Astral Pet Store Chapter 775

Chapter 775: Coming Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"The following is a video newsletter..."

"According to our reporter's interview, there are a total of ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with such qualifications, yes, a total of ten!"

"...They all come from this petting shop called Little Naughty. I believe that everyone in the audience is very curious like me, what kind of petting shop can have such a big hand?"

"This is the owner of the little naughty shop..."

"As for business hours, sometimes it's morning, sometimes it's afternoon..."

In the news of one of the TV stations, an interview screen was shown, and the teenager in the screen said casually.

With the news reports of various TV stations, the entire Camp Chau was blown up!

Battle pets with A-level qualifications are quite rare, not to mention the popular battle pets Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, on the planet Leya, who does not recognize Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast?

Selling ten at a time, the highest price of which does not exceed one billion, this is simply an anecdote!

If it were not for the major officials to broadcast the news, no one would believe it, and would just laugh off as a headline party for grandstanding.

"Little naughty shop? Never heard of it!"

"When did such a super pet shop pop up? Is some capital entering the market?"

"Fuck him, my God, ten A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts are sold so cheaply. No wonder the boss's attitude is so arrogant. It all depends on the mood to open a store."

"This store is definitely the Mi Qilin in the animal pet shop!"

"You are stupid, it must be the marketing of this store, how could someone really sell the A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast for only 400 million? Isn't this left-handed and right-handed?"

"Upstairs is the second force, right? People really want left-handedness and right-handedness. Why don't they sell them at a lower price than the normal market? It's your turn to question? Even if they are really left-handed and right-handed, they can sell their own people. Take out ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts at a time, and they are all A-level qualifications detected in public. Just this ability, can you?"

"Where is it, it seems not far from us."

"The water army is coming out to bring rhythm, such an obvious deception, it can be ridiculed, joking, ten A-level qualification Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast only sold for hundreds of millions, what is this store, other pet beasts are eligible to sell expensive in the future ? Unless they are all sold at such a low price, otherwise this is just shooting yourself in the foot!"

"I, who have two Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, drifted by silently..."


Some people believe that the intense online discussion in Camp Chau is an obvious scam. In this controversy, many prudent factions have chosen to wait and see for the time being.

However, many impulsive factions had already rushed to Warfite City by car that night.

Some rationalists, through various arguments and analysis, decided to come and see for themselves, and judge the true or false through their own eyes.

After nightfall.

The lights on the streets are beginning to come on, and various buildings are full of bright neon lights. The whole city seems to be resurrected, and it has become more lively than during the day!

Over the head is a clear starry sky, the streets are full of wonderful nightlife, and the rare beauties in the daytime come out for a stroll at night.

Outside the Suping store, there is already a long line.

This originally well-regarded commercial street has become the most famous street in Warfitt City in less than a day, and the number of people here has increased several times than before.

The entire street is full of figures, and the income of the shops in the whole street is turned over.

As the brightest shop on this street, the most people gather outside the Suping shop.

"Why line up?"

"Hey, haven't you watched the news? It's listed on the Internet, some rules of this store."

"If you want to buy a battle pet, you must sign it on the spot, buy it in person, and you must not transfer it casually, and no matter who you are, you have to line up. I heard that someone spent tens of billions to buy it, and the boss wouldn't let it."

"Really, this is too exaggerated. Doing business doesn't even make money?"

"Who knows, anyway, it's true or false, and you'll know it by looking at it tomorrow. There are so many people in line, you can't go wrong."


Cleo, who was at the forefront of the team, looked a little dark when he heard the comments from some people behind. She was the one who was rumored to spend tens of billions.

Unexpectedly, he would serve as a foil for Su Ping's shop.

She became more and more angry.

"Damn, what's the situation in this store?"

Outside the crowd, a strong man led a few people over and was stunned when he saw the situation outside Su Ping's shop.

He was the same person who was thrown out of the store by Joanna when Su Ping opened the store. At that time, he was afraid of Joanna's power and didn't make a move. But when he went back to find a friend, he saw such a grand scene.

The people lined up outside the Suping store made him startled.

"Is this the shop?"

The face of the purple-haired young man next to him changed a little. The popularity outside Su Ping's shop made him feel a little stressed.

Although most of the people in the queue are mainly in the vast sea realm, there are also many in the virtual cave realm. This group of customers alone is enough to overwhelm them.

"There weren't so many people before, what's the situation?" The strong man was a little confused.

"Follow him, the boss is here, let this shop close today!"

"Yes, don't look, who is in charge of this street!"

Several other people shouted, all a little arrogant.

No matter how many customers are in the queue, if you close the door, you have to close the door. Will these customers still try their best for you?

The purple-haired youth stood in the middle of them. He did not speak at the moment, but gradually frowned. He saw something was wrong.

Among the people who lined up, there were some with stronger auras, and there were even a few Destiny Realm lined up there.

Moreover, at the forefront of the team, he also saw a familiar face who was from their Ren family. Although he was not a direct line, he was talented and his status was not low. If he was a direct line, he would not be sent here at all. With experience and experience, there will be excellent resource tilt long ago and extraordinary achievements!


The purple-haired youth's eyes flashed for a moment, and he chose to take action. No matter what, his own person was bullied, so he couldn't just leave it alone.

"Hey, whoever of you, it's not allowed to jump in the queue."

"Yes, go in line later."

The young man with purple hair and others went straight to the door of the shop, causing many people behind to speak out.

"Go, knock on the door."

The purple-haired young man ignored him and said to the brawny man beside him.

Seeing him speaking, the strong man directly stepped forward and hit the store door with a punch, but his punch was strong enough to bend all the steel, but he didn't shake the store door by half.

The strong man's face changed slightly, and he punched again, this time he used a bit of real power.

But the result was still in vain, and the store door remained motionless, it seemed to be forged from an ancient magic stone, so strong and extraordinary.

The strong man's face changed, knowing that this was because of the barrier blessing in the store, but he didn't expect the barrier to be so strong, he immediately opened his voice and shouted, "Open the door and open the door!"

There was no movement inside.

When everyone in the line saw this scene, they all watched with cold eyes, and wanted to see if this person could call out the boss, and if they did, they would be able to enter the store immediately.

As for these yelling people, where to go, no one is willing to let them jump in line.

The brawny man's face was a bit ugly, he yelled several times in a row, but still didn't respond. He felt as if there were thousands of eyes staring around him, his face was fierce, and he scolded in anger.

But after a while, there was no response.

Many people wonder if anyone exists in this store.

Could the boss be somewhere else at the moment?

However, someone saw the boss return to the store with his own eyes and never left.

"Ma De, this guy is pretending to be grandson in it."

The burly man returned to the purple-haired youth, his face a little ugly.

The purple-haired youth frowned, his eyes flickered slightly, thinking.

At this moment, the whole street suddenly fell silent, and a numbing scalp, like a torrent of beasts, covered the whole street from a distance.

Everyone looked up and saw that there was not one but three exuding that terrifying aura!

Three figures whizzing from a distance, flying directly into the air!

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