Astral Pet Store Chapter 773

Chapter 773: Ren Furious Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Collecting the relics of these people, Su Ping didn't delay any more, called Joanna, selected a few pet beasts that only needed to be cultivated, took the little skeletons and the two dogs, and entered the demigod.

When he came here, Su Ping first preached to Little Skeleton.

In the past, Little Skeleton only preached to Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast in the lease, and now he has realized the new rule "Thunder God".

It can also be passed to Ergou together.

Soon, the three rules and coefficients were passed to the little skull's mind.

Attribute: Demon beast

Level: Nine-level high

Combat power: 183.2

Qualification: under special class

Talent ability: low speed talent, low power talent, medium acceleration talent.

Bloodline abilities: the bones turn into demons, the sins of death are immortal, the bone king comes.

Control the rules: Annihilation, Thunder Boom, Thor

Skills: Reincarnation, Undead Slavery, Advanced Swordsmanship, Puppet, Gate of Dead Realm, Nightmare Space, Shura Domain, Assassination Assassination, Bone Addiction...

"183 combat power?"

Su Ping was startled, suddenly a little surprised.

Not to mention the direct breaking power, it is actually about to double!

You know, the lowest combat power of the Star Realm is 100 points!

As for the combat power of the Star Master Realm, the lowest is 1000 points!

Compared with the previous, Little Skull only mastered three more rules of power, plus two talents, and it has soared to so many. If you master more rules, wouldnt it be close to the star master level battle? force? !

Moreover, this is because of the little skeleton's own physique, which is too slow.

If it is in the vast sea realm at this moment, it is estimated that its combat power can surge above 200 points!

"With the ninth-level high-level cultivation base, it is only a special class..." Su Ping's eyes flashed slightly, and he felt the harshness of the system evaluation again.

However, with Little Skeleton's current combat power, if he encounters the previous situation again, he does not need to come forward, and he can get out of his own ability.

That cage is indeed special, even space is confined, even the top monster beast of the Destiny Realm can be imprisoned, but fortunately, it is vulnerable to the power of rules!

Touching Little Skeleton's head, Su Ping successively passed the Thor's Rules to Ergou, Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and Violet Python.

The combat power of Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon beasts has surged by more than 60 points respectively, which also allows you to have a clearer understanding of the combat power of rule power.

A rule force can increase combat power by about 60 points.

As for whether the strength of this rule will affect the range of combat power, Su Ping cannot verify it for the time being, but guesses are likely to be there.

Moreover, Su Ping felt that the superposition of the power of the rules would increase the combat power even more.

For example, if you comprehend the power of the fourth rule, you might be able to increase your combat power by 70 or even 80!

After all, with one more rule force, the combat power is almost doubled, and it can cooperate with the previous several rule forces, or even blend with each other, the power that bursts out is by no means a simple addition!

"If I directly preach to the pet beast I cultivated, I can complete the professional training on the spot..."

Su Ping's eyes flickered, but the power of rules was the result of his exhaustion and contemplation, and was easily passed on to customers as a battle pet... He would inevitably feel a little bit reluctant. This is not something that can be bought with money. .

"The qualifications of the special class still failed to enter the Chaos Eternal Qualifications List..."

Su Ping looked at the aptitude of the purple green snake. From the previous special class, he was promoted to the special class, and his combat power reached more than 130, only an increase of 40 points.

This made Su Ping speechless.

The bottleneck behind the 99 decimal point actually hides the 20-point combat power!

This Nima is too bad!

Su Ping shook his head and didn't wait any longer, choosing a dangerous place logically, and leading the little skull and a few customers' pets that only needed to be cultivated, he went directly to the dangerous place to exercise.

Fight all the way in a dangerous place.

While cultivating pet beasts, Su Ping himself often took actions. There is no shortage of monster beasts in the starry sky realm in these dangerous places, even if they are gods in the future, they are in danger of falling.

Su Ping used Thor's rules to practice with these starry sky realm monsters.

This Thor's rule is extremely mysterious. It can not only heal one's own injuries through the power of thunder, but also completely destroy the intact things.

In the rules, life and death flow, whether it is very calm, and in addition, Su Ping himself can stimulate nearly half of the combat power, this increase is quite terrible.

However, with such an increase, Su Ping's lifespan will be consumed rapidly, and when he is in the state of increase, he himself will also bear a heavy load. If the time is too long, he will be injured.

"My combat power seems to be stronger than Little Skeleton, but the life-saving ability is much worse. It is almost impossible to defeat Xiaoqiang, especially after mastering the rules of annihilation, it seems to be resurrected faster..."

Through the training of some starry sky realm monsters, Su Ping also has a general understanding of his own combat power.

The little skeleton can deal with difficult enemies, but he can solve it, although he has to use his best.

If combined with the small skeleton, Su Pings combat power can be increased sharply, and one level higher, plus the two dogs or the fiend candle dragon beast combined, can increase again by a level, and can easily kill even the small skeleton. The enemy that has to be consumed slowly.

In battle after battle, Su Ping is trying to gradually integrate the three regular forces into his swordsmanship. If the three regular forces can be compressed into one move and burst out, the power is absolutely beyond imagination!

Soon, the cultivation of the first batch of pet animals was over, and Su Ping returned to the store, selected the second batch, and continued to devote himself to exercise.

Fighting and exercising again and again...

Su Ping and Little Skeleton's combat power are also steadily rising, and they are becoming more and more skilled in the control of the rules.

The fighting in this dangerous place has shocked many forces in the demigod. Everyone knows that during this time there was a guy who made a lot of trouble in various dangerous places and made him jump.

Only when I heard that this person had something to do with the female war god, no one dared to inquire.


the other side.

When Su Ping killed Randall, on an extremely majestic and majestic peak on the Central Continent of Rhea, beautiful and solemn buildings stretched from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

This is where the Lane family is.

At the mountain gate at the foot of the mountain, there is an extremely majestic, hundreds of meters high mountain gate. The word "Ren" is engraved like a thunder, with a mighty and powerful momentum.

At the top of the peak, a piece of bad news came, shaking the top of the family.

"His Royal Highness Six is dead!"

"His Royal Highness Randall's starry thoughts just dissipated!"

"What's the matter, who did it?"


Several senior managers in the family were all frightened. Among them, Randall's father, the patriarch of the Lane family and the second son of Lane O'Neill, looked shocked and sad.

He has two children, and the other has limited talents. He has been left to manage family affairs. In the future, he is destined to serve and work for the family.

But Randall... is amazing!

Naturally-born battle body, and the battle body score is quite high, the cultivation aspect is even more amazing, even some relatively advanced secret skills can be quickly mastered.

At the age of nine, he was already an advanced war favorite!

At the age of twelve, he has reached the ninth rank!

At the age of seventeen, he stepped into the vast sea realm, mastered multiple powerful secret skills, and dabbled in the mysteries of space. Even in the face of some virtual cave realm war pet masters, they can play without relying on war pets. Fifty-five!

Now 23 years old, even facing the late stage of the virtual cave realm, he can easily deal with it, and if he cooperates with the pet, he can even get out of the destiny realm!

The future is bright, and it is expected to reach the limit of Destiny before the 100th birthday!

At that time, if the opportunity is sufficient, there is great hope that he can aspire to become a starry sky realm powerhouse!

Is the seed line of such a family actually dead?

"Who did it, did you find out?"

"Through his account consumption, his whereabouts have been found. He should have been in Warfitt City."

"Warfite City? It happened on our own planet?!!!"


"Who is it, who dares to kill our people on our planet?!"

Hearing that something happened on the planet Rhea, everyone was furious.

This is their own site!

It's like someone else came to your own home and killed your child on the spot!

How can this be tolerated? !

"Immediately call up the satellite monitoring, call up all the records of the day after his accident, let people find it for me, tell me what happened, who dares to have such courage!!"

Crete, who was in charge of the main family affairs, said angrily.

He is also the eldest son of the Lane family and the uncle of Randall!

The news spread to the entire Rennes family like a hurricane, shaking all members of the family. In their family, the dazzling and dazzling Randall died unexpectedly and died on the planet Rhea. Can happen?

For a time, some people in the family secretly took pleasure in, gloating over misfortune, some felt shame, and others were worried, worried that someone deliberately targeted the Lane family.

Soon, in less than ten minutes, a video was delivered to the family stewards.

The video was taken by satellite, and after zooming in continuously, the location was on the outskirts of Warfitt.

Randall's figure is in it, beside him is a graceful woman, in addition to several guards.

In the video, Randall clashed with someone, vying for a pet... no doubt, it was easy to grab, followed by a conversation...

It didn't take long for the second half of the video to see sudden changes!

Leibo next to Randall attacked, but was trampled to death by a figure that suddenly appeared!

What happened afterwards made everyone watching the video angry.

The young man in the video not only killed Leibo, but also smashed Randall to life. No body was left. There was no secret treasure in the starry sky made by the patriarch in the family. Can help him escape!

"It's the power of rules!"

"That person can cut off the titanium trapping cage with one finger!"

"This person's appearance is not a person on our planet, but an outsider!"

"From the face, I don't seem to be able to tell which planet it is. Is it because the thunder dragon frenzy is attracted to it? Or is it a pet competition to be held in the near future?"

"Look, find this person right away!!"

One of the strong men screamed in grief and indignation: "I want him to pay for my son's life, and the corpse is broken into pieces. I want all the blood-connected people around him to be imprisoned forever and slaves forever!!"

He roared like a wounded beast, hideous and sad.

Crater's face was gloomy, and he immediately ordered people to search for his whereabouts.

At the same time, he looked at the video, frowning, and said: "From this situation, the battle pet that Randall snatched should be the black-haired boy. The opponent is actually a starry sky powerhouse. From the video point of view, , Randall reported our family, but the other party still shot, I dont know what it came from."

"From the Starry Sky Realm... do you need to ask your father's friends to do it?"

"Have you noticed that the woman next to Randall is not easy. I heard that Randall is interacting with a student from Xiumia Academy recently?"

"Could that be the woman?"


Hearing this speculation, the others were stunned.

The woman in the video was also brutally killed by the other party!

If it is a student of Xiumia Academy, then this person is too cruel!

Even the people from Xiu Mia Academy dare to kill? Isn't this afraid that Sylvie will not be able to stay here!

The point is, forget it if you can't stay, and you can't escape!

Even if the starry sky can drift in the cosmos with the body, where can the federal technology not be detected except for some dangerous areas in the universe?

Soon, news came.

The black-haired boy in the video has found its place!

Through face capture and big data system, technicians found this person in Warfite City, and the other party actually... opened a shop there!

Moreover, after killing Randall, he actually returned to the shop and stayed inside and never came out!


Crete and everyone looked at each other, both in shock.

Is this arrogance or fearless? !

As long as it is an individual, they know that the planet Leia is the territory of their Ren family, and their patriarch is a starry sky realm powerhouse, and they like to make friends. There are several starry sky realms sitting in their Ren family!

If you kill someone and don't leave, do you still stay here and wait for death?

"Just find it, just find it, I'm going to kill him, kill him!!" Next to him, Randal's father, Ramon roared angrily, his eyes flushed, "Even if it's in the starry sky, please father He shot his body to pieces, my father loved Randall the most..."

Others looked at him, their faces changed.

"I will report this matter to my father. The other party is in the Starry Sky Realm. If you kill someone, you will not leave. Even Xiumia Academy dare to kill. It is best to understand first. If it is just pure arrogance, then It will cost him ten times more painful than his life!" Kraet said with cold eyes.

These words can be regarded as a promise to the second child Ramon.

After all, it is a big family that has stood for thousands of years, and there are many children in the family. Although he was very angry about this incident, Crater did not blindly impulse.

After all, the other party's actions are really too arrogant and confident!

"Even if you have a background, you have to give us an explanation!"

"The people of the Rennes family can't die in vain, and they still die in our own turf. This has to be spread. In the future, who will pay attention to the word Rennes?"

The others all expressed their opinions, their faces gloomy.

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