Astral Pet Store Chapter 763

Chapter 763: Scramble Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Soon, the transfer of the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts was completed.

Su Ping glanced at the amount of energy entered, and felt a little relieved. If he could sell all ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts today, he would make at least 40-50 million!

It just so happened that today was the last day of the week, after today, the Lei Ze **** fruit will be wiped out.

Even if you only sell five of them, you can gather enough energy to buy!

"Go and sign the contract." Su Ping said.

The purple-haired girl nodded and, accompanied by Joanna, came to the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts to complete the contract signing.

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed in outside the store.

It is the brown-haired young man who has gone back and forth.

He rushed a little bit, panting, and seeing that Su Ping's store was empty, he couldn't help widening his eyes. It was a little weird, but he quickly turned into ecstasy.

He was afraid that he would be late, and other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts would be bought by others.

I don't know, other people don't even know how valuable the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in Suping's shop is, and they are all attracted by his test!

Now that no one stops, it is a godsend!

The brown-haired young man was a little excited. At this moment, he suddenly noticed the purple-haired girl who was about to sign a contract, and his expression changed.

When the brown-haired young man rushed into the shop, the purple-haired girl was also alarmed. Turning her head to look around, she immediately recognized that the other party was the one who had just purchased the first Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

At this moment, he ran back so eagerly, could it be the dragon beast he had purchased, what went wrong?

Thinking of this, the purple-haired girl couldn't help but tremble.


Su Ping was a little strange seeing the brown-haired young man who returned quickly, but when he saw his eyes, he suddenly understood that he should have noticed that the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast he bought was not at a loss.

Su Ping knows that the pet beasts he sells are definitely the best at the same price. This stems from his vision of the system and his confidence in the cultivation of pet beasts.

Because of this, he doesn't have to please these customers, he only needs to sell his things as they are.

"Boss, those two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, I want them!"

The brown-haired young man came back to his senses and saw that the purple-haired girl had not yet completed the contract signing, and hurriedly said: "I want all the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts in your shop!"


When the purple-haired girl was hesitating whether she should refund the money, she was stunned when she heard the brown-haired young man's words.

Didn't you come back to return the goods?

And... you want to include Su Ping's battle pet here? !

When the purple-haired girl was at a loss, suddenly, a large number of figures rushed in from outside the store. These people rushed in. If it were an ordinary store, the store door would have been smashed, but the store door here was hard as iron, with some virtual holes. The pet master in the realm tried to push away from the edge of the door, and found that he couldn't shake the store door!

This shocked some people who wanted to break in directly.

Finally, they had to get out of the crowd and squeeze forward forcefully.

Once the queue is formed, Su Ping has to buy in line again. Someone jumped in the queue but was thrown out, which is a precedent!

No wonder this shop opened its doors, and even dared to blast guests out without selling anything.

If they are selling A-level battle pets, let alone screaming at people, even if they point their noses and scold their mothers, they are willing, as long as you can sell them this A-level battle pet!

"Don't crowd, don't crowd, fuck!"

"Squeeze your old girl!"

"Boss, is there any more Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast? I want it all!"

"Go away, I want too!"

"Boss, I only need one. You can bid, as long as it is A-level qualification, 10 billion, I will transfer it on the spot!"

"Get off you, A-level qualification, I want to win 10 billion? This is Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, not a **** big gray cat!"

Big gray cat:? ? ?

There was a scramble in the crowd. Some people failed to squeeze in front, so they could only shout loudly, wanting to make a direct offer.

This scrambled posture made the purple-haired girl a little dazed. When she heard some shouts inside, she suddenly widened her eyes and became a little dumbfounded.

She is not stupid, such a fierce posture in front of her, coupled with the previous movement outside...could it be that the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast sold in the Suping store just identified that A-level qualification? !

The purple-haired girl was a little dumbfounded.

But that Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast only sold for 400 million!

How can this be an A-level qualification? !

Seeing the reactions of these people, Su Ping also had some guesses in his heart. He couldn't help but be surprised, and said to the brown-haired young man in front of him: "The one just sold to you is the A-qualified Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast just called outside? "

The brown-haired young man was very anxious when he saw the crowds of people behind him, especially when he heard the few quotations of tens of billions of people inside, his face turned green.

Su Ping suddenly asked a question with a look of surprise and curiosity. He was shocked, knowing that he had just missed it. This boss didn't even know how terrifying his battle pet was!

Suddenly, he lost the thought of continuing to buy, instead he had the thought of shrinking and turning around and fleeing.

Why shrink?

Because from Su Ping's reaction, he can determine that this store did not test his own pet aptitude, just like a blind box, it's just selling out!

Then the one he just bought, maybe his luck is against the sky, and he just bought the only A-level aptitude battle pet inside!

If the boss in front of him knows, he is worried that Su Ping will vomit blood on the spot and ask him to return the product!

Just kidding, he finally picked up 400 million leaks, how could he be willing to return it?

"This..." Facing Su Ping's question, the brown-haired young man's mind turned for a moment, and suddenly clasped his fists: "Thank you, boss, goodbye!"

Su Ping: "???"

I just ask, why are you panicking?

And didn't you just say that you want to book the venue, now you don't?

Su Ping pays attention to first come, first served. If you really want to pack, as long as there is enough petting position, he may not agree.

"This grandson is leaving!"

"He doesn't want other Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts?"

"Could it be that he made a fake shot and cooperated with this store? This is a kind of marketing?!"

When someone saw the brown-haired youth about to quit, he suddenly became suspicious.

The brown-haired young man wanted to get out of the crowd, but when he turned his head he found that the shop was full of people. How could there be a way to leave? !

There are many people outside who want to squeeze in!

His scalp suddenly numb, as long as he squeezes into the crowd, he is a little desperate.

Once he was retained by Su Ping, he was unwilling to tear it up here and would return the favor.

Su Ping watched this young man walk decisively, but did not stop him. Seeing the crowd of people in front of him, he immediately said, "It's all quiet!"

With this soft drink, his throat was vigorous. Although it was a human voice, it smelled like a dragon.

The aura full of pressure suddenly made the noisy shop much quieter.

Many people looked at Su Ping and felt that the young man stood there with an aura of no anger and prestige, like a dragon beast whose head changed into a human shape, quite sharp.

"All are in line, don't line up, please leave this shop!" Su Ping said in a cold voice, "In this shop, no noise or jump in line is allowed. First come first served. If you don't buy it, you will come again next time."

When he said this, many people were staring.

How can anyone do this business?

Didn't buy it, come again next time? Its true that the whole world is the only one you cant make.

Many people heard a little temper, but thinking of the brown-haired young Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, still held back the anger, no matter whether it is true or not, whether it is a matching marketing method, at least, first look at the rest of the Su Ping store How about the pet under the battle.

Su Ping gave Joanna a look next to her and asked her to step forward to help sort out the formation of everyone.

Seeing Joanna, many people settled down, and under her one-by-one arrangement, they all arranged obediently.

After sorting out the team, the brown-haired young man also found a gap, exhaled in his heart, and quickly squeezed out of the shop.


At this moment, a purple-haired woman came up from behind the crowd. She looked at the purple-haired girl in surprise, "Why are you here? Are you buying pet beasts here too?"

The purple-haired girl was also taken aback when she saw her, and said with joy: "Sister Cleo!"

"Don't jump in the line, okay?" The people in the next team were dissatisfied with Cleo.

Cleo took a look, ignored him, turned his head to Su Ping behind the counter and said, "That's my cousin, can I talk to her?"

Su Ping shrugged, "If you want to buy something, you have to line up and do other things at will."

Seeing that Cleo wasn't grabbing a position, the others didn't say anything.

Cleo quickly came to the purple-haired girl and quickly said: "The young man who just left here, did he buy a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast here before?"

"Sister Cleo, why did you come here? Could it be that the person just went to your place for a test, really is the A-level qualification?" Lily blinked, a little unbelievably authentic.

"You answer me first." Cleo said seriously.

"Yes, that person just bought one here, and many people have seen it. It only cost more than 400 million." Lily said.

Behind the line, some customers who hadn't been to the Suping store before, couldn't help but take a breath when they heard this. They bought Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast for 400 million, which is too cheap!

Moreover, the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was also detected as having an A-level qualification, and that kid was making a huge profit!

Hearing Lily's words, Cleo's expression couldn't help being slightly lost, but she soon recovered, took a look at the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts next to her, and said: "Are these two just bought by you? "

"Yeah, I have already paid, and I am about to sign the contract." Lily nodded and couldn't help asking: "Sister Cleo, did that guy go to your place to detect the A-level qualification?"

Cleo did not speak, but directly passed on, saying: "How much did you just buy these two?"

"It's also more than 400 million, which adds up to less than one billion."

"Quickly, you sign the contract first, and I will take you to the test." Cleo said immediately.

Her thoughts are the same as that of the brown-haired young man. She feels that this store may not have tested these Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts. It may be inferior goods purchased from a very low price somewhere, but unexpectedly mixed with the best products. !

"Oh, good." Lily was taken aback for a moment, and immediately agreed.

Soon, she completed the contract signing.

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