Astral Pet Store Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Circle Of Stars Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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When the red-haired young man felt worthless and regretted for himself, Su Ping took him back to the store.

Glancing at the side, Su Ping saw that Lei Guangmo was lying back to her position, lazily squinting its eyes, and sleeping soundly again.

This guy, has nothing to arouse his attention?

Su Ping sighed in his heart and shook his head slightly. Some people have disappeared and can't come back, but he doesn't seem to realize this yet...

Maybe it is realizing, but not willing to believe it?

Su Ping was silent for a while, glanced at it, without thinking, time will heal all wounds, this is beyond doubt.

"go in."

Su Ping said something to the red-haired young man and closed the shop.

As for the broken streets outside...I didn't mean it, it was the Lane family's choice. The entire planet belonged to the Lane family. If something broke, you should ask the Lane family to compensate.

After this battle, Su Ping believed that the lord of Warfite City would not come to him to trouble him, unless the patriarch of the Lane family came.

But Su Ping didn't care, if I couldn't beat it, I just clashed!

Wait for a wave of development and then find a place.

"The starry sky realm powerhouse seems to be held hostage!"

"Be confident and remove the seemingly."

"Where are the other two Starry Sky Realms? Did they run away? One-on-three actually defeated them and captured one of them!"

"What is the origin of the owner of this store? The starry realm boss actually runs here to open a store. This is to experience life and play the world?"

"My shop, it's all ruined, oooooo..."

"Hey, I heard that this shop sells pet beasts. The ten A-level Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were sold from here. I remember who said it was fake news?"

"Maos fake news, people in Starry Realm would care about this money? Dont say ten A-level pets, even if it is a hundred, no one will care, and it is not Starrys A-level pets."

"Yes, it is estimated that this starry big guy is here to experience life, how can I care about this little money?"

"In other words, it seems that this store is queuing up. With such a big incident, will it be open tomorrow?"

"Business? These three star realm bosses seem to be worshipped by the Ren family, this boss has an enmity with the Ren family, and it is estimated that Lord Lord will be killed soon!"

"Then shall we continue to line up now, or should we hurry up first? If we get caught in the fish pond by then, it will be bad!"

When Su Ping's shop closed, the people outside dared to gasp, and they all talked and looked at each other.

Amidst this discussion, many people looked at the dilapidated and collapsed street outside the Suping store, with some hesitation.

At this moment, a figure flew out from the crowd, it was Mia.

She thought about it again and again, but chose to continue to line up.

When Lord Raine ONeal came over, she walked away. In her capacity, Lord Raine ONeal was also polite to her, let alone hurt, it was too late to coax her.

After all, the planet Rhea is under the jurisdiction of the Leyfa family.

Although she is only a concubine in the Layfa family, the last name of her name is Layfa after all, which is inviolable.

Seeing this little girl with a silver wire actually came forward, everyone was surprised and then whispered. Some of the interstellar travelers recognized Mia's hair color and immediately guessed her identity.

Soon, another figure stood behind him one after another, and began to line up.

Since there are people from the Laifa family in front, what are you afraid of?

As more and more people were queuing, most of the other hesitating people chose to follow the public, while a few people with cautious personality still stayed on the sidelines, and even chose to go farther to spy, lest the Rennes The lord of the clan came to kill, his momentum was too big and quick, he didn't even have a chance to escape!

The previous formation was disrupted by the battle, and at this moment had to line up to regroup.

Felius looked hesitant when seeing many people flying down.

In the end, he gritted his teeth fiercely and let his heart fall.


The Moreno family has fallen, he must rise to find a way out for the family!

And Su Pings shop in front of him was the hope he saw!

If all his pets can be cultivated in the Su Ping store, and the effect of each breeding is the same as that of the short-necked blue crocodile, then he will definitely shine in the pet competition and make a name for the family!

Once people see that among the descendants of the Moreno family, there are such amazing and brilliant generations, those who peeped at their family will also have reservations, and those who originally wanted to squeeze their family will also slightly Let go.

The wall fell down and everyone pushed, if you see the strong standing behind the wall, then fewer people will push, and the wall will not collapse in an instant, but there is a new hope!

"If I hadn't hesitated before, it would be so good to nurture my main battle pet!" Felius still regrets in his heart, and at the same time is a little nervous. I wonder if Su Ping will blame him for his previous doubts.

In another place, Cleo stood outside the team with a complicated expression.

With the current situation, she must be unable to line up anymore.

The person Su Ping provoked was their Ren family. If the patriarch came over and saw her, her own family, actually stood outside the Su Ping store, she could not bear the anger.

She even regrets the 10 billion professional cultivation she paid in the Suping store.

If they are tracked down, they will inevitably be angry.

Although she is talented, she is not a direct lineage after all. The talent, that is to say, how many talented and talented people in this world are buried, and how many capable people have been made by the piggy to resist. , Can only beg for food.

When the talent is not large enough to overturn the entire power hierarchy, it is just a glimmer of fireflies.

"No wonder he doesn't care about money..." Cleo's expression was complicated.

"Cousin, should we go back quickly and tell the family about this first?" Lily asked in a low voice next to her.

She seemed harmless to humans and animals, and a little ignorant, but at this moment, she was rather clever in considering issues.

Kleio froze for a moment, and immediately woke up, indeed, before the matter was fermented, he took the initiative to go back to the family to plead!

Active is better than passive!


Inside the shop.

Su Ping ignored the outside situation. He still had a lot of things in his hands. Many of his pets hadn't had time to cultivate. These guys came at an untimely time, and they were growing up, but they were interrupted by the movement outside. Up.

"Let's talk about it, what can you take out?" Su Ping sat down on the sofa in the store, feeling out of breath.

The red-haired young man stood in the store and looked around, wanting to see if there are any other strong people hiding in the store, but he immediately discovered that his Star Mind actually perceives other rooms in the store, including those who watch. Going up is very ordinary, even the area open to customers cannot penetrate!

Just because those places are separated by a door.

A door actually closed his perception!

His perception ability is by no means weak, but at this moment he can't perceive what is going on behind these closed doors.

There are barriers in this shop too?

The red-haired young man felt a bit exaggerated and shocked, but his face didn't show too much abnormality.

Hearing Su Pings words, he came back to his senses and looked at Su Ping who was sitting on the sofa. He took a deep breath and said: "My fixed assets and some industries I invest in have a lot of funds. There are more star crystal mines than I carry with me, and there are a lot of star crystal mines that can be distributed to me every year..."

Su Pingjing listened to him quietly.

After 10 minutes, he nodded and said: "That's it?"

In fact, he is already satisfied, because what the red-haired young man said has greatly exceeded his expectations, at least squeezing out trillions of wealth.

What is the concept of trillions?

The annual GDP income of Warfitt City is less than tens of billions, and the richest man in Camp Island is only a few hundred billion.

The red-haired young man is comparable to possessing one-tenth of the wealth of the Reya planet, which does not include the many secret treasures, star crystals, and some rare resources he carries.

These things are what he has spent so much effort to search around, far more valuable than trillions of stars!

What makes Su Ping regret is that this money...cannot be converted into energy.

If it can be converted into energy, then his shop will directly swish upward!

However, this money has a significant effect in other places. The reason why Su Ping squeezed is also to do something for Blue Star. The money he can spend at present is the tax levied on Blue Star. If Being able to invest these trillions of funds into Bluestar's operations will at least make Bluestar more decent.

At any rate, he also had the title of a lord, and Su Ping didn't intend to be the shopkeeper completely.

"There is another circle. I can give you my place. This is the starry sky circle all over the Sylvie galaxy. Those who can enter this circle are all starry sky realm powerhouses from all galaxies and planets with backgrounds. , Or a special force, if you are inside, you can make friends with other starry sky realm powerhouses."

"The circle owner inside is still a star master realm powerhouse!"

"And the deputy owner inside is said to be the Star Master Realm, but the two of them will not show up for a long time, so it is best not to bother them actively."

"If you make connections inside, no matter what you do, it will be more beneficial."

The red-haired young man gritted his teeth and said.

He is bleeding in his heart, which is more important to him than half of his net worth!

He had spent a lot of effort at the beginning to please a top starry sky realm powerhouse with a relatively high status in the circle. Only after the other party's recommendation did he get in.

In it, he is only a little brother-level, but because of his ability to talk and be cute, he also made some powerful starry sky realms. Among them, Ren O'Neal is the one he made in, and the other is half a little brother-level. In it, it can be said to be sympathetic and sympathetic, and then they become friends.

And he also came from a wanderer, at the invitation of Ren O'Neal, to his planet as his family worship.

Every year, a certain proportion of the star crystals and money mined on the planet will be enshrined in his pocket.

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