Astral Pet Store Chapter 788

Chapter 786: Vibration Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"My Nima..."

One hundred thousand violent little cuties rushed past the captain of the city guard.

Turn your face when you say it?

You weren't doing this to others just now!

To be honest, he was also a little confused.

This situation turned so fast that he flashed to his waist a little.

Is the identity of the other party?

Or did you fall in love with the other's beauty?

It turns out that you are such a city master!

"Why are you still stunned, hurry up!" Seeing that the other party was indifferent, the old city owner looked dumbfounded and couldn't help exclaiming.

Cold sweat broke out on his back at this moment. The woman in front of him is suspected to be a top star in the Starry Sky Realm. Garland has said so, even if it is not, it is close. How can he offend a little Destiny Realm?

Didn't you dare to visit the patriarch?

The captain of the city guard was sober up by him, his face was blue and white, but after all he had been captain of the city guard for so many years, he still had the ability to look at the glance, at this moment, his knees softened and he knelt down with a plop!

"Big, my lord, I'm sorry, I was just knocking on the door, and it disturbed you." The captain of the city guard lowered his head and said with a slight panic.

Can make the city lord suddenly change his face, so awe, must be because the identity of the other party is extraordinary.

Otherwise, just because of beauty and other nonsense reasons, if you lose the face of the Ren family, the city lord will not even think about being a man. Wash your neck and return to the Ren family to receive the guillotine.

This kneeling silenced the streets, and only the lively noise from a few distant streets drifted over, vaguely audible.

On this street, everyone who was waiting here to prepare to watch the battle was stunned.

The people in the City Lord's Mansion actually kneeled down? !

Originally came over aggressively, but suddenly a knee shoveled in front of others. This operation is a bit showy!

Just go to the finger, come here!


On the second floor of the evaluation store, Cleo was also a little surprised to see this scene.

what's the situation?

Who is that blonde girl who actually made the city lord force his city guard captain to kneel?

Is it also a starry sky?

Definitely is!

In addition to the starry sky, what is the explanation?

Cleo suddenly felt a little bit chilly. She had seen this blonde girl in Su Ping's shop before. She seemed to be just an employee. She was deeply impressed by the appearance of the other person, and she was a little dissatisfied.

"She's also a starry sky realm powerhouse?" Lily next to her was equally surprised, a little dumbfounded. I didn't expect that there are two starry sky realm bosses hidden in this small shop. This is too exaggerated!

Except for the two of them, everyone on the street also reacted. The people here are not stupid, and soon thought of the reason.

If this blonde girl is not in the Starry Sky Realm, why would the captain of the city guard kneel down to make amends?

You know, he represents the face of Warfite City!

And Warfite City is in charge of the Lane family, this is the face of the Lane family!

"I thought it was here to ask for an explanation..."

"Good fellow, it's really a begging statement, I knelt down and begged!"

"What kind of operation is this? Is the background of this store so terrible?"

Everyone was whispering, lowered their voices, and shocked.

On the planet Rhea, the Wren family is the sky, but now, it turns out that there is a day in this day!

"It is indeed disturbed. If you dare to disturb, you don't need to breathe anymore." Joanna said indifferently, her voice sounding like a natural sound, but her tone was extremely domineering.

The city guard captain's heart twitched, and cold sweat fell on his forehead, kneeling and kowtow quickly.

It is not ashamed to bow to the starry sky.

What's more, the city lord made him kneel down, and if the Lane family investigates it, the city lord can't get rid of it.

"Quick, get out of here, don't be ashamed." The old city lord next to him immediately shouted, and the whispers around made him look unsightly. After all, he was commissioned to ask for an explanation and prepared to be private. Now This situation was really ugly, and damaged the dignity of the Lane family.

If it weren't for Garland, he wouldn't be there.

After all, the opponent is really at the top of the starry sky, and his reckless attitude, if it provokes him, the Lane family will also push him out to beheaded to make amends!

It is difficult to advance and retreat, he only hates this kind of mess, how it is in his own hands.

Its not good to open a store where you have to open it here?

The captain of the city guard saw the city lord speaking, and once again rushed past 10,000 cute little ones, but he did not dare to feel dissatisfied. He quickly knelt back and stood dinghy.

"The subordinates are not sensible, no wonder, my lord, I am the city lord of Warfite City. This time I came here mainly to repair the streets." The city lord old man said respectfully.

This word fell in the ears of everyone around, but it was a moment of praise.

It's so good to talk.

Repair the streets?

Obviously they came to negotiate and discuss, but they just made their subordinates kneel down and lost people. They also said that they were repairing the streets, which meant that they did not represent the Lane family.

In this case, the person who fell on his knees was not considered the face of the Lane family.

Sure enough, people who can get into positions, other than fists, don't work without a little brain.

There is only force to fight and kill, and after all, it is just a reckless man. If the world has a big fist, he will listen to it. It will long ago perish, and the fist will always be subdued to the brain.

And the head was not beaten by a fist because he used another fist for sanctions.

At the same time, because the skull is hard enough, I am not afraid of being beaten!

"Since you are here to repair the streets, then go to repair the streets, what nonsense are you here?" Joanna raised her eyelids, glanced at it, and said with disdain.

Play this "art of language" with her?

She is a demigod goddess of war. In addition to being good at attacking, she is also a superior.

She had already seen this clearly.

When Joanna opened the door and walked out, she could see why these people came to the door. After all, she already knew about the previous battle that Su Ping was outside. Combined with the situation of the'world outside the store' that Su Ping introduced to her, yes. The planet has been roughly understood.

With some of her own guesses and judgments, she can basically guess what will happen next.


Hearing the words of a woman decorated like an exquisite carving knife, the old man of the city was stunned. He felt that such rude words were quite inconsistent with the appearance of the girl. Generally, shouldn't this kind of appearance be elegant and very ladylike?

How do you feel like a girl!

"Um, sir, we are here on behalf of the Rennes family and want to ask, how can you and our Rennes family be willing to reconcile and release Garan for worship?" Seeing that the other party saw through his excuses, he didn't find any more reasons. , Put the posture very low, directly transmitted the voice.

Naturally, this kind of begging for mercy cannot be heard by outsiders.

"Reconciliation? Wait until my boss comes back. I have no right to call the shots." Joanna said indifferently.

After speaking, he turned back to the shop. When the door closed, he lost a sentence: "Hurry up and fix your street, don't affect our business, and don't bother if there's nothing wrong!"


After speaking, the store closed.

The old man of the city stood at the door with a look of stunned, a little confused.

No right to call the shots?

Also ask the boss?

On this starry sky realm boss, there is a stronger guy?

Could it be the boy who enshrined Garland from the previous battle, or was it someone else who did not show up?

The old man of the city owner became more and more shocked as he thought about it, and his heart trembled, feeling that this was extremely terrifying news and must be reported to the family immediately.

At the moment when the door was closed, the old man of the city also saw the helpless look of the Garland worshiper, smiled bitterly in his heart, knowing that what he was here to do this time was messed up, so he could only aggravate this Garland worshiper and continue to stay. here.

"You immediately notify the Ministry of Urban Defense and Construction, before dawn tomorrow, fix the street for me, and I will go back first." The old man of the city owner turned around and said to the other two accompanying destiny.

These two people quickly agreed to their promises, and their gestures were quite respectful.

Although they are all in the same realm, the old city lord is already in the late Destiny Realm, and is a more powerful faction within the Ren family, they have to respect.

"You stay here, cooperate with the Ministry of Urban Defense and Construction, don't let people hinder them from repairing the streets." The old man of the city owner said to the captain of the city guard.

After speaking, he patted his shoulder.

This is a comfort.

The captain of the city guard burst into tears in his heart, and sure enough, his men took out the thunder at the critical moment.

"Yes, Lord City Lord." He respectfully took his orders, afraid to show his emotions.


As the old man and others left, everyone who was watching this place was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the lord of the Ren family, the lord of the city, would have left like this.

It seems that the talk is broken?

"That store seems to be closed first."

"It didn't give this Ren family face at all, and they didn't let them come into the store to discuss it."

"I don't know what the Ren family will do next. There are actually two Star Realms in this small shop. Even the Ren family should not provoke them. This is irrational!"

"Yes, it is really bad for us to fight. The battle in the starry sky must be the turbulence of the planet!"

Some elders who grew up on the planet Leia were a little worried.

The battle between the powerhouses in the starry sky is like the battle of nuclear weapons in the original Blue Star era, and the people will ultimately suffer.

Outside the store.

Mia stared blankly at the scene that just happened, a little dazed.

This Joanna is actually the Starland?

No wonder she was easily defeated by her in the virtual gym!

With the opponent's combat methods in the Starry Sky Realm, even if it is the same cultivation base, it is easy to defeat her!

Suddenly she felt angry.

Originally thought it was defeated by the same rank, but the result was defeated by the strong starry sky realm. This is normal.

"I just said, how could this lady be beaten so badly by the same rank." Mia secretly said in her heart, and she was a little eager to try, not knowing if there would be such a chance in the future.

To be able to learn from the Starry Sky Realm is something that many people dream of.

This has a great effect on the enhancement of own secret skills.

"That's the same with the owner. This shop is really extraordinary. It's no wonder that the owner didn't look at him when he saw Rayen at first. It's strange, could it be that what happened at the time made this owner have a feast with the Ren family? "

Thinking of this, Mia suddenly felt a little nervous. Reyen wanted to show up for her, but if such a small matter caused Su Ping to be hostile to the Reyn family, she felt a little too sinful. .

"What to do, ask tomorrow, I don't know if he will answer me..." Mia secretly said in her heart, if she guessed this way, she would be willing to be a mediator.

on the other side.

The old man of the city lord had already sent the information back to the Ren family, and when the news of the second Star Realm appeared, the entire Ren family was silent.

Especially when the old man from the city lord said that it was Garan who enshrined and told him that the other party was suspected to be the top of the starry sky.

This news is so shocking!

The entire Wren family was dead, and all the senior leaders who heard the news were silent.

Some of them had originally clamored for an attack to show the other party the dignified radicals of the Rennes family, but they were all dumb, and there was no sound anymore.

Of the two Star Realms, one of them was able to fight alone with the three worshipers of Garan and the White-robed Old Man, and left Garan to worship!

And the other one is suspected to be the top star!

With these two monsters, what are you doing on the planet Leia!

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