Astral Pet Store Chapter 777

Chapter 777: One Enemy Three Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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We come all the way to apologize for you?

You are afraid you are drinking too much!

The three of them were speechless, their expressions were not good, and they felt that Su Ping was too arrogant and didn't put them in sight.

In the same way, the Lane family was not taken into consideration.

"what's the situation?"

"What are they talking about?"

The people on the surrounding streets, due to the barriers of the enchantment and the special space technique used by one of the stars, dragged them to the space of the shop where Su Ping was located so much that the sound could not be transmitted.

At this moment, I only saw them talking, but no sound was heard.

All are in a hurry, waiting online.

"Your Excellency, you seem too arrogant!"

The red-haired young man's eyes became cold and he said, "You killed the sixth majesty of the Rennes family. This is the seed family of the Rennes family. The future is unlimited. If you don't apologize, you want us to apologize?"

"That kind of street can also be used as seed cultivation? You should thank me for selecting a mouse **** for your Ren family." Su Ping said calmly.

"Don't deceive people too much!" The old man in white robe next to him also changed his color.

Although Randall was a junior, he was loved by O'Neill, and Su Ping actually called it rat shit.

Even if it is really rat shit, it is also the rat **** of the Lane family.

How can you beheaded by outsiders?


Su Ping narrowed his eyes and said coldly: "Just because he has taken a fancy to my pet beast, can he **** it? If you don't distinguish between right and wrong, then don't tell me the wrong things, use your fists to speak! "

"Who is behind you?"

The red-haired youth asked with a calm face.

Had it not been for the history of Su Ping had not been investigated, he would have done it directly.

Why do you need to talk nonsense with you when the Wren family is acting?

But the previous attacks by several of them were all absorbed and resisted by this shop.

The enchantment specifications of the device in this shop are a bit over-standard, and the detected Su Ping cultivation base shows terrifying camouflage secret skills. Together, these two make him not act rashly, and he is afraid.

"Oh, afraid of my background?"

Su Ping sneered and said, "Since I am afraid, I will apologize honestly, and then stay away. Don't interfere with my business!"

Do your sister's business!

The three of them were a little blue, this guy really showed his face.

Everyone is of the same rank, and speaking so unceremoniously, do you really take yourself seriously?

Are you at the top of the starry sky realm, or are you in the star realm?

If it's the Star Realm, I will kneel down and give you 800 heads!

But obviously, if you are a Star Master Realm, Zao Te slapped us to death with a slap. With your arrogant attitude, would you talk nonsense with us?

The three of them didn't believe that Su Ping's power could reach the top of the starry sky.

After all, that kind of character can already serve as the lord of the first-class planet!

What an extraordinary position is this?

Every day you lie down and earn money!

Countless money can not be spent, enough to maintain an extremely large family, and tens of thousands of people have been cultivated with extremely rich resources!

Why come here to open a broken shop!

"Your Excellency, we are polite to come to discuss and solve, do you have to make trouble with us?" The red-haired youth said with a gloomy face.

He was still a little worried about the barrier specifications that the shop had shown before.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said, "You are polite? The space outside my store has been cut off by you. You did it, but it was blocked by my store. You attacked me without even saying hello. Shop, is this polite?"

The red-haired youth is speechless.

They were indeed planning to shoot directly to force Su Ping out of the store.

Unexpectedly, this shop looked like a tortoise shell and didn't move at all.

As for Su Ping inside, he didn't even feel their move.

"What nonsense, three fights one, I'm afraid you won't make it!" Next, the black-haired woman snorted coldly. Her temper was actually the hottest one. At this moment, her face was full of chills and she was ready to do it.

The white-robed old man also sank, and said, "Then let us learn how hard your fist is!"

"It's hard enough to break your brains!" Su Ping said indifferently.


A black glow suddenly struck, and the black-haired woman actually took the lead. From the torn space, a jet of black scimitar was instantly shot, slashing towards Su Ping's neck.

The scimitar reached a safe distance in the store and immediately melted.

Su Ping knew that it was the system's hand, and the system prompt appeared in his mind: "Should we sanction the intruder who violated the shop?"

"I will come personally!"

Su Ping replied in his mind.

He is also trying to test whether he can face the starry sky realm of three federations at the same time!

In the Demigod Land, he did it, and it was solved with his life.

Now at the door of the store, if he loses, he can return to the safe area of the store to save his life. This is a rare exercise environment.


Su Ping raised his hand and pointed it out, lightning flashed from his fingertips, gray air entangled, and the sword light shot out in an instant, containing the two rules of thunder and annihilation.

The first space was torn in an instant with a bang, and there was distortion in the second space, and the black scimitar broke off, and the regular force on it was also dissipated by thunder.

"Two rules of breath..." The red-haired young man narrowed his eyes and saw the situation in the second space. A look of surprise appeared in his eyes, but he quickly turned into a sneer and said: "But so, pick me up. trick!"

He punched out suddenly, and in an instant a blazing divine fist burst out like a dazzling golden sun.

This golden sun rose slowly, illuminating the entire sky above Warfite City, and the light emitted was extremely blazing, and it actually covered the neon lights all over the street.

In the next moment, the coercion that Jinyang exudes was too strong, tearing the space apart, covering the distorted second space, and darkness swept through, excluding everyone on the street.

In this second space, Jin Yan was still tossing, and even the second space became unstable, and cracks appeared.

The white-robed old man and the black-haired woman also stepped into this second space.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, no longer stood in the store, stepped out to face this second space.

"what's the situation?"

"Everyone ran away, in the second space?"

"Go to the second space and have a look. Is that person going to face the three starry sky realm powerhouses? How could it be possible? I remember he is the owner of this store, right?"

"Could it be that this boss is also in Starry Sky Territory, my God, Starry Sky will do business here?!"

Everyone on the street was horrified when they saw this scene. At this moment, the first dimension has healed. From the outside, nothing happened, but the three terrifying starry sky masters and Su Ping stepped into the second dimension. , But was clearly seen by everyone.

Soon, some of the virtual cave realms present immediately displayed the mystery of the space, and followed them into the second space to watch the battle.

Those in the Destiny Realm also didn't hesitate to tear the space directly and stand in the second space.

"I'm coming." Cleo in the crowd was also shocked. She didn't expect that Su Ping would dare to face the three strong stars in the starry sky.

Is this a bluff, or is this guy really a starry sky realm powerhouse?

She didn't hesitate, quickly grabbed Lily and tore it into the second dimension. Her cultivation base was the Void Cave Realm, and she was also a genius of the Lane family, and her use of space was far superior to the same level.

Behind her, Mia was also taken aback when she saw Su Ping's figure disappear into the second space, and immediately opened the space without saying a word.

She is only in the Boundary Sea Realm, but at this moment, she is extremely skillful at tearing the second dimension. Obviously, she has already mastered the instantaneous flash and space mystery that the Void Cave Realm has.

This is the extraordinary talent possessed by a student of Amir Royal Academy!

Comprehension of the higher order is just the norm for them. The best of them can even easily defeat their opponents by the higher order. That is the enchantment among them!

at the same time.

In the second space, as soon as Su Ping stepped into it, he found that the red-haired young man's regular force had torn the second space, and the darker and depressing third space collapsed, and the crack was torn more and more. Great, enveloped all three of them, and surrounded Su Ping.

Su Ping looked at him coldly, did not dodge, let his body be covered, and entered this third dimension.

This is the space that the Star Realm must be treated with care.

There will be nihilistic spatial rules that are extremely lethal, and it is a genuine rule attack!

And it is said that there are some weird void creatures living in it. It is said that they are creatures, which are not image enough. To be precise, they are something like evil spirits and certain laws. Once they meet, extremely terrible things will happen. .

Therefore, even those strong in the Starry Sky Realm would not easily come to the third dimension.


As soon as he arrived in the third dimension, Su Ping felt like his body was covered by ice. The temperature of this third dimension was extremely low, like the extreme north, with bursts of extremely sharp spatial chaotic wind sweeping over, these small chaotic blades The space power contained in it is like countless fragments, enough to tear the ordinary virtual cave realm monster beast into countless pieces!

However, Su Ping's Golden Crow Demon Body was the second largest, and its physical strength was comparable to that of the Dragon Beast of the Destiny Realm. The chaotic wind current of this space blew on him, causing only shallow traces. As the scars appeared, they were healing quickly.

At this moment, a dazzling golden light rushed towards the face, a blazing fireball.

This fireball is like burning gold liquid, boiling violently, Su Ping feels a strong regular aura from above, which is one of the rules of the inflammation system.

Although he didn't know what the rules were, Su Ping could feel that the energy in his body and his body was rapidly burning and turning to ashes as the fire light shone, and the inside was declining.

This regular force seems to be able to burn everything.


Su Ping suddenly shot and blasted a punch.

His Demon Suppression Fist broke out, containing the rules of Thor, and matched with the power of the Suppression God Fist. It came first like a blast, and collided with the golden liquid fireball in a blink of an eye.

With a bang.

Although the ears did not hear the actual sound waves, this kind of vibrating roar was heard in everyone's mind, like an instinctive reaction at the level of consciousness, the next moment the gold liquid splashed and the dark space was illuminated Su Ping's golden shadow of fist was melted with several fingers, as terrible as rot.

"The third rule?"

Feeling this aura of rules that were completely different from the previous two rules, the three red-haired young men were all startled and shocked.

Mastering the power of the three rules, this is already close to the mid-starry sky realm power!

Moreover, Su Ping at this moment is not in a state of being combined. Once combined, coupled with the regular power of the pet beast, he can definitely burst out a combat power comparable to the starry sky!

"Go all out!"

The red-haired young man watched his attack dissipate, his face was gloomy, and he whispered.

Su Ping's power of this rule is even stronger than his most proud rule, which made him a little angry and frightened.

His Flame Burning Rules can be regarded as the top first-class rules among the many Flame System rules, close to the origin of the Flame System Dao!

The rules are also divided into strong and weak.

The closer to the origin of the Dao, the more powerful the rules that are in line with Dao.

The matchup just now shows that the thunder system rule that Su Ping just released is closer to the origin of the thunder system avenue!

Once such rules are practiced and grown, they will definitely become one of the best in the starry sky!

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