Astral Pet Store Chapter 772

Chapter 772: Star Crystal Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Seeing Su Ping's understatement, Abbot and others next to him were already a little frightened.

Su Ping didn't take the person who killed the student Xiumia seriously?

They were still a little worried about whether Su Ping would kill them too!

But looking at Su Ping's appearance, it seemed that he didn't care about this.

"That, that..."

The burly middle-aged man, seeing Su Ping about to leave, hurriedly said, "You are the boss who rented the battle pet to Abbott. Thank you for the battle pet. Your pet is very Its great. It helped us a lot. Thank you very much. We are here this time. In addition to returning it to you, we are also going to subsidize a little more..."

"No need."

Su Ping said calmly: "If you have time in the future, you can go to my store to have a look. There will be some good pet beasts on sale in the future. You can pay attention to it yourself."


Several people were a little stunned.

Su Ping killed someone here, so he still wants to continue to open a shop here?

The one who was killed was the sixth youngest member of the line of the Rein family, and the other was a student from Xiumia Academy. Why not run away quickly? !

Seeing that Su Ping was so confident and fearless, the few people looked at each other and became more shocked. There is only one answer that can explain Su Ping's cards, which is thicker and stronger!

That's why you can be fearless!

Otherwise, would the guy who cultivated to the starry sky realm be a fool? !

Thinking of this, the few people became more and more in awe. The middle-aged man respectfully said: "We will definitely patronize. For today's matter, thank you, senior, for your relief."

"Nothing, I just came to pick up my friend."

The middle-aged man turned his head and looked at the dead bodies in the distance, with worry in his eyes. He knew that although it was Su Ping who killed them, they would also be implicated.

The anger of a big man will not be small under the overturned!

"Senior, their relics..."

The middle-aged man raised his hand, and a few secret treasures flew out of the corpse, and fell into his hand. He glanced at it and was a little moved, but he resisted his greed and sent it to Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced, but had ignored it before, mainly because he really didn't lack anything.

But since it was picked up, don't let it go for nothing. Anyway, people are stupid. If they don't accept this thing, they will also come to him to settle accounts.

"You also go to find a place to evacuate, so as not to be affected." Su Ping said casually after accepting the relic.

The middle-aged man shrank in his heart and nodded respectfully.

He really thought that after Su Ping left, they were about to leave the planet Leia.

They couldn't bear the anger of the Lane family.

As for the affairs of Xiumia Academy, it is better to say, after all, they are not the main culprits of the hands, they are just bystanders, and they will not be implicated.

Su Ping took the things and left with the little skull.

Watching Su Ping go away, several team members all reacted, feeling that a big rock from the bottom of their hearts was finally thrown away, and they all gasped for breath.

"It's horrible, the store you went to is actually a business in the Star Realm!"

"My God, a dignified starry sky realm powerhouse, what a noble status, he is a little boss!"

"Sure enough, there are too many strong people in the world, and these strong people still like to keep a low profile. In the future, when you go out, you should not be too ostentatious, lest you accidentally offend a big guy who travels in the mountains and water."

"Captain, are we... leaving the planet Rhea?"

The middle-aged man retracted his gaze, glanced at several team members, and sighed: "Leave, you have to leave. You guys have to get ready now, Ajer, you go to order tickets for the spaceship now."


Soon, Su Ping returned to the store.

For him, this incident was just an episode.

Whether it was the Lane family or the Xiumia Academy, he didn't care much.

This Ren family, he felt that he could handle it with his own ability. As for Naxiumia Academy, Su Ping felt that the other party would not come out and fight him as a student.

Really fighting, he kept shrinking in the store after a big deal, waiting for the cultivation to reach the starry sky before leaving.

"These two people look very background, don't know what's in the relic."

Su Ping looked at a few secret treasures in his hand, and when the middle-aged man handed it over to him, he noticed a few of them, which were of the spatial storage type.

He could recognize the pattern engraved on it at a glance.

After all, I learned the formation knowledge from Joanna for a period of time. I can't make it, but I can still recognize it.

"Huh? Locked up?"

Divine consciousness penetrated, and Su Ping found that he could not open this space secret treasure.

He immediately came to the store, found Joanna, and said, "Can you crack the closed restriction on this space artifact?"

Joanna opened her eyes, took a look, raised her eyebrows and said: "Where did it come from, there are blood stains on it, fresh, you just killed?"

"Yes, just killed." Su Ping nodded.

The tone seemed to kill a chicken.

Joanna was a little speechless, he knew that as soon as Su Ping left the shop, nothing good would happen, this guy was not a peaceful person.

"let me see."

Su Ping handed her the things.

A sacred fire appeared in Joanna's hand, burning and evaporating the flame on the secret treasure, but the flame was controlled extremely well and did not hurt the secret treasure itself.

"Small prohibition."

After taking a second glance, Joanna said indifferently, and then the light of the fingertips condensed, and an array pattern was quickly formed, slapped into the space secret treasure.

Soon, there was a ding sound.

Joanna threw the ding-dong space artifact to Su Ping, and continued to use the same method to crack the rest one by one.

Su Ping took it, his divine consciousness penetrated, and immediately entered this space secret treasure without any hindrance.

This first secret treasure was a bracelet with a huge space inside, and in one place, it was piled with clothes the size of a hill.

All kinds of luxurious clothes, shoes, underwear, head ropes, hair bands and other things for girls to dress up are piled up full, but there is a super container, which is packed in order.

On the other side, there are all kinds of secret treasures, but the energy fluctuations they emit are not strong, they are all of the virtual cave realm level, and a few of them are arranged separately, and they are the secret treasures of the destiny realm.

In another place, there is a pile of luminous blue spar, which exudes extremely strong star power, and the purity is quite high.

Su Ping was a little surprised. There was nothing in these spars except star power. They looked like a pile of... compressed and refined star power.

Is this a training resource?

Su Ping is going to wait to look back.

In the other place, there are piles of all sorts of weird things, with peculiar glowing horns, things like beautiful thorn corals, and some maps.

Su Ping suddenly saw one of them, placed alone in a conspicuous position, with a blue card.

He thought.

Soon, the card flew from the Secret Treasure Space and fell into his hand.

"Xumia Academy?"

Seeing the words on the card, Su Ping was surprised, his thoughts penetrated, and he found a piece of information pouring into his mind, and suddenly understood that this was a student card of Xiumia Academy.

No wonder it is placed in the most conspicuous position, is it convenient to take it?

In the card, there is also a prohibition. Behind the prohibition is a faint breath, which was left by Denise who was shot to death by Su Ping.

In many places in the academy where you need to swipe your card, you need to rely on this card and this breath to identify it.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said to Joanna: "Can you break the restrictions?"

Joanna raised her eyebrows. She was used to finding work for her by Su Ping. After taking a look, her brows suddenly frowned and said, "It's a little bit complicated."


Su Ping was surprised that this Xiu Mia Academy could be regarded as one of the five major theological academies. How important is this student certificate, and the above-mentioned formation prohibition specifications will certainly not be bad.

Joanna's face was indifferent, and said: "After all, it is something made by you humans. In terms of formation, it is still too immature."

After finishing speaking, the light of her fingertips quickly condensed, and in an instant she portrayed a simple and complicated formation, and with a loud bang, the restriction on the student card was suddenly broken.

In the next moment, the aura that was sealed behind the prohibition also flew out and escaped into the air.

Joanna returned the card to Su Ping and said, "Now this is a masterless one."

Su Ping took a second glance, and it really turned out to be a blank card.

He didn't look much, and threw it into the system space. This thing was temporarily useless, but it might be useful in the future.

Next, Su Ping went through other space artifacts one by one.

Some star crystals were also found in the space secret treasures of the two old men, but the amount was obviously far less than that of the woman, and the total amount was less than one-fifth of it.

It can be seen how high the status and treatment of this woman is.

In the vast vast sea realm, the training resources are several times that of the two destiny realms.

In the young man's space secret treasure, there are also star crystals, the weight is about one-half of the woman's, in addition, there are also some men's clothing and secret treasures, as well as messy things.

But to Su Ping's surprise, beside the men's clothing, there are still a group of women's clothing, and the size of the clothing is similar to that of men's clothing...

Does that guy still have this hobby?

It's a pity.

Su Ping shook his head and collected several space secret treasures into the system space, and then used the lord's star order to search for the blue spar information.

After a little search, he found it.

Sure enough, it is a cultivation resource.

Star crystal, a natural spar with star power, produced from natural star crystal mine, star crystal is divided into five categories:

Green, blue, purple, red, gold!

The higher the level of the star crystal, the more rare it is. Whether it is the content of the star power or the purity of the star power, it is a qualitative leap!

Generally, the pet masters from the vast sea level to the destiny level use blue star crystals to cultivate.

And in some impoverished vast sea realms, most of them use green star crystals.

"This thing is so expensive, one hundred thousand?"

Su Ping searched the price and was shocked.

A blue star crystal costs one hundred thousand stars.

Ten is one million.

The purple star crystal is more expensive, one million!

Su Ping thought of the woman's pile of blue star crystals, the size of a small mountain, don't you say hundreds of thousands?

Even millions are possible!

"Sure enough, geniuses are piled up with resources." Su Ping sighed in his heart.

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