Astral Pet Store Chapter 790

Chapter 788: Boiling Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Could it be his favorite in his shop again?"

Cleo was a little shocked, and thought of Su Ping for the first time. She has been numb to this A-level evaluation in the past two days. It is usually rare to see it once in a few years, but now... it seems to be the norm!

A grade evaluation was detected, and the whole hall was boiling.

And the owner of the battle pet was a young man in the vast sea realm. At this moment, he was staring at the detection pillar in a daze, in disbelief.

With just one hundred million, he actually raised his battle pet to the exaggeration of A-level? !

Is this a dream? I still found a pie falling from the sky! ?

"Brother, you sent it! You sent it!!"

"Is this pet beast cultivated by that store, my God, is that store because the master of cultivation is in charge?!"

"This Nima, I heard that the cultivation cost is only 100 million yuan!!"

Suddenly, there were wailing voices, and many people cast envy and jealous eyes on the young man in the vast sea realm. Why didn't they stroll down this street yesterday?

Why do they accompany their girlfriends to shopping malls for food and drink?

Prodigal girl, break up! !

The eyes of jealousy and resentment made many people's eyes red.

Many strange shop rules of the little naughty store, as well as the cost of cultivation, have long been exposed and exposed on the Internet. Everyone knows that the cultivation cost of this shop is sky-high, even if it is just ordinary cultivation, it needs 100 million!

And the cultivation time is only one day!

As for the so-called professional training, it needs tens of billions, and it only takes half a month to cultivate.

This is simply stealing money!

However, seeing these news, when they hid on the Internet wantonly mocking the black shop, they are now hit hard by the scene before them.

Coupled with the starry sky battle of the Wren family last night, it was confirmed that the owner of that shop was a strong star in the sky.

How can a starry man care about this little money?

Would you bother to lie and engage in marketing?


No one has thought that the nurturing effect of this store is so terrifying!

In just one day, an A-level pet was cultivated. Although no one knows what kind of aptitude this pet was previously, it will probably not be A-level. Even if it is cultivated from B+ level to A-level, it is incredible!

This is something that a master can never do, and even a master can not do it!

The young man in the vast sea realm also came to his senses in jealous eyes. Apart from his excitement, he saw a group of hungry wolves around him and felt jealous and heart trembling. He quickly retrieved his battle pet from the clerk and paid. , He quickly left the crowd.

After all, Warfite City is a place under the rule of law, and the war pet division dare not make trouble, and there are city guards stationed nearby, no one dares to make trouble here.

Cleo had come back to her senses, her face changed slightly. When she saw some people staring at the leaving figure of the young man in the vast sea realm with their eyes shining, she immediately realized that a new inspection system must be installed in her store.

The privacy of customers must be protected!

It is no longer easy for people to know who the detected pet is.

Otherwise, no one will come to her shop for testing in the future.

Just do it, Cleo didn't even care about passing the news of Garland's worship and safety to the family. She knew that even if she didn't say it, the family would find a way to find out.

After all, the boss didn't even intend to conceal the matter, so he let Garan worship the big model sit in the store. It is estimated that at this moment, the family already knows that Garland worship is still alive.


Ten minutes later, the evaluation store was in an uproar again.

Another Class A pet was detected!

Although the qualification evaluation is A-level, it has also reached the A-level sequence!

Only this time, no one knew whose battle pet this was.

Just as some people with ulterior motives looked around and tried to find the owner of this pet, the whole evaluation shop was silent for the next two hours.

Class A!


The two evaluations appear alternately on the detection column.

There is no one below A-level!

The shop that had originally boiled gradually became silent, and when the A-level evaluation appeared on the inspection column at the end, it was already silent.

Everyone staying in the store was numbed by the shock, completely dumbfounded.

When is the A-level qualification evaluation so worthless?

Some people even wonder if there is a problem with the evaluation system of this store, or is it deliberately costing? !

But when these doubtful voices appeared, Cleo personally came forward, and the Ren family identity that she revealed, instantly extinguished all doubts.

The Wren family not only has enough power on the planet Rhea, but also an absolutely impartial authority!

It is precisely because of authority and justice that the Rhea planet can flourish. Otherwise, if it is suppressed by force alone, the people on the planet must be unhappy and mourn.

Cleo in the shop was completely sluggish.

She was almost 200% sure that the people who came to the test were all pets that had been to Su Ping's shop and nurtured in his shop!

These pet beasts are all A grade!

Could it be said that the previous ten Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts were also cultivated into A-level qualifications overnight, and then sold?

Cleo was dull for a long time, she suddenly reacted, patted her forehead, and quickly returned to her office to contact the family.

She wants to pass this precious news back to the family for the first time.

A few minutes later.

The communication was connected, and the middle-aged man projection composed of data streams appeared, looking down at Cleo, and frowning: "What's the matter?"

"My secretary, I, I have an intelligence that I don't know if it should be said."


"The shop where Garland was consecrated, I suspect that there is a cultivation master behind that shop, and he is still close to an extraordinary-level cultivation master!"

Cleo gritted his teeth.

This information was not what she saw with her own eyes, it was just speculation, so she had to bear the consequences.

"Cultivating a master?"

The middle-aged mans pupils shrunk slightly, but he calmed down quickly and said, "What do you mean by suspicion? You should know the consequences of false information!"

"My secretary, that's it. This shop can easily cultivate A-level pets, and the time limit for nurturing is very short. It only takes a short day. With this ability, with the many secret materials I have collected, it seems that only nurturing Grandmaster can barely manage it..." Kleo bit his lip slightly and bowed his head.

"Within one day, cultivated A-class aptitude battle pet?" The middle-aged man was slightly startled, his face changed slightly.

"you sure?"


After a short silence, the middle-aged man said in a low voice: "I will send someone to investigate. If this is the case, you can't help it! Please pay attention to this shop first, and don't provoke it!"

What is the concept of nurturing a master, you can use your toes to know.

This is a person who is strong in the star realm, who will treat it politely. A nurturing master is very likely to befriend a giant in the star realm, with good connections, and it is possible to meet several people.

And any giant of the Star Realm can easily crush their Ren family!

The gap in this realm is like gold and shit!


Cleo suppressed his excitement and nodded respectfully.

A few words of credit mean countless resources, and if she can be cultivated by the family, she will no longer be constrained by her own identity, and can fully display her talents and compete with those direct descendants!

The middle-aged man in front of him is the secretary to the governor of Camp Chau, and he is also regarded as the second-in-command of Camp Chau. He has a high status in the family and does not need to rob her of the credit. After all, as long as the other party investigates it, the situation is indeed as she said. If it is true, then the other party will report to the family and it will be enough to get a big credit.

And she can also get some sweetness, this sweetness is enough to make her reuse!

"In other words, he said that those battle pets are just ordinary cultivation, and these ordinary cultivation have A-level qualifications. Then my professional cultivation...Is it possible to cultivate to A+ level?"

Su Ping's indifferent face appeared in Cleo's mind, and suddenly his heart was beating twice, an A+ class battle pet, this is very good!

Moreover, her battle pet is the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of the Destiny Realm. If she can be nurtured to A+ level, it means... She is almost at the top level in Destiny Realm!

Even if she is only the cultivation base of the Void Hole Realm, she can swept through many Destiny Realm warfare pet masters with an A+ grade Thunder Dragon Beast!

Unless you encounter some of the best, the genius level, there will be some obstacles.


Little naughty shop.

Su Ping has given the previously cultivated pets to those who came to receive them one after another. Among these people, one-fifth chose to continue to cultivate other pets at Su Ping.

The rest of the people hurriedly ran to test the cultivating pet.

When all the pets of these people were sent out, Su Ping's store was almost emptied, and he began to accept today's customers.

Soon, Mia was the first to come up.

"Boss, I finally waited." Just after meeting, Mia groaned and said in awe, but it was obviously different from the others around. When other people saw Su Ping, they were like mice and cats, and they were too nervous. After all, in their eyes, Su Ping was a starry realm boss who could control their life and death with a single thought.

Although Mia is the conqueror of the Laifa family, she is a well-known family, and the vision she has cultivated since she was a child naturally surpasses others.

This is a kind of demeanor that exudes from the inside out. In the Laifa family, the starry sky is not a rare creature.

She has also seen those strong in the Starry Sky Realm, in front of their family chiefs, bowing their heads to the respectful appearance of Chen Chen, so in her heart, there is no such strong awe for the Starry Sky Realm.

"I've been waiting, what do you want to cultivate?"

"I have put together enough money, I want professional grade, can I nurture two?" Mia smiled gracefully, no longer as casual as before, in terms of etiquette, neither humble nor overbearing.

Did not fall to the reputation of the Laifa family.

Su Ping's eyes are slightly bright, two?

This is 20 billion, if converted into energy, it is a full 200 million!

You know, it only needs 100 million to upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool to LV5.

And if the store is upgraded again, it will only have 1 billion energy, which is enough to earn 100 billion in turnover.

Now, this is one-fifth completed!

"Of course." Su Ping said.

"That's good." Seeing Su Ping's consent, Mia was relieved immediately. She was really afraid of Su Ping's rejection and felt she was greedy.

After all, ordinary cultivation can achieve A-level qualifications. She can't imagine how strong the professional cultivation mentioned by Su Ping can be, but obviously, it will definitely surpass ordinary cultivation!

Even if the ordinary cultivation spends 10 billion, Mia feels profitable! And it's a big profit!

You know, she cultivated a virtual cave realm battle pet, a virtual cave realm with A-level qualification, it is easy to sell for tens of billions on the market, and it will be robbed!

If it is some popular dragon pets, the price is more expensive!

"I'll transfer the money now." Mia said quickly, very well-behaved.

For fear that Su Ping would go back, she quickly completed the transfer.

Her account is a high-star customer of Universe Commonwealth Bank, and the transfer limit is at the level of 100 billion. At this moment, 20 billion can be paid directly.

Su Ping glanced at the energy of the store and saw the extra 200 million. He was immediately happy and nodded: "Call out your favorite."

"Yeah." Mia nodded, just about to summon a battle pet, she suddenly thought of a serious problem, and quickly asked: "Boss, how long does it take for your professional training?"

"You need it urgently?"

"Well, be it, I have to go back to the academy after staying on this Leia planet for a while." Mia nodded, a little embarrassed, and it seems not very good to want to return now. After all, Su Ping is a starry sky realm powerhouse. She treats it this way, a bit offensive.

Su Ping also didn't expect time to be a problem, frowning and thinking: "If you are in a hurry, how do you feel in a week?"

"A week?"

Mia was stunned, her mouth opened wide, and looked at Su Ping in astonishment, "Boss, you...you said a week?"

"Isn't it enough?" Su Ping frowned slightly, and spending a week is a special case, that is, every time she nurtures, she has to carry her war pet with her, and she has to think about it when nurturing, and death therapy alone does not work. , The potential will be squeezed out and must be cultivated with resources.

But if a week is not enough, he can only use his own cultivation techniques or preaching.

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