Astral Pet Store Chapter 789

Chapter 787: Acknowledgement Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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In the secret realm of the Lane family.

Ren O'Neal, he was a little confused when he heard the news.

When encountering the starry sky, one becomes two?

Still suspected to be top?

Two guys from the Starry Sky Realm, are you here to open a shop and do business together? You guys are **** me!

What makes Ren O'Neill most afraid of is whether there will be more powerful characters behind these two Star Realms, such as the giants of the Star Master Realm...

Can't afford to provoke, can't afford to provoke!

He was a little bit eager to admit it, and continued to fight hard. They would definitely suffer a big loss. The "shopkeeper" who had been exposed earlier made him feel tricky. Now there is another one. Even if he calls friends, it may not be necessary. It can be done, and if it really fought, the entire Leia planet would collapse.

Unless it is requesting reinforcements from the Leyfa family.

After all, it belongs to their galaxy, and the economy of Rhea is also closely related to the Leifa family.


If the cause of the incident was only because his grandson died, and he was caused to become a Star Wars, will he be killed by the Leyfa family afterwards?

The answer is yes.

After all, it was his grandson Randall who tried to **** the pet beast of the shopkeeper in the Starry Sky Realm, offending the majesty of the Star Realm, and it was normal to be killed.

Even if it spreads to other circles in the Starry Sky Realm, people will say that it is time to kill.

This is very difficult.


If he has enough power, he does not need to think about whether he is right or not, but he has to consider the current situation. This is reality.

If you can crush, you don't need to be rational, and if you can't crush, you have to use the truth to speak, but...now the truth can't be said.

How to do?

There is no choice but to admit counsel.

Ren O'Neal looked uglier the more he thought about it, but in the end he took a deep breath and gradually breathed out the anger in his heart to calm his mood.

Losing some face is better than making greater losses.

"The order goes on, don't provoke the store anymore, send someone to negotiate, be sure to redeem Garland, and as long as the other party's request is not too excessive, try your best to meet." Ren O'Neill said in a deep voice.

Next to him, the old man in a purple robe nodded and promised.

Hearing what his father said, the old man felt a little relieved, as he had no impulse.

He is in charge of family affairs all the year round. He has a calm temper and can see clearly. Although it is a pity that Randall died, it is very angry, but anger can not solve the problem, it will only make things worse.

He was selected to take charge of family affairs, because he was sensible and calm enough!

If the grandson is gone, he will be born again.

Besides, there are two grandsons, both of whom are quite promising.

If the grandson of Randall has not yet plumped his wings and provokes such a powerful enemy to the family, that would be a good death, yeah!

The purple-robed old man thought thoroughly, but he was angry that this ineffective grandson caused the family to lose face in this battle!

The majesty of the family is damaged.

This is unforgivable!


Warfitt City.

A lot of life-related pets on the streets are building streets. The skills that these pets master have been specially nurtured with extremely low lethality and are suitable for construction and life.

With the help of these pets, the streets were quickly restored as before.

Some damaged shops were also repaired and reinforced.

Outside the little naughty shop, the line was extremely long. After learning that the Leyfa family were queuing here, more and more people were waiting here with peace of mind.

The stars and moon gradually dissipated, and the morning sun rose.

It was the next day in an instant.

The pets who repaired the streets and the Ministry of Urban Defense and Construction have already retreated, and the nearby city guards also left, leaving only a small team stationed here. The intention was to help Supings shop and maintain order outside the shop. The reputation is that there are too many people in line outside the store, worrying about conflicts.

Those who are queuing up are all war favorites, and they are not fools. What conflict can be caused?

This is just a small show of goodwill.

The time soon came to ten o'clock in the morning.

"Why haven't the door opened yet?"

"Isn't the door closed today? Could it be that yesterday's battle affected it?"

"This shop is a bit too silly, right? It doesn't open at this late. Is there any business doing this?"

"Will we line up for nothing?"

"Shut up, crow's mouth, what a white row, even if you don't open the door today, you have to open it tomorrow, let alone a day, even if you stay here for a week, as long as you can buy pets, it's worth it!"

"That's right, here are the A-level aptitude battle pets, what a day's line is nothing, don't line up and get out."

There was a lot of discussion in the queue. At this moment, the store door slowly opened, and Su Ping's figure was standing at the door. It was just a short period of night when his scum appeared.

Knowing that the people outside had been waiting for a long time, Su Ping had no time to take care of it, so he opened a shop to welcome customers.

"You are back."

Su Ping smiled slightly when he saw the open space next to the team.

Standing there, Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong ran over quickly. Zhong Lingtong spoke slightly, and said, "Teacher, you are so amazing. We just opened this place, and the business is so hot so soon!"

"Yeah, I heard that our store has sold any A-level pets before, is it true?" Tang Ruyan beside him was also curious.

Neither of them expected that when they returned from learning the Federal language, the shop would return to the popular scene when they were at Blue Star, even worse.

"It seems that you all learn the Federal Language pretty well." Su Ping smiled softly when they heard the two people communicate in Federal Language.

Tang Ruyan hummed softly, "Of course, we are geniuses."

"Genius, please go and entertain."

Su Ping smiled and turned to enter the store.

"Let the pet recipients come in first." Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan also returned to the state of work when he was at Blue Star. He flew a military salute with his fingers and shouted: "Yes!" After saying that, he stood at the gate with his hands on his hips, letting go, and said, "The person who receives the pet, We are advanced here. We will cultivate pet animals or purchase pet animals, as well as those who have other needs, and wait for now."

"Ah? Why do you have to wait!"

Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted, a little unconvinced with the girl.

Tang Ruyan's cultivation is Tier Nine, standing in the crowd on the blue star is quite conspicuous, but most of them here are in the vast sea level, and no one can see Tang Ruyan's cultivation.

Although this kind of cultivation base is quite strange to be a clerk, but the blonde girl has been seen before, and seeing Tang Ruyan again, there is nothing too amazing.

"Only this is the rule!" Tang Ruyan rolled her eyes and called to the unconvinced person.

When the other party heard Tang Ruyan's words, he immediately turned off the fire. They searched the Internet for the rules of the Suping shop when they were queuing. They were weird but had to abide by it.

There are some rules that cant be broken even if you spend money, such as wanting to jump in the queue and buy a place.

At this time, those who were coming to receive the pet beast, at the invitation of Tang Ruyan, entered the store with a surprised look. Then they saw Su Ping behind the counter and hurried forward.

According to the name, Su Ping asked Joanna to take out their battle pets and hand them to them one by one.

When I saw Joanna again, everyone was a little flattered. This is the big brother of the Starry Sky Realm. Last night, the city guard captain knelt on the spot, and even the red-haired Starry Sky realm stood behind her and behaved very honestly.

At this moment, on the sofa in the lobby of the store, everyone also saw the red-haired man.

Seeing the other person sitting on the sofa doing nothing, everyone was a little trembling. Regarding Joannas cultivation level, they could only speculate and judge by the behavior of the city guard captain, but Su Ping and the red-haired young man were A real starry sky realm!

With the deterrence of the cultivation base of the starry sky, the people who received the pets did not dare to test the cultivation effect in the Suping store. After retiring, they quickly went straight to the evaluation store across the street.

Those who were more cautious, ran to the next street to take the test, lest the news of the test spread out and make Su Ping unhappy.

"Old boss, I'm here to receive my pet."

Behind the crowd, Cleo's figure suddenly appeared. Her eyes swept left and right. When she saw Nagaran's offering, her eyes shrank slightly and shrank like an electric shock. She didn't dare to speak arrogantly in the Suping store as before.

"first name?"


Cleo was a little speechless, and in just one day, he forgot his name? At any rate, it was also in the Starry Sky Realm. His memory could not be so bad, unless it was Su Ping who didn't plan to remember it at all.

"Oh, your pet is professionally nurtured, and it hasn't been nurtured yet." Su Ping took a look and said calmly.

Cleo was mentally prepared and nodded, "I see."

She mainly came to see Garland's offerings, and immediately turned and left after speaking.

Garland enshrines... temporarily unharmed.

Soon, Cleo left Su Ping's shop and returned to his evaluation shop, preparing to pass the news back to the family.

But when she stepped into the store, there was a burst of exclamation in the hall.

Cleo looked up and his pupils contracted.

I saw on the test pole in the center of the hall, it was-Grade A!

A grade again? !

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