Astral Pet Store Chapter 779

Chapter 779: Potential Of Potential Area Two In One

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"With a fit posture, the power of the body is exerted 70% to 80%, and the power of the rules is combined, not bad..." Su Ping looked at it, and became more interested.

His eyeballs turned rapidly, scanning among the silhouettes, and the corners of his mouth quickly curled up.


The figures of many black-haired women threw out at the same time, and sharp blades strangled from everywhere, as fast as thunder, blocking Su Ping's retreat.

"Super acceleration!"

Su Ping's figure moved suddenly, like a ghost, and suddenly rushed out of the encircled circle.

He walked with thunder on his feet, entangled with thunder, and his cells were fully activated and mobilized. At this moment, he just rushed out of the encirclement, and suddenly turned over and blasted out.

God energy!

A dazzling golden light emerged from the fist cracks, and the low-level power increase and the demon **** fist were released at the same time. In this, Su Ping did not hesitate to join the combat skills he tried in Demigod Land.

The combination of rules and secrets!

The two rules of annihilation and thunderbolt are all compressed in this punch at this moment.

The wave of destruction under the dazzling golden light, like a world-shaking fist, the fist surged, and it seemed to be able to crush the entire third dimension!

Many black-haired women turned around together, their eyes horrified.

The power of this punch gave her the feeling of facing the impact of the planet, and she was inevitable!


At this moment, a blazing crimson star burst from a distance, and it was also a shadow of a fist, but the whole body was red, like hot lava.

With a bang, two huge fist shadows collided in mid-air. Although there was no sonic boom, the fluctuations caused by the burst of energy made people feel like a brain buzzing. The energy radiated by the impact was like golden red colors. The waves swept across, making the cerebral cortex tremble.

The fist weakened, and the phantom of the two gods fist disappeared. The figure of the red-haired young man appeared in front of Su Ping. His eyes were cold and he said, "Aren't you going to call out your battle pet? The true skill!"


Su Ping saw that his Demon Suppression Fist was offset, and his eyebrows were slightly raised. Sure enough, the second Demon Summon Fist was still slightly weak. If he could break through to the third level, he should be able to easily solve a few of them.

"Come out."

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three vortexes emerged.

The little skeleton, the candle dragon beast, and the two dogs walked out of the summoning whirlpool.

Although Ziqing's combat power has reached the starry sky, it is estimated that he can fight Nie Huofeng. After all, his own cultivation base is too low, even if he masters the power of the three rules, it is difficult to release all its power.


Seeing the three-headed battle pet summoned by Su Ping, the three red-haired youths all stared, but when they sensed their cultivation, they were all stunned and a little surprised.

Especially seeing the little skeleton in it.

Previously, they saw in the video that this skeleton species was caught by Randall's titanium trapping cage and could not break free, so Su Ping went to rescue him before he got out.

This kind of battle pet is obviously not of the Starry Sky Realm. Is it to be summoned at this moment to let it die?

As for the other two, the perceived cultivation bases were not in the Starry Sky Realm, but most likely they were disguised.


Su Ping said silently in his heart.

He directly merged with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and in an instant, his whole body suddenly surged rapidly, his body made a violent bone cracking sound, and his physique changed. From the original 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters, his body also appeared. Pieces of dragon scales appeared, and the teeth became sharp.

Seeing Su Ping fit together, the eyes of the three became serious.

Previously, Su Ping was able to display such a domineering and violent fist without being in a fit state, and could resist the attack of the red-haired youth. Now that he fits in, his power will be even more terrifying!

Under the bodies of the red-haired youth and the white-robed old man, slime-like objects also emerged, covering the whole body, forming a set of primitive and fierce and exquisite armor.

"Ready to kill!"

The red-haired young man had a deep gaze, flipped his palm, and a gun appeared in his palm. The gun was sturdy, red, and hummed as if it were spiritual.

The black-haired woman and the white-robed old man did not dare to slacken their efforts, and both uncovered their own secret treasure weapons.


Su Ping sighed slightly, the fit was over, he didn't let the little skull continue to fit.

Because he felt that his five senses, spiritual consciousness, and the energy in his body had reached an extremely surging and sensitive level, he could even perceive the contraction of the pores of the three people in front of him.

"Try it first."

Su Ping flipped his palm and started with the Shura Divine Sword. If he couldn't solve the problem with his current state of being combined, let the little skeleton fit together.

He wanted to see what the starry sky realm pet masters in this federation had.

The sword moves.

Su Ping's figure followed.

The rules of thunder on the soles of the feet were violent, and the thunder burst, stimulating the cells of his legs to the extreme, and coupled with the super acceleration state, everything became extremely slow in his line of sight, as if still.

He could clearly see that the pupils of the three were slowly shrinking, and shocked emotions gradually emerged in their eyes.

"Thunder Prison Sword, birth and death!"

As soon as Su Ping shot, he was a new swordsmanship that he hadn't studied and formed in Demigod Land. Although it was a semi-finished product, he was quite proficient when he displayed it at the moment.

The three rules of Annihilation, Thunder Boom, and Thunder God are all condensed in swordsmanship, thunder light emerges, gray air entangles, and along with the sword energy, a very shallow deep scar appears in the space.

"not good!"

The red-haired young man reacted first. He only saw Su Ping's figure suddenly turning like a shadow, and then an extremely terrifying sword aura attacked directly. The energy of this sword aura was far beyond the previous punch. Bi, in fright, he hurriedly called his pet, the sharp-edged beetle.

A golden light suddenly appeared, a golden shield round like an eggshell appeared in front of the red-haired young man, and the figure of the golden tortoise also appeared here, and its movements were extremely fast.

Almost instantaneously, the golden shield broke and the sword aura slashed directly on the back shell of the golden tortoise. The red-haired young man immediately saw that the back shell of the golden tortoise had broken apart.

The sword qi penetrated, tearing a hole several meters in size, and piercing out from the golden turtle's side.

The red-haired young man shrank his pupils and waved a melting shield in front of him with both hands. At the same time, the white-robed old man behind him and his battle pet also released skills, and a series of defensive skills containing regular power appeared on the sword. Before his qi, he was instantly torn and annihilated by the thunder on the sword qi.

After destroying the three skills in a row, the sword energy gradually dissipated and the remaining power was exhausted.

This scene frightened the three of them very much. You know, this sword aura penetrated the golden tortoise's body, and the golden tortoise almost resisted 80% of the sword aura's power. As a result, the remaining power was still so terrifying!

"Combined with the power of the three rules, this is close to the mid-term." The red-haired young man's face was particularly gloomy. If he only mastered the three rules, he was not afraid, but Su Ping was able to skillfully display the three rules to one. In swordsmanship, this power is more than three times that of a single rule? At least five to eight times!

"We attack separately!"

The white-robed old man also reacted, the contempt on his face has long been gone, and he said in a deep voice: "No matter how he is, he will be alone, and the power of these three rules seems to be his limit!"

"You pretend to attack, I will sneak attack."

The black-haired woman said.

Their communication is through voice transmission, otherwise, when people say they are going to attack, this IQ is too good.

The red-haired young man didn't dare to be big anymore. From Su Pinggang's swordsmanship, he knew that if he was singled out with Su Ping, he would probably fall into a disadvantage. There is no need to be strong at this moment!

Soon, the three separated and attacked at the same time in the three directions of Su Ping.


Suddenly, a white shadow flashed in front of the white robe old man, it was a small skeleton.

Its figure was like a ghost, and it was cut out as soon as it appeared, and forced the white-robed old man to stop.

On the blade of the little skull, thunder surrounds it, containing the two rules of thunder and thunder, and its destructive power is terrifying. If this knife is hit, the white-robed old man will not die and will be seriously injured.

"What the **** is this!"

The white-robed old man dodged dangerously and dangerously, and when he saw that the skeleton was blocking him, he was suddenly astonished.

From the video, he clearly remembered that this pet was imprisoned by the titanium trap.

However, at this moment, this Skeleton Species actually displayed the power of rules? !

"The breath of the power of this rule...same as that guy!"

"How is this possible, is it preaching?"

The white-robed old man was a little shocked. Not everyone can do preaching. It is an extremely advanced secret technique.

Moreover, evangelism can usually only be passed on to their own battle pets through contracts, but most of the Star Realm battle pet masters, even if they have mastered the secret skills of evangelism, are not easy to preach to their battle pets unless they are deeply emotional or only Choose the two pets, the principal and deputy, to preach.

Although the stronger the battle pet, the stronger the master, but the battle pet has the possibility of rebellion after all. This is a problem that many battle pet masters will worry about.

"This guy actually knows how to preach, and he also passed the two rules of power to his pet beast. No wonder this skeleton species suddenly increased in strength."

The face of the white-robed old man changed, but he soon felt angry. He was in a fit state at the moment, so he tried to send a battle pet to block him?


The white-robed old man suddenly shot. It was a strange rule. This rule was not aggressive, but it was extremely good in terms of life-saving. As he shot, a blue light flew out, immediately shifting the small skeleton in front of him and replacing it. Ten thousand meters away, this is somewhat similar to the space transfer ability of the Destiny Realm.

But at this moment, in the third dimension, there is no space to transfer, unless it is to transfer the fourth dimension, but that is obviously not something that the Starry Sky Realm can do in the initial stage.

As soon as the skeleton seed was thrown away, the white-robed old man directly killed Su Ping, too lazy to pay attention to the battle pet.

As long as Su Ping is killed, the contract of these pets will dissipate, and it will be easy to clean up at that time.

But just as the white-robed old man moved forward again, a cold blade suddenly cut across his face, almost rubbing it against his face.

The white-robed old man shrank his pupils, turned his head and looked around, only to find that the skeleton species that had been diverted from previously appeared before him.

How can the distance of tens of thousands of meters come over in an instant?

But soon, the old man in the white robe noticed that under the skeleton's feet, his feet were not fully formed, and under his feet was a short bone.

Is it the secret skill of the undead tribe, dead bone transformation?

The white-robed old man suddenly understood that before the opponent was rotated away, he left a bone as a medium. If he uses the dead bone transformation, he can directly transform his body into this bone and use the bone as a springboard for teleportation. Like the black-haired woman's water mirror rules, use water droplets as a springboard.

"What kind of skeleton is this? Can this rare ability be mastered?" The white-robed old man was a little frightened. This dead bone transformation is considered to be an extremely rare life-saving ability in the skeleton race.

As long as a bone is left, even if the body is destroyed, as long as the undead is immortal, it can be regenerated from the bone!

And this ability can be used as teleportation in this space!

"Since you can't get rid of it, then die for me!" The white-robed old man shot instantly, playing with the power of the rules, and fighting fiercely with the little skull.

While he was fighting fiercely, he also let his pet to attack Su Ping.

the other side.

The two dogs also blocked the black-haired woman. It has a defensive skill. The three rules of power that Su Ping taught him are all integrated into different skills by it, and its defense power increases sharply.

Even the purely offensive rules of annihilation have been played out by Ergou. They are integrated into a water film-like defensive skill, which can annihilate the things that attack it. This passive attack method is also Be considered alternative.

"What a dog!"

The black-haired woman wanted to circumvent this dragon dog, but found that the other party had a lot of skills. With her ability, she couldn't get rid of it for a while, it was unimaginable!

As an assassin, she was actually entangled by a dog.

The key is that this dog is really molesting her!

Do not attack, just blindly defend, this is deliberate play!

When Little Skeleton and Ergou pinned the two of them, the situation on Su Ping's side was not optimistic. Ten battle pets from the starry sky realm surrounded Su Ping with the red-haired youth.

Among these star battle pets, there are at least three, and their combat power is not lost to the Hankong Thunder Dragon King that Su Ping encountered in Leiming Zhou!


The red-haired youth exploded with combat power, full of heat, swept through with long spears, and accompanied by burning rules, and burned everything he touched.

Even some weak rules can be burned!

Su Ping was illuminated by the light he emitted, and he felt that the energy in his body was gradually burning and fading, and wherever the light was shining, the rules of Yan Fen could exert its power.

In addition to the red-haired youth, the ten starry sky battle pets around did not save any effort, and the skills of each department were thrown out one after another. Some of the battle pets mastered two rules and were extremely powerful.


Su Ping's eyes condensed, and he did not despise them. Almost all of these battle pets wore battle outfits. He had previously understood that some of these federation-made battle outfits could increase the star power intensity of the battle pet's own, and some had some special features. The effect is not a simple wear to increase defense.

With the cooperation of these battle outfits, even if these battle pets have no divine power, they will never be inferior to those starry sky monsters.


Behind Su Ping, a dark disc suddenly appeared, like a rotating muddy world.

The difference from the previous potential domain is that the scope of this potential domain has expanded again, and the phantom inside has become less, but every phantom that drifts by has a very real feeling, and it seems that you can move from that potential at any time. Step out in the domain space.

"Help me!"

Su Ping's eyes became sharp and his thoughts called out. As he stepped into the legend, he also gained a new understanding of the area of influence. Through training and fighting in the demigod, he could already learn to use the current area of influence. Strength.

As long as the energy provided is enough, he can summon the phantom in the potential domain!

Come to reality with projection!

boom! !

In the third dimension where the sound cannot be transmitted, there was a sudden roar at this moment. In the potential area behind Su Ping, the circulation suddenly stopped, and then suddenly a phantom appeared from inside. The phantom was an ancient one. Giant arms, covered with withered hair, stick out from inside.

The wild and ancient aura diffused out, and the arm looked a bit illusory, but before the arrival of the many regular skills around it, it blocked Su Ping.

The next moment, these regular skills hit the giant arm, and suddenly disappeared like ice and snow.


The red-haired young man was shocked when he saw this scene.

The picture at this moment was extremely shocking. In the huge phantom that appeared behind Su Ping, a giant arm that reached the sky was stretched out. The size of this arm was bigger than a starry sky battle pet!


Su Ping suddenly exploded, and the star power in his body's cells rapidly rotated and leaned out. The ancient giant arm seemed to be under control, suddenly turning, swept away with Su Ping's body as the center.

Bang bang bang bang!

The space seems to be fettered and frozen, and many of the starry sky battle pets are swept and shot by giant arms.

Su Ping has tested that the power of this giant arm is comparable to that of medium-sized monsters in the Starry Sky Realm. The only flaw is that it requires too much energy. His Star Power is dozens of times that of other Boundless Sea Realms, but it will stimulate this trend The power of the domain is almost exhausted, and the power is comparable to his strongest sword in the double combination!


Su Ping controlled the giant arm, pressing down, and the entire third dimension seemed to be frozen.

Su Ping's body was uncontrollable. He turned on at super speed, rushed out in a flash, and then stomped heavily on the chest of the red-haired young man.

The red-haired young man was stepped on by Su Ping and roared furiously, but his body was uncontrollable, and he fell straight out of the third space and appeared in the second space. When he came to the outside world, he slammed into the street outside the store.

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