Astral Pet Store Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Shoot To Death Together Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Ahead, Randal's complexion changed suddenly, and he was a little shocked. His guard Reber died unexpectedly, and he was trampled to death!

This is the top powerhouse of the Destiny Realm, and with a thunderous body, he is considered a very desirable powerhouse in the same rank, otherwise he would not be selected and become his personal guard.

Denise beside him was also taken aback, a look of surprise appeared in her eyes, and she looked up and down Su Ping. At the same time, the two old men beside her changed their colors at the same time, and their expressions became extremely solemn. Take a step forward, get close to your lady, and be on guard at any time.

"who are you?"

Randal came back to his senses, his face was gloomy, but his fingers quietly took out a secret treasure from the space, ready to send it away at any time, and stimulated a distress signal.

Su Ping did not answer. His eyes fell on the cage beside him. The little skull was locked inside at the moment. Seeing his arrival, the little skull couldn't help but stretched his hand forward, but when he touched the cage, he immediately burned out of his finger bones. flame.

It hurt, broke bones quickly, and retracted its small hand.

Seeing the little skull injured, Su Ping's eyes grew deeper and deeper, and it was as dark as a starless night sky. He looked up indifferently, looked at the talking youth, and said, "Open the cage."


At the same time, behind Su Ping, Abbot galloped in in a fit posture.

Previously, Su Ping left it behind and rushed over in a flash, only to have a talented scene.

Seeing Abbott, Randall understood a bit, and sneered: "Are you invited for reinforcements? Want this pet? This cage is the most advanced titanium trapping cage in the Federation, under the stars..."

Before he could finish his words, Su Ping's eyes rose sharply, and suddenly he raised his hand and pointed out.

With a bang, a ray of dark gray sword energy galloped out, tearing the space instantly, and arriving in front of the cage, the cage cracked on the spot.


The little skeleton's figure flickered, and then flashed directly in front of Su Ping, raising his head to look at Su Ping.


This sudden cracking sound shocked Randal, Denise and the guards beside him. When they saw the cracked cage, their eyes protruded and were a little shocked.

Na Randall opened his mouth slightly and his face was full of horror. He hadn't finished his words. Only the strong in the starry sky can break the titanium trapping cage and imprison all monsters under the starry sky, except for a few. The super rare special pet.

However, Su Ping in front of him was broken!

This person... is the Star Realm? !

Randals eyes were a little frightened. He also swallowed the cruel words he wanted to say before, and gritted his teeth and said: "Im the direct line of the Lane family, and my grandfather is Lane ONeill. He is also a starry sky realm powerhouse, and I hope that he will not have the same knowledge of the younger generation, and redeem the younger generation to take the liberty. How about today's affairs, a one-off cancellation?"

Abbott behind Su Ping, the burly middle-aged captain, and several team members all looked at the black-haired boy in amazement.

This person is actually...Starry Sky Realm? !

This is a strong man who can travel across the universe physically, and whose combat power is comparable to that of an interstellar warship!

The extraordinary existence that the planet has been unable to restrain!

"A write-off?" Su Ping's eyes turned indifferently, and said slowly: "If you can pick me up without death, I will forgive you."

Hearing this, Randal's face changed suddenly, and he said in anger: "Senior, don't deceive others too much. My grandfather is a strong man in the starry sky. He really wants to kill me, not only on this planet of Rennes, but in this entire Zeruprunn galaxy, you can't wait!"


Su Ping didn't say much, his finger popped out.


At the fingertips, the space agitated.

The second space split instantly, and the power of the two rules intertwined and flew out, namely Thunder Boom and Thor. At this moment, they came to Randall in an instant with lightning speed.

With a bang.

A purple shield suddenly appeared in front of Randall. It was a transparent energy shield with extremely complicated engravings, which was an energy loop.

But when the shield emerged, it shattered and split, and then the purple light penetrated without hindrance.

Randall was horrified. He only reacted when the shield emerged. Fortunately, he had already taken out the life-saving treasure in advance. This was a dragon ring with a dragon pattern on it. At this moment, the ring was suddenly crushed.

The space around him suddenly cracked, and a strong adsorption force pulled his body into it. At the same time, a powerful giant palm emerged from it, exuding a breath of horror, and wanted to slap it out.

But before the giant palm could take the shot, Lei Guang had already submerged in Randal's body, and then burst open, tearing the giant palm that had not yet been gathered together.

With a bang, the black second space was shattered, and the cracked space quickly healed, squeezing out the minced meat inside and scattered all over the place.

The audience was silent.

Everyone behind Su Ping's eyes widened, shocked and uncontrollable.

The king of Leia, the direct-line young master of the Lane family, actually died like this!

And there is no whole body, torn apart!

Next to him, Denise also changed her pretty face and was a little shocked. He didn't expect Randolph to display the starry sky-class escape secret treasure given by her family, but she couldn't escape!

Too fierce!

The two old men next to Denise were both pale. They had a bit of war intentions before, but seeing Su Pings understatement ejecting an attack that contained rules and coercion, they knew that they were in front of this young man. It's just like paper paste.

The gap between the starry sky and the destiny is like four-dimensional and three-dimensional. This is a proper dimensionality reduction attack!

"And you."

Su Ping looked indifferently at the three people beside him.

Denise's face changed slightly, surprised and angry, and said, "Do you know who you just killed? This is the sixth youngest of the line of the Lane family. They are the three most talented juniors of their generation. One is to be cultivated as a seed by their family, and the future goal is to become a starland and inherit the family business!"

Su Ping did not speak, but slowly raised his hand.

Seeing that Su Ping was about to snap his fingers again, the expressions of the two old men next to him changed drastically and their scalp numb. One of the old men hurriedly said: "Senior, we have no intention of offending, we are the Tisen family of Yarrow planet, and our lady is Xiumia. The students of the college are offended today, and I hope you will raise your hands high."

"Senior, for the sake of Xiumia Academy, how about letting go of today's matter?"

Hearing the words of the two elders, the fear in Denise's heart suddenly declined slightly, thinking that she was one of the five great theological academies, a student of Xiumia College, the arrogance in her heart could not help but surface Came out and said:

"Yes, you killed the direct line of the Rennes family and provoke the Rennes family. Even if you dont care about the Rennes family, but Mia Academy is spread across the entire Sylvie galaxy. Once I have an accident, the college will know immediately. The galaxies will want you, even the head of the Lane family, dare not touch me!"

The more she spoke, the more confident she became, and her face calmed down.

"Is it?"

Su Ping looked at her indifferently, and said slowly: "Give you a chance to apologize to my pet beast."

Denise was taken aback, then looked at him incredulously, and said, "You mean, let me apologize to your pet beast? What are you kidding about! It's just a beast, not even a beast, just fighting Tool, you actually asked me to apologize to a tool???"

The two old men beside him were also speechless, feeling that Su Ping's request was too much.

"A beast..."

Su Ping said to himself.

The expression in his indifferent eyes became calm.

But the next moment, his body suddenly rioted, and his whole body burst out with a shocking aura, blasting the ground under his feet, and his body instantly tore the second space, and at the limit speed of the second space, came to the three of them. before.


The two elders reacted with horror in their eyes. They were about to confine the space and release the secret skills, but Su Ping's palm stretched out from the dark second space, and his body passed through them, one hand holding the two faces. hole.

Bang! Bang!

How violent Su Ping's physical power was, at this moment, the divine power exploded, and the heads of the two old men were crushed on the spot!

Then, Su Ping dragged their bodies with both hands and stood in front of Denise.

The upright body, like a javelin, like a sword, looked down at her, blocking all the light.

Denise was stunned.

All this happened so quickly. When she saw Su Ping's murderous intent, she thought that what she said had worked. As soon as she felt proud, she saw Su Ping burst out of a more terrifying murderous intent and attacked directly. .

And her two old guards didn't even have a chance to resist, they died in an instant!

These are all selected destiny elites!

At this moment, looking at the tall and tall body that was hiding in front of her, and the pair of condescending eyes looking down at him, Denise's head was a little blank, as if it was roared by thunder, a little buzzing, and the pair did not contain the slightest emotion, like contempt. All things, with indifferent and lonely eyes, are eternally fixed in her pupils.


Su Ping raised his hand and slapped it out with a slap. The power of the three rules of fingertips condensed, and the light in his palm was blazing, like a round of golden blazing sun, slammed out.

With a few bangs, the defensive treasures all over Denise's body were instantly shattered and torn apart by the force of the rules.

Especially Thor's rules were unexpectedly sharp. The next moment, Denise had just reacted, her calm eyes suddenly became extremely frightened, she wanted to ask for help, but the moment her red lips were wide open, her head was broken.

Blood swayed all over the place.

Abbot and the others in the back saw that their eyes were about to fall to the ground, and the girl threatened to be a member of Xiumia Academy, so Su Ping actually dared to kill? !

What status is Xiumia Academy, killing any of the students of the five major theological academies is extremely terrifying and will bring great hidden dangers.

Unless there is a strong star in the main realm, and that student offended the strong in the main realm.

Su Ping glanced at the palm of his hand, not stained with blood.

His eyes also returned to normal, his expression was indifferent and calm. He ignored the slender headless corpse that was slowly swaying in front of him, turned and walked towards the little skeleton, smiling: "Go, let's go home."

Little Skull looked up at him, then nodded.

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