Astral Pet Store Chapter 785

Chapter 785: Private (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"It's so late, the Lane family hasn't come here yet?"

"For such a long time, even if you take a spaceship, you can come here?"

"Under what circumstances, is Lord Renn not on the planet?"

"You said, will the Rennes... plan to go private?"

"Private? How could it be possible, unless this person is a starry sky realm's top powerhouse, otherwise, if the Ren family is so embarrassed, how can he give up easily!"

The onlookers waiting on both sides of the street became more and more anxious and talked.

It was late into the night at the moment, and they hadn't seen the movement of the Wren family. Many people felt that it was estimated that they could not wait to watch the game tonight.

"Sure enough, the family intends to calm the matter, or has not found the power behind this guy..."

On the second floor of the evaluation store, Cleo looked at the little naughty shop on the opposite side of the window from the window, his eyes flickered slightly, and his heart became more determined.

If you want to do it, you would have killed it long ago.

Now that he hasn't made a move, he must be afraid of it. This shows that both Su Ping and the power behind him have made the Ren family not dare to act rashly!

"This store has been here for several years. I have no impression before. It seems that the owner is not this person. Was it a sudden transfer? It's strange."

Cleo wanted to think about the past carefully, but found that the memory was a bit blurred. In her impression, the store had been on this street for several years, but it was very low-key, resulting in no specific impression.


"Keep out of everything, keep out of everything!"

At this moment, a group of city guards suddenly appeared on the street. These were the pet divisions of the Vast Sea Realm. They were quite powerful. At this moment, they came to the street wearing uniform silver armor.

"This place is blocked, the road needs to be repaired, everyone please leave quickly!"

One of the leading brawny men in silver armor said softly.

He is the cultivation base of the Void Cave Realm. At this moment, under the light drink, the voice spread throughout the street, everyone can hear clearly.

The Warfight City Lords Mansion actually sent city guards over, which surprised everyone, and suddenly knew that this was an action by the Rennes family, did it intend to clear the battle? !

Thinking of this, many people are a little excited, but full of regrets.

They finally waited until now, but the show was about to be on, and they actually told them that you dont have tickets and cant watch it? !

Some people couldn't help but complain in a low voice, while others confided in "sweet words" directly in their hearts.

But complaining and complaining, many people left honestly, and no one dared to wrestle with the Wren family. On the planet Leia, the Wren family is the emperor and the absolute lord!

The laws of the entire planet, in addition to the basic federal laws, there are also the star laws of the Wren family, which must be observed.

Every planet with a lord has its own planetary laws, which are added by the lord. If it is attached to a certain galaxy, it must also obey some laws and regulations of the galaxy lord. Of course, these laws cannot follow Federal laws conflict, otherwise they are deemed invalid.

"Are you going to do it? It doesn't look like it."

On the second floor, Cleo frowned slightly when she saw this scene, not as if she had come to clear the field and prepare for the battle.

She understands the manners of the Rennes family. If there is a real war, she will directly come with the most domineering attitude, so that she will not do things like clearing the field. Instead, she will use this to show her majesty and let people know the strength of the Rennes family.

"It seems that the family is planning to get private." Lily next to her whispered.

She looked like a loli, which was quite cute, but she was very keen on thinking.

Cleo nodded slightly.

Soon, the number of people on the street decreased rapidly, and all were evacuated.

There were only long lines of people outside the Suping store.

The leader of the city guard frowned when seeing these people, but to these people's surprise, the other party did not open their mouths to expel them.

"You are the distinguished guest of the Leyfa family, welcome to the planet Leia."

The captain of the city guard flickered and came to Mia at the forefront of the team, his cold face melted, revealing an extremely polite and slightly flattering smile.

A star rule on the planet Leia is to meet the members of the Laifa family, just like meeting the direct members of the Ren family, you must receive the highest standard of etiquette!

After all, the planet Leia is the younger brother of the Laifa family, belonging to the Zeruprun galaxy under the control of Laifa, when you see your boss's clansmen, you can't hold it.

"Well, I'm not here to affect your road repair, right?" Mia nodded calmly and asked.

Through those whispering discussions around, she already knew the origins of several starry sky realms in the previous battle, and the Wren family clashed with Su Ping, which made her a little uncomfortable.

She herself has no good feelings for the Ren family, because that Ren is like a dog skin plaster, which makes her quite unhappy.

But unfortunately, she is not a direct line of the Laifa family. Her mother is a concubine and she has no background. Otherwise, she can let the Rennes family dispel the idea of reviving the shop with a single sentence.

But now, she can only watch, and her identity in the Laifa family is also more sensitive. Before she is full of wings, she dare not involve herself in other things, let alone take advantage of Lay. The name of the Yifa family goes around, otherwise, once targeted, she will not only be unlucky for herself, but will also implicate her mother and family friends.

Everyone has their own difficulties, which outsiders don't know, but only need to know that she is a member of the Leyfa family, no one dares to provoke.

"No influence, no influence." The captain of the city guard replied, somewhat flattered.

Other people behind the team looked at this girl with a look of astonishment. Some people already know her identity, but some others dont, but everyone knows at this moment, the girl of the Leyfa family, this is for them. Said, it is like the lady of heaven who went to the country far away!

Such a woman is actually in front of her.

The captain of the city guard greeted a few words, and did not bother Mia again. After clearing the streets, he led many city guards to stand on both sides of the road. Soon afterwards, several figures appeared here out of thin air, the second directly from nothingness. Space stepped out, space jumped here.

A total of three people, with a strong aura, are all in the destiny state.

"This is the shop."

"My perception can't penetrate into it, but I use the ancient spirit sense method."

"Don't cause trouble, the family asked us to come over for private negotiation."

The three of them stood in the air and said to each other.

When everyone saw the old man in the middle, they all took a breath. This was actually the lord of Warfite City!

The city lord actually came here!

Are you planning to trouble this little shop? However, although the status of the city lord is high, in front of the stars, it is not enough to see!

At this time, the three people in mid-air, led by the old man in the middle, first came to the front of the team and greeted Mia. When the greeting was over, the old man from the city lord gestured slightly with his eyes to the city guard beside him. The captain stepped forward and knocked on the door.

The captain of the city guard immediately stepped forward and knocked on the shop door, but there was no movement.

He yelled a few more words, and the store door opened with a scream. What appeared in front of everyone was a beautiful girl with long blond hair and holy skin.

Beside this girl, stood a young man with red hair. It was the starry sky realm that had made trouble here before, and that was the worship of Garland by the Lane family.

"Roger Garland worship!" Seeing this young man, the old man's face changed slightly.

Others were attracted by Joanna in front of them, and some people who had never been to Suping's shop were shocked by Joanna's face.

"Mom, I'm in love."

"It's so beautiful...I can get pregnant for her!"

"There is such a person in this dunya. It's so beautiful. Is this a goddess?"

There were bursts of shocking low voices from the crowd, and many people were fascinated by it.

Garland saw the old city lord outside, frowned slightly, and said, "Is Ren O'Neill not here?"

The old man of the city lord came back to his senses, his face changed slightly, and he hurriedly said through a voice message: "To worship the lord, the patriarch knows that you are being watched and detained by the other party and is worried that it will hurt you, so he plans to keep the matter private and bear it temporarily.

Garland raised his eyebrows slightly. Although he knew that this might not be true, there was still a little warmth in his heart. His expression was a little softer, and the voice transmission said:

"This choice is correct. I'm really worried that he will come over. Go back and tell him that it is best not to be impulsive. There is not only one Starry Sky Realm in this store. This beautiful and bubbling woman in front of you is also Starry sky, and stronger than that guy, maybe even the top of the starry sky..."

"The starry sky is top?"

The old man's pupils shrank and he almost screamed out of silence.

real or fake?

The starry sky is at the top, this is a terrible existence that can serve as a first-class planet lord. Even if it is the lord of their Ren family, Ren O'Neill has to be polite and try hard to flatter him when he sees it.

"What are you arguing about here?"

At this moment, Joanna spoke and looked at the captain of the city guard who knocked on the door coldly.

The captain of the city guard was stunned. Just about to speak, the old city lord next to him reacted and hurriedly yelled, "Who made you knock on the door, don't kneel down and make amends!"

Captain of the city guard: "??"

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