Astral Pet Store Chapter 767

Chapter 767: Soaring Revenue Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The news of all A grades made everyone boil.

Everyone's gazes at Su Ping were different from the previous ones, full of shock and heat, just like looking at a rare treasure!

"Nurturing, nurturing, boss, I want to nurture!"

I reacted to the situation in front and said hurriedly, nodding his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

"What kind of pet beast?" Su Ping looked calm.

Real gold is not afraid of fire.

With successful business experience on Bluestar, he knows that once his fame is established, the business of the small shop will never be bad. He is still very confident in his systemic vision and his own nue (dai) ability.

"Caro Whale Bone Beast." The young man answered very quickly, his eyes hot, and said: "The cultivation base is in the late stage of the Boundary Sea Stage. It has a temperamental temper and a timid personality..."

He also wanted to introduce some basic information.

"Ordinary cultivation or professional cultivation?" Su Ping asked directly.

When nurturing, these basic conditions are clear at a glance, and even if this pet beast has some special problems, his unique nurturing method will not affect it.

After all, there should be no pets, and they are not afraid of death.

Even the undead monsters that have died are as afraid of being swallowed by other undead monsters.

"Uh... Ordinary nurturing." The young man was stunned, and after thinking about it, he still chose to be safe, and he couldn't put out 10 billion at a time. This is not a small sum!

Even if you are a big boss with hundreds of billions of assets, your liquidity will not be too much.

"Okay, summon your pet beast and pay." Su Ping said.

He turned out a small book, ready to register.

It feels like going back to doing business in Longjiang. When there are too many customers, you need to register to avoid confusion.

"Is it calling right here?"


The young man quickly summoned his pet, and then completed the transfer payment to Su Ping.

Joanna stepped forward and led the Carlo Whalebone into the petting room.

This is a sea battle pet, suitable for fighting in a water environment. At this moment, the size of the shop is reduced and looks quite fat and cute.

The young man reluctantly watched his battle pet leave, and then obediently gave up his position under Su Ping's eyes.

"Boss, how long does it take to cultivate?" a young man came forward and asked.

"Ordinary cultivation, one or two days, professional cultivation, half a month." Su Ping said, this time he set aside some more time for himself. After all, looking at the situation today, more than one needs to be cultivated. It will definitely take more time to cultivate several batches.


The young man was stunned, and everyone behind was also astonished.

The cultivation time reported by Su Ping made it difficult for them to understand.

Generally, it takes at least one month to cultivate, and some meticulous cultivation takes half a year or even several years!

They have never heard of it, and can cultivate a militant pet in half a month.

Unless the educator is extremely strong, the cultivation base of the cultivated pet is extremely low.

For example, let a four-star cultivator take the initiative to cultivate a Tier 3 pet beast. It is estimated that it will only take a day or two to get it done, but if it is to cultivate a vast sea battle pet, it will take some thought, at least one month. !

"Boss, will this time... be too short?" the young man couldn't help asking.

Su Ping said indifferently: "If you think it's too short, you can pick it up in a few months. Of course, the pet beasts have been fostered in our shop in the past few months, and you need to pay additional foster care."

"..." The young man was speechless.

After hesitating again and again, he chose to cultivate.

After all, the ten all-A-class battle pets outside are really shocking. They can sell so many battle pets at low prices. Either they are not bad at the Suping store, or they just ask me to sell them to myself. people.

But even for the second type, just by getting ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications, the ability of this store is extraordinary!

Everyone is a little skeptical, it is very possible that there are four-star educators in the Suping store!

Summon a pet and pay.

Soon, the second cultivation transaction was completed.

This young man also chooses ordinary cultivation. After all, he spends 10 billion at a time for professional cultivation. Without an extremely rich family background, it is difficult to take such a risk!

"Next one." Su Ping continued.


time flies.

The few people in the team quietly left the team without planning to cultivate a pet beast. Most of the remaining people choose to try to breed pet beasts in Suping shop.

The same was true for Cleo, and it didn't take long before it was her turn.

"I want professional training!" Cleo stepped forward and said directly.

Her face was cold, and she still had a bit of grudge against Su Ping's previous targeting. At this moment, she showed her strong style as always, and said directly: "My battle pet is a Hankong Thunder Dragon beast in the late Destiny Realm. It is currently positive B. Level qualification, can it be cultivated to A level, even A-level!"

When these words came out, everyone looked at this woman in astonishment. There was actually a B-level Destiny Realm Thunder Dragon Beast?

This is quite an excellent level. In the same level, it can defeat 80% of the enemies.

If you are promoted to A level qualification, it is the best, as long as you don't encounter other powerful enemies of the same level, you will rarely meet an opponent!

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said indifferently: "It's my business to be nurtured. I can only guarantee that the effect after nurturing will definitely be worth the money you paid."

Everyone was dumb when Su Ping described 10 billion as "this little money," and they looked at Su Ping with more expectation.

The ten A-grade Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts previously sold are almost at the price of cabbage. Maybe Su Ping's shop is really not bad for money?

Cleo's face slightly changed color, thinking that Su Ping sold to Lily the two A-type Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, the price of the two battle pets alone was more than 10 billion.

This guy may really not care about the tens of billions.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, her pride and her consistent strength made her unwilling to easily bow her head in front of other men and said: "I know you don't lack money, but you can guarantee that you are a professional cultivated Battle pet, at least increase my battle pet aptitude, even if it is only B+ level!"

Su Ping wanted to laugh.

Through the previous ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, he also figured out the concept of A-level qualifications.

Even the ordinary cultivation in the store can be completed with great effort.

If you are professionally cultivated, you must cultivate to a high-level qualification before it is completed!

This is what the system requires of him!

The battle pet of high-level qualifications is very different from medium-level qualifications, and this is definitely the existence of far superior qualifications such as A.

But seeing that this woman is so powerful, he insisted on giving a guarantee, but he didn't want to give it.

These battle pets sold today, hearing the quotes from these guys, Su Ping's mentality is about to collapse, and he is more distressed than those who have not purchased the battle pets.

"I don't need to guarantee you. If you want to cultivate here, I will help you cultivate it. If you don't want to, please go back and don't give it away!" Su Ping said with a cold expression.

Cleo's face changed slightly, a little embarrassed.

With her appearance and natural ability, even in the Wren family, she is a highly sought after person. At this moment, she is in front of Su Ping, deflating one after another!

When did I offend this guy?

She gritted her teeth secretly, looked at Su Ping's indifferent and calm gaze, and finally clapped her hands and summoned her battle pet, and said, "Okay, I'm going to learn it!"

After speaking, he quickly completed the payment to Su Ping.

When everyone saw Su Ping's attention to a patron like Kleo, their eyes became brighter.

They had previously paid out hundreds of millions of cultivation fees, and they were still a little cautious and cautious, worried about being deceived. At this moment, the more Su Ping showed no shortage of money, the more they felt that the store was reliable.

"Anna, come and take it away."

Seeing this Heavenly Fate Realm Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of Kleo, Su Ping commanded calmly.

Joanna walked straight over.

Cleo said immediately: "Don't come close, it has a cruel temper and will attack strangers. Let me calm down first..."

Before she finished speaking, she was stunned.

I saw Joanna come straight to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and directly stretched out her hand to pat her dragon wing. This was originally the most sensitive and untouchable part of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but at this moment, she was photographed. No reaction.

Afterwards, Joanna turned and left.

And this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, as if it was Joanna's battle pet, actually followed it obediently.


Cleo's eyes were round.

This Nima abandoned the Lord? !

After being together for so long, it turns out that you are an old color dragon!

Seeing more beautiful, he is so obedient!

Cleo gritted his teeth with anger, with an angry expression on his face.

"Is there anything else to nurture?" Su Ping saw the money received, his eyelids twitched slightly, but his expression was still very calm.

Ten billion is converted into energy, which is one billion!

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast paid by Kleo alone can allow him to upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool in the store!

Coupled with the cultivation fees collected before, Su Ping already has nearly 300 million energy in his hands!

"No need." Cleo said angrily, turned and left after speaking, but after not taking a few steps, he turned around and said: "When the cultivation is completed, I will take a good test!"

Hearing this threat, Su Ping raised his eyelids slightly and said indifferently: "It's up to you."


Seeing Su Ping's reaction, Clio made a cold snort in his heart, turned and strode away.


When Su Ping was collecting money in the store, several speed cars roared from the street and stopped at the door of Cleo's pet animal evaluation store.

"I heard that there are ten A-level pets here?"

"Hello, I am a reporter from Star Entertainment Media. We just received the news and said here..."

"Really, is it true? All Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts?"

"Wow, I got it, really!"

These media soon saw the situation in the evaluation store, and they were immediately shocked.

This news is too hot. Ten A-class Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts turned out to be born, and it coincides with the moment when the pet competition is about to be held. This news can definitely attract countless people's attention.

Some reporters were excited about the interview and quickly found the source.

It turns out that these battle pets came from a pet shop called Little Naughty at the end of the street!

Soon, many reporters flocked in and came to Su Ping's shop.

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