Astral Pet Store Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Sensation Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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After Lily completed the contract, Cleo immediately asked her to put the two pets away and took her out of the shop.

After the two left the store, they rushed back to the evaluation store.


"Quickly, go start the testing room."

Cleo ordered quickly.

Lily saw Cleo's behavior and immediately understood it, and she also had some expectations in her heart. She didn't expect to be able to detect the A-level qualification evaluation. If it could be B-level, she would have earned it!

Even C-level earns!

After all, C-level is normal. Most of the pets that are normally sold on the market are rated C-level, which is also a general "normal" variety.

The C grade is quite good.

Grade B is considered excellent and excellent!

The A-level is an extremely rare battle pet that can never be met.

Behind them, there were seven or eight people who followed the shop together. They were all those people who couldn't squeeze in outside the Suping shop. At this moment, seeing the two of them buying a battle pet, they were all curious and followed.

Cleo noticed these people, ignored them, and was too lazy to hide the evaluation results.

She didn't think that the pets sold in Su Ping's shop would all be A grade, which could be seen from the reaction of the brown-haired youth.


The guy had missed it, so he was afraid that the owner of the shop knew about it and asked him to ask for it, so he ran away impatiently.


On the other side, in the Suping store.

After Lily and Cleo left the shop, the others saw that two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were missing, and they became more anxious.

"Boss, I want to buy three!"

The middle-aged man at the forefront of the counter hesitated, but still gritted his teeth resolutely.

He said: "I want three Void Cave Realm Thunder Dragon Beasts, boss, do you have any more?"

"Yes." Su Ping nodded, seeing that he was a new face, so he had to repeat the rules, and said: "You must sign a contract on the spot to buy, and once you buy, you can't resell or cancel the contract within ten years. If you want to resell, you must ask for it. Can you do it with our stores approval?"

This middle-aged man was obviously stunned. Many people in the back who hadn't heard of this rule were all astonished. There are such peculiar sales rules?

The pet beasts are sold to me, do you care about me so much?

Su Ping ignored these doubts, but quietly looked at the customer in front of him.

The middle-aged man's eyes flickered, and finally gritted his teeth and said: "Then I will buy two first."

He can only sign two more pets.

Su Ping nodded and asked Joanna to bring out two more.

"One is 430 million, this one is 440 million." Su Ping quoted.

Another 400 million!

The audience in the hall were all in shock. Could it be that the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts sold by Su Ping here are all at this price?

If you sell 400 million, how much is the purchase?

"This store does not charge, can you pay on the spot?" Su Ping said.

"No problem." The middle-aged man nodded.

"Boss, I will give out 500 million!"

Someone behind suddenly shouted, wanting to bid.

Following this person's call, other people also reacted, and suddenly one after another quotations appeared.

"I give out 800 million!"


"One and fifty million!"

Soon, the price rose to 1.5 billion.

This is comparable to the virtual cave realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast on the market.

The original offer would have been even higher, but the previous bewildering behavior of the brown-haired young man hurriedly made many people think that this might be a marketing.

Since it was marketing, the remaining Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts that were purchased could basically not be A-level qualifications.

I want to know, how can a pet shop owner be confused and sell the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with A-level qualification by mistake?

Hearing the subsequent quotes, the middle-aged man looked a little ugly. If it were 1.5 billion, he would not be able to transfer so many liquid funds at once.

Su Ping glanced at the audience and didnt stop him. After the quotation was over, no one would offer a higher price. He then said, "I have the final say on the price of the pets sold in this shop. , Dont charge an extra cent, and dont allow you to give a dime less. Again, if you want to buy, you must first come first served and sign on the spot!"

As soon as this was said, the audience was silent.

Everyone looked at Su Ping with an incredible expression.


Does not sell one 1.5 billion? !

Two are worth 3 billion. According to Su Ping, these two can only be sold for 907 million now, which is a full 2 billion difference!

Is this shop really doing business to make money?

You are not doing charity!

Or, what novel marketing method is this?

Facing all kinds of unbelievable and confused gazes, Su Ping looked at the middle-aged man in front of him and said, "Are you rich? Just pay if you have money."

The middle-aged man is also confused.

He thought that the duck with its mouth was about to fly, but he didn't expect Su Ping to insist on selling it at the original price.

If he didn't know that he had nothing to do with Su Ping's shop, he would suspect that Su Ping had deliberately sent his family to buy it, showing off a gimmick!

Although at a loss, the middle-aged man didn't hesitate anymore, in case Su Ping returned, it would be too late.

He used his communicator to pay quickly.

"Go and sign a contract."

After receiving the transfer money, Su Ping took a look and said calmly.

The middle-aged man was a little nervous and apprehensive. He came to the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts and glanced at it, and found that the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts had sharp and brutal eyes, and they looked absolutely excellent from the outside.

If it weren't for the peculiar price, just the appearance would definitely attract many people.

He quickly completed the contract and collected the two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts into the space.

"Thank you boss."

Thanks, the middle-aged man quickly left the store and went to the pet animal evaluation store, wanting to check the reason for the low price.

After the middle-aged left, the second person behind him stepped forward. This was a white-skinned middle-aged man in the Void Hole Realm with a deep face and said, "I want a Destiny Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

Su Ping looked at the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in the Destiny Realm next to him, and soon, the price came to his mind.

"990 million!" Su Ping said.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was shocked again.

The battle pet of the Destiny Realm actually only sold for less than a billion?

You know, this is a dragon beast!

Even if it is an extremely ordinary subdragon beast, reaching the destiny level cultivation base, more than this price!

The white-skinned middle-aged man was also slightly startled, but he didn't have many surprises. On the contrary, he frowned slightly. If the price of Su Ping's store was only slightly lower than other stores, he would be very surprised, but it was too low, and it made He felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, and felt that what he had bought seemed to be a problematic pet.

"Boss, is there something wrong with this battle pet?" the white-skinned middle-aged man asked bluntly.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said calmly: "There is nothing wrong with it. If you have to say something, it is not strong enough."

This word fell in the ears of everyone, and many people suddenly realized.

Not strong enough? That is extremely weak combat power?

This is already a big problem, alright!

The white-skinned middle-aged man frowned a little deeper, and said, "How weak is it? Can you defeat other monsters of the same rank?"

"The normal one can be defeated." Su Ping said: "If you encounter the Starry Sky Realm, there is no way."


The white-skinned middle-aged person is a bit speechless.

Who asked if you could fight the starry sky?

What's a joke, he didn't even think about the destiny realm versus the starry sky realm. Okay, you thought it was the kind of top S-grade aptitude battle pet that could cross this great realm!

The rest of the people in the store are also collectively speechless, just like the white-skinned middle-aged people.

"Buy it?" Su Ping frowned slightly.

The white-skinned middle-aged man thought for a while, shook his head and said, "Forget it..."

As soon as his voice fell, several exclamations suddenly sounded outside, full of shock.

"A-level evaluation again!!"

"My God, it's another A-rated Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!!"

"This is too exaggerated. On our street, there are actually two A-rated favorites in one day!"

Hearing this exclamation, everyone in the store was stunned and a little surprised.

Is it a favorite of A-level qualifications again? Or Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast?

"Go, go, go and see."

"It seems to be from the evaluation store."

At the door of the shop, some people who felt that they were obviously out of their turn were suddenly attracted by the movement outside and quickly left the shop.

Soon, more and more people in the back line left the line and rushed out of the shop.


In the evaluation store, a large number of people swarmed again at this moment.

Looking at the inspection column in the hall at this moment, the purple light surrounds it, which is shocking.

Soon, various floating data gradually stabilized and stayed in the purple light area.

The final evaluation is...A grade!

This time it is not A-, but positive A grade!

The same evaluation, divided into + level, positive level,-level!

If there is no +- sign behind, it means positive level.

The qualification test of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was even higher than the previous one!

The most important thing is that since this is a positive level, it means that it is not the previous Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that was tested inside!

A shop actually detected two A-level pets in one day, which is incredible!


In the backstage of the store, Cleo, with purple hair like a waterfall, stared blankly at the data display on the smart instrument in his hand, with a dull expression.

Beside her, Lily, who was slightly shorter and half a head, but also 165 in height, was equally dazed.

It is actually A grade! !

The battle pet that was tested inside, but the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast she just bought!

She did not report such expectations at all, but it turned out to be stronger than the A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that caused a sensation before!

"How can this be!"

After a few minutes, Kleo couldn't help saying.

Yes, how is it possible!

A battle pet that only spent 400 million to buy back, actually has a positive A-level evaluation, which makes her feel like she is dreaming.

Suddenly, Cleo thought of something and quickly let people detect the second Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

Before long, the data of the second Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was also out.


When the data floated to the purple light area, Cleo had already held her breath. With her experience in managing the evaluation store, when the detection data can impact the purple light area, most of them will be rated A!

Could it be said that these two battle pets purchased by Lily are both A-level? !

If this is the case, then obviously the brown-haired youth's favorite was also purchased in Su Ping's store!

That shop... even sells three A-class battle pets!

They are also popular battle pets like Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast! !

Cleo felt that his breathing was not smooth, and the operation of that store was too scary and suffocating.

"Quick, quick, let's go to that store, no matter how much money we spend, we will buy all the other pets!!"

Cleo heard the exclamation and shock coming from the hall outside, and immediately recovered. At this moment, her cold and beautiful face was so excited that her eyes were red and crazy.

Lily next to her still looked dull.

The brain is buzzing.

She didn't expect that as a member of the lower-level family of the Wren family, she could one day suddenly get two A-level qualification evaluations!

And it's a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of the Star Realm bloodline!

This is a battle pet that can be used for a long, long time!


In a shocking cry, Kleo's figure flashed directly out of the store, she directly performed the space secret technique, and arrived outside the Suping store in a flash.

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