Astral Pet Store Chapter 774

Chapter 774: Queuing Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Somewhere in the distant starry sky when the Lane family was angry.

On an extremely huge planet, in one of the towering colleges.

"Report, a new student has just been detected, and the star mind is broken."

"Where did it fall?"

"According to consumption records, the last place it appeared was on a third-class planet named'Rea' in the Zeruprun galaxy."

"Understood, notify the investigation team, and immediately find out the cause."


At the same time, in a dangerous place somewhere in the demigod.

Su Ping is accompanying many pets, fighting and exercising inside.

They had already entered the depths of this dangerous land, during which Su Ping had also encountered a monster beyond the Starry Sky Realm. If they were to be counted by the Federation, it would be the Star Lord Realm!

He died as soon as he shot.

The power of the rules is completely useless in front of the Star Master Realm, and Su Ping can't even read the opponent's attack method.

Su Ping had to continue to find other starry sky realms as a sparring partner.

As for the battle pets to be nurtured, it is enough to find some destiny for them to have a good training effect. Some weak ones can squeeze out the potential by using the virtual cave. It is a bit wasteful to use the destiny, or even return it. It won't play a big role, after all, if you don't even react, you will be killed.

In this way, even if you die a thousand times, you won't have much progress.

"It feels like my Demon Suppression Fist is about to enter the third layer."

During the exercise, Su Ping's own combat power was also rapidly increasing. In addition to the more refined swordsmanship, his boxing skills also felt like a breakthrough.

This town's Demon God's Fist was the third heavy, containing the power of rules, and it was considered fierce when thrown in the fist of the starry sky.

"If I can break through to the third level, I seem to be able to master another rule force..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

"However, it seems that you have to comprehend the third rule of power before you can break through. This seems to be a very overbearing rule..."

With his punches, Su Ping's understanding of this method gradually deepened, and he could faintly feel that although the punch was simple, it was just a straight punch.

But it contains extremely mysterious rules, domineering and staunch.

In the repeated punches, not only the proficiency, but also Su Ping's insights gradually settled and accumulated.

Su Ping knows that his talent may not necessarily be so strong, but he is better than rich in experience, and he can exercise again and again to draw experience and nutrients from it.


In the outside world.

Soon after the Suping store closed, people came to the Suping store one after another, standing here in line.

Seeing this scene, Felius, who had just walked out of the petting shop called Zhongxing on the street, was immediately dumbfounded.

Didnt it mean its closed today?

It's only this afternoon, someone is standing outside the Suping store?

Is the line up so early?

Felius was stunned, and suddenly thought of his short-necked crocodile, his face changed slightly, and he immediately walked over.

Previously, his short-necked blue-scaled crocodile was detected as A, and in just one day, there was such an incredible improvement. If there is no cultivation master in the Su Ping store, he would not believe it.

Even the cultivation master may not be able to do it, maybe it takes the three-star cultivation master to have this ability.

In order to be able to find Su Ping to cultivate again tomorrow, what's a day at this station?

Thinking of this, Felius also stood in the team obediently.

However, just standing like this is boring. He looked at the people passing by, and many people cast surprised glances at him. Obviously, he did not expect that there would be people lining up in front of a closed shop.

"Brother, are you planning to buy pets tomorrow too?"

A young man in the line turned his head and smiled.

Felius raised his eyebrows and said calmly: "Almost."

He wouldn't be stingy if he could buy it, but after experiencing Su Ping's cultivation, he was more inclined to spend money to cultivate.

After all, it only took a hundred million to cultivate one's pet beast to A level, which is a **** profit!

After training a few more times, he even suspects that he can surpass the A level!

"Lily, here."

At this time, a voice came from behind.

Felius turned his head to look, and was stunned, and found that it was actually two women coming, and one of them was the person he had seen before, the Rennes family.

"Someone was queuing up so early. Fortunately, we can get in. We can't make others cheaper." Cleo looked a little dissatisfied when seeing the four or five people in the line. The line was already lined up before the end of today. , Su Ping's business in this shop can be imagined.

What annoyed her was that the shop's breaking rules were too tickling.

You have to line up yourself!

What kind of status is she, a member of the Wren family, to go to any consumption place on Rhea planet, you can go directly in, and you can take the highest VIP channel!

But here.

She is treated the same as ordinary people, without the slightest privilege.

"Sister, didn't you say that this person is very bad? Why can I grab it again today, but I have no place." The purple-haired girl next to her asked in confusion.

She was dragged over.

Just bought two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications, she was so happy that she was about to fly, and she wished to go back to the college and family immediately to show it off, but was drawn here and lined up here.

"If you can't buy it, you will nurture it. If you meet a good one, you will choose two of your favorite beasts to terminate the contract. Anyway, after a few days of weakness, sister will come to cover you." Ou Qing hummed.

"But sister, you have to buy it too, and there is no place. If you want to terminate the contract, you will also enter a period of weakness." Lily confused.

"Hmph, sister, I don't need to do it myself. With your sister's identity, who dares to move me here."

"That's true, Sister Kleo is the best."

Kleio raised her head slightly and glanced at the closed-door shop, a little sulky, Su Ping's faint expression appeared in front of her eyes, and she was not moved by her face and identity.

Those boys who used to contact her, because of her appearance and her background, showed a dog-like gesture, or extremely gentleman, all kinds of showy charms.

There are even idiots who do the opposite, deliberately ignoring her, trying to get her attention.

But these were all seen through by her at a glance, and she became more bored.

However, she found that Su Ping really ignored her.

Her charm and background were ignored in front of this guy. It was unbearable!

You successfully aroused my anger!

Cleo felt annoyed, and was even more annoyed to think that there were people lining up outside Su Ping's shop so early, and couldn't understand the business in Su Ping's shop.

However, let her give up the line, she can not do it.

Anyway, how can you make others cheaper?

"Sister, shall we just stand here and wait till tomorrow?" Lily asked in a low voice.

Cleo became angry when she heard this, and said, "It's not the owner of this store, it's too damn, it's totally unreasonable to have to let people line up in person, and not to jump in the queue and buy a place!"

"Well, I just asked."

"I am not angry with you, I am angry with this store!"

Felius, who was standing in front of the cousins and sisters, heard the words of these two women, and was a little bit stunned. Even people from the Wren family came here to line up obediently. Fortunately, he didn't go home, otherwise he would come back tomorrow. How to hurry up early, it is probably too late.

At this time, another person came in the distance, with long silver hair like a waterfall, extremely beautiful.

Cleo felt a bit, turned his head and looked, suddenly his face changed slightly, and he recognized that he was a member of the Leyfa family.

"Hello, are you the lady of the Laifa family?" After all, Cleo had been a store manager, and she immediately reached out to talk to him, feeling a little surprised. I didnt expect to meet the children of the Laifa family here. The overlord family of the Lupron galaxy, speaking of it, their Rhea planet, but belongs to this galaxy.

And their Ren family, naturally belonged to the Leyfa family.


Mia nodded slightly, glanced at her hair color and shoulder badge, and suddenly thought of the Reyen whom she had met before, her face calm, and said: "Hello."

Cleo suddenly saw that this person seemed to have an opinion on her, but they had never veiled their faces, which only showed that the other party had opinions on her family.

Cleo murmured: "Hello, are you here?"

"Line up." Mia said calmly.

She originally planned to go back to rest, but before she left, she saw several people standing outside the Suping store, and she suddenly lost her mind to go back to the hotel to rest.

I really went back, and I'll come back tomorrow, maybe what the situation is.

"Uh..." Cleo was a little dumb.

People from the Laifa family are actually queuing here?

She was a little speechless, but she didn't expect that Su Ping was far more arrogant than she thought. Even the members of the Laifa family dared to turn away. No wonder she didn't care about the Ren family behind her.

This guy is really arrogant and said to her mother that arrogance is home!

Felius in front of him heard the name of Cleo, and when he heard the words Leyfa, he was also shocked. He did not expect that such a dominant family character would appear next to him. The family of the master of the star realm is in charge of a galaxy!

He secretly looked back, but didn't dare to look more.

He was a little speechless. He felt wronged and complained before. As a result, people from the Rennes family did not say anything. Even the members of the Leyfa family were queuing up here. This is simply the show!

The other people in the line were all silent when they saw this situation. They were more grateful. Fortunately, they didn't go home. Otherwise, they might not be able to get a spot if they come back tomorrow.

as time flows.

Many people came over one after another, standing in line at the back.

Some passers-by, who just came to this street, didn't know what happened. Seeing so many people gathered in front of the Suping store, they approached and asked curiously.

After learning about what happened today, he was stunned and soon joined the queue.

In the evening news, the number of people in line outside the store soared again.

What happened today was broadcasted by major news. Ten A-level Thunder Dragon Beasts were born, shocking the residents of Warfit City.

Some of these big media have spread the news to the entire Campo continent through their own channels.

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