Astral Pet Store Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Rules Thor Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"I caught it, but the qualifications are relatively ordinary, only C+ level." Mia said helplessly.

She did catch it and was tested on the return trip. She was still a little happy when she knew it was a C+ level.

After all, most of the wild pets that are normally caught are C-level, and C+-level is considered to be the better in it. If you cultivate a little, you can reach B-level. If you ask a master to cultivate, it is not too difficult to cultivate to B+ level. Thing!

As a result, when she returned to this street, she wanted to come to Su Ping to cultivate a pet beast.

On the contrary, I heard the news of Ten A's Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

A wait... This is something she can only imagine.

If you can directly buy an A class, it will definitely save time and effort than nurturing!

It just costs money!

"The Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts I caught are all sold out." Su Ping said, "Since you have them, you can consider nurturing them. After all, it is not difficult to nurture them to A level."

Puff, Felius next to him was a bit speechless.

Do you say people say?

Is it not difficult to cultivate to A?

A big guy said that making 10 billion is just a small goal?

Mia next to her was also stunned, and couldn't help asking: "Boss Su, are all the ones you caught back sold out?"

"All sold."


Mia was stunned, her eyes widened. When she saw Su Ping, there were three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts beside Su Ping. Could it be that the three Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts she saw at the time were all A-level qualifications? ?

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt extremely regretful. If she came back with Su Ping immediately, she would definitely be able to buy it first. As a result, she missed this opportunity.

This made her a little angry with herself.

I am too confident. I am the owner of a pet pet shop. I am sure that I have a unique vision and know how to identify wild pets. How can I catch them at will?

How could she not think of this at the time!

The chagrin is useless, Mia looked at Su Ping and said, "Boss, when will you go to Lei Mingzhou to catch it?"

She wants to accompany her. Missing the first time is careless, and missing the second time is stupid!

Su Ping shook his head and said, "There is no such plan yet. When do you want to go, let's talk about it."

Su Pings casual words fell in Mias ears. She felt that Su Ping was reluctant to reveal her whereabouts, and she sighed in her heart. Indeed, after all, who would expose her whereabouts is very dangerous. thing.

"Then boss, do you have any other A-level pets in your store?"

"Not for the time being." Su Ping saw her persistence and was a little speechless, and said, "Don't you have a Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast? Even if you are not born with A grade, you can also cultivate it into A grade. Why do you have to buy it directly? Are you satisfied until A waits?"

"Can it be cultivated?" Mia was stunned.

"If the money is in place, it's fine." Su Ping said: "It just happens that our shop just opened the professional cultivation of the king level today. If you cultivate it once, it will be 10 billion, and the qualification will definitely reach A. Do you have money?"


Mia stared at him in a daze, and suddenly reacted, and said in surprise: "I cultivate! Ten billion words... yes!"

She doesn't have so much cash in her hand, but she can borrow it.

She thought of a figure.

Su Ping nodded and said, "If you have money, then you have the money. Come and line up early tomorrow. It is no longer accepted today, and the number of cultivation places is full."

Just as Mia was about to take out the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, she was dumbfounded when she heard Su Ping's words.

Previously, she came to Supings shop and wanted to breed as many as she wanted, but now she was told that she would wait until tomorrow to line up?

Felius next to him saw that Su Ping treats a beautiful woman like this, he was relieved, and looked at Mia with a feeling of sympathy.

"Then boss, I'll come back tomorrow morning." Filius said.

Mia noticed Felius next to her, and she was a little speechless when she heard what the other party said. It seems that she is not the only one who wants Su Ping to cultivate.

Is it so popular in just one day?


With the previously cultivated level of this store, coupled with the sale of ten A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at once, it is a wonder if it will not explode.

Thinking of this, Mia was a little discouraged, knowing she would have rushed back early.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow morning." Mia sighed in her heart, but on the surface she smiled slightly at Su Ping and looked generous.

Su Ping nodded.

After seeing the two off, Su Ping turned it off and went to the Federal Language Teaching Institute to find Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong.

"How is it, did you learn it?"

"I have mastered seven or eight points, except for some uncommon words."

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong were very happy to see Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded. He asked the question directly in Federal language, which was to test the two of them. Seeing that they had a good answer, he said, "Learn hard, and go back to see the store tomorrow."

Now that there are so many people, he also needs help.

Tang Ruyan stunned: "Is there a business?"

"Business is good."

"I know, I will work hard."

"me too."

Zhong Lingtong next to him also obediently said.

Su Ping nodded, bid farewell to the two, and returned to the store.

He closed the door and ignored the entangled reporters.

These reporters have already changed a group. If he accepts interviews every time, he won't have to do anything else for a day.

In the store, Su Ping checked today's energy revenue.

More than 380 million!

In just one day, he made 300 million energy, which is more than 30 billion stars!

Among them, Cleos professional cultivation contributed 10 billion, and ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts sold more than 6 billion, and the ordinary cultivation of the remaining candidates also earned more than 20 billion!

However, the next thing is suffering.

It has to be cultivated in batches, and for professional cultivation, Su Ping estimated that it would take several days to nurture, even if it is piggybacked every time other pets are nurtured, but in the process of nurturing, it is difficult to rely on death to squeeze them. The qualification is upgraded to the first class.

You have to cooperate with some medicinal materials and exercise in a special environment to have a significant improvement.


He preached directly.

Passing the power of one's own rules to the battle pet, it is estimated that it will immediately increase its combat power and step into the ranks of superior qualifications.

But the power of rules is so precious that Su Ping chose to use other cultivation methods when he was not in a hurry.

"Eat Lei Ze Divine Fruit first!"

Su Ping didn't think about it any more, and turned out the Lei Ze God Fruit in the system space.

This is a purple divine fruit surrounded by thunder on the surface, with raised, scar-like lines on it, but these lines are like staggered lightning.

"I hope I can comprehend the power of rules." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

There is only a certain probability that this divine fruit can be understood, and he has always had a dark face. I hope that the more than 80 million energy is not in vain.


He ate and swallowed quickly.

While chewing, Su Ping felt as if countless thunders were beating in his mouth. If he hadn't had high lightning resistance, it is estimated that these thunders alone would be enough to paralyze him and burst his body.

These throbbing thunders, like countless flying snakes, scurrying around in their mouths, Su Ping also had a strange feeling while chewing and swallowing.

Thunder seems to be alive!

He sat cross-legged in the store, closed his eyes, chewed slowly, and swallowed his mouthful of Thunder bit by bit.

These thunders swam into the body along the throat, like a lively loach, wandering in the body, Su Ping felt that the cells and blood in his body were gradually activated.

In an instant, he felt a trance.

It turns out that Thunder is not just destruction, it may also bring new life!

Rebirth in destruction!

When Su Ping was in a trance, some lightning suddenly rushed to his brain, and then Su Ping's mind was like a roar. There were countless thunders in his memory, which was a vast and deep sea of thunder.

This thunder sea is full of thunder.

These thunders may burst, roar, annihilate, or circulate... in various forms, endless.

It turned out that Ray had so many changes!

Su Ping's thoughts gradually sink into it, a little fascinated.


for a long time.

Su Ping opened his eyes.

Between the opening and closing of his eyelids, a thunder burst out, this is a real thunder fire!


In Su Ping's palm, a ball of thunder was beating, like a bird chirping. The thunder light gradually flew away from his palm and stayed in the air in front of his eyes, but it still rolled round and endlessly.

From above, it exudes a peculiar breath, the power of rules!

Although the energy emitted by this thunder is weak, the force of the rules has rippled the surrounding space, and it seems that it can easily tear open this first space!

"Thunder is alive..."

Su Ping looked at this group of thunder, the color of thinking in his eyes gradually became clear, and said to himself: "The cycle is endless, born in death, like the **** of creation, let you call you the rules of Thor."

With a buzzing sound, after he finished naming it, the group of thunder seemed to oscillate, which coincided with a certain avenue, and the regular power emanating from it became stronger and stronger.

And Su Ping also awoke from the state of enlightenment that Linghui Fei Teng, he knew that when he completed the naming, he fully understood and mastered the power of this rule.

If the naming is wrong, it means that you have a biased understanding of this rule, and it is likely to gradually dissipate it.

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