Astral Pet Store Chapter 765

Chapter 765: 60 Billion Purchases Seeking Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Cleo originally wanted to teleport directly to the Su Ping store, but found that she could not tear the space inside the store. The space inside was so golden that she couldn't shake it.

Is there a barrier in this store?

Cleo became more and more frightened, this store was too mysterious.

At this moment, the people in the Suping store were not as overcrowded as before, and the news of the A-class pet that had previously burst out outside once again attracted many people to wait and see.

However, while these people waited and watched, Su Ping also completed the transaction of five Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts again.

Two of them are the Thunder Dragon Beasts of the Destiny Realm, and the one purchased is a Void Cave Realm war pet master.

This is an ordinary-looking woman who looks like thirty or so. Although her appearance is ordinary, her figure is hot and full of charm.

After the white-skinned middle-aged man gave up the purchase, the woman directly shot, bought two in one go, and paid on the spot.

Although both are priced at 990 million yuan, the woman did not hesitate too much. Even if the two Heavenly Fate Realm's Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts have some problems and defects, she will spend several billions of them. Please train the trainer to cure them.

Moreover, she knows an educator herself and is affectionate. If she asks the other party to make a move, she can't spend so much money.

This is definitely not a loss.

She wanted to buy all the three destiny battle pets in Su Ping's shop, but Su Ping's rules made her only buy two because she only had two pets left.

The other three Void Cave Realm Thunder Dragon Beasts were bought by two Vast Sea Realm pet masters.

Among them, the top one is only the 9th-order battle pet master. Although he has grabbed the position, but there is no Vast Sea Realm battle pet for sale in Suping's shop, and the rules that can only be signed on the spot make him helpless to abdicate. .

"It's another battle pet with A-level qualification!!"

"My God, this is the third one!"

"What day is it today, am I dreaming?"

"The three are actually all Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, this, is this sweeping Thunder Continent? All the best Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts have been brought in?!"

There was another cry of exclamation outside, and many people in the store were shocked when they heard it.


What's the situation! ?

"Damn, shouldn't these three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts be bought from here?!"

"I just saw that the two women seemed to go directly to the evaluation store!"

"Not to mention, I remember that one of the women, named Cleo, belonged to the Lane family, and she was the manager of that evaluation store!"

Everyone talked a lot, and the look in Su Ping's eyes became weird and shocked.

Could it be that these three A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were all sold by Su Pinggang?

The few people who had just purchased the battle pet were all stunned when they heard these exclamations and couldn't help but their hearts were pounding wildly. If this is the case, then it is very likely that they bought it. The best!

Quick, check!

Someone can't bear it and wants to check it out immediately.

At this time, Cleo entered the store.

When she heard the discussion in the store, her face changed slightly, and she rushed to Su Ping's counter and said: "Boss, I want all the remaining pets in your store. How much money is up to you, 50 billion?"

As soon as this remark came out, the audience boiled!

"It's Cleo!"

"It's the woman just now!!"

"50 billion? So the A-level battle pet that was just detected is really from this store?"

"Boss, I want, I will pay 60 billion!!"

Everyone was shocked. Among them, a young man with extraordinary bearing shouted loudly.

Cleo's face changed slightly. Knowing that the news would be exposed sooner or later, she couldn't hide it anymore. She patted her palms on the table and looked directly at Su Ping. At this moment, she showed her strong side and said: "I will pay 100 billion, if it is not enough, 200 billion! You can pay as much as you want, I will cover it all!"


The audience is silent.

Suddenly rise to 200 billion? Just out?

It seems that the A-level battle pet that just came out from the outside is indeed purchased from Su Ping!

Otherwise, why is it so crazy?

The young man with extraordinary temperament in the crowd was also frightened by Cleo's handwriting. His expression was a bit tangled. It was difficult for him to get such a high price. This might make him have to borrow money from his family immediately and pay a lot. cost.

Moreover, he can't guarantee whether the rest of Su Ping's shop are all A-class battle pets. If they are, they still make money, but if they are not, then he will be forever!

At this moment, everyone held their breath and looked at Su Ping.

Two hundred billion!

This is the money that many virtual cave realm pet masters are present, and they may not be able to make money in a lifetime of struggle!

Unless one finds a declining, extremely desolate fifth-class planet, there are very few strong people in it, and with the combat power of the virtual cave realm, most of the economy of the entire planet can be plundered. In this way, two hundred billion can be obtained.

But the fifth-class planets that can be missed like this are extremely rare, how can they be easily encountered?

"I repeat it again."

Looking at Kleo's close gaze, Su Ping's expression was calm.

I have to say that this womans eyes are very beautiful, with wisps of silver brilliance hidden in her pupils, coupled with that beautiful face, and the faint fragrance from her body, it is difficult for a man to stare at such a close distance. Can stand it.

But Su Ping is accustomed to seeing Joanna. Apart from looking in the mirror, it is difficult for anyone else to surprise him...

"If you buy a pet beast in this store, you are not allowed to jump in the queue. If you want to buy something, you have to line up properly. In addition, I will decide the price. You don't count it, whether it is 100 billion or 1 trillion, I said As much as you want, bargaining is not allowed!" Su Ping said calmly.

He spoke very calmly, but his heart was bleeding.

Two hundred billion, dog system, did you hear that! !

Su Ping's words fell in everyone's ears, like a thunderbolt in the clear sky, everyone was dumbfounded and looked at him in astonishment.

In the face of a huge sum of 200 billion yuan, Su Ping actually said that bargaining is not allowed?

Does he still question the low price of selling? ! !

Cleo's cheeks were also slightly lost. When she reacted, she looked at the boy in front of her with an incredible color in her eyes.

Is this guy a descendant of the deaf?

Did he not hear his own quote? !

If you are not satisfied, you can continue to increase the fare, open it as you like!

After Su Ping finished speaking, he ignored the woman in front of him, looked at the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast next to him, and said: "This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the price of 990 million yuan."


Everyone was surprised.

Su Ping has just rejected the 200 billion buyer, but in a blink of an eye he wants to sell this favorite for only 990 million? !

Cleo also had a wrong face. She turned to look at Su Ping, and looked hard, and found that the young man's face was calm, not like a joke at all.

Really crazy!

next moment.

Cleo's mind seemed to be enlightened, and he suddenly realized it.

Yes, if you are not a lunatic, how can anyone sell an A-level battle pet for only more than 400 million?

The two that Lily bought just now add up to less than one billion!

It can be detected, but it is a genuine A-level qualification!

This can only show that the lunatic in front of him, this shop... doesn't care about money at all!

Why are they doing this?

Cleo couldn't figure it out, but she didn't understand, but she reacted very quickly, suddenly turned around, and said to a young man in front of the counter next to her, "Give me your position."

Su Ping frowned upon seeing this, "I said, it is not allowed to insert..."

"Billion, give me your position." Cleo said domineeringly.

The young man was also ready to resist, but he was dumbfounded when he heard this amount, but soon, he shook his head and said, "Sorry, I want to buy it."

Just kidding, Su Ping's price is so low that he can afford it!

This kind of battle pet is sold, at least hundreds of billions, and the opponent wants to buy his position with only a mere billion?

Seeing being rejected, Kleo's face changed slightly, and his eyes were fixed, "Ten billion!"


"50 billion!"


"You figured it out clearly, I am a member of the Rennes family!" Cleo threatened directly and unceremoniously.

The young man's face changed slightly, 50 billion, he was really moved.

Because he didn't dare to guarantee 100% that the pets he could buy had A-level qualifications.

Although three have been detected before, who can guarantee that they will be all behind?

And these 50 billion, as long as he nodded, it was the real thing that could be credited!


"Add 10 billion to you, you figure it out!" Cleo said solemnly.

Other people in the back were a little uncomfortable seeing that Cleo was so strong, but the other party said it was from the Lane family. Although they couldn't understand it, they could only hold back, or bid with the other party.

But a purchase location costs 60 billion to purchase, which is crazy!

"Okay, I'll give it to you." The young man hesitated and gritted his teeth and said, "But you must pay on the spot."

"No problem, I am a Gaoxing member of the Federal Universe Bank, and the transfer limit is 100 billion!" Seeing his promise, Cleo said coldly and calmly.

At the same time, she was secretly relieved.

Su Ping stood behind the counter, watching silently, expressionless.

After the two of them had finished discussing, he said, "Sorry, this store does not allow sales positions. If you don't want to buy, please leave."

When these words came out, both of them were stunned.

Cleo couldn't help but stare, "Boss, are you embarrassing me on purpose?"

"I didn't aim at you, I just said that everyone in the room is rubbish... Well, it's okay, I repeat, I am not aiming at you, I am aiming at all of you... Well, this is just the rule of this shop, since When you come to our store, you have to abide by our rules." Su Ping said.

When Kleo heard this, he felt as if he had suffered a 100,000 tons of crit.

Isn't this called targeting?

Her face was pale, she turned to look at the long line behind, and said to Su Ping: "Boss, I spend money to let them all go, will I be the first?"

Su Pingyuan was expressionless and said: "You can do this, as long as you can do it."

Cleo felt targeted again, and she turned her head to look, her face turned blue.

Just let the young man in front of him take up a position, it costs 60 billion yuan. Could it be that the second and third one at the back also get such a high price?

She can't afford it if she goes low, and people won't let it go.

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