Astral Pet Store Chapter 780

Chapter 780: Escape Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The whole street was silent.

The people who are still on the street are all in the Boundary Sea Realm and under the Boundary Sea Realm. At this moment, they are all staring. What happened?

They didn't see anything clearly, they saw a figure suddenly falling out of thin air, smashing to the ground.

The street collapsed!

Except for Suping's shop, the buildings of other shops were affected and the walls were cracked.

In the dust and fog, the red-haired young man lay in the big pit, and was crushed on the ground by Su Ping's foot on his chest.

Before the dust and mist dispersed, there were two more rumblings!

The streets that were originally cracked collapsed in an instant. Many of the Beast Seas and Tier 9 warfare masters hurriedly soared under shock. The remaining ones with a lower cultivation base also reacted and stepped on the collapsed streets. Jump to some buildings, or summon flying pets to take off.

"That's it?"

An indifferent voice came from the diffuse dust.

Then there was an angry roar like a beast, and then the dust mist suddenly tore, and the dark space split. When everyone did not see clearly, the two figures had disappeared in the dust mist, leaving only cracks and spots. ground.


In the second space, the many virtual cave realms that came here, as well as the vast sea realms that came here by their own ability, are still in a daze.

They only saw two vague figures, appearing at tens of times the speed of sound, and then quickly disappeared, so fast that they could not see clearly.

Someone reacted, quickly tore through the space and returned to the outside world.

But when those people returned to the outside world, two figures appeared again in the second space, fighting fiercely, moving fast, fist and gun collided, sputtering red flames and golden light, surrounding the two.

In less than half a second of the fierce fight, the two tore out the second space and entered the deeper third space.

But as soon as I entered, the space was torn again. A creepy, wild-looking giant hand stretched out from the third dimension, carrying the power of destroying the world, and pressing a finger forward on a figure. .

This figure was crimson, holding a long spear, and standing in front of him. A flame shield appeared on his body, shattering, but it was broken and reunited, and then shattered again.

His figure was pressed by the fingers of the giant hand, penetrated from the second space and came to the outside world.


There was a loud noise, and a finger stretched out from the void, pressing the figure of the red-haired young man on the street, sealing off the space around it, and the simple Taoist rhyme on the finger, releasing the red-haired young man. The power of the rules, all disintegrated, unshakable!

This scene shocked the world, and everyone on the street, before they recovered from the previous vibration, they saw this extremely incredible scene.

Simple fingers, like shuttles from another ancient world, crushing the starry sky with one finger!

In the second dimension, there is also dead silence at this moment.

The giant hand, like a wild ancient god, came from the third dimension, but at the moment it stood like a pillar in the second dimension, and the fingers had extended out of the second dimension, and only the thick arms could be seen.

"This, what kind of creature is this?"

"I feel my soul is trembling, it's horrible!"

"I, I want to leave..."

In some of the destiny scenes present, they all changed their colors and felt the terrifying deterrent.

Some of the more timid Void Hollow Realms had weak legs and pale faces, as if seeing extremely scary creatures, and the scalp was numb.


In the crowd, both Cleo and Lily beside her were stunned, their faces were shocked, they didn't know what kind of creature it was.

Not far from them, Mia also looked shocked. The breath exuding from this arm felt more terrifying than seeing her grandfather, with an inexplicable sense of horror, like looking down on the world and the planet. The ancient gods are heart-shaking.


In the third space, Su Ping's eyes penetrated the second space and saw the outside world.

Seeing that the red-haired young man was suppressed and unable to move, he sighed lightly. The projection of the potential area that was called out consumed most of the star power in his body, and its power was comparable to his peak blow. This is the terrifying aspect of the potential area.

And the potential domain in the starry sky realm is the most basic thing, everyone has.

It's just that the potential domain is also divided into strong and weak.

The strength of the potential domain depends on what you see and hear, and the strength of your mind.

The more you see, the stronger your mind is exercised, and the more terrifying the potential you can condense!

And the flowers in those greenhouses, even if they master the potential zone, they can only project some relatively ordinary things in the potential zone, and even if they can be called out, there is not much deterrence.

"Take me a sword!"

Su Ping turned his head and looked at the black-haired woman who was fighting with Ergou, her eyes were slightly cold.

He still remembered the previous assassination attack by the other party.


With the Shura Divine Sword shot, Su Ping has exercised the sword drawing speed a million times, like a flash of light, drawing the sword at a speed beyond imagination, slashing in anger!

The space is shaking, and the power of the three rules is condensed on one sword.

Through the battle with the red-haired young man, Su Ping could be regarded as seeing these federal starry sky realm means, and he did not show mercy anymore.


The black-haired woman who was struggling to smash this dragon dog and condensed one after another with defensive skills, suddenly the bone marrow on her back became cold, and her whole body was shaking and agitated. She suddenly turned her head and saw the violent slash. Jian Qi.


The black-haired woman took a deep breath, feeling horrible.

She didn't care about keeping her cards, her pupils were suddenly dark, her body contracted, the life essence and blood in her body burned, and the battle body was stimulated to the greatest extent. With a swish, her claws suddenly tore the void.

A crack appeared, and then her figure flickered and escaped into it.


Escape to the fourth space!

This is the space that the starry sky realm is strong, and can only barely tear apart the space, and the fourth space arouses danger, and it contains chaotic rules. The deeper the space, the closer to the origin of the universe, and the easier it is to touch the road.

It's just that these are the avenues that the universe has already formed. It is quite difficult to learn and understand in it, and the environment is extremely dangerous, and life is in danger at any time.


Seeing the other party's escape, Su Ping's eyes fell cold, and he no longer suppressed the power of sword aura. In an instant, the sword light was like a rainbow, cutting through the space and submerged in the fourth space.

It's just that Su Ping doesn't know whether he can hit the black-haired woman in the fourth dimension. When he enters the fourth dimension, the sword energy is no longer under his control and cannot be sensed.

"what's the situation?"

The white-robed old man on the other side felt the abnormal energy coming from the side during the fight with the little skeleton, and immediately saw this scene, and was immediately shocked.

This boy hasn't used all his strength before?

Looking at the other side, the red-haired young man disappeared. A terrifying arm stretched out from the shadowy potential projection behind Su Ping and penetrated the third dimension.

"Damn it!"

Seeing this scene, the white-robed old man no longer had the mind to fight. He was a little frightened. He didn't expect that Su Ping was so strong that he would be able to fight back with one enemy three.

Their ten-headed starry realm battle pet cooperated with the red-haired youth, but they couldn't help Suping, but the red-haired youth was beaten out of sight!

"No wonder I dare to provoke the Ren family..." This thought came to mind in the white-robed old man, and it flashed past. He saw Su Ping looking at him, his scalp was numb, he stopped fighting, he quickly tore the space and entered the second space , And then directly penetrate the second space without hindrance and return to the outside world.

As soon as he arrived outside, the white-robed old man saw that huge finger stretched out from the void. At the tip of the finger, the red-haired young man was covered with scars and was pressed to the ground like an ant, unable to break free!

The face of the white-robed old man changed wildly. He was about to come forward to rescue him. He suddenly felt something. His face changed and he quickly fled with all his strength.

And the fastest speed is to enter the inner space.

In the outside world, no matter how fast it is, the teleportation of the inner space cannot be achieved.

In the third dimension, if you act a little bit, a few tens of miles away, the space has passed through.

The fourth dimension is even more exaggerated. If you act in it, you can easily cross the planet!

Almost blinking his eyes, the white-robed old man entered the second space, ignoring the many virtual caves gathered on one side, disappearing as soon as the figure emerged, entering the third space, and then fleeing at full speed.

But in the same order, Su Ping is also in the third space.

At this time, the competition is Shen Fa, as well as other secret skills and rules.

For example, the black-haired womans water mirror rule has a teleportation effect in the third dimension, and the escape speed in the same tier is quite good. Even in the middle of the starry sky that is not good at speed, it can escape. may.

In the third space, chaotic spatial turbulence is everywhere, and the destructive power is amazing. If the destiny warfare pet master runs wantonly here, it will soon be cold.

"Want to run?"

Su Ping narrowed his eyes, and his figure galloped out like a thunder. The thunder rule was used by him on his feet, and the cell activity was stimulated to the greatest extent. In addition, he was cultivating the world's own comprehension of the body. Fa is comprehended from desperate dodges, without a name, but at an amazing speed.

Especially the short-distance explosive power!

"Block him!!"

The white-robed old man felt Su Ping's chase, and his heart jumped and roared.

Suddenly, several starry sky realm battle pets rushed in quickly, releasing several regular attacks, blocking the Su plane.

Su Ping slashed his sword, but this gap made him keep a horizontal line with the figure of the white-robed old man, and did not get closer.

Seeing Su Ping chasing after him, the white-robed old man looked ugly, gritted his teeth, the battle body broke out, also tore the fourth dimension, his figure disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Seeing the white-robed old man who had escaped into the fourth dimension, Su Ping frowned and stopped immediately.

At this moment, the battle pets of the white-robed old man next to him, a summoning vortex appeared beside them, entered the summoning space one after another, and were taken away by the white-robed old man.

Su Ping took a look and didn't care about these pets.

He thought about it for a little bit, but chose to give up and didn't continue to hunt down.

A starry sky realm tried his best to leave, and with his current strength, it was quite difficult to keep it.

If you really catch up to the fourth dimension, it will be more chaotic. With Su Pings second Golden Crow Demon body, you have to be cautious in it. If the opponent uses the environment or fights with him desperately, it is still possible to die together!

Su Ping cherishes his life, so naturally he will not take such risks.

Although he has died countless times, it does not mean that he despises his own life. After all, there is no life or death enmity with the other party, and there is no need to fight so hard.

Su Ping perceives the outside world and realizes that in less than half a minute after he was chasing, he actually came to the sky above another city. He remembered that the span between Warfite City and other nearby cities was quite a distance, even if it was It's a journey of hundreds of miles from Warfitt City to the suburbs outside the city.

The span of the third dimension is really amazing.

Su Ping shook his head slightly and turned back.

When he returned to Little Skull and Ergou, Su Ping saw that the black-haired womans pets had disappeared. Obviously, this woman was not killed by the sword, nor died in the fourth dimension. Most of them escaped. Lost.

Su Ping glanced at the remaining four starry sky realm battle pets. They belonged to the red-haired young man. They were standing aside in a group at the moment, confronting Little Skull and Ergou.

When he saw Su Ping coming, the four-headed pet was a little frightened, obviously very afraid of Su Ping.

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