Astral Pet Store Chapter 791

Chapter 888: Xinghaimeng Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Enough, enough, enough!"

Mia quickly said.

Suddenly she was a little worried, looking at Su Ping's eyes, "Boss...this week, will the time be too short? Can you cultivate it?"


Su Ping raised his eyebrows, eager for a while, and then too short?

Women are really troublesome creatures.

"Of course it can be cultivated, if you are particularly anxious, I can handle it for you now." Su Ping said indifferently.

Mia is dumb, can she do it now? You can really be joking, even the nurturing master would not dare to crotch such a Haikou...

But naturally she would not say this. She could see that Su Ping was a little displeased with her doubts. When she was talking angry, she chuckled and said, "It's not in a hurry, nor is it particularly urgent. Just one week is good, one week is enough. ."

"Then one week, let's call it." Su Ping said indifferently.


"Called a war pet."

"Oh oh."

Mia blushed slightly.

Then she quickly called out her two battle pets. It was her main pet and first pet. This main pet was a demon pet, quite the best. The first pet was a dragon pet. , Not the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, but an equally rare Flame Wave Crystal Frost Dragon.

As for the White Tiger battle pet that she gave to Su Ping earlier, and the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast, they were her deputy battle pets.

At this moment, these two pets just appeared, and they immediately caused a small exclaim.

Many people in the line at the back recognized the preciousness and rarity of these two battle pets, and they were extremely envious. They were indeed the goddess of the Layfa family, and they had a profound foundation and extraordinary style.

Joanna came over, attracting many eyes, and she led away the two miniature pets that had shrunk.

"Do you need anything else?" Su Ping asked.

"Well, boss, do you still have Frost Crystal Fruit that day?" Mia blushed slightly and asked carefully.

She feels a little greedy. Frost Crystal Fruit was almost given to her at a very low price that day.

At that time, she was still worried that it was a fake, but now looking at Su Ping's cultivation base, the characters in the starry sky realm, how can they cheat for this little money?

If you ask for it again, it will be a little shameless.

But for the sake of her battle pet, Mia still chose to ask cheeky.

"Or, yes or yes, but it is not in the store at the moment. When I have time I will find it for you, and you will check it out in a few days." Su Ping said.

When harvesting Tianshuang Crystal Fruit, it can also be cultivated incidentally without too much delay.

"Really? Thank you so much, boss." Mia couldn't help being surprised when she saw Su Ping's face indifferently, without any discomfort.

It seems that her actions did not offend the boss.

"No thanks, just a normal transaction."

"I will remember your kindness, boss."

"I said, it's just a normal transaction."

"Boss, you are so kind, I didn't have time to thank you last time, thank you so much."

"...Zheng, trading, trading."

"Thank you boss!"

Well, not in a channel, Su Ping didn't bother to say anything, smiled and looked outside the store... In the direction of my smile, let's leave smoothly.

After Mia left, Su Ping continued to entertain the second customer.

In a tense and excited conversation, the second customer chose ordinary nurturing, but nurtured five pets at once.

Another 500 million in revenue.

The energy is five million.

Although it is not as good as professional training, it is worse than effort saving and effortlessness.

Next is the third, fourth...

"Boss, I, do I want to breed seven?" Felius stepped forward, and finally it was his turn. He was extremely excited and excited.

Unlike others, he has verified the cultivation level of Su Ping stores.

His short-necked blue-scaled crocodile is already an A-rank battle pet, and it is quite amazing to be able to fight against some battle-type pet beasts at a higher level.

Unfortunately, this short-necked blue-scaled crocodile itself is not a popular favorite, although it has been cultivated to A-level qualification, the selling price will not be high.

But this time, Felius bet all his favorites.

"Yes." Su Ping nodded.

"Boss, I'm sorry for what happened before, and I shouldn't question you..." Felius saw Su Ping readily agree, his eyes became complicated, and suddenly gritted his teeth.

Su Ping was stunned, and immediately understood what he meant, and said casually: "It's nothing, I don't worry about it. Anyway, no matter what kind of beast, I will cultivate it the same."

Felius was relieved when he saw Su Ping's indifferent attitude. He felt that the whole person had become a little more relaxed. He was a little grateful and said, "Thank you for your generosity!"

A starry realm boss, able to ignore the previous suspicions, this made him deeply moved.

"Let your pet beast come out." Su Ping said, there are still a lot of customers behind, and he doesn't have time to say more.

Moreover, it takes time to go back to cultivating pet beasts, and it is very busy.

"Yeah." Felius nodded, suddenly thought of something, took a deep breath, made a decision, and said: "Boss, can I choose a professional training?"

"Money is in place."

Felius was a little excited, and immediately said: "Then I want to use professional training to cultivate my main pet."


Su Ping nodded.

Felius didn't hesitate this time, and quickly paid, and emptied all his remaining money.

With this money, he originally planned to buy a powerful pet outfit for the battle pet, but obviously, the improvement of the pet outfit is temporary and a foreign object, and the ability cultivated by the battle pet itself is the real ability.

Seeing that the energy was added by another 100 million, Su Ping felt a little relieved. Sure enough, his reputation opened up and it became easy to make money.

Speaking of which, I have to thank the Wren family.

I didn't expect to go out and kill individuals, and I could even publicize for myself when I turned around.

Coupled with the previously sold Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, Su Ping felt that he would not have to worry about customers anymore, he only needed to collect money every day, and then cultivate his pets well.

And when nurturing, he can also exercise himself and nurture the little skeletons by the way.

Good deal!

Soon, after cutting Felius, Su Ping continued to accept the next one.

One after another, it didn't take long before Su Ping found that the petting store in the store was full.

And the number of people he received today is only a dozen, not as many as yesterday, but most of these people choose to breed several, and some even put all the pets on them, and one can top ten people.

When Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to notify the petting beast warehouse that it was full, the crowd outside was immediately astonished, followed by sorrow.

"Isn't it, I waited from yesterday to now, but it's gone?"

"Isn't it just a dozen people in, why is it full so soon."

"I was queuing here yesterday at the risk of being affected by the Rennes family, but it was gone?"

Many people want to cry without tears, but no one dares to scold them.

Just kidding, the boss inside is in the Starry Sky Realm. You have to be cautious about howling and crying here, let alone complaining. If you irritate people and just ask you to settle accounts, it will be a disaster.

Although the heart was unwilling, the team did not disperse.

I cant enter the store again today, but I can enter tomorrow.

Even if you can't wait for yourself tomorrow, the people in front can always leave a few, and if it's a big deal, they will wait a few more days.

When they lined up, the news from the next evaluation store had already reached their ears, and they were extremely jealous. This is why they did not disband the team.

This is a shop that can breed A-level pets!

For an A-class battle pet, let alone a day, even if you stay here for a month, it is worth it!

And those who didnt rush to line up in the first time, after reacting, they can only queue at the end of the long queue. Looking at the countless heads in front, they can only regret and complain. Why didnt they dare to be bold before and press now Who knows how many days it will take before they can get their turn?

Moreover, no one knew that Su Ping would open a shop here for a few days. What if someone left after opening a few days?

The starry sky is strong, the game world, unpredictable.

The original spacious street has already been filled with queues at this moment. The queue has arrived at the door of the shop across the street. The owner of this shop saw his shop door blocked by the queue. He also looked aggrieved. He wanted to scold but didn't dare to scold , After all, the owner of the shop opposite is a starry boss.

If you don't scold, you can't do business yourself.

The boss could only watch, and finally he joined the queue.

If you can really grab a position and be nurtured in Suping's store, as long as you cultivate a pet with A-level qualification, it will be enough to cover his store's income for ten years!

What kind of shop do you open with such a profit?

The news spreads from ten to ten, especially in the federation with developed and fast information, more and more people are coming from all over.

In the morning, there were four to five hundred people lined up outside the Suping store. Many people were too lazy to line up when they saw the line being so long, but by the afternoon, the line had reached two to three thousand people!

A surge of several times!

Some people who gave up the line when there were hundreds of people soon regretted it, but saw that the number had reached several thousand and the line had become a WWW-shaped long line across the street and had to give up.

According to the daily capacity of a dozen people in the Suping store, if you line up now, it is estimated that it will take a few months to make your turn.

But when some people gave up, the line got longer and longer. By night, there were seven or eight thousand people, blocking most of the streets.

Those who originally gave up when there were thousands of people, later calculated the value of the A-class battle pet and the time spent in queuing, regretting that their bowels were blue.

Even if you wait for a few months, as long as you can wait for an A-level aptitude battle pet, it is definitely a bargain!

Some people are like this, and are always good at waiting and watching instead of acting.

When the number soared to seven or eight thousand, those who gave up the line had completely given up, but the number of the team was still growing, more and more...

In the shop.

After Tang Ruyan notified the news of the suspension of business, he closed the store door.

Su Ping also cleared the accounts at this time, and today accounted for more than 500 million energy.


This is simply a money printing machine!

The energy of 500 million is the income of 50 billion singapore coins, which is beyond the reach of many well-known big stores.

"If this continues, we will have a few more professional trainings tomorrow, and we will be able to upgrade the shop again!" Su Ping was surprised by the speed of making money, a little excited.

You know, the store just upgraded not long ago.

I dont know what new features are available in LV5 stores.

"Should I consider upgrading the Chaos Spirit Pool first or the shop?" Su Ping was a little tangled.

At this time, Garland, sitting on the sofa, suddenly spoke, saying, "I have already said hello in the Star Alliance. A senior in the late Starry Sky Realm knows your situation and agrees to let you join."

After that, his eyes were a little complicated.

The joining of Su Ping means that he has to leave.

Location is limited.

He is just a little brother in there, and he is not qualified enough to introduce someone in, unless someone replaces him.

And if he leaves the Star Alliance, he will lose a lot of money. He can no longer enjoy some of the precious information and intelligence in it, and he has returned to being single. In the middle of the Starry Sky Realm, he will be a little courteous and fear him as the Star Alliance. People, but if you change to the current situation, it is estimated that you will not take another look.

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