Astral Pet Store Chapter 768

Chapter 768: No Place Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"right here!"

"Hello, are you an employee here? Uh, the boss?"

"The ten A-grade Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, are they really sold from you? How are they sold, are they auctioned?"

"Young boss, please look at the camera here. Can you take the liberty to ask, what is the family behind you?"

"Boss, how can you sell so many A-class Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at one time, and it hasn't been preheated in advance, so won't you lose a lot?"


As soon as Su Ping completed the transaction with Cleo, he was surrounded by numerous media reporters.

what's the situation?

Su Ping blinked, a little dumb.

Unexpectedly, just selling ten medium-qualified battle pets could make such a big noise. It would never be the case if it was on the Blue Star.

This is not to say that the people on the Blue Star have a higher vision, but the detection equipment on the Blue Star for pet beasts, which is not as advanced as in the Federation. Those who have purchased from Su Ping or obtained post-bred war pets, Although I know that my battle pet has been promoted very exaggeratedly, there is no specific concept, which also hinders the spread.

After all, adjectives such as "very good" and "very strong" differ from one to the other, while the A-level qualification evaluation is a unified federal testing level, which is deeply entrenched in people's minds and has an extraordinary status.

"Boss, your store can launch so many A-level pets, is there a four-star nurturing master behind it?"

"Boss, your store has never heard of it. Could it be a big store on other planets, ready to enter our Rhea planet and compete with our leading group?"

Seeing these reporters' inquiries, Su Ping had to raise his hand and interrupted: "It's all quiet."

What he said was very light and calm, but there was a majesty that could not be resisted.

Soon, the noisy reporters all stopped. They instinctively felt a kind of deterrence, just like creatures whose life class is higher than them, looking down on them, instinctively feeling a little bit scared, they are all shocked.

"Our store does have masters of nurturing. As for competition, we only do our own business and don't compete with anyone."

Su Ping looked calm and said: "In the days to come, our store will continue to sell some A-level pets, and even cultivate A-level pets, you can pay attention to yourself."

"Welcome everyone to come and join us."

Stop talking.

Su Ping looked at many reporters and said, "Please come back, everyone, today's business hours are over."

These reporters, who were sent to their door for free, did not make use of nothing. Su Ping was able to borrow their mouths to promote his shop.

As for the A-level qualification... Anyway, you like to call it that way, so I'll just applaud it.

Cultivating a master... He feels like he is reluctant to do the calculation. Anyway, he can cultivate the A-level aptitude favorite that makes you satisfied, and it is in line with your imagination.

With this in mind, Su Ping invited many reporters out of the shop.

"Boss, a few more words!"

"Boss, it's not until noon now, is it closed for business?"

"Does it still open in the afternoon, boss, what time do you open here?"

"Boss, you just said that there will be a battle pet with A qualification in the future. Is it true? Can you reveal the specific information?"

Driven by Su Pings star power, these even the vast seas were not reporters, and were directly pushed out of the store by Su Ping.

"Specific news, pay attention to yourself, as for business hours, sometimes it is morning, sometimes it is afternoon, let's see when I make time."

Pushing these reporters to the door, Su Ping briefly responded to their questions, then waved to indicate that he would not accept interviews, and turned to the store.

Numerous reporters were left outside with a dazed expression.

Business hours, completely reliant?

What kind of shop is this!


When many reporters gathered outside the Su Ping store, on the street, the brown-haired young man who was the first to purchase the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast from Su Ping's hands turned green at this moment.

He is hiding here, wanting to pay attention to the follow-up.

As a result, he was completely stunned by the sudden bursts of news.

They are all A-class pets!

Ten A-rank Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were born out of the sky, which is too scary.

He thought that before he had almost booked the court, he was afraid that Su Ping would want to return the one in his hand, so he ran away...If he didn't run then, he might be able to book the court successfully!

Thinking of this, the brown-haired youth's complexion was worse than the bottom of the pot, and he wanted to vomit blood.

The only thing that made him feel a little bit better was that, from this point of view, this store could sell so many A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at one time, so he probably wouldn't care about this one in his hand.

In this way, he still has a chance to visit Su Ping's shop in the future.



"Damn it, who will come to our store in the future?"

"This store has been open here for several years, so I don't have any impression at all. It feels like it's been tepid, and it's suddenly so vigorous today!"

In the street star pet shop, the shop is empty at the moment, with only a few employees and supervisors left.

A middle-aged man with a bald head is the supervisor here, his face is ugly.

Yesterday, the Suping store consigned ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, which alarmed the whole street. As the same street, they were also under pressure from the pet shop, so they reported the situation to the headquarters overnight and applied for one from the headquarters. The B+ Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was consigned overnight.

I wanted to take advantage of the momentum created by the stores consignment of ten dragons, and when the street was full of popularity today, I wanted to attract all these popularity and directly come to the bottom of the pot!

As a result, I didn't expect that this store actually produced an A-level qualification pet!

And it's still ten at a time!

It's simply rolling, and rubbing on the ground after rolling!

At this moment, this supervisor has the heart to die. With such a big arm, let alone their shop, it is estimated that the other animal pet shops in Warfit City will also be eclipsed, and the business will be affected.

On the same street, they were obviously the most affected, almost a nuclear bomb level attack!

"Damn it, you can't go on like this, you can't sit and wait!"

"Get up and move, immediately go out to pull people out for me, what are you doing here, as a telegraph pole!"

"Hurry up and contact the headquarters. I applied for the transfer of public relations. I said that the store used fraud, and there were problems with the cultivation and sales of war pets. Go!"

The supervisor could no longer hold back and became irritable.

Once the store is gone, then his supervisor will also lose his job.

Even if it can be dispatched to other branches, the position will fall sharply.

Seeing the manager's anger, the employees in the store were all frightened and quickly became busy.

Soon, the employees of Zhongxing Pet Animal Shop came to the street again to solicit people to promote and sell.

However, the previous B+-class Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was not as attractive as before, but with the shouts, it gradually attracted some people.

After all, there is no way to purchase the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with A-level qualifications. Although it is extremely regrettable, there is a second point, which can also be comforted.

Soon, some people were attracted to the store one after another.

However, there are quite a few people in it, all of whom have stayed in the Suping store.

When I heard this B+ grade Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the price was as high as 5 billion, a boo soon sounded, it was too dark!

The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with Grade A qualifications only sold for more than 400 million, and even the Grade A qualification of Destiny Realm could only sell for less than one billion!

Here... dare to sell 5 billion? Thinking of money, crazy!

Hearing the doubts and boos of the blockbuster, the supervisor was about to explode.

This is what the regular price is good!

And it has dropped hundreds of millions from the normal price on the market!

Let him sell for 400 million... Then he doesn't have to do it, he can resign and return to his hometown.

It can only be said that the price of that store is squeezed too hard!

They are doing business, and they are losing money!

Even the top ten A-class pets are sold at super low prices. What a big charity event!

Even if it is a blog or a gimmick, it can attract a lot of popularity, but it has already lost hundreds of billions. It is not that easy to make it back!

When encountering such a madman, the supervisor complained endlessly, but at this moment there was no retreat. He could only bite the bullet and step forward to explain and persuade. However, no matter what he said, there were all kinds of ridicule voices one after another.


"Boss, I'm here to get my pet back."

Inside the Suping store, a clear voice sounded, and Felius walked into the store.

His face was a little surprised, the reporters gathered at the door, and those A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts that were full of discussions on the street, were they real?


Su Ping is sorting out, and will close the door for cultivation later.

Seeing the young man who came to the door yesterday, he said: "Your short-necked blue crocodile has been bred."

"Really?" Felius was still a little skeptical that he could really cultivate it in a day?

Su Ping didn't talk too much nonsense, and asked Joanna to lead out his battle pet.

"Next to the test room, you can test by yourself, you can release any skills in it, don't worry about causing damage, the wall is reinforced with barriers." Su Ping said.

Filius looked at Joanna and suddenly became more cautious. When he saw Joanna frown, he realized that it was a bit rude to stare at her, and then he thought of his own battle pet.

As soon as he lowered his head, he saw a pair of sharp and fierce gazes, and at this moment there was obviously a bit of dissatisfaction in these gazes.

After a long absence, the owner didn't even look at himself for the first time, which made the short-necked crocodile very hurt.


Felius immediately saw a difference. The aura of the short-necked blue crocodile was obviously stronger and more fierce than before, and the aura exuding from its body was more powerful and restrained than before. Although it came straight towards the face, it looked like Latent and walking, giving people a sense of deterrence that will erupt at any time.

"It seems really stronger." Felius muttered to himself.

Joanna brought the pet beast to her, then turned and left, like a cloud.

Felius felt relieved. He glanced at the short-necked blue crocodile under his feet, thought about it, and said to Su Ping: "Boss, I'll try it."



Ten minutes later, Felius returned to the hall.

His eyes beamed and his face was excited.

Passing through the hall, he didn't see Su Ping's figure. He looked around and found that his divine consciousness couldn't penetrate the shop, so he could only give up.

Thinking that there seemed to be a pet animal evaluation store outside, he left the store quickly, and when he left the house, he saw a lot of people gathered in front of the pet animal evaluation store, and they were talking a lot.

"A-level qualification?"

"Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beast?"

Felius raised his eyebrows, listened to the talk of the people, and walked over.

After listening carefully for a while, his face quickly changed, a little surprised.

"Are you sure, which shop sells it?" Felius couldn't help but ask, holding a person.

He pointed to Su Ping's shop.

"Can this be wrong? That little naughty animal pet shop, today can be regarded as famous. It sells ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at once, and all of them are A-level qualifications. Can you believe this?"

"Yeah, I'm still aftertaste, it feels like a dream."

"This is the first time I have encountered this kind of thing, and it is probably the first time this review store has encountered such a thing, haha."

Others also said with a smile, very interested in discussing this matter.

Felius was a little dazed.

Su Pings shop actually sold ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications in the morning?

Oh my god, what did he miss!

Felius suddenly thought of his short-necked blue-scaled crocodile. Could it be that Su Ping's shop really has a master cultivator?

His heart was beating, and he quickly squeezed into the crowd to come to the store to go through the test procedures and pay the fee.

After a few minutes.


There was a sudden uproar in the entire evaluation store, and the people gathered here who did not disperse all looked at the rolling inspection column in horror.

The above detection data actually soared to the purple light area!

Could it be said that another A-level pet was detected? !

"Damn, what day is this today!"

"It's another Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast? Didn't that store say that only ten of them were bought? Is this the previous inventory?"

"My God, what kind of brute had bought it."

Various exclamations sounded in the crowd.

Hearing the jealous and angry curses of some people, Felius's face changed and became a little sulky, but soon discovered that there was more than one cursing, and he immediately regarded it as not hearing him, and his eyes were fixed on the detection pole.

Soon, the data that rushed to the purple light area gradually fluctuated smoothly.

A few minutes later, an evaluation appeared above:

Class A!

Below the evaluation, the short-necked blue crocodile looks like.

The audience shook again, and it was really an A-class favorite!

But this time it was no longer the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but the short-necked blue scale crocodile.

Filius stared at this scene blankly, feeling that his head went blank with a thud.

He was a little confused.

A-level qualification? !

How can it be!

Is there something wrong with the detection column?

His short-necked blue crocodile, which was obviously only a B-level qualification before, has now become a positive A-level!

This is too much improvement!

Felius was a little sluggish. The reason why he came here for testing was not only to see the current aptitude of the short-necked green crocodile, but also to see the kind of power it showed in Su Pings test room. Normal strength.

Some special medicines can also inspire several times the power of the pet in a short time, but the sequelae are huge!

The testing room can detect these. Generally, the cultivation methods that are harmful and hidden can leave sequelae. If these are detected, the evaluation will be lowered, even if the combat power of the short-necked crocodile is of the same level at the moment. Ten times that of the same family, but once the sequelae of taking medicine is in the body, the qualifications will only be lowered!

This data is a comprehensive evaluation, covering all aspects.

And the positive A grade... which means that his battle pet is worthy of the name become stronger, there is no hidden danger!

It's true cultivation to become stronger!

Felius was so shocked that he couldn't speak. He only spent 100 million to cultivate his pet to a positive A level. This is incredible!

"It's actually another one, but luckily it's not Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast."

In another part of the store, Cleo in a black hip skirt was standing with her cousin Lily. At this moment, the two looked at the evaluation on the inspection column, both a little surprised.

Today, the inspection column seemed to have appeared, and it kept giving an A-level evaluation.

"This war pet, shouldn't it be from that store, right?" Cleo thought in his heart, a little moved, and immediately asked for the customer's information from the staff to receive it in person.

"Hello there."

When Felius was stunned, Cleo came to him. Seeing Felius appearance and the clothes he was wearing, Cleo was slightly startled, especially looking at the emblems on his cuffs. Sub doubt.

"Ah you are"

"I'm the person in charge of this store." Cleo looked calmly, and said: "Are you from the Moreno family? This pet is yours? Is there any plan to sell it? I can compare it to the market price. High purchase, this is my business card."

She handed out a purple and gold card.

The cost of this business card alone amounts to tens of thousands of stars.

Felius hadn't accepted it yet, just looking at the card itself, his pupils shrank. This card was an exclusive card of the Ren family, and only members of the Ren family had it.

"Hello, this is Filius." He took the card and said in awe.

On the planet Leia, the Lane family is the sky, and any force in front of the Lane family must bow their heads and look at their faces.

"Why, consider selling it?" Cleo asked bluntly.

Felius twitched his mouth slightly, showing a look of embarrassment, and said: "This, sorry, this little guy has been with me for a long time, and his relationship is very deep..."

Cleo suddenly knew that there was no drama, what deep feelings, nothing more than not wanting to sell, plus some information she had, the recent pet match was approaching, it is estimated that this member of the Moreno family also wants to participate, for those who are already in decline. The Moreno family brings some hope and vitality.

"When you want to sell, you can contact me at any time." Cleo smiled.

Felius nodded repeatedly.


After walking out of the evaluation store, Felius finally let out a sigh of relief. Facing the people of the Rennes family, the pressure was too great. Once offended, his family will also be implicated.

"I have to find Boss Su quickly. If he nurtures me every day, wouldn't all of my pets become A-level qualifications? In the case of fighting pets..."

Felius became a little excited and rushed to Suping's shop.


As soon as he entered the hall, Felius saw Su Ping and hurriedly shouted: "Boss, I just didn't find your person. I went out for a stroll. Boss, I still want to breed pet beasts. This time it's mine. A few others..."

He didn't directly say that he went to the evaluation store, because Su Ping thought he was questioning Su Ping's cultivation level.

Of course, this is indeed his previous guess.

"Oh." Su Ping didn't react much when seeing Felius, and said: "You are late. The petting place accepted by our shop is full. If you want to cultivate, come back tomorrow."


Hearing this, Felius was stunned, his eyes widened and said: "Full?"

"Well, there is no place." Su Ping said casually.

Felius was dumbfounded, how could this work?

He hurriedly said: "Boss, I can add money to cultivate one 200 million, no, how about 1 billion?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, glanced at him, and immediately understood that this guy probably ran to the test, and he said in a bad mood: "It's not about money. Besides, if you really want to count money, you think it's just a billion. , Is it worthy to let me take the shot?"

Felius was dumb, but knew that Su Ping was right.

In just one day, the B-level short-necked blue-scaled crocodile was raised to positive A level. This is impossible even for a four-star nurturing master. It is most likely the hand of the nurturing master.

"Boss, I know it's not a matter of money, so you should help."

Felius immediately changed his way, showing a pleading expression, and said sincerely: "I will participate in the pet competition soon. If the boss is willing to help me nurture, I will definitely be able to make a name in the competition. Then, I will definitely be leading the competition. During the award, he said that this pet was nurtured by the boss in your shop, and it can be regarded as a promotion for you."

"What does it matter to me for you to participate in the competition?" Su Ping said in a huff: "As for publicity or something, I don't have to you."

Felius was a little anxious when he saw Su Ping's refusal, and couldn't help but said: "Boss, just treat you as I beg you, what can you do before you are willing to help me nurture a pet beast?"

He already regretted it at this moment. He had known that he had handed his main battle pet to Su Ping for nurturing yesterday, instead of throwing it to Su Ping for nurturing with a short-necked blue crocodile that he hadn't planned to play.

"You don't need to beg me, it's useless to ask."

Su Ping said indifferently: "If you want to cultivate, just come in line tomorrow early."

Felius was stunned and surprised: "Really, as long as I come in line, the boss will be willing to help me nurture?"

"As long as you give money, why not help you?"

"Give it, I'll definitely give it, boss, I can give it to you now, pay the deposit first..."

"No, this shop does not accept deposits, pay on the spot, trade on the spot, no reservations, no credit!" Su Ping said with a cold expression.

Felius was stunned, somewhat at a loss.

Su Ping ignored him, turned and left.

At this moment, another figure came in outside the store. As soon as he entered the store, he saw Su Ping who turned around, his eyes brightened and he said, "Boss Su."

Su Ping looked back, it was Mia.

"Are you back?"


Mia smiled and said: "I just heard from outside that there are ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications sold in Boss Su's shop?"

Su Ping nodded, "Yes."

Felius next to him saw Su Ping personally admit that his pupils shrank slightly, and he regretted his behavior yesterday.

"Boss Su, can you sell me one?"

Seeing Su Ping's admission, Mia's eyes became brighter and brighter, and said: "You can open the price, I will try my best to give it!"

"Didn't you catch it yourself?" Su Ping asked back.

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