Astral Pet Store Chapter 778

Chapter 778: Void Assassination Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Behind the red-haired young man, several whirlpools suddenly appeared, five in total, all opened, and terrible figures walked out from inside.

Five-headed battle pets stepped out at the same time, all of them are in the starry sky!

A violent deterrence swept through.

There are dragon beasts, devil pets, elemental pets... This dragon beast is covered in red dragon scales, with several sharp crimson dragon horns on its head, and its body is majestic, like a tyrannosaurus head.

The devil pet was covered in black mist, it seemed to be darker than the third dimension, filled with the breath of death.

The element pet is a golden pointed turtle. The back shell of this beetle has a sharp blade, like the fin on the back of a shark, which is extremely sharp.

After summoning the battle pet, the red-haired young man also urged his battle body. His body was like burning, with bleeding red lines on the surface. The whole person turned into a burning fireman, and his eyes changed into golden flames. The flames at the elbows burned like a pair of howling flame wings.


The red-haired youth growled.

The red scale dragon beast exuding a burst of breath let out a roar.

Although the sound could not be transmitted, the roar shook clearly in Su Ping's mind. The deterrence in the roar was not only on the sonic level, but also full of mental penetration.

After the fit, the red-haired youth's breath increased sharply again, his physique nearly doubled, and dragon horns appeared on his head, his body was stalwart, and the flames all over his body condensed and turned into lava, covering his body, almost dripping down.

Seeing that the red-haired young man is really moving, the white-robed old man and the black-haired woman next to him no longer hesitate, summoning their respective battle pets.

There were four starry sky battle pets of the white-robed old man, and four for the black-haired woman. In an instant, the space around here was immediately filled with the breath of the starry sky realm, and dozens of starry sky battle pets stood entrenched. Here, this terrifying battle was enough to frighten the pet master under the stars.

Heads of starry sky realm warfare pets, with fierce eyes and violent aura, looked down at Su Ping in front of them.

Su Ping's figure suddenly became small, like dust.


Su Ping looked in front of him. Three of them were combined with them, and immediately there were only ten left.

Each of the battle pets in the Starry Sky Realm is about a few hundred meters in physique, and some are thousands of meters, but there are also petite and small, only tens of meters in size, but their combat power cannot be underestimated.

"This is the horror of the battle pet master, the stronger he gets in the later stage..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

At the same level, the battle pet division will hardly lose to the monster beast. After all, the battle pet division can directly summon several of the same level when fighting. It is normal to fight with more and less, and it is also a basic tactic.

"You obediently follow us now, you still have time."

The old man in white robe, who has been fused with a battle pet like a giant clam, is now plump, with emerald green spots all over his body, making the original ordinary face suddenly drop to a negative value, looking a little scary, especially dense People with phobias may see the scalp numb.


The dark-haired woman next to her looked cold.

Her hair turned into a scimitar, sharp and sharp, her fingers were like hooks, and her body was spiked. Her body-fitting pet seemed to be a plant.

While talking, the black-haired woman rushed first, her figure suddenly disappeared out of thin air like a ghost.

In this third dimension, if you want to teleport again, unless it tears the deeper fourth dimension, but the fourth dimension is extremely dangerous, even if it is a strong star, it is difficult to tear, and it is also difficult. Survive in the fourth space.

This is extremely risky.

Su Ping raised her eyebrows slightly when she saw her disappear suddenly, but was not nervous.

The opponent did not tear the fourth space.


Su Ping didn't turn his head back, but just turned around, his fists already screamed out, and slammed into a place behind him.

The shocking force came. Behind Su Ping, the figure of the black-haired woman did not know when she appeared. The sharp claws she torn away were shaken by Su Pings fist and bounced back. The original cold expression was revealed at this moment. In consternation.

She didn't expect her secret technique attack to be seen through.

The rule she understands is the water system, named Shui Jing!

The water mirror rules, can project one's own figure into any reflective water droplets, shuttle through the reflected water droplets, the ability is equivalent to teleportation.

Although this kind of teleportation requires the help of the water element, in the "inner space" entered after the teleportation, the space teleportation can no longer be used, and the teleportation brought by this water mirror becomes extraordinarily prominent and powerful. Up.

Although there is no water here, there is ubiquitous spatial chaos. She combined the rules of the water mirror with the mystery of space to create a secret technique called Kong Hiding, which is a very powerful assassination technique and the skill she is most proud of.

She can hide her figure in the space debris, or shuttle through the space debris!

With this secret technique, even the powerhouse at the top of the Starry Sky Realm could be assassinated by her without precautions!

However, she was seen through the frontal feint before, and Su Ping actually knew exactly where she shuttled over, which is simply impossible!

You know, it's the first time they have met, and both sides are very unfamiliar with each other's attack methods. In this case, her assassination secret technique has a very high success rate!

"You want to kill me so much, do you really want to die."

Looking at the shocked gaze of the black-haired woman, Su Ping said calmly.

While speaking, his movements did not stop, and the Shura Divine Sword suddenly appeared in the palm of his other hand, and then his body bends, suddenly displaying low-level strength gains and super acceleration!


Several amplification skills of the wind and thunder elements were immediately released by him. These are king-level skills that can increase speed. When they are stacked at the same time, his body is as light as tens of thousands of kilograms. The object also became extremely slow, and then, he flicked it!

Jianguang cut out, and when it was halfway through, the speed increased sharply again, cutting off instantly.


Blood spattered, and a piece of chin fell.

At the moment of the moment, the black-haired woman's body shrank and disappeared into the chaotic space of the space, leaving only the splashing blood in the air.

Su Ping turned his head and looked around, and saw hundreds of meters away, the black-haired woman staggered out of a space debris, her chin was cut off, the blood flow continued, her tongue was not resting on her chin, and she slipped down, looking extremely Terrible.

The originally beautiful cheeks immediately became ugly.

Su Ping's face was calm, and he was a little bit regretful for not being able to kill with one blow, but he didn't make a full shot just now. After all, he hadn't gotten a fit just now.

"Is this the Starry Sky Realm in the Federation? It is indeed much stronger than Nie Huofeng. I guess I can kill Nie Huofeng easily..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

By fighting against the monsters of the Starry Sky Realm in the Demigod Land, and communicating with the Starry Realm God Generals under Joanna on the way to the dangerous land, Su Ping also has some knowledge of the Starry Sky Realm.

The starry sky is divided into three stages: the beginning, the middle, the second and the third stage.

In the later stage, the limit is the top, only one step away from the main star realm.

To reach the middle stage of the starry sky, at least three rules must be mastered, or the specific rules must be understood to a deeper level.

Su Ping felt that her strength was similar to some of the medium-sized monster beasts he had encountered in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm, and Nie Huofeng...should be regarded as the early stage of the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm. The starry sky of dishes.

Those starry sky realm monster beasts in the demigod fall can completely abuse him with just one shot.

After all, those starry sky realm monsters inhabit the demigod, absorbing the divine power of heaven and earth, and their physique is far beyond the starry sky realm monsters outside. Even if they are of the same level, the black-haired woman in front of me can only match The demigod fell into the starry sky and the monster beasts barely fought.

"It seems that some of the Federation's combat secrets, although very strong, are not as strong as I thought..."

Through the attack of the black-haired woman, Su Ping had a simple judgment in his mind.

At this moment, the black-haired woman suddenly went mad, and dark green liquid poured out of her body, which quickly covered her body, and in a blink of an eye, a set of sea urchin-like spiked armor was formed.

Seeing this battle armor, Su Ping thought of the petting beast outfit, and was surprised. Can this petting outfit be used in a fit posture?

After using the battle outfit, the black-haired woman's eyes gradually turned dark, and the body was filled with rich dark energy, and her breath became more deep and restrained. Her eyes showed hatred, and the cut off chin, the organization grew staggered. , And soon a new white chin grows.


The black-haired woman suddenly moved and disappeared again. Then she suddenly appeared on the left side of Su Ping's body, but as soon as this figure appeared, her figure appeared on the right side before Su Ping's action.

Immediately afterwards, behind, on top of the head, under the feet, in front, on the side, etc., there were all black-haired women.

Each figure's attack posture is different, the angle is tricky, and all of Su Ping's shot and dodge angles are blocked.

"This combat skill is not bad."

Su Ping's eyes shone slightly.

This is not an ordinary clone, but a pure combat technique.

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