Astral Pet Store Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Instantly Control The Enemy Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping agreed.

Although he didn't care much about this circle, he could see the pity in the eyes of this red-haired young man. Before this guy was squeezed out of trillions of assets by himself, he did not show such a heartbroken look.

As long as it is your heartache, it will be all!

And this circle is also useful. Sooner or later in the future, you can cultivate the favorites of the starry sky realm, and then people in this circle can become their first customers.

Seeing Su Ping's consent, the red-haired young man resisted the pain and said with a slight heart: "That's all I have. Can I get my life back now?"

Su Ping frowned, pretending to be thinking, silent for a while.

"I really don't have a drop left!" The red-haired young man saw Su Ping groaning and begged with a wry smile.

There is no one else around at the moment, should no one see him begging for mercy?

Since no one sees it, it's not a shame!

Just thinking about it, suddenly the red-haired young man saw a figure, and it was a woman with a peerless look!

He stood on the spot as if struck by lightning.

"Okay, I will spare you after you finish the procedures for these things." Seeing that he couldn't squeeze out more, Su Ping said directly.

"What do you say counts?"

The red-haired young man returned to his senses and quickly said: "You won't regret it, how about we make the soul vow?"

"What soul vows, I haven't heard of them." Su Ping heard something weird, and souls are involved. He refused without thinking: "I speak, as long as you don't provoke me in the future, I will Forgive you, but if you provoke me, don't blame me for being rude."

"But, nothing is justified..." the red-haired young man couldn't help but said.

"Who said I'm an empty mouth, and the teeth in my mouth are so white? You didn't see it? Besides, I, someone Su said no two, if you want to question, I can kill you now!" Su Ping snorted coldly, posing a pair The posture of disdain to lie.

Joanna at the door of the petting room heard Su Ping's words, and suddenly rolled her eyelids slightly, revealing a beautiful white of her eyes.

A beauty is a beauty, so beautiful even rolling your eyes.

Of course, neither of the two in the store was in the mood to appreciate her beauty.


Seeing Su Ping's refusal, the red-haired young man was a little speechless, and felt uneasy. As for the disdainful appearance of Su Ping, Thaksin was the only one who had a ghost!

Can an honest person cultivate to the starry sky this year?

Not to mention the Starry Sky Realm, even those guys who have cultivated to the Destiny Realm are not the strong second generation cultivated by the big forces, but the human spirit!

"All right, I will contact the Star Crystal Mining Group and the consortiums I invested in later, so that they can transfer the money as soon as possible, the star circle... I will inform you first, and I will notify you when there is a result." The young man can only helplessly compromise. If life and death are not in his own hands, he has no power to bargain.

"Hurry up."

Su Ping said: "During this time, you stay in my store and you are not allowed to go anywhere."

"Anna, be optimistic about him."


Joanna nodded, her voice sounding like heaven.

Hearing Joanna's voice, the red-haired young man's distress in his heart dissipated slightly. Looking up at her, beautiful things always make people happy and pleasing to the eye.

The red-haired youth feels much relieved, and even feels that staying in the Suping store may not be a sin.

This guy, Jinwu hides her spoils, and she hides such a beautiful girl.

"I've never seen such a beautiful one, it's just a virtual cave realm. It wouldn't be from where it came from. It's unreasonable!" The red-haired young man was secretly angry, as if he saw flowers stuck in cow dung. He believed it. Even some giants in the star realm would be moved when seeing this woman.

There are many beauties in this world, but not many top-level ones.

And those few top beauties, but they all crawled under the feet of the strong, but Joanna in front of him is the best among the top, and the beauty alone made him move, feeling amazing and lost.

"Look at what to see, and then look to dig out your eyeballs."

At this moment, Joanna suddenly turned her head and gave the red-haired young man a cold look.

What a nice view.

Even the murderer is so beautiful!

The red-haired young man was a little surprised, but he came back to his senses. After all, its in the Starry Sky Realm. It is impossible to see a beautiful girl with a look of Pig Brother, and frowned, "Do you know what I am? , Are you polite to see me?"

He knows that the more you lick a dog, the more you don't get paid attention to this kind of beauty.

"Huh, it's just a starry sky realm, and I dare to show up in front of me, believe it or not, I'll beat you!" Joanna rolled her eyes, a starry sky realm who looked down on her as a **** realm, and laughed big teeth.

Su Ping couldn't help but laugh at him. This buddy actually showed off his cultivation skills in front of Joanna. Isn't this lighting a lamp in the pit and looking for shit?


The red-haired young man was startled, and became a little angry. Did this little Nizi see her begging in front of Su Ping, and think she is a cat and a dog and can bully at will?

Without giving you the means to show the starry sky realm, do you want to turn the sky in a virtual cave realm? !

He snorted coldly and directly used spatial suppression.

I want to show this girl a little bit of color. When I encounter such a cold and arrogant girl, suppressing it with force will be more attractive!

But as soon as his space was suppressed, Joanna's figure glowed with golden light, and then her body flashed, followed by a chorus, a golden gleaming Fangtian halberd pointed directly at the red-haired youth's forehead. .

The air is quiet!

The red-haired young man's eyes widened and his face was shocked.

He felt that his head was shrouded in suction, and that suction was full of terrifying murderous intent. It was the opposing force's air that locked him!

As long as there is a slight change, you will be attacked!

And the golden light on the Fangtian painted halberd is dazzling and strong, like a blazing sun, which can burst out with the power of destroying the planet at any time, extremely terrifying!

What kind of monster is this woman?

The red-haired young man was a little frightened, and suddenly realized, thinking that Su Ping's cultivation base was only disguised in the Boundary Sea Realm, so the Void Cave Realm cultivation of the girl in front of him was obviously also disguised!

This Nima.

Two despicable villains, they both like to play so dark, it is too difficult to hide the cultivation base all day long!

Su Ping next to him also looked surprised and surprised. He knew that Joanna was very strong and there was nothing wrong with dealing with this red-haired young man, but he did not expect to be so strong.

Instantly control the enemy!

If she hadn't been merciful, she would probably be able to kill in one hit!

Although the red-haired young man had just ended the war with him, he was quite weak at the moment, and he was unprepared, but after all, it was the gap between the starry sky and the virtual cave realm. It straddled a large realm and was defeated so easily. This Joannas The combat power is terrifying!

"The instant power burst, it seems that there is the power to use the battle body, and the divine power, every bit of power is just right..." Su Ping's eyes flashed slightly, and he didn't see too clearly at that moment.

"Huh, be honest."

Joanna's slender and white palm shook slightly, the Fang Tian painted halberd in her hand turned into golden light and disappeared, and the golden light that appeared on her body disappeared, and she snorted coldly.

The red-haired young man's forehead was already covered with cold sweat, and he did not dare to breathe, nodding his head repeatedly.

At this moment, the point of love in his heart that began with the value of the face was also shattered.

When a person is sufficiently inferior, he will lose the urge to love.

This is the case with the red-haired youth at this moment, completely blown away.

"You supervise him in the store, I'm going to cultivate pet beasts." Su Ping said.

The power that Joanna showed made Su Ping feel relieved to hand over the red-haired young man to her.

Joanna frowned and said, "Don't you need me to accompany you?"

"No, I'm tired of visiting those dangerous places, so I'm going to look elsewhere." Su Ping said casually, and got into the petting room after speaking.

"Nurturing? Himself?"

Hearing Su Ping's words, the red-haired young man was a little surprised. He only noticed that Su Ping's shop is a pet shop. Could it be that Su Ping is still a trainer?

He felt another heavy blow in his heart.

"I don't know what level of educator he is, it would be okay if he was only a five-star..." the red-haired young man secretly said in his heart.


at the same time.

The land of Central State, in the Lane family.

"What? Garland was caught?"

In a secret realm on the top of the Wren family mountain, a burly man like a brown bear, his face suddenly changed color, and he looked at the two of them in shock.

The star power in this secret territory is extremely strong, surrounded by a hill of purple star crystals. On this purple star crystal, there is a faint Tao Yun surrounding. While absorbing the star crystals, it will also be affected by the Tao Yun above, enhancing one's entry The chance of enlightenment, once enlightened, it is possible to realize the power of new rules.

In front of this strong man, there were three figures standing, two of them were a black-haired woman and a white-robed old man.

In addition, there is an old man wearing a purple robe with a majestic face. He is the son of Ren O'Neill and the current executive director of the Ren family. He is responsible for the affairs of the Ren family.

As for Ren O'Neill, he spends most of his time practicing in this secret territory, and he only needs to listen to his son to report the situation outside.

"That person dared to kill my grandson, it is totally unreasonable!"

"You are three-to-one, but you are still losing? Is the opponent in the mid-Starry Sky Realm failure?"

The burly man was a little frightened. On his own planet, his grandson would be killed. This was simply rubbing the faces of their Wren family on the ground.

"Probably." The white-robed old man answered his words with a bitter face.

Ren O'Neal's face was gloomy. He didn't guess that it was the reason for the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm, because if it were the late stage, the two in front of him would not be able to come back.

"You said, the other party dared to kill even the students of Xiumia Academy?"



Ren O'Neill took a deep breath and fell silent.

"Garland is still in his hands, and I don't know what's going on now." The black-haired woman said with a worried expression on her face.

Ren ONeals eyes flickered slightly, and after a few minutes, he said: "You go to inquire first, see what is happening at Garland, and by the way, inquire about this persons background. Enough to be the lord of a third-class planet, he would come here to open a shop, this thing is too weird!"

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