Astral Pet Store Chapter 766

Chapter 766: Full A Level Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Boss, who you are selling is not selling, why do you have to have trouble with me?" Cleo finally couldn't help his temper and said coldly to Su Ping.

She has already revealed her identity as the Lane family.

On this Rhea planet, the Wren family is heaven!

Although there are many other families, organizations, and various forces, they all have to be proclaimed by the ministers in front of the words "The Lane Family"!

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said indifferently: "You also said, I don't sell who I sell, why do I have to sell to you? If you want to buy, you have to line up, why do you have to go against the shop's rules?"

He modified Cleo's words slightly and threw them to her as they were.

Cleo was really annoyed, and said, "There are so many people in your store. If I queue up, will there be more to buy when it's my turn?!"

"If not, come early next time." Su Ping said.

Cleo stomped his feet with anger, and said, "Don't I have to stay outside your store every day? This rule is just a matter of yours. Could it be that the starry sky realm powerhouse comes today, and you also talk about the rules?"

She felt that Su Ping was targeting herself.

There are no rules in this world, but there is no real strong one!

When meeting the patriarch of their Rain family, or other starry sky realm powerhouses, why don't you invite them up?

If you encounter a big person like that star main realm, you probably have to take the initiative to send it up!

Su Ping's face turned cold, and said, "Even if I am the king of heaven, I want to buy the pet beast of this shop, I have to wait in line outside!"

"You!" Cleo was so angry that his breathing was confused.

She obviously only met Su Ping for the first time, and she didn't offend him. She is still a beauty and a member of the Ren family. Why does this guy have to target herself?

Could it be that he has an enmity with the Lane family?

Thinking of this, she was shocked, this shop is the enemy of the Ren family?

Her eyes flickered slightly, and her mind suddenly became sober, thinking of many questions at once.

Not to mention the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that can sell A-level qualifications so cheaply, but also sold three at once. These three alone have already lost hundreds of billions!

If it were not for Lily, who belonged to the Ren family, she would have doubted whether it was the marketing strategy of this store.

and many more.

Thinking of Lily, she suddenly became a little confused.

Lily also belongs to the Lane family, why can Su Ping easily sell it to her?

Is it because Lily's status in the family is too low, does this person know?

The more Cleo thinks about this, the more likely it is, and he should go to the tax bureau to investigate the details of the store.

In her impression, this store has been on this street for several years, but it has always been ordinary. There is nothing worth paying attention to. She did not expect such a big change suddenly and such a huge wave!

"Please go to the queue later, even if the pet beasts are sold out, our store has nurturing services. If you want to make your pet beast stronger, it can still meet your needs." Su Ping said calmly.

He was not hostile to this woman, he was just doing business.

Cleo looked at Su Ping, with a little doubt in his eyes, thought about it, and said, "Okay, then I'll take a look!"

After speaking, she came directly to the back of the team, only to find that the team... had already extended outside the store.

Cleo was a little speechless, but still patient, stood behind and took out his communicator at the same time, and sent a message to a member of the family, asking them to help immediately investigate the store.


Without Cleo's scramble, the next few Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts soon sold out.

All the people standing at the back had ugly faces and regrets in their hearts. They had known that they hadn't ran to watch the excitement before. At that time, everyone else was gone and they were able to grab the front row position!

Ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were sold out, and Su Ping accounted for more than 50 million energy.

Now his energy savings have exceeded 100 million!

Able to upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool immediately!

But Su Ping was not in a rush to upgrade, but chose to buy the Thunder God Fruit first.

If the Chaos Spirit Pool is upgraded to level 5, although the effect is very strong, there is a small probability that the starry sky realm pet beast can be bred. The starry sky realm here is full of the three realms of starry sky, star master, and conferred god!

This is the system's collective name for the starry sky!

Above the starry sky realm is the **** realm.

That's too far away for Su Ping at present.

But he knew that the level 5 Chaos Spirit Pool cost one hundred million each time it was bred!

The cost is the same as the upgrade!

If luck is against the sky, it can breed a favorite of the Fengshen Realm.

But this is only a very low probability, and a high probability will give birth to destiny realm monsters.

With Su Ping's current earning ability, it is quite important to make one hundred million. If one hundred million is used to breed a destiny monster, Su Ping feels that his mentality will collapse.

All the previous things let him know that he is not the son of destiny, and there is no goddess of luck.

Want to hit a small probability? Then only by smashing money and smashing enough amount, it is possible to hit by chance.

Moreover, even if the Chaos Spirit Pool is currently upgraded, he has spent all the money in his hand, so he can only place the Chaos Spirit Pool there. The upgrade is a waste of upgrade.

And Lei Ze Shen Guo, if you miss it, you may not encounter it again, you must catch it!

"Boss, is there still Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast?"

Finally it was one of his own youths who looked at Su Pingdao nervously.

He heard that ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts arrived in the store yesterday, but ten have been sold today. He doesn't know if there are any in this store before.

"Nothing." Su Ping shook his head.

That white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, he has been cultivated to a middle-to-high level qualification, and no matter how hard he works, he can reach the top level, and naturally he will not easily sell it.

Seeing Su Ping shook his head, although everyone had expected it, their eyes still lost their highlights in an instant, and the crowd sighed.

"These pet beasts were originally ordinary pet beasts. Only after being cultivated by our store can they have such intermediate qualifications." Su Ping knew that this was an opportunity for publicity, and immediately said: "You can consider the cultivation of our store. Great value!"


"Can you cultivate such A-level qualifications?"

"Can everything be cultivated?"

Suddenly someone asked one after another.

Su Pings store has continuously sold three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications. At this moment, Su Pings cultivating matter is still quite credible. Many people also feel that they have continuously captured three wild A-levels. The aptitude Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is too unbelievable, too difficult, maybe it is not necessarily cultivated.

However, another group of people looked at it coldly, and was not moved.

They know that Su Pings ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were all consigned yesterday, and they were sold today. In just one day, a test is almost the same, but they have to say cultivation...unless you are a cultivation master , Otherwise it is impossible!

In the Federation, educators are classified as five stars.

Each star has five levels, called five crystals, of which five stars are the weakest, but even the weakest five-star cultivators have a higher status than the ordinary sea-level!

The five-star educator is called the Holy Spirit educator on the blue star, and can enlighten the talent of the pet!

Under the five-star educator, there are nine crystal level educators, also known as apprentice educators.

The most famous educator on the entire planet of Rhea is a four-star educator. This is an educator who is dedicated to serving the Ren family and has a high status.

And the three-star nurturing master, even if the head of the Lane family sees it, he must respectfully receive him.

As for the two-star educator, he was already an extraordinary educator, and his status was respected, and the Patriarch of the Lane family didn't even have the qualifications to visit.

The one-star educator at the top, also known as the god-level educator, stands at the top of the entire federation pyramid. When the conferred gods see it, they must be careful and respectful.

Even the four-star nurturing master of the Wren family can raise the ordinary Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast to A level in one night!

"There are currently two types of cultivation in our shop."

"The first type is ordinary cultivation. Each cultivation can at least allow the pet to comprehend a new skill, or a small increase in combat power."

"The second is professional training, which can greatly improve the qualifications of the pets, and it will take a little longer. Of course, the cost is more expensive." Su Ping said.

"Boss, it's true or false. Every time you cultivate, you can comprehend a new skill? Does it count as a small skill?" someone couldn't help asking.

Su Ping said: "The skills of comprehension are at least the same level as your own cultivation level."

"No, if it is a battle pet of the Destiny Stage, wouldn't it be possible to comprehend a Destiny Stage skill?"


Su Ping nodded.

Everyone looked at each other, all a little shocked.

This tone is too big!

"Boss, I want to nurture." In front, the young man who could not buy the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast clenched his teeth.

He asked: "I can cultivate the Xingluo Hualong in the vast sea realm, can I cultivate it, and how much?"

"It can be cultivated." Su Ping said: "For ordinary cultivation, one hundred million, and for professional cultivation, ten billion!"

To open the king-level professional cultivation service, it is necessary to cultivate a king beast with superior qualifications, and the two dogs in Su Ping's current hands are the top-qualified battle pets at the peak of the vast sea.

"So expensive?!"

Everyone was stunned, but soon returned to normal.

This price... is slightly more expensive than the cost of a general five-star educator, but much cheaper than the cost of a four-star educator.

After all, if you ask a four-star educator, if you choose to cultivate carefully, you need at least tens of billions!

If it is a four-star and five-crystal level, this kind of top master, second only to the three-star nurturing master, can make hundreds of billions of shots at a time!

However, most of the services provided by Samsung Cultivation Masters are Starry Sky Realm pets. For those who are strong in Starry Sky Realm, it can cost hundreds of billions at a time. Although it is small and expensive, it is still affordable.

"Boss, is your educator in this store five-star or four-star?" someone asked curiously.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He had just merged into the Federation, and many things were not yet familiar, and said, "This is confidential."

"Boss, talk about it, if you are a four-star educator, this will definitely make headlines!"

Someone encouraged.

Su Ping said calmly: "I won't argue with Teacher Wang for such things as headlines. Anyway, the effect of nurturing will not be bad. You have tried it. If you think it's not cost-effective, you don't need to come again."

What teacher? Everyone was puzzled, but was quickly shocked by Su Ping's domineering words.

So confident?

"My God, it's another Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with Class A qualification!!"

"What's the matter today, Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A grade qualifications actually appeared together!"

"Is there something serious about Lei Mingzhou, so many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications come out?"

At this time, there was a sudden cry of exclamation in the far street outside the store.

This exclamation sound is separated by a street. If it is the hearing of ordinary people, standing in the Suping store would not be able to hear it, but there is no barrier sound insulation in the evaluation store, so that the exclamation that erupted inside fell into Suping. This group of pet masters in the shop heard.

In an instant, everyone in the audience was stunned.

Everyone looked at Su Ping with horror.

Are all the pets sold in Su Ping's store really all of A-level qualifications? !

Kleo, who was standing behind the line, was startled, his face changed, and he quickly used the communicator to contact the staff in the shop to ask about the situation.

Soon, the staff in the store responded.

The person who went for the test was indeed the person they had noticed and walked out of the Suping store.

Seeing this news, Cleo's face was extremely ugly. Although she had spent a huge price and wanted to buy all the remaining pets in the Su Ping store, she still had no bottom in her heart.

But now, it made her feel like she missed billions.

"A grade qualification again!"

"This one too!"

"God, this is the sixth one!!"

Outside, the exclamation sounded again, one after another.

All the people in the Suping store had their faces dull. Some of them grabbed the front row in the initial queue. At this moment, they heard the exclamation in the ear, and suddenly felt a sense of collapse.

If they didn't leave at first and didn't go to see the excitement, they would definitely be able to buy Su Ping's Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!

Many people have lost their mentality and want to give themselves a big mouth.

"This one is also..."

"The A-level qualification of the Destiny Realm, my god, this is the second one!"

"The ninth one, this one too, hit me, am I dreaming?"

Exclamation came one after another.

Those who bought the pets from the Suping store and left all went to the nearest evaluation store for testing. At the moment, the evaluation store was completely boiling and exploding.

In the Suping store, there was a dead silence.

No one thought that their terrifying guess would actually come true!

It just so happened that ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were sold in the Suping store. At this moment, nine A-levels have been detected. This is definitely a proper A-level!

"The tenth A class!!"

"This, this Nima..."

Not long after, the sensation came again.

The people in Suping's shop were already numb, and their expressions were a bit sluggish.

Su Ping also heard the movement outside and raised his eyebrows slightly. Unexpectedly, the medium qualifications in the system evaluation could be included in the A-level evaluation in the federal testing data.

I dont know if A is the highest.

Su Ping felt that when he turned around and was free, he had to use the Lord's Star Token to find out what was going on with the qualification evaluation of this federation.

"How do you want to cultivate?"

Su Ping asked, breaking the silence in the store.


Suddenly, it was as if a depth bomb had been thrown into the store, and everyone was awakened with shocked shouts.

"All A grade, my goodness!!"

"Tell me, I'm hearing voices!"

"You are all hearing hallucinations, how can I tell you?"

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