Astral Pet Store Chapter 781

Chapter 781: Self Redemption Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping glanced at them, and ignored them.

Perhaps due to the influence of Little Skeletons, Su Ping also has a certain tolerance for other people's pets. If he can directly solve the pets, Su Ping will not choose to solve the pets first and then solve the pets.


Su Ping took the little skull and two dogs, left the third dimension, and directly shuttled through the second dimension back to the outside world.

The big hand that extended from the potential area also disappeared.

Su Ping came to the red-haired young man and said indifferently: "Don't try to escape. I will chop off your head as soon as you act. If you don't believe me, try."

These words are quite deterrent.

The red-haired young man who was about to struggle to leave, stopped when he heard the words, his face was ugly and said, "What do you want?"

In the previous match, Su Ping's weird speed made him almost overwhelmed. In terms of escape, he was really not confident.

Although he can tear the fourth dimension, get out of the fourth dimension, or fight Su Ping desperately.

But it takes time to enter the fourth dimension, and at this moment, the distance between him and Su Ping is, I am afraid that Su Ping will cut him off before he can tear the fourth dimension!

This guy is definitely in the middle of the starry sky!

Even if Ren O'Neal came over, he might not be able to surrender steadily!

"You provoke me, you ask me what I want?" Su Ping said indifferently, looking down at him condescendingly.

at the same time.

On the street behind, a group of figures stepped out of the second space and returned to the outside world. It was Cleo, Mia and others, as well as numerous virtual cave realms.

Among them is Felius.

Although he is in the vast sea realm, he has a battle pet in the virtual cave realm, and it is not difficult to enter the second dimension with the help of the battle pet.

At this moment, Felius was a bit frantic and shocked.

Although he hadn't seen the previous battle very clearly, the scene before him was extremely impactful. The previous strong starry sky realm was lying down and talking to Su Ping.

And Su Ping is completely looking down on the opponent in the posture of a winner.

This is the starry sky realm powerhouse!

Like the ruler of Rhea, a strong man like Ren O'Neal, can travel across the universe physically!

Was defeated by Su Ping at this moment!

The owner who opened a small shop here is actually in the Starry Sky Realm. This reminded him of his previous actions in front of Su Ping. Although he felt nothing wrong at the time, he is now replaced by Su Ping as a Star Realm. He feels like he's dying, too bold!

If people in the family knew that they were talking to a starry sky realm like this, it is estimated that he would be beaten to death before Su Ping took action?

Thinking of this, Felius became more and more frightened, already thinking about how to apologize to Su Ping.

Beside him, Cleo was even more shocked and terrified.

Because she knows that the starry sky realm defeated by Su Ping at this moment is the worship of their Ren family!

Su Ping is having a holiday with the Ren family!

It's no wonder that Su Ping had no interest in her bid when she was going to jump in the line to cultivate. There was a reason for it!

Cleo found the answer in his heart, but at the same time he was a little confused. Since Su Ping had a feast with the Ren family, why did he finally accept his professional training commission?

Could it be that she wanted to kill her pet beast?

Thinking of this, she was shocked in her heart, but she quickly denied it, because Su Ping really wanted to **** her and shot her to death on the spot, no one dared to say anything.

Cleo's mind was a little confused, feeling confused.

Next to him, Mia also looked shocked. She didn't expect that the owner of any small shop on this third-class Rhea planet would be a starry sky realm powerhouse!

Sure enough, my father said that there are some strong people who are crouching tigers and hidden dragons outside, and told her not to cause trouble outside. This is correct!

"It's no wonder that the cultivation effect of this store is so amazing. The Starry Sky Realm has come forward to be the boss. There must be a cultivation master behind this, and even... a three-star cultivation master!"

Mia was frightened. If they were to cultivate a grandmaster, the leaders of their Laifa family would have to be polite when they saw it, and would not easily provoke offense.

After all, the cultivation master can nurture the terrible existence of the star masters, and because of the special profession, there are many star masters who have made friends. If you offend the cultivation master, you may offend a large group of star masters and bring your own circle. Go small.

The whole street was quiet at this moment, no one dared to make a sound, and no one dared to breathe.

In the collapse of the street, the red-haired youth heard Su Ping's words with a complex expression, gritted his teeth and said: "I offended first, I am willing to apologize!"

"How to pay?" Su Ping said calmly.

"How do you want to pay?" The red-haired young man heard Su Ping's tone and felt that there was room for maneuver, and his eyes became much brighter.

Su Ping said indifferently: "Your life is now in my hands. Your two companions have already escaped. Don't expect them to save you. Now you can bid for your life."

The red-haired youth's face changed slightly. From the moment Su Ping stood quietly here to talk to him, he vaguely guessed that the other two had already had an accident, either dead or fleeing.

At this moment, listening to Su Ping said about running away, although he was relieved in his heart, he inevitably felt sad.

"All the secret treasures and money on my body will be handed over to you, how about?" The red-haired young man cleared up his mood and looked at Su Ping pleadingly.

"These things can be obtained as if I killed you." Su Ping said calmly.

The red-haired youth looked a little ugly.

Su Ping's words are equivalent to saying that these things no longer belong to him.

He must take out extra things to replace his life!


Generally, people who reach his level, except for houses and investment consortiums that cannot be carried, other valuables are basically carried with them.

Otherwise, if people die, no matter how well these valuables are kept, they won't belong to them.

"Do you want money, I can give you money, if you dont need money, I have some channels, I can spend money to buy some rare items, I can buy them and send them to you, there are some famous cards, just rely on money I cant do it, and the quota is limited. I can transfer it to you and let you join some top circles..."

The red-haired young man gritted his teeth slightly, said quickly after making a determination.

These are all the extra things he can take out.

For example, he tried his best to get into some circles. The number of people that can be accommodated in this circle is limited. Other starry sky realms may not be able to mix in, and it can be solved by investing money.


Su Ping raised his brow slightly when he heard the red-haired young man's words. He didn't expect to really squeeze something out.

He thought about it a little, feeling the countless eyes around him watching, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart, and said: "Okay, get up first, come to my shop and count slowly."

The red-haired young man felt that Su Ping's murderous aura had receded, he was a little relieved, nodded, and climbed up from the ground, while also putting away his pet in the third dimension.

Su Ping brought the red-haired young man into the store, and after entering the safe area of the store, he relaxed slightly, where he could use the power of the system to suppress it at any time.

Even if the system refuses to take action, Joanna can be sent to solve it.

Although Joanna's reincarnation is not in the Starry Sky Realm, if he really wants to fight, this red-haired young man may not be the opponent.

After all, Joanna's rules and avenues are far more than Su Ping, and the attack methods are not very people can imagine. The increase in combat power is even more abnormal than his battle pet.

The red-haired young man obviously did not expect that he had already entered a place where he could never get out. At this moment, he knew that he would not be in danger for the time being. When he was distracted, he also noticed the situation outside and found the whole street. Their fighting has become a mess, and some of the shops across the street have collapsed.

However, Su Ping's shop is intact.

Thinking of the three of them attacking together before, and none of them were able to shake Su Ping's shop, the red-haired young man couldn't help smiling bitterly, and became more and more afraid of Su Ping.

This kind of fear, even more than facing Ren O'Neal.

He and Raine O'Neal are friends, and at most only fear each other's three points.

For Su Ping, it was 12 points!

After all, Su Ping was the one who dared to kill all the students of Xiumia, one of the five great palaces, and dared to stay here without fear.

Although Su Ping's combat power at this moment is only stronger than him, and is far from the top of the starry sky, who knows if there is greater energy behind Su Ping?

If there is a star master backing it up, then it will make sense to dare to kill the students of Xiumia Academy.

Thinking of this, the red-haired youth became more and more jealous, and even a little regretful. He was dignified in the Starry Sky Realm, but stood out for O'Neill's grandson, and finally got himself in. It was too worthwhile!

Although that grandson is outstanding, he is only a grandson!

The prospect of becoming a starry sky in the future is just "hope". This kind of hope usually refers to a situation with excellent growth and smooth sailing.

But how can life be smooth sailing? Suffering and suffering is the norm!

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