Astral Pet Store Chapter 770

Chapter 770: Grab A Pet Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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This Thor rule is the third rule power that Su Ping masters.

Su Ping was a little excited. The more than 80 million energy spent was too worthwhile. He realized a rule, which was something that many Destiny Realms would not dare to ask for.

It was when Su Ping was about to cultivate the world trial, suddenly the store door was banged.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, his thoughts spread.

The shop can isolate other people's spiritual detection, but it will not block Su Ping's spiritual detection.

I saw a young man outside the store, wearing armor with blood stained on it. He was wounded at the moment and was knocking on the store door anxiously.


Seeing this young man's face, Su Ping immediately recognized that it was one of the two young people who had previously rented the little skull.

His face changed slightly, and he quickly sensed the breath of the little skull, but found that it was not on the young man.


Su Ping stood up suddenly, and the store door was suddenly pushed open.

Abte, who was knocking on the door of the store, was startled. He immediately saw Su Ping in the store. Just about to speak, he saw that Su Pings eyes were extremely cold, compared to the wild Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast he saw in Leimingzhou. , But also cold and terrible.

"Old... Boss, it's not good, the battle pet you rented to us was robbed!" Abbott was taken aback and reacted quickly and said hurriedly.

"Snatched? Where?"

Su Ping's eyes were as sharp as a knife, and he looked straight at Abbott.

Abbott dared not look into Su Pings eyes, and he was secretly shocked. The Su Ping cultivation level he perceives is the same as him in the vast sea realm, but he has been exploring various planets and hunting all the year round. China is not bad, but at this moment there is a feeling of being suppressed by Su Ping.

"Just outside the city."

Abbott controlled his thoughts and hurriedly said: "We are coming back to return the battle pet to you. Our captain is also ready to come over to thank you personally. As a result, I met a group of people outside the city. They didn't know what equipment they were using. Out of the extraordinaryness of your battle pet, he robbed it."

Seeing Su Pings increasingly gloomy expression, he quickly added: "We stopped it. The injuries on my body were caused by those guys, but two of them are strong in the Destiny Realm. They are both powerful. Our captain is not an opponent. ..."

"Outside the city..."

Su Ping's eyes were deep and cold, and instead of scolding each other angrily, he closed his eyes.

Soon, through the spirit beast contract, he vaguely sensed the position of the little skeleton. Judging from the strength of the sense, it was indeed not far from the city.

"Lead the way!" Su Ping said coldly.

While speaking, he summoned the two dogs and the candle dragon beasts in the store's boarding place into his pet beast space.

Abbott was stunned and said quickly: "They have two destiny states. Boss, would you like to ask someone to help? Just rely on our words..."

"I will let you lead the way!" A flash of thunder in Su Ping's eyes, like a light beam, pierced his soul.

Abbott was shocked in place, with an incredible color in his eyes. His heart was beating uncontrollably. It seemed that Su Ping in front of him was not a pet master in the vast sea realm, but a strong man in the destiny realm!

That kind of overwhelming aura made him startled and his pores were shrinking.

He dared not anger Su Ping any more, nodded quickly, then turned and ran.

Su Ping closed the door of the store and glanced at the Thunder Light Mouse under the sculpture at the door, and found that it was also turning his head to look at himself, and immediately said: "Look at the store for me."

Lei Guangshu looked suspicious, tilted his head, and watched Su Ping's figure go away. However, a pair of small rats' eyes slowly revealed profound thoughts.


Warfit City, outskirts.

The scenery here is quite good, with green forests and green mountains, and fresh air.


Abbot led the way, using a special body technique, like a leaping wind bird, his figure extremely fast.

He looked back and saw that his eyes almost fell off. Su Pings figure followed closely behind him, and he was only a few meters away from him, but Su Pings figure was extremely stable. Relying entirely on the power of the stars to promote!

Can you achieve such a terrifying speed without using your body skills?

Abbot was a little horrified, what kind of cultivation is this young man!

"The scope is up."

Su Ping's eyes were deep and icy, his perception became clearer and clearer, and he was able to accurately find the position of the little skull, and this distance was already within the range of his mandatory summoning.

Without hesitation, Su Ping directly passed the contract and forced the summon!

But soon, the summoning power dissipated and the summoning failed.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, which indicated that the little skeleton was now fighting or was caught by something.

"The battle pet master of the Destiny Realm should not be its opponent." Su Ping's face became more and more gloomy. As the distance got closer and the contract gradually tightened, he could gradually perceive the emotions of the little skeleton. At this moment, it, emotions A little anxious, but after sensing his thoughts, the clarity of the anxiety calmed down.

"Don't be afraid, I will come right away." Su Ping passed on through the contract.

Then he glanced at Abte, who was flying up and down in front of him, and flew up directly, grabbing him by the shoulder.



The space was torn, and Su Ping stepped out and teleported tens of thousands of meters away.

As soon as it flashed out, it flashed again and again.

Abbott was a little frightened. No wonder Su Ping dared to come with him alone, and he was not afraid that he was deliberately setting up a situation to frame him. It turned out that the boss had hidden his cultivation base and he was in the Destiny Realm. Otherwise, how could he have heard of the two Destiny Realm powerhouses? Under the circumstances, still indifferent, dare to commit suicide?


In an empty forest.

Several potholes were destroyed near this forest, the ground was protruding with rock thorns, and there were traces of charred fire.

"Tsk tusk, judging from the data, if this little thing is tested, it will probably be an A-level, or even an S-level super rare!"

In the field, a young man had an iron cage beside him. At the moment, inside the iron cage was a white skull.

The iron cage was entwined with runes, and the palm of the snow-white skeleton inside touched the iron pillar of the cage, and it burst out with flames, burning its fingers.

This flame was extremely unusual, it was actually stuck on its finger bones, and when there was no combustible material, it was still like a tarsus maggot, so that the snow-white skeleton could not keep bones before it could throw the flame away.

Fortunately, its broken bones can regenerate, but it will consume some energy.

"The cultivation base is only in the late stage of the ninth stage, and there is such an exaggerated energy fluctuation. It is incredible. If this thing is picked up and sold, it is absolutely super rare."

A young girl next to her exclaimed and said: "If you raise it to the Boundary Sea level, it is estimated that you can get a good place in the All-Cosmos Pet Competition."

"Hehe, pick up the test and see what bloodline it is. If the upper limit is good, give it to Miss Denise." The young man next to him smiled.

He has purple hair and is handsome and handsome.

The woman named Denise next to her moved her eyes and chuckled, "Are you really willing? If the bloodline of this Skeleton species is a rare species in the Starry Sky Realm, would you still give it to me?"

The youth showed admiration in his eyes and said, "Of course, how can a pet beast compare to Miss Denise."

Denise covered her mouth and chuckled.

The youth saw her laughing with a swaying waist, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and he turned to look at the people on the opposite side, and said calmly: "Why don't you get out of here while I am not intent on killing?"

"His Royal Highness Randall, this is not our battle pet, but we rented it out. If you fancy our battle pet, we are willing to give it to you, but it really doesn't work..."

Opposite, a burly middle-aged man couldn't help begging.

He had two destiny battle pets standing behind him, and he also entered into a state of fit, with purple and blue beast patterns on his face, and his hands also looked like claws. The aura he exudes was very powerful, in the destiny state.

But at this moment, he can only plead.


The youth's eyes were cold, and said: "Since it is not yours, what are you still talking about here, Miss Denise can fancy this battle pet, it is its blessing. Keeping up with Miss Denise will make future achievements. It will be higher, otherwise a piece of good material will be buried as a cheap battle pet for a lifetime lease."

"His Royal Highness Randall, we can't explain this to you if this warfare is given to you." An old eagle man next to the middle-aged man couldn't help but persuade.

"Huh? What are you worthy of talking to me?" The young man showed a murderous look on his face, and said: "On this planet, there is nothing I can't ask for, Leiber, fetch me their heads and feed me Xiao Yao!"


An old man next to him spoke calmly, and then stepped out.

In an instant, a terrifying fate aura erupted from its body, climbing to the top, and behind it, a huge Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast stepped out of the space. As soon as it walked out, it merged with its body and merged.

"Thunder body, extremely thunderous!"

The old man groaned, his whole body appeared thunderous, he actually possessed thunderous body.

Seeing the old man's thunderous physique, the faces of the people on the opposite side changed wildly, showing a look of horror. I didn't expect this servant of the Lane family to have a war body!

The next moment, the old man stepped out suddenly, almost instantly, and came to the burly middle-aged man.

"The secret of fit, Lei Benquan!"

The old man suddenly threw out his fists, thunderous thunderstorms in his fists, like the thunder light in the surrounding void was absorbed, extremely bright, like a dazzling thunder core, burst out.

The burly middle-aged man's face changed drastically, his whole body burst into star power, and he raised his hand to resist.

At this critical moment, time seemed to be countless times slower, and a figure suddenly appeared above the old man's head.

The old man's pupils shrank slightly, turning his eyes to look up.

But what I saw was a rapidly expanding footprint.

With a bang, the old man's face caught the foot, and the next moment he was stepped on his neck and his neck broke, making a crackling sound, and his body crashed to the ground. The entire forest shuddered!

A huge pothole burst into the ground. The old man who had shown a thunderous body and released a very strong combination of secret skills had already split his body at this moment, and his brain was everywhere.

And in front of his corpse, stood a figure with black hair and black eyes, exuding a monstrous murderous aura.

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