At this moment, the store was already overcrowded. In addition to the large number of customers in the Suping store being attracted, the pet masters from other places on the street also gathered one after another. A class-qualified pet was really a sensation!

Especially when I heard that it was Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, it was even more exciting.

"My God, it really is Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

"Look at the data on the detection column, it is really purple A level!"

Many people looked at the test column in the testing hall, surrounded by data, and at this moment a deep purple light appeared, full of luxurious and introverted feeling.

In the projection behind, a Hankong Thunder Dragon beast is being scanned in the testing room.

"The fluctuation peak of this data has gradually stabilized, and it is basically A-level!"

Judging by experienced people.

The words are full of envy and jealousy.

It is so enviable to be able to obtain a battle pet with A-level qualification, let alone a popular battle pet under the stars like Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!

"Could the owner of this battle pet be the youngest of the Rennes family?"

"It's not necessarily. Maybe it belongs to another planet. If it's the Lane family, they can detect it in their own family."

"When will I have an A-level battle pet, even a battle pet beast!"

Some people wailed with envy.

This world is like this, beautiful women go with local tyrants, best pets go with big families, or people from big power organizations, like them with no background, they can only watch.

This is why many people go hunting wild animals, hunting pets everywhere, hoping to catch a wild super pet, so that they can get rich overnight!

If an ordinary Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is the lowest in one billion, then this A-level qualification Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast can sell at least tens of billions!

Even encounter some big families, in order to cultivate the core children of their families, it is possible to spend hundreds of billions of dollars!

In the crowd, a young man with brown hair stood still on the spot.

He was dumbfounded.

He just bought the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, he only planned to inspect it to see where its flaws are. As a result, a purple light appeared on the inspection pillar!

Moreover, after the data soared to the purple level, it continued to not drop. It can be seen that nothing else was detected, pulling down the data.

Class A pet?

He only spent more than 400 million to buy an A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast! ? ?

Hearing the enviable voices around him, his brain buzzed and he felt like he was dreaming. All of this was too unreal.


Suddenly, there was boiling all around.

"It's coming out!"

"The test is over, it's really A level!!"

"It's A-level, it's very rare, it can sell for tens of billions at least!"

The entire pet animal evaluation shop was shaking, and there was a tumult in the hall.

Such a superb Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast makes everyone jealous, and they can't wait to take it for themselves, but they know that those who can have this superb battle pet are all people with a lot of background and can only have an eye addiction.

In the crowd, a young beauty with purple hair quickly walked towards the brown-haired youth.

"Hello, your pet has been tested. Please let's talk." The beautiful purple-haired woman said, her eyes were hot. If she was someone who had been in contact with her, she would be surprised at this moment. They tried their best. Let this woman take another look, at this moment she is so active and hotly looking at a male.

"Huh?" The brown-haired young man returned to his senses as well, and his gaze was difficult to move away from the "A-" evaluation on the detection column, and turned to the purple-haired woman in front of him.

As soon as he saw it, his eyes lit up.


Great temperament!

But soon, he woke up, with a slight alert in his eyes, and said, "Talk? What are you talking about?"

"Take the liberty, I am the manager of this store, and I am in charge of this." The beautiful purple-haired girl looked resolute and sincere, and said: "I want to talk to you about the sale of this battle pet..."


The brown-haired youth's complexion changed. He just detected the A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and he wanted to talk to him for sale?

How can it be!

Such a superb battle pet, he won't sell it if he is killed!


The conversation between the brown-haired young man and the purple-haired beauty immediately attracted the attention of other people present. When they heard the sale, many people opened their eyes and looked at the shameless brown-haired young man.

This A-level battle pet is actually his?

"This guy looks very ordinary."

"Strange, this person is a bit familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere."

"Ah, I remember now, isn't this the guy who just spent money to buy a defective Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in that pet shop?!"

"Damn, after hearing what you said, I also remembered it, no, is it possible that this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is the one I just bought?"

"How is it possible, that Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast only sold for 400 million yuan, definitely not the same one."

The customers who have just stayed in the Suping store are all exclaiming at this moment, talking a lot, other people have a confused expression, and the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that sells only 400 million?

"Brother, are you the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that you just bought in that store?" Someone could not help asking.

The brown-haired young man came back to his senses, thinking of Su Ping's shop, and his heart was shocked.

Looking at the expressions of the people around, the customers who have been to the Su Ping store still look suspicious at this moment, obviously they can't believe it.


That store is a big treasure that no one has discovered yet! !

The eyes of the brown-haired young man suddenly turned red. He just bought one casually, with an A-level rating. What about the other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in the Suping store?

Currently, no one is aware of this!

Only him!


The brown-haired young man felt his heart beating violently, almost oscillating out of his chest. He was a little dry and his tongue was dry, and he ignored the words of the purple-haired beauty in front of him. With a thought, he checked the Hankong Lei in the back of the shop. Dragon beast, directly income into their summoning space.

Then, he whispered to borrow, and quickly left from the crowd.

He walked in a hurry, even like running.

Many people were shocked by his A-level battle pet, but they didn't dare to stand in the way, and one after another stepped away. Some people were bumped into and only dared to curse secretly in their hearts and did not dare to offend.

Soon, the brown-haired young man rushed to the outside of the shop. Then, he turned around and rushed directly to Su Ping's shop.

At the entrance of the store, some people who saw the whereabouts of the young brown-haired man were immediately astonished and said, "He ran towards that store. Is it true that he bought it there?"

When these words came out, the hall was like a frying pan, and everyone was shocked.

Only spent 400 million, purchased?

How can it be!

Could it be that the pets sold in that store have not been tested by yourself? If so, that would be too careless!

"I just saw that this person did indeed come out of that store and came directly to our store..." At the door, an employee of the evaluation store said in surprise.

This word fell into the ears of everyone, and many people suddenly had their eyes glowing and quickly rushed out of the store.


Some of the people who were still queuing up at the Suping shop were dumbfounded when they heard the employee's whispered suspicious words. At this moment, they could no longer deliberate whether they were true or false.

In the evaluation store that was originally squeezing people, there were only a few shop assistants inside, and even the store door was rushed through by the crowd.

"Nana, are you sure you read it right?"

At this moment, the purple-haired woman came to her employee with a cold look, and asked very seriously.

The clerk was flustered by her and said, "I, I was right..."


The purple-haired woman flickered and disappeared in front of her immediately, rushing towards the overcrowded shop at that moment.


"A-level evaluation, is it high?"

Inside the store, Su Ping also heard the noise outside, and he couldn't help being surprised when he saw people in the store swarming out, all blinking away.

Can it have such a big attraction, is it a super rare super pet?

Even he couldn't help being curious.

However, there was one person left in the store, the purple-haired girl who wanted to buy a second Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

"If you want to buy, just pay." Su Ping said to the purple-haired girl.

The purple-haired girl looked out of the shop, but she still held back and went out to watch. Anyway, she couldn't see anything from the crowd, so she had to settle her own business.

She nodded and said: "I want to buy it. If possible, I want to buy two. Do you still have a virtual cave here?"


Su Ping nodded and said: "The pets purchased by this shop must be signed on the spot, that is to say, you must have two pets."

"I have." The purple-haired girl was a little timid, and she trembled.

Seeing this, Su Ping said to Joanna: "Go and bring out another Void Cave Realm."

Joanna didn't say a word, turned around, and soon led out a Void Hole Thunder Dragon Beast.

"This one sells for 480 million yuan, pay first." Su Ping said.

The purple-haired girl took a look and found that the physique of this one seemed to be a little stronger. Although it was in a reduced form, the difference could be seen.

She nodded and transferred money to Su Ping.

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