Astral Pet Store Chapter 776

Chapter 776: The Terrible Disguise Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Seeing these three figures, everyone was shocked, and felt a feeling of looking up at the starry sky, as if facing a detached extraordinary life.

"Well, this won't be the Starry Sky Realm, right?"

Among the people in the line, there was a battle pet master from the Destiny Realm. At this moment, he felt his scalp numb and his cells trembled, which made him speechless.

Starry Sky Realm, this is the existence that can be the leader of a planet!

And three people appeared in one breath? !

Being able to walk from the sky in a place like Warfite City meant it was extraordinary.

Either they have the status of the Ren family, but all the children of the Ren family have the power to travel in the air on the continents and cities of the Leia planet.

Either they have the special status of some other forces, or they have the power of the starry sky!

The three people in front of them didn't hide their aura at all, like three Kunpeng covering the sky and sun, swept over, and the mighty momentum made everyone on the street feel the horrible oppression and want to kneel down!

"Stars, starry sky..."

There is a vast sea realm with poor willpower. At this moment, his face is pale, his legs are trembling, and he wants to kneel down.

This pressure, like a monster facing the starry sky, makes them feel a thick breath of death. It seems that the surrounding space has become sticky, no longer under their control, and can be transformed into an invisible hand at any time to kill it. !

"It's grandfather's friend!"

"It's them, why are they here?"

In the crowd, Cleo and the purple-haired youth were shocked, and they recognized the appearance of these three people. They were worshipped by their Ren family.

They are also friends of grandfather Ren O'Neal, how come they are here now?

"Could it be that the ten A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts cultivated here attracted the attention of my grandfather?"

"Did they discover that there is a master of cultivation behind this store, or a master of cultivation..."

Cleo's eyes flickered, thinking quickly in his heart.


Soon, the three figures stayed above Suping's shop.

Everyone on the street looked up. The bustling and lively street before was instantly silent, like dead silence.

"This is the shop."


"There are so many people waiting in line here. It seems business is pretty good."

"This shop... is a bit weird, my perception can't penetrate."

The three figures hovered over the shop, looking down at the shop indifferently, and were a little surprised when they realized that their perception could not penetrate the shop.

"Do it, call someone out."

One of the red-haired youths said indifferently, his red hair was flying, and his face had veins protruding from blood vessels, which looked a bit hideous, but more like a totem.

As he spoke, he raised his hand, and a cloud of flames suddenly condensed in his palm. The space around the flames was distorted and then split, making the edges of the flames look like burning black fireworks.


He threw the flames directly, and suddenly burned a black trail, hitting the sky above the shop.

And another old man in a white robe raised his hands as if shaking the surface of the water. In an instant, all the customers outside the Suping store were pushed away by an invisible force and appeared far away. local.

In the place where they and the shop are, the space is elongated. Although their standing position and the street have not changed, after the space is elongated, Suping's shop is isolated in the street.

"The strong star will attack this store?"

"what's the situation?"

"Did this store do something to provoke these three starry sky experts?"

Everyone on the street was shocked to see this scene.

Even though they were shocked by the methods of these three starry sky realm powerhouses, they didn't expect that they would actually attack Su Ping's shop.

In the next moment, the flames containing the power of the rules of terror smashed onto the top of Su Ping's shop in full view.

I thought it would burst with a shocking noise, and the shop was destroyed with it, but the picture that appeared afterwards was shocking. The flame was silently extinguished, as if thrown in a cluster of flames. It was the same as in the cold water, and even the blisters could not come out.

"What's the situation?"

"Is this shop's barrier blocking it?"

"I'm so scared to pee, just that attack is definitely a regular force, can this be blocked?"

Everyone on the street was a little dazed, with incredible faces.

This is how strong the capital is to equip a shop with an enchantment that can withstand the power of the starry sky!

On the entire planet Rhea, it is estimated that the headquarters of the Ren family can afford such a luxury, right?

Originally thought that Su Ping's shop would be reduced to ashes, but the result was unscathed. This scene was too shocking.

In the crowd, Kleo was slightly sluggish and stunned.

On the other side, the brawny man and the purple-haired young man who stood on the street and clamored before were shocked by this scene. I didnt expect this store to be so terrifying that the attacks of the starry sky can be resisted. I also know that there must be extremely powerful capital behind this store, sitting with big shots!

"No wonder you dare to be so arrogant..." The brawny man shrank his head, and felt a little grateful in his heart. Fortunately, he yelled at him. The store didn't open the door. In case a big boss came out, he estimated that he would be educated again.



The flaming long-haired young man saw that his attack was ineffective, and his eyes showed a hint of shock. He felt that his attack had no feedback at all. It was like smashing into cotton and then being absorbed, without any impact!

The other two were also surprised, and they also didn't expect that the attack containing the power of the rules would actually fail.

You know, if they really want to make a move, the entire Warfite City can be overturned and destroyed!

Starry sky realm, but can sweep the existence of a planet, if given some time, even the planet can be destroyed!

"Place the barrier, I'll try again." The red-haired young man's eyes became sharp and whispered.

The white-robed old man and the other black-haired woman nodded and quickly placed a barrier to isolate the shop from the street.

When their enchantment was set up, the red-haired young man made another move. This time, a crimson light appeared all over his body, like a dazzling blood-colored sun. The violent energy gathered in his palm, and his palm seemed to be molten. , Burning, and then snapped it with a palm, the huge palm like a giant mountain, covering the entire shop.

This monstrous momentum shook the whole street.

But the next moment, the moment the horrible giant palm touched the roof of the shop, it melted like ice and snow, and there was no sound, just like before, it disappeared silently.

"How can it be!"

Next to him, the white-robed old man and the black-haired woman were all surprised. They had already used secret skills and rules, so they still couldn't shake the shop?

The red-haired young man also shrank his pupils, and his eyes were shocked.

Looking at the shop that was still standing quietly, his face became gloomy, and he was silent for a while, and said: "The three of us shot together, I don't believe it. The barrier of this shop is comparable to the Star Diamond level set by O'Neill. Enchantment."

The white-robed old man and the black-haired woman both nodded, and immediately gathered their strengths. Soon, three powerful attacks came and covered the entire shop.

The power of this attack caused everyone on the street to tremble, and some of the pet masters who hadn't cultivated in the Vast Sea Realm directly knelt on the ground.

Bang bang bang!

Three attacks shattered the space, hit the shop, and dissipated again.

The three of them had serious expressions and shot one after another.

A series of brilliant attacks, secret skills, containing a regular atmosphere, bombed out one after another.

Among them, the red-haired young man had already pulled out his weapon, which was a crimson spear. From the spear, a roaring gun shadow was condensed, and it crashed out.

This shot is enough to penetrate the monster beast in the ordinary starry sky!

But this terrifying attack hit the shop, but dissipated again.

No matter how they attacked by the storm, the shop stood still like a rock on the seashore.

Bang bang bang!

The first space was completely torn, and in the dark second space, the shop still stood inside, despite all kinds of attacks and bombing, there was no response at all.

When all the attacks dissipated, the space was healed again. Everyone looked around and found that there was no sign of damage to the roof of the shop!

What level of enchantment is this?

The whole street was silent, everyone's eyes widened, and they were so shocked that they couldn't speak.

The three people in mid-air were also breathing slightly.

A bit of horror appeared in their eyes. This enchantment was even more terrifying than the star diamond-level enchantment in the Wren family headquarters. Even if the three of them worked together, they might not be able to resist it so easily. Will make ripples, if you insist on attacking, you can also crush it!

But the enchantment on this shop did not even appear ripples, it looked like the fur of the connecting world was not shaken!

"The people in this shop have killed His Highness Six and dare to come back. Could it be that they rely on the barrier of this shop and know that it is difficult for us to break through?"

"This shouldn't be a top-notch black star enchantment, if that's the case, even if O'Neal comes in person, it will not be able to break it.

The three looked at each other, but they didn't expect that the three of them joined hands to come over. This is actually the case.

After working for a long time, I felt a little panting, but in the end I didn't even break the door of the house.

On the contrary, the meaning and power symbolized by this terrifying enchantment made them all shrink back. Even enchantments of this level can be obtained. The energy and channels behind this are by no means inferior to the Lane family.

Although on the planet Rhea, the Lane family is the ruler.

But this planet is not a closed-door country. Who knows that there will be any big foreign forces coming here to operate and station?

"How about...withdraw?"


The red-haired young man's proposal immediately received a response from the white-robed old man and the black-haired woman.

At this moment, suddenly, the door under the shop opened.

Su Ping walked out of the store. He had just cultivated a batch of battle pets. When he returned to the store, he felt that there were a few unexpectedly powerful auras outside the store, all of them in the starry sky.

This made him a little surprised, so he paused to continue training and opened the door to check.

As soon as he opened the door, Su Ping saw the Thunder Rat in front of the stone steps at the door. This guy was a bit fat. At this moment, a pair of rat eyes were looking up into the sky, but there was not much fear in their eyes, on the contrary, they seemed to be thinking and feeling. general.

Su Ping was not too surprised by the reaction of this Thunder Light Rat. After all, he had followed him to the Chaos and Undead Realm, not to mention the Starry Sky Realm there, even people more terrifying than Joanna's deity abound. , It was an ancient top world comparable to the Primordial God Realm!

Lifting his head, Su Ping immediately saw three figures in midair.

Three star warfare masters.

"Huh? Are you?" Su Ping was a little puzzled. He glanced outside the store again and found that he was clearly in front of him, but it was a few kilometers apart. There were many figures standing. At this moment, the position was a bit scattered, but still It can be seen that there is a queue.

Could it be that the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast sold in his store attracted this starry realm battle pet master?

"Is it here to breed pet beasts? It's closed today. Come back tomorrow."

Su Ping spoke to the three in midair.

Finally, he added: "Of course, you can line up in advance, but you won't be allowed to jump in."


The three people in midair were all dumbfounded.


I'm your sister!

Co-authoring the attack from the three of them just now, this guy doesn't even know?

Didn't feel it?

"This guy... is the vast sea realm?"

"How is it possible, let me see."

The white-robed old man turned out an instrument, which was an extremely exquisite hand-held instrument. He aimed at Su Ping at the moment, and soon recorded Su Ping's figure into the instrument.

After a series of data inspections, in the end, the cultivation level that appeared above showed that it was a vast sea!

The white-robed old man stared out, a little shocked.

The three of them had watched the previous video of Su Ping beheading Randall, so they could recognize at a glance that this guy in front of him was the one who killed Randall.

At that time, Su Ping cut off the Titanium trapping cage with one finger. This was the power of the Star Realm, and he instantly killed several Destiny Realm guards!

As a result, now, you actually told me that your cultivation is only in the vast sea realm?

Is there a Boundary Sea Realm that can hammer the Destiny Realm?

"What a terrible secret technique for disguising..." The white-robed old man took a breath, his eyes showing a little shock and fear.

Even his Silvermoon-grade instrument could not detect it. This kind of camouflage secret technique was a bit terrifying. He absolutely didn't believe that Su Ping in front of him was only in the vast sea.

Hearing the words of the white-robed old man, the two people next to him also condensed, with solemn expressions in their eyes.

"You are the one who killed Randall, how about a trip with us?" the red-haired young man said coldly to Su Ping.

Su Ping was taken aback, the co-author is not a customer?

"What Randall, is it the one I killed earlier?" Su Ping asked curiously.

The three of them turned dark, and the red-haired youth said: "Although you don't know where your Excellency came from, after all, this is Planet Rhea, the territory of the Ren family. Your Excellency is a bit unkind for killing innocent people here. , Among the people you killed, there are still students from Xiumia Academy!"

"It turns out that you belong to the Rennes family..." Su Ping suddenly lost interest, and said: "Since you know that I killed it, you also know why I did it. Now give you a chance and give me a plea for this matter. I will not pursue it anymore."

Hearing this, the three of them were stunned, almost choking in one breath.

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